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Archive-name: First/lastsumr.txt


Archive-title: Last Summer, The



This was the worst part.  Thad knew the oil was a real pain to

clean up, but he couldn't help it.  He had tried a lot of

different lubricants, but none of them came close to doing as

good of job as ordinary vegetable oil.  At eighteen, he had been

an avid masturbater for over six years and despite the mess of

cum and oil he was now wiping off his chest, nothing seemed to

feel quite as good in quite the same way.


On the way to the shower he paused to stare at himself in the

mirror on the back of his bedroom door.  He was a handsome lad,

by most anyone's account.  At about five feet, eleven inches

tall and 160 pounds there was hardly an ounce of fat on him.

Lean and smooth, the last two years of weight lifting had been

well worth the effort.  Where there had once been an awkward,

lanky teenager, now stood what could only be called a hunk.  He

was covered in thick blond hair from the waist down, but not a

strand invaded his welled tanned upper body.  His broad

shoulders, triangular back, and perfect stature were all in

sync.  His boyish grin and already well defined, adult features,

drew compliments from complete strangers.


Looking at himself there in the mirror, he couldn't help but

feel some pride.  Thad had worked hard the last couple years for

the body he now had.  Lifting weights, running and Tae Kwon Do

classes four nights a week; he had given up alot to do all of

that.  He was content to pass on the normal after school

activities such as basketball and soccer that most of the kids

in school went for.  He just wasn't interested.  He had done all

of this for himself.  He had a right to be proud.


There was one thing however, he had done no work for. Something

he could take no credit for and as such, felt just a sliver of

guilt for the pride he felt.  Thad was hung.  Fully erect he

measured an honest eight and one half inches of perfectly

shaped, smooth, circumcised cock.  In girth, it was nearly seven

inches, allowing his large hands to barely fit around it.  At

the base of this sculptured shaft hung two large testicles that

were a complete hand full.  His sac hung low and swayed as he

walked.  This matched set emerged from a large patch of soft

dark blonde hair which was now matted with oil.  Even now, as he

hung limp, recovering from the recent stroking, he was

impressively large.  And although he might not be able to take

personal credit for this gift, he was indeed proud.  As he

grabbed a towel from the closet, he thought to himself how good

a hot shower would feel.  As the hot water flowed over his body,

his thoughts turned toward his evening plans.  He couldn't help

but be nervous.




Elizabeth stared at the ceiling.  There was nothing there to

look at really, she focused there more or less by default.

Lying supine on her unmade bed, nearing that magical moment

where her entire body would shudder with an intensity and

pleasure that was only possible through orgasm, she pinched her

left nipple harder. Her other hand deftly worked the vibrator in

and out of her soaking wet crotch.  She was subconsciously glad

that no one was home as she moaned louder and louder.  Then it

happened.  The feeling began deep within her, and begin slowly

spreading outward toward every single cell.  Liz arched her

back, thrusting against her own hand.  The moan turned into a

scream, a scream that nearly everyone would recognize as coming

from pure pleasure.  As her body relaxed onto the wet sheets,

savoring that warm, lingering sensation, she smiled.   She

seriously doubted anything that might happen tonight could ever

come close to what she just felt.  Lying there alone, she

drifted off to sleep.




As usual when he woke he was rock hard.  Out of habit, Darren's

hand slid down to his crotch and slowly began to stroke all six

inches of his fully erect, and throbbing penis.  This was the

usual way he would start his day, with a slow but firm session

with his cock.  


"Not today", Darren said out loud, as he thought about the big

plans he had for tonight.  He was intent on saving every drop of

cum in those small balls of his.  Instead, he jumped up from the

bed and headed for the shower.  As he trod down the hall toward

the bathroom, buck naked and sporting his morning erection, he

could hear his mother banging around the kitchen.  She had

cooked him breakfast every morning since he graduated form high

school.  Briefly, he figured he would probably miss that in two

weeks when he started college.  From the top of the stairs, he

called down to his mother.


"I'm up mom", he smiled to himself knowing that he was up in

more ways than one.  "I'll be in the shower"  He had the sudden

urge to pop downstairs and walk into the kitchen just as he

stood there now, but headed off to the shower.


With the bathroom door shut and the radio on rather loud, Darren

turned on the hot water.  He paused to look into the mirror at

his still, extremely hard erection.  Darren liked the way he

looked.  He was a bit short at 5'8", but well built.  He had a

terrific tan and took quiet satisfaction in the fact that he had

absolutely no tan lines.  He had been sunbathing nude on his

backyard deck all summer.  He was sure glad his mom had that

part time job.  Basically he thought to himself - "Pal, you look



He climbed into the shower, humming to himself, his hand

absently stroking his extremely firm erection.  Although he had

promised himself there would be no jacking off today, he

couldn't resist.  With the warm water flowing over his body, he

began to soap his crotch thoroughly.  He slowly stroked himself

with one hand while the middle finger of the other hand found

that warm, tight hole in his ass.  As he finger fucked himself,

his stroking became more rapid.  Faster and faster, Darren

jerked himself, until suddenly, he came with such intensity, his

knees shuddered and he nearly lost his balance.  Leaning against

the shower wall, he rested and thought to himself, "that was

incredible!"  His started humming again as he finished his





Darren, Liz and Thad had grown up together.  Living outside of

town as they did, they were the only three kids around for

several miles.  Although inevitable that they would become

friends, they grew up together almost like family, the best of

friends.  As they matured into their teen-age years, talking

about sex seemed as natural as everything else they had shared

over the years.  As they talked and explored their own feelings

about this sometimes embarrassing topic, it seemed only natural

that they would confide desires and dreams to each other.

Somewhere along the way, although none of the three could

probably remember when, they agree to loose their virginity



Now, as the summer after their senior year was coming to a

close, their adolescent agreement seemed to consume them.  They

decided, somewhat by default that it was now or never.




The three of them sat on the floor of the den at Liz's house.

They were drinking beer and listening to country music.  Thad

hated country music, but it was a favorite of Liz.  Usually he

bitched about it to her, but everyone was a bit tense tonight,

so he let it slide.


"Wanna go sit in the hot tub" suggested Darren.  Liz's house has

a great jacuzzi.  It was on the back porch, under a gazebo.  It

was very private and very large.  Five or six people could sit

in it comfortably.  They used it fairly often, when they were

hanging out there while Liz's father was out of town on

business.  Since her parents divorce, Liz had the house to

herself more than she would have liked.


"Bring the beers" Thad called over his shoulder as he headed for

the porch.


When the other two arrived, Thad was just standing there,

staring at the water.


"Let's go nude" he said somewhat quietly.  No one else said

anything.  All three slowly undressed and climbed into the warm,

inviting water.  Darren's cock was beginning to grow.  The other

two obviously noticed, but said nothing.  They all knew that

tonight was going to be something different, something special,

yet they were all a bit uncomfortable, yet also exited.


Thad opened another beer and passed one each to Liz and Darren.

He raised the beer for a toast as the others opened theirs and

did likewise.


"To Us", Thad said.  "To our friendship, this night, and", he

paused, "Darren's erection"!  He laughed and Darren kicked him

under the water.  Liz joined in the laughter and poured beer

over both of her friends.


"What about your erection?" she said to Thad, still smiling.


Saying nothing, Thad sat his beer on the deck and slowly stood

up from his seat in the hot tub.  His huge member emerged from

the water as he stood.  Thad thought to himself that he was

probably as hard as he had ever been.  His cock stood huge,

erect and throbbed with each beat of his heart.  His large balls

hung low from the hot water.  He looked at Liz, and just for a

second, thought that he saw her nipples harden.


"Well, you asked" he said sheepishly.  Liz leaned forward and

eagerly placed both hands on Thads cock.  Slowly stroking it.

She was mesmerized.  One hand dropped down to gently cupped his



After what seemed like and hour of silence, Thad noticed that

Darren seemed to be staring at his huge cock as Liz stroked.

It appeared that his friend was a bit embarrassed, probably

envious at the size of his dick.   He reached out and placed a

hand on his friends shoulder.


"Darren" Thad said, "Look man, don't worry.  Remember, I had

nothing to do with this.  I was just born lucky I guess."


"Easy for you to say pal!", Darren replied, "What's it like,

anyway - being hung so well?"


"I really don't know any difference", Thad tried to explain, as

Liz let go and sat back. Then after a minute of silence, he

turned toward Darren. "Why don't you hold it and tell me?"


Darren stood, his own erection now showing, although much

smaller.  He slowly reached out and grabbed his friends massive

hardon.  Instinctively, he felt this was somehow wrong, but he

knew that it was going to happen tonight.  And perhaps, more

importantly, he knew that he wanted it to happen.  As he began

to stroke his friend, all Darren could say was "Wow!"


As if to say to him "Everything is okay friend", Thad returned

the gesture to Darren.  Darren leaned toward Thad and put his

arm around him.  Ever so gently, the two kissed lightly, both of

them still stroking the other.  Liz, having quietly watched this

little show, jumped up and pushed the two boys apart.


"You two horny boys aren't leaving me out of this" she said as

she began to kiss Darren deeply.  She hugged him close as her

tongue explored his throat.  She felt his member pushed between

them.  She felt herself growing more excitedly.  Thad moved

behind her and began to massage her buttocks as he kissed her

neck and back.  After a few minutes of this mutual groping, Liz

broke loose from Darren. 


Catching her breath, she said, "Let's move inside, the water is

just too hot"


"I think that we are the one's to hot" said Darren with a smile as

he grabbed the beers and headed for the house.  As he walked

away Thad noticed the now obvious lack of tan lines.


"Hey stud, you've been laying out in the sun buck naked haven't



"You're the stud" called Darren over his shoulder as he entered

the house.  Liz and Thad followed after him.


"I think you're both studs" said Liz.  "This is going to be



By the time they got to the den, Thad was sitting on the couch



"Let me take care of that" offered Liz.  She knelt on the floor

if front of Thad and looked hesitantly at his massive rod.

"Here goes" she sighed.  Liz began to lick the head of Thad's

pulsating cock.  With long strokes of her tongue, she licked the

entire shaft until it was dripping with spit.  Tentatively, she

eased the large head into mouth.  Thad moaned with pleasure.

After a minute or two, she was able to get almost half of his

length in to her mouth.  She began to suck as if she had years

of practice.  Liz paused for just long enough to turn toward

Darren and say simply, "Fuck me Darren"!


The other boy eagerly knelt down behind Liz who had immediately

gone back to blowing Thad.  Cautiously, he moved himself closer

trying to find that virgin slot.  Liz dropped one hand between

her legs as a guide and suddenly, Darren was inside.  He smiled.

He naturally began to pump, quickly matching rhythm with Liz's

sucking.  The three friends pumped and sucked for nearly ten

minutes until all three exploded with orgasm at the same time.

Darren screamed, Thad moaned and Liz gagged on the massive

amount of cum shooting from Thad.  As she pulled away, cum ran

down both cheeks.  Thad leaned forward and licked his own cum

off one side of her face.


"The rest is yours" he said to Darren.  Without hesitation

Darren licked the other side of Liz's face clean.  All three

embraced and hugged on the couch.


After a few minutes, Liz said, "I want more."  Willing to

oblige, Thad move her to the floor, his cock already erect

again.  He moved over her and every so gently slid his large

cock into her.  She was still wet from Darren, and large though

he was, his cock slid in.  Slowly but firmly, he began to pump.

Although this was his first fuck, he moved naturally.  It felt



Not to be left out, Darren moved behind his friend.  He began to

kiss and lick Thad's back, working his way downward.  When he

got to that tight white ass, he spread both cheeks with his

hands and his tongue found Thad's hole.  He licked around it as

Thad yelled out loud.  "Fuck that ass Darren"


Darren knelt behind him and brought his rock hard cock up to

Thad's fresh hole.  He was somewhat surprised to find that it

slipped in rather easily.  As he fucked Thad, Thad fucked Liz,

all three moaning in pleasure.  This round their timing was not

as good.  Darren came first, filing his friends ass with hot

cum.  As he pulled out to rest, he heard Liz as the orgasm began

to move through her entire body.  Thad was still pumping

feverishly.  Liz was obviously getting sore and showing a bit of

discomfort.  Darren slapped Thad on the ass and said, "let me

finish you."


Thad pulled out to Liz's relief and rolled over on his back.

Quickly, Darren went down on that giant cock.  He had only

sucked for a few seconds before Thad erupted with another huge

load of cum which Darren swallowed every last drop.


All three lay, spent, on the floor.  They were soaked with sweat

and cum.  Even though they had all known their first time would

be together, none of them imagined that it would be this

wonderful.  A feeling of love and friendship washed over them as

they lay there on the floor.  Innocently they moved together,

gently touching each other, more for the bond than for the

arousal.  They lay there together, for hours.  Talking,

listening and laughing.  In less than a week the three would

part company for three different colleges across the country.

But at least for tonight, nothing could separate them.




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