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Archive-name: First/massfuck.txt


Archive-title: Massive Fucking

All I wanted to do was fuck her. She was so damn gorgeous. Just 14 too.

She wanted it bad. I knew it. She didn't have a boyfriend so I knew she

wasn't getting laid on a regular basis. I wondered if she had ever been

fucked before.

 Her name was Melissa. She went to my school. I was a Senior and she was a

Freshman. I wanted her... I wanted her bad. She was about 5'5", a little

shorter than me, and she had beautiful dirty blond hair down to the middle

of her back. She had hypnotic blue eyes and luscious lips. Her figure was

made up of wonderful, booming tits, a smooth, slender stomach, nasty curves

at the waist, a round, firm, fuckable ass, and thin legs which I wanted to

spread to make room for my thundering cock.

 She knew me, but not that well. I think she thought I was a pretty nice guy

though. One Saturday afternoon, I saw her walking through the field behind

our school. I was there running laps around the track. She was just wandering

around - almost in a daze. It was a beautiful day in the middle of Spring.

Everything around us was in bloom. It was a particularly hot day today.

I'd say about 85 degrees. The outfit she had on practically made me drop a

load just from looking at her. She had on a torn white tee-shirt, cut off

so I could almost see the underside of those awesome titties. Her nipples

were rock hard underneath. I knew because they were practically ripping

through her shirt. Her shorts were cut jeans. They were so fuckin' short

that, from behind, I could see almost half of her ass cheeks. God I just

wanted to ram my dick up her ass as far as it could go. I was just staring

at her for almost an hour. Finally I realized that my dick was swelled up

to its full eight inches. It wanted to burst so badly. I ran down to her,

shouting her name.



 She turned around and greeted me so sweetly that I almost came from hearing

her voice.

"How are you, Pete?"

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Oh, I've been better. My whole family is fighting and I'm just a little

stressed out right now."

I wanted to make her feel better, and I knew how to, but did she really want

my long pulsating cock in her pussy, or was it just my over active


Then she said, "What are you up to?"

I got a hold of myself and just risked total embarrassment - I mean, what did

I have to lose? So I said, "Well, if you let me, I'm going to fuck your god

damn brains out!"

She gazed at me like I was fuckin' nuts. "What?!!!!" She screamed.

"I want to rip your fuckin' clothes off and fuck you like you've never been

fucked before!" (Secretly hoping that she never had been fucked before.)

She got a look on her face like she wanted to kick me in the nuts, but she

just turned and walked away.

There was no way I was going to let a pussy like that get away. So I caught

up with her and whisked her off her feet. I threw her over my shoulders,

holding her body still with my left arm, and caressing the smooth bulges

of ass cheek which were peeking out of her shorts with my right hand.

"Let go of me, you fuckin' bastard!" she screamed in protest.

I ignored her and carried her to an area of green grass surrounded by

blooming shrubbery. This spot was concealed in such a way that I could

easily fuck her until that beautiful pussy exploded, and no one would ever

know. I put her on the ground, face up, and got on top of her so she couldn't

move. She tried and tried to squirm her way out from under me, but I was

too strong for her. Finally, she gave up and lay still. By this time, we

were both sweating massively from the heat. I said to her calmly, "Now

Melissa, I just want to fuck you. It won't hurt. It won't do any harm. It

will feel good for you too."

She responded by saying, "Why do you want me so badly?"

"Because you're the fuckin' hottest bitch I've ever seen!" I replied.

"Well, I guess I could go for a good fuck now."

Those words were music to my ears.

"Let me up and I'll show you tits like you've never seen. You can suck them

and bite them - you can do whatever you want with them. Being as horny as I

was, I let her up, eagerly anticipating what the future held in store for

me. She got up, lifted her little shirt off, and revealed the biggest

tits I've ever seen on a 14 year old before. Then she reached for the tank

top I was wearing and ripped it right off my chest.

"What the fuck did you do that for, bitch?" I screamed.

"Because I am fuckin' horny and I want your cock. I refuse to wait any


I was shocked. What happened to the screaming protests from just a few

minutes ago? Who the fuck cares. I dropped my shorts and underwear so

fast, I almost tripped on them trying to get them off. My dick was harder

than it had ever been. It was booming with the urge to break this fuckin'

Freshman into a million pieces.

Then she took those shorts off. Even more of that tight ass was exposed now.

I knelt down in front of her, clenched the crotch of her panties in my teeth,

and ripped them from her body. She jumped on me immediately. She straddled

my stomach and moaned in ecstasy as I squeezed the life out of those huge


"Oh God!"she cried.

"I want you to fuck me until I bleed!"

I was in heaven. I was actually going to fuck Melissa! I politely asked her

if she had ever taken it up the cunt before and she said she was still a

virgin. She said that the only orgasms she'd ever had were the few she'd

given herself while peeping in on her brother getting undressed. This girl

was a fuckin' nympho! She said she used to watch her 17 year old

brother get undressed, watch him jerk himself off until he came on his s

stomach, and then she would go in her room, lock the door, rip her close

off, and play with herself until she burst like a waterfall.

Thinking of this just made me hornier. I then realized that she was turning

the other way. Her pussy was looming closer and closer to my face, and

finally, she reached her hands down, spread those wet lips apart, and

planted her glistening pussy in my mouth. I licked and licked, probing her

clit with my tongue as I grabbed her ass and pressed that pussy as far into

my mouth as it would go. She was screaming, I mean really SCREAMING with

emotional delight. She was yelling, "Eat me, eat me. Make me cum all over

your face!" I had no problem with that, so I continued until her love

juices were rushing into my mouth like raging rapids. I swallowed it all

and loved every bit of it. She became limp when her orgasm was over. After

lying across my body for a few minutes, she got up, spread my legs, and

started blowing me like I'd never been blown before. Her tongue covered

every massive inch of my dick, and after a very short time, I felt it.

I felt the sperm bursting up from inside and before I knew it, I was

shooting my wad inside Melissa's mouth. She swallowed slowly and licked

my head clean. I clenched every muscle in my body as I came harder than

ever before. When it was over, she said, "OK, only one thing left."

"What's that?" I asked.

"We have to fuck now." she replied.

She lay down in the grass, spread her legs wide, and commanded me to

ram her into the ground. So I inserted my once again erect cock into her

welcoming pussy. We bucked and fucked, twisted and turned, screamed, yelled,

grabbed, until we were both nearing that special moment.

Suddenly, Melissa ordered me to suck her tits. So I grabbed her left titty

and started sucking as hard as I could, still slamming my cock into her bush.

She had her legs wrapped around my waist and was pulling my body closer.

Finally, seconds before I was about to come, I lifted her from the ground,

pulled her up until I was in a kneeling position, and grabbed her ass cheeks

and continued fucking and fucking. She was screaming. I was screaming.

"Oh, oh, oh, oooooooh!"

"Fuck, oh mother fucker. Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Then, at exactly the same instant, my load went shooting up her and her

juices spilled onto my dick, down my legs, and all over the place.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!" we both yelled as I collapsed on top of her.

"Well, what are you doing tonight?" she asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Hopefully, fucking your brains out again." I replied.

That night, she came over to my house, and we fucked until dawn. That whole

summer, I fucked Melissa every single day - without fail. I always used

protection of course, except for that first time, so we never got in any

trouble. Then, in September, when I had to leave for college. Melissa gave

me a video tape of us fucking and of her masturbating. She said I should

watch it as often as I could, think of her, and jerk off. Then when I

came home during vacations, she would fuck me over and over. So I did.

Even though I knew that at the same time, that horny little slut who I

had de-flowered, was fucking every god damn guy in our high school.

By the end of her four years there, there was not a single guy who had not

tasted the wonderful, pussy that I knew and loved.



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