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Archive-name: First/myfirst.txt

Archive-author: David Hay

Archive-title: Ode to Liz

My friend Ron first introduced me to Donna.  Donna was a nice

looking, small to medium tits and a perfect ass, you know

tightly built, and I tried to get some of that but she

thought I was a "Tenderoni", she was 26 and I was only 19.

Now Donna and I remained friends but there was nothing going

on, unfortunately, between us.  Then a couple of weeks later

Donna's sister Liz moved in with her, she had just broken up

with her boyfriend Paul.

Liz looked nothing like her sister.  Liz had some of the most

fuckable tits that I had seen in my 19 years of existence.

Liz was Larger than Donna, with huge titties with long firm

legs, longish brown hair and deep green eyes.  I was just

picturing those legs wrapped around my head for a couple of

hours!  Needles to say I was in lust with her at first sight.

She was somewhat of a sluty type girl, the way she dressed,

the way she talked, with a real husky type voice.  Just what

a 19 year old bisexual male with more hormones than he could

possibly use would like!

Before we had sex for the first time it was really unusual.

We were playing those word games where there is a story and

one person asks for verbs, adjectives, nouns etc..

(AD-LIBS I think they were called).   We were throwing words

like, "handcuffs", "wet", "gooey", "horny", "sticky",

"lusty", "glistening", and the like for hours testing and

probing each other and getting more worked up than I thought

possible without getting naked.  By the time we were done we

had gone through practically the whole book we were both hot

and ready for some action but it was only eight o'clock at

night and Donna and her kids were still up.

I don't know how we made it but the kids finally went to bed

about nine o'clock and we politely asked Donna to adjourn to

her room for the night.  It was a small apartment and Liz was

living on the couch and I was still at home with my old man.

As soon as Donna's door clicked shut we were at it.  We were

mauling each other like a couple of cats in heat, sitting on

the couch side by side with our mouths latched on to each

others lips, necks, and fingers.  We tore each others clothes

of in hardly anytime at all.  Now I love to eat pussy, the

smell, the taste, and the feeling of powerful legs wrapping

around my ears just drives me wild, and after waiting all

evening to get my tongue into her pussy my mouth was

salivating for her pussy juice.

I moved around to the front of the couch and lifted Liz's

legs up over my shoulders so I could delve into Liz's hot

pink flesh.  To my excitement Liz grasped her ankles and

pulled her legs as high up and far apart as she could.  I was

in heaven.  I saw before me the most wonderful thing on this

earth.  A pussy spread just for me.  I lowered my head down

and tried to hold back my excitement, just licking around the

outer lips a little, flicking the tip of my tongue across her

swollen clit.  Guess what?  She was a MOANER!  WHAT A MOANER.

My god I thought I'm in LOVE! (I was only 19 remember).  Each

time I dragged my tongue over her little button Liz would

moan and take in one of those short high pitched breaths you

know, like, UHH!  I was so in a frenzy I couldn't hold back

any longer.  I made my tongue as hard as a rock and drove it

into her, until my teeth were pressed against her clit.  I

started playing with myself rubbing the head of my 9 inch

cock with the palm of my hand while I was busy sucking Liz's

clit like it was a small cock.  I would pull it in my mouth

as far as it would come and slowly move back, moving my

tongue  in a side-to-side motion across her engorged clit.

She was moaning and groaning so much I thought we were going

to wake up the kids.  (SO WHAT!) I took my hand off my stiff

dick and put two fingers inside of Liz's now dripping wet

pussy.  Boy was she wet!  I couldn't believe a woman could

get that wet!  I pushed my fingers in as far as they would go

and pressed up against the wall of her pussy behind her clit.

I didn't know about the 'G' spot then but I think that's what

I hit.  Liz dropped her legs and nearly crushed my head between

them as she came.  I lapped it up like the was never going to

be any more, EVER!

I pulled my hand out after Liz settled down a little and

leaned back and rubbed her cunt juice off my face and over my

throbbing dick.  She just sat there watching me rub and

stroke my cock.  I felt a little self-conscious about it at

first.  I asked her if she minded that I played with my own

cock.  She said "No!  I always wanted to watch how guys do

it.  I want to see where you rub to make it feel just right.

Do you want to watch me too?"  Now what do you think I

said huh?!  This was to make a big impact on my future sex

life, as watching a woman do herself up right is now one of

my favorite pastimes (As long as I can help later).  Anyway

we stroked and rubbed ourselves for each others viewing

pleasure for about ten minutes and I knew I was not going to

last much longer when she told me it was my turn.

I sat down on the couch with my legs spread wide and Liz

moved her chest (beautiful, large, pointy, red nipples!

YEAH!) up and around my cock.  She reached down and put her

fingers inside her pussy and scooped out some of her sweet

juice and poured it over my cock and her tits.  She pressed

them around my pole and started to rock back and forth.  I

could still smell Liz's cunt drippings on my face.  I just

watched as my cock poked it's way out the top of her heavy

cleavage, like playing peek-a-boo with her chin.  Liz was

watching to.  I was later to learn that Liz was as much as a

voyeur as I was.  She loved to look at big, hard, glistening

cocks.  Liz's tongue wiggled it's way out of her mouth and

proceeded to spin around the head of my cock.  She was good!

I would get just sooooo close and then she would let up or change

what she was doing.  Liz was playing my skin flute like a

pro.  Finally she went all the way down on me, and I do mean

all the way down.  I had never had deep throat before and I

thought it was the next best thing to eating pussy.  She

sucked on my prick like it was a big straw in a thick

milkshake.  I watched Liz's cheeks pull in from the force of

her suction.  My eyes started to glaze over and I put my

hands in Liz's hair and pushed her further down on my ready

cock.  She sensed that I was about to come and went even

faster.  I let go!  Boy did I let go!  I thought that it was

never going to end.  I could feel it pulsing and spurting in

Liz's mouth.  Liz would stop, swallow, breath, and come down

for more.  Every time she stopped it would spurt over her

tits and chin.  She swallowed as much of it as she could.  I

never had a girl swallow for me before and it was great. When

I finally finished cumming for the first time that night

and I could see straight again I looked at her.  Liz was

grinning from ear to ear.  My cum splashed all over her mouth

and tits, and she was rubbing it in like it was skin lotion.

It was right out if the movies.  She went back down on me and

I was hard again in no time flat.  (Boy those were the days)

We laid a blanket down on the floor and got into some real

down and dirty fucking.  Liz lifted her knees up and I

plunged right in.  It was as if we hadn't even slowed down. I

started pumping my cock in and out of her cunt.  She was so

wet I could hear the squish-squish of my meat working it's

way in her.  She reached down and grabbed my balls from

behind and squeezed them ever so gently.  I pushed my cock as

far in until her hand was up against her pussy.  Liz let go

of my balls and started rubbing her clit with two fingers.

She started that moaning again.  God I loved that!  I could

feel Liz's legs come around my hips and start pulling me in

deeper and faster.  She was doing most all the work.  I was

entranced watching her.  Her back arched up higher with

each thrust of my cock.  Her head tilted back and her mouth

open just slightly.  I could see her tongue doing a little

dance behind her teeth.  I could tell she was getting close

again as her pulls on my hips were becoming almost violent.

She stopped rubbing with her hand and pushed and pulled me in

and out of her like I was just a dildo attached to a human

being.  I loved it.  She was so violent about it I was afraid

I'd hurt her.  But she came and came and came.  I wish I

could cum like that.

When Liz finished cumming she got on all fours and backed

right onto my swollen cock.  I didn't have to work at all, I

just had to hold on for dear life!  I held onto Liz's ass and

spread her cheeks apart.  I was enthralled watching my dick

go in and out of that sopping wet pussy.  Doggie style is the

best position to watch, I think.  I could see Liz's pussy

lips moving up and down my hard cock, all wet with our juices

mixing together.  I was getting close again and she sensed it

again.  She clamped her cunt muscles down and started to

really ride my rod.  Faster and faster until I couldn't take

any more.  I let go another load of jism into Liz's already

drenched snatch.  I pushed it in as far as I could and pumped

six or seven more spurts inside of her warm wet hole.

We rolled apart and held each other for the rest of the

night.  Liz was some of the best sex I ever had.  I haven't

seen her in eight years or so but writing this has made me

all hot and I'm going to go jack-off remembering it.

I'll write more soon, as this was just the first time with

Liz, we had many more.  Stay tuned for my next true life adventure

about Liz's and my first two-guy one girl GROPE sex.

P.S. If you like this let me know.  leave me a message or

write me a letter back.

In case your interested, I'm a 28 year old professional oraly

bisexual white male.  Well proportioned and eager to please.

If you are a single woman any age or race, or a loving couple

looking for an enthusiastic third, and live in the north east Ohio

area and would like to meet, drop me a note.



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