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Archive-name: First/loveman.txt

Archive-author: Taylor Foxe

Archive-title: For Love of A Man

		  Part One: Double Discovery

	Matt Harris, the twins' twelve-year-old friend, arrived in a

melancholy mood on that Saturday afternoon in the beginning of summer when

it all began.  His friends, Todd and Tim Searson, noticed his unusual

behavior and called him on it when they got up to the twins' room.

	"What's wrong, Matt?" Todd asked his Asian friend.

	"Nothin'," Matt replied.

	"You seem kind of down," Tim pressed with eleven-year-old tenacity.

	"Well...if I tell you guys something, you promise not to say

anything to anyone?" he asked.

	"We promise," Tim said.  "Right, Todd?"

	"Yeah, we promise.  Go ahead.  Tell us what's up."

	"Okay," Matt said, heaving a sigh of relief.  He went and sat down

on Todd's bed and faced the twins.  

	Todd and Tim sat down on the bed next to him with the concern for

their best friend casting a sympathetic look to their faces.  Physically

almost mirror images of one another, although Tim wore his blond hair a

little longer than his brother's, they also shared that internal bond that

twins have always been rumored to have.  

	"Something happened last night," he began.

	"What?" Todd asked.

	"It's...kind of embarassing..." Matt protested weakly.

	"That's okay.  We're your best friends, right Tim?" Todd asked.


	"You can tell us anything."

	"Well...last night I was laying in my bed, and I was kind

of...playing with myself..." Matt explained.  Here he paused and looked at

his friends, twin blond angels, to see their reaction.  A slight red tint

had come to his soft, pale, brown cheeks as he admitted to the secret game

so many young boys played at his age.

	"Yeah...go on," Tim urged.

	Matt hung his head again and continued, "It felt really good, like it 

always does, but last night I didn't stop like I usually do.  You know, it

feels like you're going to pee if you keep going..."

	Todd nodded his head.  Matt continued, feeling he could trust his

friends and gaining strength from Todd's own silent admission.

	"So I kept on...doing it, and I felt something, like, explode

inside of me.  It felt really good.  Better than before.  And some stuff came

out of my dick..." Matt finished.  "I was really scared, like maybe I'd

broken something.  I didn't know what it was..."

	"What did it look like?" Tim asked.

	"It was white, and it felt kind of sticky," Matt answered.

	"You didn't pee?" Todd asked.

	"No, this was different," Matt answered.

	"Was there a lot of it?" Tim asked.

	"No, not too much."

	"Hey, I know.  I think that you 'came.'  You know, like they

talked about in sex ed.," Todd said.

	"Really?" Tim asked, his face lighting up in excitement.  "Wow,

Matt that's really cool.  Did you see the little sperms?"

	"No, dummy, you can't see the sperms," Todd chastised his brother.

 "They're too small.  You need to use a microscope to see them."

	"Oh," Tim responded.

	"So I came, huh?  That's cool," Matt said.

	"Hey, can we see?" Tim asked.

	"See what?" Matt asked.

	"See the little sperms," Tim answered.

	"Tim, you can't see them," Todd reminded him.

	"No, I know, but I want to see that white stuff."

	"Okay.  Sure, I'll show you.  But you guys gotta take off your

clothes too," Matt said.

	"Okay," Tim answered, eagerly pulling off his shirt.

	The young boys began to undress, their little hearts pumping at

the discovery they were about to witness and at the fact that this private

act was going to be shared.  The secrecy of it all also factored into

their excitement.

	Todd got up and went and locked the door.  It wouldn't do to have

Mom walk in on them.  He dropped his shirt on the way back to the bed. 

Matt was slipping out of his shorts.  Underneath he wore white Hanes

jockey underwear which formed a striking contrast to his light brown skin.

 He pulled these off his thin brown legs; Tim stopped undressing to stare

at the boy's erect penis.  It was only about 3 inches long, but it wasn't

perfectly round like the twins'.  It had a flatter shape to it.

	The boys had seen each other naked many times before, but this

time there was more significance to it.  Matt watched his friend Tim

undress next to him with the same electric feeling of anticipation that

both Todd and Tim felt.  The twins both had lithe white bodies with

smooth, supple skin.  Their skin color was just beginning to darken as

they spent time out in the sun.

	Tim's penis hung limp between his legs.  It was small and

perfectly formed with a tiny scrotal sac hanging right below it.  Todd, on

the other hand, was erect, and he revealed this when he slipped off his

underwear.  His penis was the same size as Matt's, but it didn't have the

flat shape.  It was rounded like his brother's.  The sight of his naked

brother in these circumstances inflated Tim's penis, so it matched his

brother's state of arousal.

	"Go ahead," Tim urged Matt.

	The boy began pinching the flat head of his penis to start the good

feelings he received when he did that.  Then he took it between two

fingers and started pulling the loose skin around the shaft up and down

its length.

	Todd and Tim began to absently pinch the heads of their own penises

to stimulate them as they watched their friend.  Their fingers also probed

at the special area underneath the head to bring more pleasure to their


	Matt had speeded up the stroking on his dick and soon opened his

mouth to warn his friends.

	"I can feel's coming..."

	His little body tensed suddenly and Todd and Tim watched as a

small spurt of white liquid came out the head of his penis and dribbled

down Matt's hand.

	"Cool!" Tim exclaimed.

	He leaned forward and examined the fluid closer.

	"Did it really feel good?" Todd asked.

	"Yeah.  It was even better than the one last night," Matt

answered, smiling.

	"Can I touch it?" Tim asked.


	Tim put his finger on the head of Matt's penis which was slowly

deflating and touched the silky, sticky cum.  He brought some of it to his

nose and smelled it.

	"Here, smell it," he said, offering his finger to his brother. 

Todd sniffed it.

	"It smells good," Todd said.

	"Yeah," Tim agreed.

	"We better get dressed in case your mom shows up," Matt put in.

	Todd nodded in agreement.  The boys got dressed and went

downstairs to play other little boy games.


		   Part Two: Questions Answered


	The next day Matt was feeling much better about his new situation.

 He had shared his worries with his best friends and found out that he had

nothing to fear.  In fact, that night Matt had allowed himself to feel

good about it again as his hand snaked into his underwear to masturbate

yet again.  He'd allowed the hot wet liquid seep into the cotton of his

undershorts and dry there as he slept. 

	Matt was feeling so much more confident that he decided he would

talk to his brother about sex and about the changes going on in his body.

	"Hey, there, Matt," Rick greeted his little brother when he

entered the room.

	Rick was studying at his desk when Matt entered.  He was 15 years

old, and the only child their parents had been able to physically produce.

 Matt had been adopted.

	"Hi, Rick.  Can I ask you something?" Matt asked.

	"Sure, have a seat, little buddy," Rick answered.

	Matt hopped up on the bed, and Rick turned around to face his brother.

	"I wanted to ask you and stuff..." Matt began.

	Rick nodded.  "Okay, go ahead.  What did you want to know?"

	"I was kind of wondering about the stuff that comes out of your

dick when a boy gets older," Matt clarified.

	"What about it?" Rick asked.

	"Does it run out?" Matt asked.

	"No," Rick chuckled.  "Your body keeps producing it.  Why, has

semen come out of your dick?"

	"Yeah," Matt answered.

	"Wow!  That's great.  I can't believe you're growing up," Rick said.

	Matt blushed a little but was proud that his brother was making a

big deal out of it.

	"You can jack off as much as you want.  Your body will make more,"

Rick repeated.

	Matt nodded.

	"Is there anything else you wanted to know?" Rick asked.

	"Well, I was kind of wondering about sex.  Like, how do you know

where to put it in a girl?" Matt asked.

	Rick shook his head and smiled.  "I don't think you need to know

about that for quite a while, but..."

	He stood up and went over to his closet.  Opening it, he reached

inside and pulled out a magazine.  He brought it back to his desk and

handed it to Matt.

	"Look through there.  That should answer some of your questions,

and it's great for jacking off," Rick said.

	Matt looked at the cover which showed two naked men with a woman. 

His heart started pounding faster and his penis twitched a little at the

thought of what was inside.

	"Thanks Rick," he said.

	"If you want more later, let me know.  Just don't tell Mom or

Dad," Rick said.

	"Oh, I won't," Matt answered, still staring at the book.

	"Was there anything else you wanted to ask me?" Rick asked.

	"No, not right now.  I think I'll go look at this," Matt said.

	"Just make sure nobody finds it," Rick said, smiling at his

brother's eagerness.

	"I won't," Matt promised, and then he was out the door.  Rick

heard the door slam to his brother's room.  With a grin, Rick returned to

his homework.  He couldn't believe his brother had hit puberty.

	Matt lay naked on his stomach in bed with the magazine in front of

him.  He slowly paged through it, closely examining the pictures.  Some

had the woman sucking on the guys' dicks and others had one of the guys

sticking his dick in her cunt.  The most shocking pictures of all though

were those of both men fucking her: one with his dick in her pussy and the

other with his dick up her ass.

	Paging through the pictures again, Matt began to rub his erection

against the bed.  His speed increased as he reached the end.  Finally, on

the last few pages where the men shot their wads all over her body, Matt

came onto the sheets.



		  Part Three: Sharing Knowledge

	"So what have you got?" Tim asked as soon as Matt, Todd, and he

had gotten into their room and closed the door.

	"This," Matt said, opening his backpack and pulling out the magazine.

	"Wow," Todd said, glancing at the cover.  "Where did you get that?"

	"Rick gave it to me," Matt answered proudly.

	"Cool," Tim said.  "Your brother is so awesome."

	"Here, I'll show you some of the best ones," Matt said.  

	He dropped his backpack and hopped onto the bed.  Todd and Tim

followed him and sat on either side of him as Matt slowly paged through

it, pointing out some of his favorite pictures.

	"She's sucking on their dicks," Tim exclaimed softly in amazement.

	"Does that feel good?" Todd asked aloud.

	"I think it does.  See, look at them," Matt said, pointing out the

men's faces.

	Then they reached the pictures where she had a guy in her pussy

and one up her ass.

	"He stuck it in her butt," Tim observed, giggling at the picture.

	"Won't she poop on him?" Todd asked, concerned.

	"No, see, she doesn't.  I guess it must feel good too," Matt


	He turned the pages and showed them a picture after the man has

pulled out.  They all could see his dick was clean and shiny.  Then they

watched as both men came on her naked body.

	"They sure have a lot of sperms," Tim stated, pointing to the pool

of semen.

	"My brother called it semen," Matt explained.

	"Yeah, now I remember.  That's what they called it at school too,"

Todd said.

	"In this magazine they call it 'cum' and 'jism' too," Matt told them.

	"They have a lot more than you do," Tim teased. 

	"Yeah, I know, but at least I have some," Matt retorted. 

	The boys giggled and then flipped back through the magazine.

	"Matt, can I suck on your dick?" Tim asked when they reached the

pictures of oral sex again.

	Matt looked at his blond friend and saw the honest expression on

his face.

	"Sure," Matt answered.

	"I want to try it too," Todd cut in.

	"Okay, after me," Tim said. 

	The boys quickly undressed, and then Tim had Matt lay down on the

bed like the guy in the picture had.  Matt's erection lay flat against his

belly as Tim knelt naked between his legs.  He brought his head down to

the small erection and put his mouth around the head.  The skin was soft

and spongy to the touch.  Tim could taste a slight hint of sodium at the

tip of Matt's dick. 

	Tim put his little hand around the shaft and then started sucking

on it like he would a lollipop. 

	"How does it feel?" Todd asked Matt. 

	"It feels cool," Matt said.  "Even better than with your hand."

	"What does it taste like?" Todd asked.

	"Doesn't really taste like anything," Tim answered.

	"Let me try," Todd ordered.

	Tim moved over to the side of the bed and let his brother get

between Matt's legs.  Todd touched the tip of Matt's dick with his tongue

and tasted the warm flesh.  Wanting more, after this first taste, Todd

dove down on Matt's dick.  He licked at it with an enthusiasm not usually

displayed when sucking on a lollipop.

	"Mmm, Todd, I feel like it's gonna happen," Matt warned.

	Todd ignored him and continued to suck on his little treat. 

Matt's little brown body became rigid with his orgasm and a small spurt of

semen deposited itself in Todd's mouth.  Todd tasted the salty creamy


	"Did you taste it?" Tim asked in amazement.

	"Yeah," Todd answered.

	"Does it taste good?" Tim asked.

	"Yeah," Todd answered, nodding exuberantly.

	"I want to try it," Tim said.

	He took Matt's penis in his hand and licked off the end of the

head where there was still a little bit left.

	"That's yummy," Tim agreed.

	Matt was picking up his clothes and getting dressed at this point.

 The twins decided they should follow his example.  Matt stuffed the

magazine back into his backpack where it was forgotten for the time being.


		     Part Four: Summer Trip

	Over the next couple of weeks, the twins and Matt continued their

secret sex games up in the boys' room.  They continued their sucking and

stroking and continued to enjoy watching Matt ejaculate.  It wasn't until 

the Searsons suggested a week of vacation at a lake resort that these

activities took on some different turns...

	"Hey, Matt, we're going to the lake for a week, and our mom said

you could come along," Todd said over the phone.

	"The lake for a week?" Matt repeated.

	"Yeah.  Ask your parents," Todd told him.

	"Okay, let me go find my mom," he answered.

	He dropped the phone with an audible "clunk," and then Todd could

hear him run off into the house calling out for his mother.  

	"He went to ask," Todd told his brother who stood next to him.

	Tim nodded.

	Matt soon returned to the phone a little out of breath.  "She said

'yes,'" he huffed.


	At the resort, Matt, Todd, and Tim stayed in a two bedroom cabin

with the twins' older brother Jon.  Mr. and Mrs. Searson stayed in a one

bedroom cabin right next door.  They planned on going off alone as much as

possible now that their sons were at about that age where they could take

care of themselves.

	It was a hot sunny day outside on the first day of their vacation

and the boys changed into their swimtrunks and went with the family down

to the pool.  They eagerly jumped in and frolicked in the warm water.

	Getting out a few hours later, their young sleek bodies tired from

all the exertion, they decided to head back to the cabin and get something

to eat.

	"That's fine," Mrs. Searson, Michelle, said.  "There's snacks in

the refrigerator.  Don't forget to take a shower to get that chlorine off."

	They heard her last sentence vaguely because they had already

started running back to the cabin.  Todd noticed Jon was stretched out on

a towel chatting up some babes about his age.  Jon was a very attractive

17 year old with the same blond hair as his brothers and a trim athletic

build.  One could easily refer to him as the stereotypical surfer.  It was

no wonder girls flocked to him.

	Back at their cabin, the boys gobbled their way through raisins

and granola bars to regain their energy.  Then they headed back to their

room to get changed.

	"Hey, Mom said we should take a shower," Todd reminded them as

they started to slip on their shorts.

	" we have to?" Tim asked.  "Let's go play video games."

	"Why don't we take one together?" Todd suggested.

	That caught their interest.  With a couple of hushed agreements,

the boys slipped out of their undershorts and followed Todd into the bathroom.

Todd ran the water and then turned on the shower.  Tim locked the door,

and then they all hopped in the shower.

	Taking turns under the spigot, they got their young little bodies

all soapy and started stroking each other's frothy little erections.  As

Todd stroked his brother's little cock, he thought about the pictures in

the magazine Matt had shown them.  In particular he thought about the ones

where the guys stuck their dicks up the woman's butt.  Since seeing those,

he'd occasionally stuck a finger up himself while in the bath or taking a


	"Hey guys," Todd began, deciding now would be the perfect time to

voice his private thoughts.

	"What?" Tim asked.

	"I was just wondering about something."

	"What?" Matt prompted.

	"What do you think it would feel like with a dick in your ass?"

	The boys were silent as they thought about it.

	"I don't know," Matt answered.

	"Do you want to try it?" Tim asked.

	"Yeah," Todd answered.

	"Okay.  I'll give it a try," Tim offered.  "Just don't poop on me."

	"I won't," Todd promised.

	Tim moved behind his brother and placed his hands on the smooth

round globes of his brother's tiny ass.  He parted them and saw his

brother's little puckered pink anus.

	"Bend over a little bit.  I can't reach," Tim said.

	Todd leaned forward and felt his brother's penis against his hole.

 He felt Tim try and push it in, but it didn't get any further than just

the rim.

	"It won't go in," Tim explained.

	"I think it needs to be slippery.  Put some soap in there," Todd said.

	Matt handed the soap to Tim and watched as Tim lathered up his

crotch again and then his brother's anus.  His finger slid in easily now,

so he handed back the soap and placed his firm erection against the hole. 

Now the head slipped in easily, but then he got stuck.

	"Push," Todd said.

	Tim did, and it slipped in a little further.  He continued to push

and soon was buried inside.  

	"How does it feel?" Matt asked.

	"I feel like I need to go...but it feels good too," Todd answered.

	"Don't poop on me," Tim ordered.

	"I won't.  How does it feel to you?"

	"I like it, but is this all I'm supposed to do?" Tim asked.

	"I think you're supposed to push it in and out.  Like with a girl.

 Here, let me try it," Matt said.

	Tim pulled out and switched places with Matt.  He watched with

fascination as Matt slipped his little erection into Todd's ass.  Matt put

his hands on Todd's waist and then started pushing his penis slowly in and

out of the tight hole.  Tim watched and absently fingered his erection,

pinching and stroking the head.

	After only a few thrusts, Matt came, shuddering against Todd's body.

	"You put some cum in his butt," Tim observed.

	Matt nodded as he pulled out.

	"Well, what's going to happen to it now?" Tim asked.

	"I don't know," Matt answered.

	"Nothing's gonna happen.  It'll just come out later," Todd said

although there was a hint of uncertainty in his voice.

	"Maybe it'll go and make a baby.  Matt and Todd are havin' a

baby," Tim teased, knowing that only girls could have babies.

	"Shut up, Tim.  I'm not having a baby," Todd protested.

	They washed off their bodies and then left the bathroom to get

dressed and return to their regular play.


		 Part Five: Sticky Little Dream

	Matt was the one who suggested the next change in the little game

the boys had been playing now for about three weeks.  The day before they

had explored anal sex to a limited degree, and now they were moving into

some riskier territory.  All of them agreed to go along with it though,

and all were looking forward to that night.

	What this new game involved was the participation of Todd and

Tim's older brother Jon.  Matt had challenged them to find a way to suck

on Jon's dick before the end of the week.  Their first tactic would take

place that night while Jon was sleeping.  They hoped it worked out.


	The boys went to their bedroom at the appropriate time that

night but didn't allow themselves to fall asleep.  When they heard the

water running in the bathroom and the noises Jon was making as he got

ready for bed, their little hearts beat faster in anticipation.  They lay

in their beds nervously listening to Jon as he crawled into bed in the

next room.

	"Can we go yet?" Tim asked, after a few minutes of silence had passed.

	"No," Todd answered.  "We've got to wait until he's asleep."

	Tim cuddled up closer to his brother in the bed and held onto him

tight as they continued to wait.

	"How about now?" Matt whispered from the other bed after more time

had passed.

	"Okay," Todd answered.  "Get the flashlight.  We'll go check."

	Tim scampered out of the bed and Matt grabbed the flashlight from

the bedside table as he got out of bed.  The three boys, wearing only

their white jockey shorts, crept to the closed door of their room.  Todd

opened it slowly and made sure it didn't creak.

	Then the boys walked slowly to Jon's door which was open just a

crack.  Todd pushed it open slowly and flicked on the flashlight.  He

shone it inside cautiously in case his brother was still awake.  The light

picked out the end of the bed where Jon's bare feet rested.  Todd shone

the light farther up over his brother's firm young legs with a light

dusting of hair, to his tightly packed red bikini undershorts, and then up

his young, tanned, hairless chest.  Jon was laying on his left side.

	"I think he's asleep," Todd whispered.

	He led them into the room, and they stood next to the bed while

Todd shined the light on his brother's crotch.

	"How are we gonna get them off?" Tim asked his brother.

	"I don't know.  Here, hold this," he said, handing him the flashlight.

	Tim took it and watched as his brother stepped up to the bed.  His

hand reached out slowly with a little nervous twitching to touch the

waistband of the underwear.  He started to hook a finger in them when Jon

suddenly let out a low moan.  Todd jumped back in fright.

	"What's he doin'?" Matt asked.

	"I don't know," Tim answered.

	Under the light of the flashlight though, Todd was the first one

to notice a change in Jon's shorts.  His penis had begun moving under them

like a thick grass snake.  It lengthened inside his shorts until the head

was poking at the bottom of the waistband.  His penis was now a long,

thick rod inside his underwear.

	"Holy!  That's really big," Matt exclaimed in a whisper.

	"Take 'em off, Todd," Tim requested.

	"I'll try," Todd answered.

	He tentatively stepped forward again and pulled slowly downward on

the waistband.  This time, before he could get anywhere with it, Jon's

right hand plunged down to rub his crotch, and he shifted to his back. 

Todd jumped back again.

	"He's playin' with himself," Tim observed.

	"Are you sure he's asleep?" Matt asked.

	Todd wasn't sure himself any longer, but a glance at his brother's

eyes revealed that he was still indeed asleep.

	"Yeah, he is," Todd answered.

	As the boys watched, Jon removed his hand but his penis remained

erect inside the confining underwear.  Jon's hips rotated slightly and

another moan came from his lips.  Then his hand returned to his underwear

to stroke himself once again.

	"He's havin' a sexy dream," Tim announced, a satisfied smirk on

his face.

	"He is!" Matt agreed.

	Todd continued to just watch as his brother's penis began to

twitch in his underwear and a little wet spot formed that grew bigger and

bigger at the tip of his penis.

	"We better get out of here," Matt said, breaking Todd's trance.

	"Yeah," Todd agreed, realizing that once his brother found out he

wet himself, he'd wake up.

	Tim shut off the flashlight and the three boys ran out of there as

fast as they could.  Once back in their own room, with their little hearts

beating wildly, they heard the mattress springs squeak as Jon got up. 

Then they heard him go into the bathroom, and the water ran.  Then he

returned to his room.

	The boys decided to call it quits for that night.  The twins

decided they would try again the next night.  Todd lay awake for a long

time that night as he thought about how his brother's penis had twitched

and then a wet spot had formed in his underwear.

	Shortly after Tim's breathing grew deeper and noisier, Todd left

their bed and crept back over to his brother's room.  There he found his

brother's dirty clothes bag, and he retrieved the wet undershorts which

were laying right on top.  He smelled the wet part and caught the strong

odor of semen which he was now familiar with through Matt.

	Todd took these back with him to his room and slept that night

with them under his pillow.


		    Part Six: Jon's First Time


	Damn that was a great wet dream!  Me and Cindy Crawford.  Yeah,

that's the way it should be.  The only thing I don't like about wet dreams

is the part after when you've got to clean up.  That sticky cum stuff can

really be a pain sometimes.  Tonight I decided to sleep in the buff since

I was hoping to have another dream about Cindy, and if I did, I wanted to

be able to clean up easier.

	I didn't see my little brothers much at all that day.  I kind of

scoped out the chicks (boy there are sure a lot of fine ones here) and

went swimming and played volleyball.  I went to bed about an hour after

the twins, and like I said, I decided to sleep in the buff.

	The next thing I know, I wake up and feel someone touching my

dick.  I look down and see my brother Todd has got his mouth around the

head of my dick!  I couldn't hardly believe it.  His little tounge's

licking the head and he's trying to get more of it in.  Needless to say, I

was hard as a rock, and boy was that feelin' good!  I wasn't quite sure

what to say.

	I just looked at him for a while as he put his hand at the base of

my dick and started feeding more of my monster into his little mouth.  I

couldn't believe how eager he was!  It was great.  Matt, my brother's

friend, was the first one to notice that I was awake.  He goes and tells

my brothers.

	Todd didn't let it bother him though, and jeez was I happy.  His

mouth on my dick felt incredible.  I didn't want him to stop even though I

was kind of feelin' weird about it.  I mean, what would you do if you woke

up and your kid brother was suckin' on your dick!  Sure, you'd enjoy it,

but would you tell him to stop?  I didn't.

	His head started bobbin' up and down on my erection and I just lay

back and enjoyed it.

	"Todd, that feels great, li'l bro," I told him.

	He didn't say anything, just kept on sucking.  It was like candy

for him.  He just kept on sucking and pumping my dick in and out of his

mouth.  My hips began to move unconsciously in rhythm with him.

	Then I felt Matt's hands on my ass, and I wasn't sure what he was

up to, but then I felt one of his little fingers poke in my asshole.  It

tickled a little at first, but he kept on shoving it in there, and I found

out that it made Todd's sucking feel even better.

	When he removed his finger, I almost told him to put it back, but

then he placed a new fleshy appendage at the mouth of my ass.  He started

shoving this forward into me a little bit.  When I realized that it was

his dick, I clenched my ass hard against him, trying to force him out. 

No way was I gonna let some guy, even if he was a kid, fuck my ass!  He

ignored it, and tried to part my ass cheeks again.

	I realized that here I was with one brother suckin' on my dick and

the other one watching and playin' with himself.  What difference did it

make if some kid fucked me?  I unclenched my cheeks and let Matt poke his

dick into my ass.

	When he got it in and started fuckin' me with it, it wasn't half

bad.  It actually felt pretty good.  I don't know how good it woulda felt

if some guy had done it to me, but since Matt's dick was so small, it just

felt like a bigger finger pokin' me back there.

	With Matt stickin' his dick up my ass, and my little brother

suckin' on my dick, it didn't take me too long before I came, firing a

huge load of cum into my brother's mouth.  He was able to take it all, and

for a fleeting second I wondered if he'd been practicin'.  Then I was

through, and still Matt was thrusting into me.  

	He finally came too.  I guess he must have had some cum too

because it was a little wet back there when I checked after they left.  

	I fell asleep a little while later, satisfied, and sure that I

wouldn't have any wet dreams that night.


		     Part Seven: Todd's Desire

	Nobody talked about what happened that night for the rest of the

week, nor was it repeated.  The boys continued their own private play, but

didn't include Jon again, and Jon never tried to coerce them into anything.

	On the last night of their stay, Todd lay in bed remembering the

sight of Jon's thick dick with the blond fuzzy pubic hair at its base.  He

recalled the feel of it in his mouth.  He remembered the taste of his

brother's semen as it filled his mouth.

	Unable to sleep with these thoughts crowding his mind, Todd

snuggled up to his brother who was sleeping on his side.  He fit his chest

against his twin's back and put his arm around his sleeping form.  One

hand slid into Tim's shorts to lightly fondle his tiny penis.

	Nestled against the smooth warmth of his twin, Todd continued to

allow Jon's naked form dominate his memories until he drifted off to

sleep.  He wanted to repeat the experience so much, but he knew that

neither his brother nor his friend wanted to do it again.  Once had been

enough to prove that they could do it.

	As Todd thought about it, he realized he enjoyed the game a lot. 

Even if he couldn't play the game anymore with Jon, he could do it with

someone else...

	That's when thoughts of their neighbor, Mr. Durant, entered his

mind.  Todd felt a little thrill in his stomach as he thought about making

Mr. Durant the next player in his private little game.

	This particular neighbor Todd was thinking about, lived four

houses down and owned a large outdoor pool which he used to keep in shape.

 His wife had just recently divorced him and moved out of the house to

live with her lover.  Mr. Durant was very friendly with the children in

the neighborhood and quite generous.  With the pool to attract them, they

eagerly flocked to his house to enjoy this little treat not found in too

many other backyards in the neighborhood.

	Mr. Durant seemed to have a special place in his heart for

children.  He welcomed them all with a smile, and never turned them away

or treated them like they were children.  Todd and Tim had been over to

his pool several times last summer and had found Mr. Durant to be a very

likeable fellow.

	Todd drifted off to sleep with plans of how he would find a way to

suck on his single neighbor's adult cock...

	After getting back from vacation, it took Todd a few days to screw

up enough courage to put the first part of his plan into action.  He went

over to Mr. Durant's house alone late in the afternoon on a hot summer's

day.  He rang the doorbell, and the door was soon opened by the short,

lean form of Mr. Durant.

	"Hi, there, Todd," he said.  His welcoming smile made Todd feel

much more confident.

	"Hi," Todd answered.  "I was wondering if it would be okay if I

went swimming."

	"Sure," he answered, opening the door to let Todd in.

	Todd followed him into the kitchen.  He saw papers scattered out

on the table where Mr. Durant had been working.

	"I need to get changed," Todd explained.

	"The bathroom's right there," he offered, extending his hand.

	The little room was in direct line of sight from the kitchen

table.  Todd watched as Mr. Durant sat down at the chair that would give

him the best view of the bathroom.  Smiling to himself, Todd entered the

bathroom and closed the door slightly, but left it ajar enough to allow

frequent peeks if Mr. Durant was interested.

	Todd quickly slipped out of his shirt, shorts, and underwear. 

Once he was naked, he walked directly in front of the large crack,

exposing his little nude body to Mr. Durant's sight, if he were watching. 

Then Todd reached for his swim trunks and pulled these slowly on.

	Todd went out to swim and found another kid out there that he sort

of knew.  The girl was about a year older than him, and she left soon

after Todd arrived.  

	After swimming to his heart's content, Todd returned to the house

where he could continue the real fun.  

	"Did you enjoy it?" Mr. Durant asked.

	"Oh yeah!" Todd answered.  "I really like swimming over here.  You're

really nice to let us kids come here."

	"It's my pleasure.  I like the company," Mr. Durant said.

	"What are you doing?" Todd asked, padding over to where Mr. Durant sat.

	"Oh, just looking over these contracts.  I need to make sure

they're okay."

	Todd nodded as if he understood.

	"Well, I guess I better get dressed and leave," he announced.


	Todd slipped back into the bathroom and left the door open a

little wider.  He slipped out of his swim trunks and then slowly dried his

penis with the towel.  Then he dressed again and left the bathroom.

	"Thanks, Mr. Durant," Todd said.

	Mr. Durant smiled.  "You can call me Pete.  And you can come over

again anytime you want."

	"I will," Todd answered, and then he left. 


to be continued...



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