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Archive-name: First/nitkathy.txt

Archive-title: Night with Kathy, A

      He had just gotten off work in the computer lab.  Kathy waited

patiently by the door as he left.  She smiled seductively, because she knew

what was about to happen.  He was nervous because he had never been with

such a beautiful woman before and he really wanted to impress her.  Kathy

was so sexy, she even walked seductively, her ass moving gently side to side

as she walked ahead of him.  They walked across the parking lots to

Lafollette and on past it to her building.  She punched the button for the

elevator and the doors opened almost instantly.  She walked in and he

followed.  When the doors closed, she slid her amrs around him and looked up

into his eyes.  Gently he bent his head down and softly touched his lips to

hers.  Her mouth was soft and sweet and it was only a few seconds before she

opened her mouth and slid the tip of her tongue into his.  He was shaking

from being so nervous, but Kathy's gentle french kiss seemed to calm him

some.  He gently raised his hand toward her breast, but stopped short when

the elevator door began to open.

      She led him to the stairs and then down the hall to her room.  She

quickly unlocked the door and ushered him in.  The room was dark, except for

one small lamp on her desk.  She quickly turned him around and continued

their kiss from the elevator.  Kathy's tongue was less gentle this time and

seemed to desire more from him than before.  He slid his tongue a little

further into her mouth and she moaned from the pleasure.  She exerted a

little pressure on him and they went back onto her bed.  She adjusted

herself so she was straddling him, her crotch rubbing firmly against his.

He began to unbutton her blouse, his fingers trembling intensly.  Kathy

grabbed his hands and pushed the down to his chest, then she continued to

unbutton her blouse for him.  When she finished, she pulled the rest of the

blouse out of her pants and then she pulled the top off altogether.  He

gently reached up his hand and began to trace a line from her cheek, down

her chin and her neck, then down her bra strap, over the egde of her bra

cup, and finally to the point where her cups met.  He then slowly spread his

hand out over her left breast and began to massage it softly through the

lacy white cloth of her underwear.  Kathy moaned softly as he began to

stroke her nipple to erection.  Then he began to cup her other breast with

his other hand.

      Kathy sat up, rubbing her crotch harder against his erection, which was

now firm in his pants.  His hands were stretched out over both her breasts.

He began lifting up on the bottom of her bra, trying to pull it up.  Kathy

reached around behind her back and unhooked it for him and it fell away in

his hands.  He looked at her full, soft breasts.  Creamy white, unblemished,

firm, with erect nipples.  He suddenly realised that HE was doing this to

her, causing her to be excited.  He had thought no one would ever be turned

on by him, but he was finally beginning to believe in himself.  Kathy bent

over a little, her beautiful breast wavering only inches from his mouth.  He

instinctively licked his lips, then placed his mouth softly over her nipple

and areola.  Kathy gasped lightly as he took it into his mouth.  She placed

her hand on the back of his head, holding his mouth against her bosom.

Meanwhile, she continued to rub her crotch against the bulge in his pants.

She was already so excited that she was very wet between her legs; her

clitoris swollen from rubbing against his erection.

      As he suckled liked an infant, his right hand moved slowly from her

other breast toward the elsatic of her sweats.  He moved it gently over the

soft bulge between her legs.  He pressed a little harder, which solicited a

gasp from Kathy's mouth.  He pulled his hand back and slid it into her

sweats, but over the silky softness of her panties.  He could feel the soft

hairs of her mound underneath, begging to be touched, and the heavy wetness

of her excitement.  He stroked her for many minutes, at the same time

switching his mouth back and forth between her breasts.  Finally, he pulled

his hand back and slid it into her underwear.  Her mound of silky hairs was

slippery wet against his fingers.  He had no trouble sliding two fingers

into the mouth of her vagina.

      "Oh God." she moaned in a whisper.

     He worked his fingers slowly back and forth into her vagina, each time

he penetrated deeper.  Kathy arched herself back away from him, allowing him

to pull down her sweats and panties all at once.  She then twisted around on

the bed, slipping out of the remainder of her clothes (except her socks,

which they had both discovered the other found incredibly sexy).  She lay

facing him, naked.  His shirt was partly unbuttoned; a situation which she

soon remedied.  He pulled her bare breasts against his chest and he began to

kiss her passionately.  Their tongues were clashing and their hands were

moving furiously throught each other's hair.  He pushed her to her back and

she wrapped her legs around his hips.  He rubbed the bulge in his pants

against her like he was already deep inside her.  Kathy was being

overwhelmed by the speed and force with which he was grinding against her

and she suddenly exploded in tremendous waves of pleasure...

      "Oh oh oh, oh God...I'm...ooooh...I'm coming!" she cried in his ear.

Her hips and ass thrust about wildly as he pressed into her with all his


      After a few seconds, the heat was flushed out of her system and she

collapsed for a few minutes.  He slid off of her and lay his head on her

breasts, gently suckling like he had been before he became so agressive.

Kathy ran her fingers softly through his unruly brown hair.  He turned from

her bosoms to look into her eyes.

      "I didn't mean to be so hard on you."

      "You weren't...I'm used to it.  But I liked it when it was gentle, that

was nice."  She smiled.

      He smiled back and kissed her softly on the lips.  He moved down and

softly nuzzled her breasts before continuing his downward journey.  As he got

closer to her mound, she began to feel hot and prickly.  His mouth slipped

past her navel and began to kiss the top part of her soft, brown, pubic

triangle.  She spread her legs slowly as his mouth moved down completely

over her wet mound of Venus.  The tip of his tongue slid down partway into

the cleft of her labia at the top.  She shuddered as it darted around her

clitoris.  He wrapped his arms under and then over her thighs, which helped

her hold her legs apart.  He slid his tongue down all the way to her inner

labia, sliding it gently into her vagina.  His lips came to press fully

against her genitals, his tongue at least two inches inside of her.  The

taste didn't seem to bother him, perhaps it was because it was passion that

drove him to her depths.  Kathy was rolling her hips and ass, as well as

arching her back and head, as she moaned his name softly.  He didn't make

any sudden or deliberate movements; nothing to disturb the gentleness with

which he was giving her pleasure.

      As Kathy ran her fingers over his head, holding it between her legs, he

pulled one hand back and slid one finger deep into her vagina.  He pulled it

out a few seconds later and slowly, but in time to his licking, began to

move that finger back and forth into her anus.  Kathy felt electricity shoot

up her spine as he touched this forbidden part of her anatomy.  After a

short time, his finger was all the way up inside her rectum, moving in time

to the massaging movements of his tonuge and mouth on her genitals.  She

felt the pressure of another orgasm building within her loins.  Slowly she

rocked her hips, keeping her actions as tender as possible.  It was


      "Oh, oh, please..."  She cried, softly.  "Oh, oh, yes..."  She fell into

a short sleep.

      The erection in his pants was straining.  He wanted so much to plunge

into Kathy, to experience the warmth of her love canal surrounding his hard

penis.  But he knew there was still more pleasure to come, this time for him.

      They lay together, letting their passions cool again.  She had her

head on his chest and was gently stroking his erection through his pants.

She unbuttoned his slacks and slid down the zipper.  He lifted his hips and

she pulled them off.  The bulge in his underwear excited her again.  She

rubbed the cotton cloth of his briefs before she reached her fingers under

the elastic and pulled them down past his socked feet.  She lay beside him.

He began to suckle her breast again as she wrapped her hand around the

length of his penis and started to stroke it back and forth.  She pulled

away from his mouth as she moved hers down toward the head of his erection.

Gently she took it into her mouth.  He felt such a warmth suround his

phallus that he almost ejaculated immediately, but her manipulation of his

testicles staved it off.  She wrapped a hand around the base of his penis

and lightly squeezed.  His head became swollen and then she took it into her

mouth again, this time she took it all the way to her throat.

      "Uh...ohhh, Kathy...ohhhh.  Honey...ohhh...that feels so wonderful..."

he moaned softly to her.  She was craving this tender attention.  To her, it

seemed more like love than lustful passion.

      She moved her mouth up and down on his erection.  She began to quicken

the pace, but not enough to disrupt their promise of gentle lovemaking.  He

was tightening his hip, buttock, and thigh muscles as she sucked on him.  His

breathing was becoming more rapid.

      "Kathy...I...I'm going to...uh!" he called tenderly.  "It's too

much...uh.  I've never been this'd better...uh...stop...or

I'll...uh...OH!"  It was too late, he began to come.  His hips and thighs

shook as the semen rose in his genitals and his prostate gland tightened.

He felt a flood of warmth rise in his testicles and penis.  Then he was

throbbing.  Kathy let his organ slip out of her mouth as the first wave

came...a hot white gush of sperm ejaculated onto her cheek before she could

get it back in her mouth, then she began bobbing her head up and down.  Five

more loads squirted from his erection before his supply was depleted, though

it continued to throb for several dozen more times.  She swallowed all that

came into her mouth, ignorant of everything but the passion his climax made

her feel.

      "Oh Kathy..."  He was crying.  She climbed up and wrapped herself around

him and caressed him.

      "What's wrong, honey?  Don't cry. I'm here."  She stroked his face and

brushed away his tears.

      "I...I'm sorry, Kathy.  I don't know what came over me.  I've never felt

anything like that before.  It drained me so much."

      "Hey, it's OK.  I've never felt anything like this before either.  I was

right when I told Linda you were someone special."

      "You told her that?"  He asked, turning her onto her back and propping

himself up on his elbow to talk to her.

      "Yeah, of course I did.  It's true."

      He looked into her green eyes.  "Kathy..."

      "Yes?"  She asked, without hesitation, her eyes meeting his.

      He paused, considering what he was about to ask her.  "Do you want to

make love with me?"

      Her eyes flickered for a second.  "Yes..." she whispered and pressed her

lips softly against his.  His hand gently caressed her arm and moved slowly to

her breast.  She turned slightly and pressed her body against his.  She could

feel the head of his penis pressing against her mons.  She moved them apart

slowly and his erection moved a little ways into her.  They looked into each

other's eyes and smiled.

      "I care about you too much to betray you."  He said suddenly.

      "What do you mean?"

      "I can't make love to you, in good conscience, without taking

precautions."  He stood up and went across to where Kathy had thrown his

pants.  He pulled out his wallet and removed a small square package.  Kathy

smiled at him as he brought it over to her.

      "You are special." she said as she tore open the packet and removed the

condom from inside.  They began to kiss again in the position they were in

before, but this time Kathy stroked his penis, unrolling the condom onto

it.  He pressed it into her as they lay on their sides.  She rolled slowly

onto her back with him riding her.  His erection seemed to naturally slip

into her vagina.  Kathy spawled herself out as he slid his hands under and

over her shoulders to hold more firmly onto her.  He slowly pushed himself

into her mound, stopping every so often to pull back and then thrust deeper

into her again.  Soon he was moving rythmically back and forth inside of

her.  She cold feel him pressing closer and closer to the cervix of her

uterus.  Her hips and buttocks began to move up against him.

      "'re so wonderful..." she moaned, caressing his

back with her hands.

      "Ohhhhh...Kathy...this is the most wonderful thing....uhhhh...I've ever

felt...I...I..." he answered back, but hesitating almost to say the most

important words.

      Their mouths were locked in a passionate kiss, her tongue darting in

and around his mouth.  His chest was pressing against her breasts,

flattening them against her chest.  The only space between their bodies was

where he was pulling back to thrust again into her mound with his erect

phallus.  Her mons was covered in light chocolate hairs, but they were

matted by the lubrication she was producing to facilitate their

consummation.  His penis was almost seven inches long and about an inch and

three quarters wide.  The longer they made love, the closer he got to

touching her cervix, so he was incredibly deep inside her.  The condom he

was wearing was ultra thin, so he could experience all the pleasures of

their intimacy, though.  She continued to raise her hips against him

whenever he would thrust into her.  Finally, one time, her struck her cervix

lightly and she gasped in pleasure.  She felt another powerful orgasm coming


      From behind them the scene was also exciting.  His testicles were

hitting the lower part of her mound when he would thrust in and when he

would pull out, his penis was glistening as it extended away from his

scrotum into her genitals.  Below their passionate sexual embrace, her anus

was glistening with the dripping moisture of her mound.  Above it, his

perinium blended away into his anus, which was partly shielded by his

quivering buttocks.  The thrusting of their intercourse made them shake with

the passion of his thrusts.  His moment was building...

      Kathy was the first to achieve a plateau.  Her pelvis screamed for

release.  He was hitting her cervix frequently now and she was trying to hold

back the screams of pleasure.  Her legs wrapped around him as she began to

squeeze his body, but then they unwrapped so she could lift her hips and

buttocks up against him.  She was pounding against his strength.

      "Oh, God!"  She cried as gently as possible.  "I'm coming...I'm

coming...  ohhh...uhhhhh...please...yes..."

      He could feel her vagina contracting against his penis.  Her tightening

body and passionate words made him need to thrust only a few more times.

      "Urrr...uhh!  Oh, Kathy...Kathy!"  Again, hoarse whispers of passion

as he reached his second orgasm of the night and the best of his life

(having achieved the second best only a short while before).  "Oh God,

Kathy...I...I..."  The hot semem and sperm gushed out of the tip of his

ureathra into the resevoir tip of the condom he was wearing to protect her.

"Kathy...I LOVE YOU!" he cried and continued thrusting as the last few drops

of his passion spurted into the condom.  He then slowly lay himself against

her, where he held her for a few seconds in a kiss, then he withdrew his

penis from her mound and lay gently at her side.

      "I love you too, she said to him softly as they both fell asleep in each

other's arms...



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