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Archive-name: First/

Archive-author: Eros Jer

Archive-title: An Introduction to Sensuality and Love

  Some years ago, when I was 15 and just awakening to thoughts of girls,

feminine beauty and possibilities, I attended a famed U.S. music camp,

Interlochen, in Michigan. The camp has always been terrific for highly-

motivated young clasical musicians.. I was fully engaged in working my head

off to excel and to succeed in the many challenges offered us there. Each

summer's camp was for 8 weeks, though, and other interests soon presented

themselves, deliciously. We ate in a large common hall, with hundreds of

other young musicians our meal companions.. with this contact and also from

intermissions of rehearsals where many sweet and lovely young women played

in the National High School Orchestra or sang in my choir or madrigal singers'

group with me - I soon met a friend who was to become the first strong love

of my life.. we'll call her May, though her name was slightly different..

  May was a fine violinist, my age (15) and also had the sweetest solo soprano

voice I had ever heard to that time. I talked with her often and finally got up

enough courage to ask her to attend a party and dance on the week-end. We dated

several times, and I would always walk May back to her cabin area and shake her

hand as we said goodnight... very warmly. After about three such dates, one of

our mutual friends came up to me at lunch and said, "Jerry, May wanted me to

let you know that she would really love it if you would kiss her goodnight on

your next date." Boy was I happy, surprised... completely inexperienced as I

was in any intimacies with girls.

  So, acting on this tip, I had a much better time talking with May on our

next night out, we walked hand in hand for the first time, and when we reached

"the Girl's Gate" I waited and talked with her a bit longer than I had done

before.. May turned her face up to mine and I put my arm around her and kissed

her once, gently, tentatively. She responded so sweetly, sighing and pressing

her soft lips against mine very fervently. After a few seconds, May opened her

mouth a little and slid her tongue between my lips. I had never felt anything

like this before and my penis suddenly took on a life of its own! I had learned

about the joys of masturbation some months before and certainly had an under-

standing of how my erections felt and how wonderful was the release when spurt

after spurt of fresh semen would explode out of the head of my penis when my

amateurish and strong up and down rubbing created enough friction to give me

the climaxes that would make my entire body shudder. Now, with just the hot

and loving tongue of a girl exploring the inside of my mouth I realized that I

was dripping pre-come "honey" all over my underwear pants, and I felt more

wonderful than ever before in my life. I didn't want to leave her, but May

said to me, "Darling, I thought you'd never get to kissing me! You kiss so

divinely.... don't worry, we'll have many chances to love each other.. sleep

sweetly and I'll dream of you undressing me and touching me all over. G'night."

  My mind was feverish as I walked the long way between the girl's sleeping

area and where my cabin with the other boys was situated - what did May have

in mind next??? Was I happy!

  The next evening, at dinner, May ate with me and asked if I would be prac-

ticing in my usual stone practice hut near her cabin after dinner. I told her

that I would be working there for about an hour. She looked at me very loving-

ly and said, "If you hear running water, maybe you should take a break and

investigate!".. we continued our discussion of everything/nothing and then

went our separate ways to practice hut and girl's cabin.

   About fifteen minutes after I started playing over my routine work, I

rested for a few moments and then clearly heard the sound of rapidly running

water. Fortunately it was quite dark out. I put down my instrument and quietly

closed the door of my practice room. Walking to the end of the row of huts I

could see May's cabin only 20 yards away. Lights were on in the cabin itself,

and I could hear that the sound of water was a shower turned on in their bath

room. I couldn't see anything from my level on the ground, but I was erotical-

ly turned on by May's comment to me earlier at dinner, so I used a window

ledge to assist me in climbing up to the roof of the outdoor practice huts.

NOW, I had a perfect view of the bathroom window and from a much higher van-

tage. And, there was the object of all my love and affection, my girl friend,

May, totally nude and enjoying herself in the shower. She wasn't facing the

window at that moment but just slightly away from that angle.. for the first

time I could see her budding young breasts and their pink nipples and slightly

brown aureoles, the perfection of her body's youthful form with just beginning

widening of her hips to the eventual womanly attraction they would merit -

and there, at the apex of her long and perfectly shaped legs was her genital

region... something I had only once before viewed in nature (when my mother

stepped out of the shower one time just as I came home from sixth grade class,

and, when she observed that I was looking at her, she made no attempt to cover

herself, only smiling and saying, "Hi, Jerry"). But this was different! This

was not an adult woman, this was the girl I loved, and what a beautiful girl

she was! As I continued to enjoy the view of all of her, May must have known

I could view her, because she now looked directly out the window, smiled, and

moved her legs way apart. Then she took her bar of soap, held it under the

water and then lowered her soapy hands to her crotch. I next watched in wonder-

ment as my love began to move her fingers lightly in small circles at the top

of her vulva... I had seen pictures of female genitalia in books, and I knew

what a clitoris was, but I had never been aware of its importance in the pleas-

uring of women sexually aroused. May rubbed more and more and her face changed

its appearance... she smiled and then let her head drop back a little, opening

her mouth and looking a little out of control. Now she inserted her middle

finger right into her vagina, looked directly out the window and used her other

hand and arm to beckon to anyone looking, "Come and make love to me!" I was

so excited that I unzipped my trousers, reached inside and pulled aside my

underpants and released my fully rampant love weapon to the cool exterior

air. I began jerking off at the same speed that May was using in finger fuck-

ing herself.. this was much slower than I had ever masturbated before and it

felt infinitely better, more sensual, more langorous. And, seeing her naked

and engaged in self-pleasuring intensified my owm pleasure brilliantly.

  After I don't know how many minutes, I came with an explosion bigger than

I knew possible, and I saw May shudder in ecstasy at about the same time.

I hurriedly readjusted my clothing and as quietly as possible climbed down

from the roof, because I heard some other students walking around on the

grounds near me, and I feared an embarrassing detection. In a minute or two

I was safely back in my hut, practicing. Nothing mor happened for about ten

minutes, though I was still highly excited and keyed up by what I had witnes-

sed and experienced. Then, I heard a light tapping on my door. Looking up,

there was May... now fully modest and dressed in the official camp uniform

of blue shirt, blue corduroy nickers, long stockings and shoes. I let May in,

and she immediately kissed me with ardor and breathlessly.. "You watched me

didn't you, Jerry??!??"... "Yes, May, you were wonderful," I replied. She

pulled on my arm.. "Put away your instrument, Jerry and walk with me, okay?"

I would have walked anywhere in the world with her at that moment. But, she

led me down the path leading towards the lake. In a few minutes we reached

a practice hut used for ear-training classes during the daytime. All was

peaceful and quiet. May opened the door and invited me inside. Soon we were

sitting in a handy chair, May upon my lap and her arms around me, kissing

with more passion and desire than I had ever felt. She reached back behind

herself and gently but firmly pulled my arm forward and placed it on her

left breast. We french kissed and sighed our feelings for each other, getting

hotter and hotter. I had never touched a girl's mammaries before, so the ex-

perience was stunningly great. I kneaded and pressed, with no experience of

what she wanted. May extricated herself from our kiss and reached up to un-

button the first button on her shirt. I followed her lead and unbottoned all

of the others and we helped each other remove her shirt. There were her bare

boobs.. she had dressed after her shower, but wasn't wearing any bra. "Pinch

me gently, here," she said, pulling my fingers to her nipple. I could feel

it harden to the sensitivity of my touch and it was so exciting to hear her

sigh and purr ecstatically as she felt the effect in her breasts and all the

way to her vulva. I instinctively reached down and took the other nipple in

my mouth. How beautiful it felt, tasted! I was really in seventh heaven.

Now, I felt her fingers on the zipper of my trousers. She was going to un-

dress me! I held up the top of my pants so she only needed to pull down and

the zipper opened easily.. followed by the entry of May's hand inside... I

felt her lightly touch my rigid cock through the material of my underpants.

Then she reached under the leg band and held me directly. What a sensation!

She pulled down my trousers and let me lie down on the floor of the cabin..

the wood floor felt hard but it wasn't cold or really uncomfortable. May

lay down next to me and slid down my underpants, I eagerly helped them off

my feet and tossed them aside. I was dripping pre-come like crazy and May

eagerly placed her tongue on the very tip of my cock and licked it all up.

I was entranced by the beauty of how she looked, loving me and how it felt!

Now, I was busy unbuttoning the awkward side buttons (Both sides) of her camp

knickers.. with all ten buttons undone, we were able to lower May's knickers

to the floor. She was wearing the cutest pink panties and I could see right

away that they were wet from her own passionate secretions. She continued to

give me head and I was looking at a girl dressed only in panties.... for the

very first time! I lightly caressed her stomach and her genital region out-

side the panties at first, getting more and more excited by the moment. Then

I reached my hand under her waist elastic and moved slowly/gently towards her

mound of venus and pubic hair region. When I touched it, it was like being

in a perfect dream of beauty, love and happiness. I continued my downward

path, being seriously distracted by May's sucking of my rammer and licking

of its head! It felt so thrilling to reach the top of her pussy, to feel the

little hard ball of the head of her clit, to pass it by, unawares and to

feel the opening lips of her labia majora slick with her precoital fluid

as I descended farther and farther along. Now I had the first sensation of

a woman's urethral opening and then the magic place itself, the entry to her

grotto,, the vaginal opening. Inserting my finger carefully inside I could

feel May squeezing to hold my finger more tightly. I went in a little further

and could actually feel her hymne blocking a further intrusion of my false

phallus... she was a virgin and she wanted me to be doing this with her...

wonderful!!!!!! Now, I took out my hand and started slowly sliding her pink

panties down her hips. May stopped giving me head and used her own hands to

ease the passage off her legs and feet, tossing her step-ins lightly aside.

She widely spread her legs and said to me, "Come here, lover, and introduce

me to sexual love!!!!" I reverently gazed at her, loving everything about

her and then so softly allowed the head of my cock to move just to the open-

ing of her cunt. May, who knew the secrets of her clit, reached down now and

pulled up my prick to lavish its slick fluids all over her pointed clitoris,

then she slowly started circling it around and around, meanwhile sighing and

crying out softly, "Jerry you make me feel so wonderful!". . After a few

minutes May shuddered all over and said, "I'm commmmmmming, darling!"

  She next sat up a little and reinserted my prick in her mouth, but this

time she was expertly thrusting it up and down with her hand and licking,

sucking with all her heart and intensity. Within moments I gushed forward with

a mountain of ejaculation,, into her mouth, down her throat and she took it

all in with a look of total satisfacion. Now, we heard some voices talking

just a few yards away from our cabin, so we quickly parted and got back into

our clothes, being as quiet as we could. The voices disappeared past our

building, and we sighed in relief. Now we looked at each other, hugged and

kissed the most happy and sweet kiss ever. May said, "I'm yours, Jerry, when-

ever you want me!" I thanked her and told her of my undying love and concern

for her happiness. Then we left the cabin, I walked her back to her cabin

and we continued on with the rest of our lives. We had many more sensual times

together but that shower, self-pleasuring and near intercourse was the great-

est thing I could dream of at that time in my life.    Sincerely yours,

Leg_list readers, ErosJer



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