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Archive-name: First/medev-st.txt

Archive-author: Ariel Witch

Archive-title: Medieval Story

   The Lady Ariel was growing impatient. The sun had risen high in the sky

and still her maidservant, Winifred, had not yet appeared to draw the bath.

Ariel stamped one foot in exasperation. Damn! Where WAS that girl? Didn't

she know that today was Faire Day? It would not do for a Lady to arrive

late! Ariel pulled her dressing gown around her and continued to pace the


   There was a timid knock at the door. "Oh, do come in!" Ariel cried.

   "You are so late!Hurry and fill the bath!" Her back to the door, Lady

Ariel dropped her gown to the floor and looked out the window to where

tradesmen were busily setting up the stands to display their wares. She

heard a loud intake of breath behind her and whirled around to find a tall,

handsome youth staring at her nakedness, red-faced.

   "And who might you be?" she asked him.

   "I am William, Winifred's brother. She is ill and sent me in her stead."

   "And are you skilled in the arts of ministering to a Lady?" Ariel asked

him. The youth was clad in thin home-spun trousers and tunic, his feet bare

and dusty fromthe road.

   "Nay, M'Lady, but Winifred gave me instruction 'ere I left the house."

   "Very well, then, you may draw the bath." Ariel returned to the window.

As she watched the Faire grounds being transformed, she could heard the

splash of water filling the iron tub behind her.

   "The bath is ready, M'Lady," William said. Gracefully, Ariel moved to

the tub, and slowly slid into the warm water, submersing her body

completely, her head back against the rim of the tub, eyes closed.

   "Well done, William, " she said. "You may wash me now." When there was

no response, she opened her eyes. William stood by the tub, his face again

red, hands at his sides.

   "What is the matter? Have you never washed a woman before?"

   "Nay, M'Lady..." he whispered, eyes down. "I have never seen a woman

undressed before."

   "Come, how old are you?"

   "Nineteen, M'Lady."

   "Nineteen and never seen a naked woman? I cannot believe that!"

   "'Tis true. I spend my time learning the art of swordsmanship. I have

little time for anything else."

    Ariel had noticed the large bulge in the young man's trousers as he


   "I see, " she replied. "And it looks to me as though you have quite a

fine sword, indeed!" She reached out one wet hand and softly placed it

against the youth's erect cock, feeling the heat of his manhood through the

thin material covering it.  She could feel the tremor that passed through

William's body as she touched him, causing a similiar shiver to course

through her. Could it be possible? A virgin in the kingdom? The thought of

having this delightful young man with the huge cock al l to herself started

her juices flowing. She licked her lips as she smiled at him.

   "Today, William, you will learn all there is to the art of pleasing a

woman. Would you like that?"

   "If it pleases M'Lady," he murmured. Ariel gently squeezed his throbbing


   "I think THIS will please me very well indeed!"


     Ariel rose from the bath, the beads of water on her skin making her

alabaster flesh shimmer in the sunlight. A drop of water perched upon one

of her erect rosy nipples. She motioned for Willaim to move closer, and

when he was next to the tub, she quickly tugged his tunic over his head,

revealing his muscular and almost hairless chest. Her hands moved to the

drawstring of his breeches, and slowly undid the knot there, loosening the

tie and letting the trousers fall to the floor.

    Her eyes widened at the sight of his huge cock, sprouting from a nest

of thick dark curly hair, and the heavy sacs beneath it.

    "Come into the tub with me," she invited him, "And let us wash each


    William slowly slid into the water, and Ariel sat facing him, the water

covering both to mid-chest. His eyes were fastened to her firm breasts and

the hard pink buds that tipped them. She saw his gaze and smiled.

    "Would you like to touch them?" she asked. William nodded.

    "Oh yes, M'Lady, very much!"

    Ariel took his hands and gently placed one on each breast. He remained

motionless for a moment, feeling the heat of her skin against his wet

palms. He began to softly knead her breasts, and his thumbs instinctively

moved to gently circle the nipp les. A low moan escaped from Ariel's mouth.

"Oh yes, William, that feels wonderful!"

    As his hands moved over her sensitive mounds, her hands moved to his

cock and she began to wash him in soft strokes, her fingers tracing the

length of his throbbing hardness.  She could feel him trembling.

    "Are you going to come so soon?" she asked him.

    "I think soo, M'Lady," he moaned. Ariel darted her head beneath the

water and took his cockhead into her mouth as her hands continued to pump

his prick. In a moment he began spurting his thick cum between her avid

lips and she swallowed hungrily until he was dry.

    She came up from the water and looked at William, whose eyes were half-

tted with passion.

   "Did you like that?" she asked him.

   "I have never felt anything like it before," he confessed.

   "It was wonderful."

   "Come, let us wash each other and we can retire to my bed chambers,

where I will teach you how to repay that favor. And then later on, you can

slide that magnificent sword into my sheath."




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