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Archive-name: First/lossinno.txt

Archive-author: RWW Enterprises, Inc.

Archive-title: Loss of Innocence

Chapter One

	Ah, Friday at last, nothing can go wrong.  I'm on my way to my  

last class for the day and nothing can go wrong.  I walked into Rhet 105  

and took my usual seat and got my notebook out of my bag.  The bell rang  

and the professor walked in.

	"Today class, I will assign partners for the next thesis you will  

write," the professor said as she grabbed her roll sheet and the said,  

"the first group is Vilija Johnson and Tim Wright..."  With this I felt as  

the world had stop revolving. I was shocked!!!  I was partners with  a  

girl I had a major crush on and who in my book was a very beautiful and  

sexy five foot, ten inch goddess!!! After the Prof  got done announcing  

the rest of the groups, she told us to meet with our partners for about  

ten minutes and then we could leave.  The rest of the thesis was to be  

completed outside of class.  I slowly walked over to Vilija's desk and  

said hi. We talked for a few minutes and decided to do our thesis on Toxic  

Waste.  Then Vilija spoke, "Why don't we meet at my apartment in about an  

hour, my roommates went home for the weekend and it will be quiet so we  

can work." I replied "Sure."  Then she gave me her address and we left in  

our separate ways.

	I arrived at her house and knocked on her door.  She answered and  

I walked in.  She was still wearing the same thing she did to class, a  

white blouse, a short black skirt, opaque white tights and black flats.   

It always seemed no matter what she wore, I always notice her.  She told  

me to sit down in the living room and she said she would just be a minute,  

she just had to get off the phone.  As she was sitting there, talking on  

the phone, I was absorbing her beauty.  I carefully studied her legs, nice  

and thin, her beautiful breasts, her shiny blue eyes, and her soft flowing  

red hair.

	She hung up the phone and walked back into the living room.  She  

had a card table set up with several Newsweek and Time magazines on top,  

and two chairs, one on each side. We both sat down and began working.  We  

scoured in the magazines for information and the time seemed to fly.  Two  

hours had passed. Vilija got up and asked "Would you like a Diet Pepsi?" I  

said "Yea, I'm dying of thirst."  She went for the cokes and came back.   

We sat on the couch and talked  while drinking our cokes.  We talked about  

school gossip, sports, etc.  Then she said "Can I  tell you a secret?" I  

said "Sure." Then she said, "I've had a major crush on you since on your  

since the first day of class." I blushed and replied that I also had a  

crush on her. We both were beet red!!!  The she said, "Would you kiss me?"  

We leaned toward each other and kissed softly. We waited and kissed again.  

After a few more, we started to French.  By this time, I was getting  

worked up and I think she was too.  Next while we were kissing, I felt her  

hand rub my crotch softly over and over. The kiss broke and she kept  

rubbing. She asked, "Do you like it?"  I croaked, "Yes."  Then  she slowly  

grabbed my pants snap and said, "May I?"  Before  I could answer, she  

undid my jeans and  put her hand underneath my underwear rubbing  my cock.   

Then she grabbed my cock and started to give me a hand job.  After a few  

strokes, she stopped and we kissed. The she asked, "Would you like to see  

my breasts?"  I slowly started to unbutton her blouse and saw her breasts  

start to peak out.  I was having a hard time getting her shirt free from  

her skirt, so she stood up and removed her skirt.  When she sat back down  

I finished unbuttoning her blouse.  As I was unbuttoning the last few  

buttons on the bottom of her blouse, I noticed that the crotch of her  

tights was wet.  I slowly moved the blouse away from her breasts.  I  

cupped her breasts with my hands.  Her aureoles we about the size of a  

quarter and her nipples were hard and firm.  I brushed a finger over each  

nipple and she let out a soft moan.  I kept  rubbing her nipples and  

pinched them and she replied with a pleasure filled moan. She leaned over  

and kissed me.  This kiss was longer then the previous ones.  While we  

kissed, I became daring and removed my hand from her breast and placed it  

between her legs.  I then slowly rubbed her vagina lips through the lyca  

covering.  With every stroke, her tights were becoming more and more wet.   

With this, she couldn't keep up the kiss and and moaned ever so quietly.   

Then she looked in my eyes and said, "Do you want to....." I, also caught  

up in this, stupidly replied, "Do what?"  She then said "Do you want to go  

all the way with me?"  My heart began to beat madly, and I then replied  

"Yes, but I don't have any protection?"  She then said "Don't worry, I've  

been on the pill since my first period, My doctor gave them to me to ease  

my periods."  She softly took my hand and we walked slowly to her bedroom.

	When we got to her room, we kissed and stared into my eyes.  She  

then said "Please be careful?"  I then said, "Are you a virgin?"  She  

replied yes and and I told her I was a virgin too. Then I slowly removed  

her blouse.  She then helped me take my shirt off and promptly kneeled on  

the floor.  She slowly removed my pants and underwear.  She then began  

licking my shaft and then she took my whole cock into her mouth.  She  

began to give me my first blow job.  I felt a buildup in my cock and she  

stopped sucking me.  She stood up and we kissed. I slowly laid her down on  

the bed. I slowly climbed on top and we kissed.  It was a very long  

passionate kiss.  Then I began to kiss her neck and kissed downward.  When  

I got to her breasts I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it,  

making her moan with pleasure.  I then switched to the other nipple and  

sucked it, making her moan again.  I then started to kiss downward again .   

When I got to the elastic of her tights, I took hold of it with my hand  

and began to pull then down.  I placed her feet on my shoulders and began  

to move upward, kissing her beautiful legs.  When I got to her pussy, I  

slowly extended my tongue and began licking her vagina lips.  The smell  

started to make me lick like a madman and she began to buck a little and  

moan.  I then put my tongue in her vagina and began to lick inside. When  

my tongue touched her clit. she almost jumped. I kept licking her clit and  

and she began to moan more and more.  I left her vagina and started to  

kiss back up to her breasts. As I began to suck her nipples once again, I  

noticed that my cock kept lightly brushing against her vaginal lips. That  

and me sucking on her nipples made her go wild.  She was in such ecstasy.   

She then said, "Put your cock in me and fuck me!!!!!!!" She didn't have to  

ask twice.  I slowly inserted my cock into her vagina.  She began to  

cringe as if in pain, so I stopped.  She said, "Don't worry, I want it."   

I pushed in a little farther and I felt her hymen break.  Within a few  

minutes, I was fucking her with long fast strokes.  It seemed I couldn't  

do it fast enough to keep up with her.  She kept saying, "Fuck me harder,  

Fuck me faster."  I couldn't stand the way her vaginal walls would squeeze  

my cock.  I wasn't sure if  I could hold on for much longer.  Her vagina  

was hot and tight, and my cock felt as it was burning up.  I tried to hold  

on but I couldn't any longer.  I told her "I'm going to cum, I cant hold  

it anymore!!!" She replied, "I'm cumming too, fuck me, fill me!!"  A few  

more strokes and  I couldn't hold on any longer. I told her "Vilija, I'm  

cumming...."  She then  said  "Fill me, Fill me with your cum!!!!" With  

that, she orgasmed and then I felt my cock beginning to fill her.  I then  

kissed her on the lips and took my cock out of her vagina.  I moved next  

to her on her bed and held her in my arms.  We both fell asleep, her in my  


	I woke up with someone sucking my cock.  I didn't stir, I just  

laid there.  She kept sucking me and I came, filling her mouth.  She  

looked up at me and said "Its time to get to work"  We both got dressed  

and began working on our paper once again.  When I was leaving, we kissed  

and she said she had a present for me.  She handed me her white opaque  

tights that she was wearing.  She then said "Take these until next time.   

The smell will remind you of me.  With that, I gave her a long passionate  

kiss and I went home.






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