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Archive-name: First/maiya-1.txt

Archive-author: Mistress Maiya    (c) 1993

Archive-title: Making Of Maiya, The


	Now, don't get me wrong.  there is nothing wrong with straight sex

the way I see it.  It can be very nice and comforting and all that, but...

 	From early on in my sexual expeience, I discovered that I had an

attraction to walking that edge of danger and humiliation.  I found that

societies standards didn't necessarily match my own.  That was pretty

difficult for me to accept at first.

	I went to a Catholic school op through 10th grade.  I'm not

kidding, a real, honest to God (pun intended), Catholic school.  It was

liberal, as far as Catholic school went (we had regular teachers rather

than nuns), but still, how liberal can that be?

	I was fairly sheltered.  When you go to school with the same boys

from kndergarten on - it's hard to ever start thinking of them in sexual

terms.  Or to have them see you that way.  The cutest guy in my class was

someone that I had one dared to eat a disgusting cafeteria plate

concoction (mix a little something from each compartment, add ketchup,

salt, pepper, juice, and a splash of milk?).  He did.  He got sick.  you

see my problem?

	So there I was, sweet 16, and never been (properly) kissed.

	Through a divorce, a move, and some money problems - I found

myself in a new city, at a (gasp) public school.

	Well, by sixteen I had filled out pretty decently.  Add to that

the fact that public school allows girls to wear make-up, and I guess I

was looking pretty good. At least I got my share of attention from the

guys (I think they had heard rumors about Catholic school girls).

	I went out on a couple of dates, with a couple of different guys. 

It was pretty awkward and boring.

	Then I started dating Ryan.

	He was cute, quiet and intelligent.  He didn't make me nervous.  I

liked him.  He was basically a nice guy.

	We saw movies and did homework together.  We also made out.  Very 

simple - kissing, and light, over the clothes petting.  It was okay, but

it wasn't like the feeling I had read about in Harlequin novels (but then

again, what was?).

	Then one night we were at his house.  Chris, Ryan's best friend,

and Chris' girlfriend, Tammy, were there too.  We were watching a movie

called 9 1/2 Weeks.  Have you seen it?  Well, I've seen a lot more

explicit things since then, but at the time - wow!

	It was pretty embarassing too.  The first part of it, I just sat

uncomfortably in Ryan's den trying to act as casual about it as the three

of them.

	Chris and Tammy were on the floor, near the TV, snuggled together 

under a blanket.  Ryan and I were sitting on the couch.  At some point he

pulled me over so that I was leaning against him, with his arm around my


	Half way into the movie, I began to relax.  I was enjoying the

movie, and biginning to sink into the pleasant warmth that seemed to be

concentrating in the lower regions of my body.

	Without warning, Ryan's hand slid under the elastic waistband of

my skirt, right inside my underwear (good aim, did he have practice at this?)

His hand quickly found my pussy.

	Now, I hadn't realized that the movie was making me wet.  I

probably didn't even know the term.  The second his dry fingers reached my

pussy I became completely aware of how wet and hot it was.  A wave of

pleasure rushed through my body, and I instintivelymoved my pelvis forward

to put more pressure against my clit.

	Almost simultaneously, my brain kicked into action.

	A sense of outrage overtook the sense of pleasure.  With a gasp I

jerked my body away from his hand.  Chris looked backto see what the noise

was about.  I turned bright red and tried to pull farther away.

	Chris' eyes returned to the TV.  Ryan pulled me tightly to him. 

"Hold still," he hissed into my ear.

	I was so shocked by his tone, I obeyed.

	The hand under my skirt made its way to my panties again and moved

them to mid-thigh, out of the way.  I made a slight move of protest, but

his other hand just gripped me tighter.  It helped that I wasn't sure I

wanted to pull away.

	His hand began to massage my pussy lips.  When he felt my body

relax against him, his finger made its way to my moist inner lips, and

once the finger was goodand wet, he began working my clit with it.  This

felt incredibly good.  Believe it or not, I had never even masturbated. 

The thought was just too embarassing, so this sensation was beyond

anything I had felt before.  Amazing!

	Chris kept glancing back, which would make me tense up.  Ryan just

persisted in rubbing my clit though, and pretty soon, I didn't care when

Chris glanced back.  Afterall, what could he really see?

	I was dripping wet by then.  Ryan took that fine opportunity to

ease a finger into my ready hole.  At first my cunt muscles fought against

his finger (I had never even used a tampon, so you can imagine how tight I

was).  "God, Maiya, Your pussy feels so good and tight," he whispered into

my ear.  Those words spoken in that throaty voice, and the feel of his hot

breath against my neck turned me on even further.  The idea that this was

turning him on too!  Pleasure through giving pleasure.

	A decisive thrust of my hips, and his finger slid the rest of the

way into me. Finding this to feel intensely fabulous, I began to rock my

hips back and forth so that his finger was sliding in and out of my cunt.

I tried to spread my legs further, but my panties prevented me.  A little

laugh in my ear, and he was helping me slide them off of one leg.

	"You want more baby?"

	I just kept the rhythm with my hips.

	"Do you want to come?"

	"Yes," I managed to choke out, instintively realizing that, that

was what I wanted, even if I wasn't certain what it meant.

	He used the hand that had been holding me to pull my skirt up

around my waist, exposing my pussy.  I struggled, but he quieted me with a

warning not to draw attention to us.  That certainly made sense.  He

continued to finger-fuck me as I lay perfectly still,too scared to move my

hips.  His other hand found my clit.

	With a sigh, I shut my eyes, and shifted my legs farther apart.

	"Look," he ordered.

	I opened my eyes and watched, fascinated, as his hands worked on my

pussy.  I started moving my hips in a circular motion, riding his hands,

and watching all the while.

	I glanced up, only to find that Chris and Tammy had both turned

all the way around to face us.  They were focused intently on my pussy.

	The panicked embarassment pushed directly into the first wave of

my orgasm.  I threw my hips into a fury of thrashing, pounding his finger

into my cunt.  Involuntary or not, the entire time I kept staring at Chris

and Tammy.  I don't know how long the orgasm carried me up, but when I

came down, I immediately burst into humiliated tears.  Noone made a move

to comfort me.

	There I was, dripping pussy on view for three people.  The worst

truth of all was that I had enjoyed it.

	So that was my first orgasm, with two onlookers, and i'd never

even had my bare breasts fondled.

	I got to know myself a litle better that day.  It would take some

time to get to liking myself.  

	Now though, I know better.  Just remembering this gets me hot, and

that's easy to admit.

	As soon as I hit the send key and logout, I will probably

masturbate - or else I'll never get to sleep.

	Y'know, I still wonder what Chris and Tammy were doing under

that blanket.



 	Mistress Maiya			



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