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Archive-name: First/mickie.txt


Archive-title: Michelle

           I had recently moved  into a new apartment after  leaving my

      drunkard girlfriend, and  I was  depressed as hell.   Sheila  had

      ended up disgusting me, but I still remembered the good times, as

      well  as her  hugs, kisses,  and love-making.   I  missed her....

      actually, I guess that I just  missed having a woman around.  But

      if I had met Sheila again, I probably would have ignored her.

           Luckily for me, though, I met  the woman across the hall.  I

      was on my  out for a six-pack, and she was trying to move a large

      recliner into her apartment -  or so I had thought.  After  I had

      knocked her  on her ass by  pushing when I should  have pulled, I

      found out that she was throwing the chair away.  I figured that I

      had made an ass out of myself, but she took it pretty well.

           Her  name was Marie,  and she was  probably about 32  or 33.

      Good looking gal, with a great body, but she had a face that made

      her look older than  she was.  The first time  that I looked into

      her eyes I could tell that she had had a tough life.

           She  had a doll  of a daughter named  Michelle, who I called

      Mickie immediately.  She was 13, and it was obvious  that she was

      taking  after her mother in  some ways.   Smart little girl, with

      eyes that  could melt your heart.  Her eyes were nothing like her

      mother's,  and   they  spoke  of  happiness,   intelligence,  and

      innocence mixed with a little deviltry.  She was 13, but her eyes

      showed a maturity far beyond that.

           I  got to know the pair very  well.  As it turned out, Marie

      was a weekend alcoholic, which depressed the shit out of me.  She

      was a  beautiful person when  sober, but  she could be  a serious

      bitch when  she was tapping  the bottle.   Once she tried  to get

      into my pants,  but she was so drunk  that I left in disgust.   I

      had thought that she would be pissed the next day, but she either

      didn't remember or she decided not to say anything.

           Mickie  was a sweetheart, and  I couldn't help  but love her

      like a little  sister.  She  was just reaching  "that age" and  I

      tried to teach her a guy's  view towards such things.  Her mother

      didn't seem to like to talk about such things, so I tried to keep

      Mickie's  head straight.    I  also  helped  her  with  her  math

      homework, and history.   I had found a couple  programs on a BBS,

      and she spent a  lot of time learning math and the computer.  She

      loved  using my computer,  and I was happy  that she was learning

      math at the same time.

           To  this day I  can still remember  The Big Math  Test.  She

      crammed for a week, spending every night in my apartment studying

      like  a fanatic.   I  coached her,  driving every  little bit  of

      mathematical knowledge that  I held  into her brain.   She  would

      finally  leave  around 9:00,  eyes drooped,  and her  head almost

      bouncing off her chest from exhaustion.  She did well, and on The

      Day she  ran into my apartment before she left for school so that

      I could wish her luck.

           I was  just coming out  of the shower  at the time,  and she

      turned a bright shade of red when she saw me naked.  She couldn't

      take her  eyes off my crotch, she  was so shocked, and interested

      at her first sight of a penis.

           "Mickie!" I yelled.  "For Christ's sake!"

           The yell finally  snapped her out of it, and  she turned her

      head and mumbled an apology as her hands fidgeted with the hem of

      her skirt.   When I walked back into the bathroom to wrap a towel

      around my waist, I saw her in the mirror trying  to sneak another

      look.   I grinned a little, suddenly remembering my first glimpse

      of a naked female, a girl who looked a lot like Mickie.

           The  mixture of  memories  and events  brought some  strange

      thoughts into my head.  I  looked at Mickie in a different light,

      taking in her budding breasts and baby-fat ass.  My  mind put her

      face  over that other girl's body,  and I actually started to get

      hard underneath the  towel.  But I removed  such thoughts from my

      head, and walked back out with a forced scowl on my face.

           When  I came back out, Mickie was unabashedly looking at the

      lump under the towel.  I had a hard time keeping that scowl on my

      face,  as I  could hardly blame  her for  her interests.   When I

      asked her what was so important, she practically screamed.

           "Today's  the  day of  The Big  Math  Test!"   She obviously

      couldn't believe that I had forgotten such a thing.

           But  I had,  and my  shock was  quite obvious  to her.   She

      forgave me immediately, judging  by her expression.  I  bent over

      and scooped her into my arms, hugging her hard.

           "Good luck, Michelle!  Give'em hell!"

           She  hugged me  back, and she  broke into one  of her famous

      ear-to-ear grins.

           "Ohhhhh," she  moaned, "I hope I  do well!  I'm  so tired of

      doing lousy at  math.  But you helped me so much, Steve, that I'm

      probably gonna get an A!"

           I laughed,  and rubbed  her hair  as I put  her down.   "You

      will, Mickie.   I'm  sure you  will.   But you've  got to get  to

      school.  It's getting late."

           She  looked at  her watch,  and panicked.   She  grabbed her

      books, and  ran out  the door  faster than  she had  come in.   I

      shouted another "Good luck!" as she tore off down the hall.

           When  I got  home from  work that  day, Mickie  had  torn my

      kitchen  apart preparing dinner for  me.  I  was quite surprised,

      not at her  being there, but at the mess.   She had cooked for me

      before, but the devastation....

           "Mickie!  What the hell are you doing to my kitchen?!?"

           I  guess that  I had  yelled a  little too loud,  for Mickie

      almost broke into tears.  I felt terrible immediately, and pulled

      her into my arms and  gave her a hug.  "Sorry, Mickie. I was just

      a little surprised by the mess."

           She forgave me quickly, and we ate a fantastic meal after  I

      had cleaned up.  Over dinner, I discovered that she had done well

      on the  test.  She had only got one  question wrong, and she said

      that it was all because of my help.  So that  was the reason that

      she cooked, and I agreed that it was a fair trade.

           After  dinner, I cleaned  my bedroom  while she  cleaned the

      kitchen.  I was  just making the bed when  I heard a knock  at my

      door, which was open.

           "Can I play Tetris?" Mickie asked.

           I just nodded,  and she ran off into the den  to play on the


           I  came out  ten minutes later,  and from the  den doorway I

      could see over her  shoulder that she wasn't playing Tetris.  She

      had discovered my porn directory, and  was looking a picture of a

      big-busted  woman  giving a  blow-job to  a horse  of  a guy.   I

      watched  her hit  a couple keys  with her  left hand  to bring up

      another picture.  It showed a blonde with her legs spread for the

      world, her  pussy open for anyone  to see.  That  one didn't stay

      long, though, and  Mickie brought up  another picture, which  she

      seemed to enjoy.

           I quietly walked up behind her, and saw that  it was another

      picture  of a  blowjob - a  big black  guy getting  sucked by two

      white chicks.  As I glanced over her shoulder, Mickie moaned, and

      that's  when  I saw  where her  right hand  was  - buried  in her

      crotch.  Her skirt was pulled up  to her waist and her tiny  blue

      panties  were down around  her knees.   Two  of her  fingers were

      buried in her crotch, and I started to get a hard-on at the sight

      of it.

           "Mickie," I whispered.  "What are you doing."

           She suppressed a  scream, but she couldn't do anything about

      the shade of red that covered  her face.  She quickly removed her

      hand, and tried to pull up her panties as she stood up.  Twisting

      around to face me, she fumbled, and started to fall.  She stopped

      herself by putting out her hand  - which landed right on my half-

      hard cock.

           She yelped again,  and continued to fall.  She landed on her

      butt, and fell back, which completely  exposed her tiny pussy.  I

      couldn't help myself  - I looked  long and  hard, staring at  her

      pink lips and barely-existent bush.

           By  this time, I had  a definite hard-on,  and Mickie's face

      had taken  on a slightly different  look.  She was  staring at my

      bulge,  not even  thinking about covering  herself, and  her hand

      started to drift towards her crotch.  I rubbed my cock through my

      jeans, and she moaned, and drove her finger into her pussy.

           "Move your hand," I said.  "I want to see your pussy."

           She  pouted, but  moved her  hand -  slightly.   "What about

      you?" she whined.  "Let me see your..."

           "My what, Mickie?  What do you want to see?"   I was teasing

      her, but she was too horny to even notice.

           "You know!  Your... thing.  I  want to see your thing."  She

      pouted some more,  and stuck her chest out,  breathing deeply.  I

      finally  took my  eyes off her  pussy, and looked  at her breasts

      straining against her blouse.  She was too flat-chested to wear a

      bra, and her hard nipples looked  wonderful.  Her aureoles rose a

      bit, then her  nipples - large for her age -  poked up.  I was in

      heaven viewing this  little girl's half-naked body, and  I rubbed

      my cock freely, which drove Mickie crazy.

           "I want to  see your cock!"   She pouted again,  and rotated

      her  hips,  trying to  fuck the  air.   "Show  it to  me, please,


           "If you  want to see  it, then take  it out."  I  removed my

      hand from  my crotch to  give her  a full view  of my  bulge, and

      shoved my hips  forward.   Mickie moved  towards me,  practically

      crawling, hands reaching for my cock.  She almost tripped, as her

      panties were still around  her knees.  She twisted,  kicking them

      off in a very unladylike way.  I got  a full view of her ass, two

      little handfuls of perfectly smooth skin.

           She reached me  quickly, now  that she could  move her  legs

      freely, and her hands grabbed my bulge.  I almost  came then, but

      I wanted more of this lttle girl before I did.  She fumbled a bit

      with my zipper, but determination won, and  my cock popped out as

      far as my briefs would allow.  She almost screamed at that -  she

      wanted  to see my cock in a fierce way.  I laughed like hell, and

      twisted away from her.

           She  punched the  back of  my leg  as I  walked away,  and I

      laughed  again, looking  over  my shoulder.    I walked  into  my

      bedroom with Mickie not too far behind.

           "Damnit!" she said, quite  loudly.  "Let me see  your cock!"

      She almost  - but not  quite - sounded  like a grown-up  when she

      said that, and I chuckled while I rubbed my cock.

           I turned  to face her, and  pulled just the head  of my cock

      out of my briefs.  "If you want to see it, then strip.  I want to

      see you, too, you know."

           Mickie stripped out  of her two remaining pieces of clothing

      in seconds, tossing her blouse away and dropping her skirt around

      her feet.  I sucked in some air, and just stood there, looking at

      her pert boobs and the tiny patch of hair between  her legs.  Her

      bush was  not yet large  enough to cover  her pussy, and  I could

      clearly see her lips.

           "Steve!"  she yelled, snapping me  from my revery.   She had

      placed her  hands upon her hips, and cocked her head to one side,

      looking like  a pissed-off  little thirteen-year-old.   I smiled,

      and removed  my shirt slowly.   I dropped my pants  to the floor,

      twisting away so that she  couldn't see my bulge or the  wet spot

      that was growing on the front of my BVD's.

           "Damnit!"  she yelled again, and  I laughed.   I turned back

      towards her,  dropping my shorts on the way.  She gasped when she

      saw my entire dick, and started rubbing her pussy frantically.

           I moved  forwards, pulling her  hand away  from her  crotch.

      She started to open her mouth to say something, but I grabbed her

      and threw her onto my  bed.  I made sure that my cock brushed her

      leg and ass when I  grabbed her, and I  left some pre-cum on  her

      left  cheek.  She looked  at me in shock for  a second, wiping at

      her ass.   She looked at the spot of cum on her fingers, then her

      eyes glanced down at my cock.

           Before she could say or  do anything, I jumped onto the  bed

      next to  her, and started tickling her.   She giggled, and kicked

      and squirmed  to get away  from me.   All this did  was cause her

      body to brush  mine in several strategic places.  While trying to

      block my  hands, her hand  brushed my  cock, which jumped  at the

      touch of her.

           "Do that again," she said, staring at my crotch.

           "If you touch it, maybe it will."

           She reached  forward, which caused her legs to spread wider.

      I couldn't believe her  little pussy, all pink  and smooth.   Her

      bush  was soaked, and  all I  wanted to do  was lick  her into an

      orgasm.   But I held  myself back -  for now - and  when her hand

      touched my cock  it twitched, which  made her laugh  again.   She

      grabbed my cock  suddenly, her small hand barely wrapping around,

      and stroked up  and down slowly, getting a good  feel.  She found

      my  foreskin interesting,  and smiled  when the  head of  my cock

      popped out.

           She did this several times, which was driving me crazy.  Her

      hands were  small, and she was  using both of them  to stroke me.

      After a couple minutes of  this, she was breathing hard,  and she

      let go with one hand which she immediately moved to her pussy.  I

      grabbed her hand away, and  she gave me a look which  could kill.

      Such an  angry look coming from  a teenager made me  laugh, and I

      grabbed her and spun her onto her back with me on top.

           She  was about to say something, so I leaned forward to kiss

      her  and keep her quiet.  In  the process, my cock rubbed against

      her pussy for  a second.   I barely  felt her bush,  but I  could

      certainly feel the wetness down there.   The girl was soaked, and

      I didn't think that an orgasm would be long in coming to her.  So

      I started kissing her  neck, and then  down to her tiny  breasts,

      while making sure that my  cock was in constant contact  with her

      pussy.  She  started moaning like  mad, and I  knew that she  was

      about to come.

           But  I moved my  body away from hers,  and she settled down.

      She wasn't  happy about this, but  I didn't want her  to come too

      quickly.  After a minute or  two of rubbing her body, I  moved my

      head down between her thighs.  She instinctively spread her legs,

      and I  caught a  good whiff of  her pussy.   Even with  all those

      juices flowing, she  had a  sweet-smelling crotch.   I rubbed  my

      nose around her  clit, taking in all the aroma that I could.  She

      gasped, and thrust her hips off the bed towards my face, and then

      she gasped some more.

           I decided that I  shouldn't let her wait too much longer, so

      I started kissing her tiny lips.  She twisted back and forth, far

      too fast for me to  place any stategic kisses.  So I put one hand

      on her pelvis, forcing her  to be still.   Then I shot my  tongue

      out, and licked the inside of her lips several times.  She almost

      screamed, and drove her hips into my face again.  My tongue found

      her little clitoris in a second, and she did scream  then.  Three

      or four licks later  she came with such intensity that I couldn't

      keep her body  still.  She bucked and thrashed,  holding back the


           I rolled away  from her,  slowly rubbing the  inside of  her

      thighs  and her stomach.   After a minute  she relaxed, breathing

      hard but still twitching every few seconds.  I smiled, staring at

      her  trembling body and enjoying the young girl's pleasure of her

      first orgasm.   She looked over  at me, a mixed  look of pleasure

      and relief on her face.

           I  leaned forward  to hug  her, and  she embraced  me fully,

      spreading her  legs a bit so  that she could caress  my cock with

      the  inside of her thighs.  I  twisted over onto my back, rolling

      her with me  so that she would be on top.   I rubbed her ass, and

      started to slow-fuck her thighs.   As much as I wanted  to really

      fuck this little girl, I didn't want to hurt her when I broke her

      hymen.   I  would save  that for  another day  so that  her first

      experience would be one of total joy.

           She seemed to have ideas though,  or at least it seemed that

      way.   I noticed  that Mickie  had matched my  rhythm, and  I was

      getting  very close  to  coming.   She  spread  her legs  a  bit,

      shifting her body so that my cock was pressed against her  pussy.

      She  quickened  the pace,  moaning softly.    The feeling  of her

      soaked pussy rubbing against  my cock drove me over the edge, and

      I came, showering her ass and the inside of her thighs.

           She gave me a strange look,  like she was grossed out by the

      feeling of my come on her body.  But then a look of understanding

      came over her, and she smiled.  She stopped bucking her hips, and

      hugged me.   I  smiled, and hugged  her back while  caressing her

      tiny butt.  All  I could think about was  the next time she  came




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