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Archive-name: First/kimsapol.txt


Archive-title: Kim's Apology

   I had dated Kim during my senior year in college. She was pretty,

slender, athletic (which gave her a nice firm body) with light brown

hair that she kept short in a page-boy style. Unfortunately, she also

professed to being a born-again Christian which put a serious damper

on our sex life. I had only ever made it as far as playing with her

(fairly well endowed) boobs through the sweatshirts and sweaters she

usually wore when we went out (you have to understand, this was

Michigan in the winter). I spent a lot of time with her helping with

her homework and even chipping in to finish up one of her programs

when she left for spring break.  When graduation finally rolled around

she found a job working for General Motors and that was pretty much

the last I ever heard from her. Once she didn't need help with her

calculus problems I apparently had become excess baggage. She didn't

return my phone calls and eventually I got the hint and stopped

calling. The last that I had heard she was signed up with several

different softball and volleyball teams and was too busy to see me.

   Six or seven months later towards the end of fall and the beginning

of winter, I was driving on the freeway back to my apartment when I

heard a car beeping it's horn in the lane to my right. I turned to

look only to see Kim's smiling face looking back at me from her new

Sunbird (working for an auto company has some advantages). She waved

at me and I smiled and waved back figuring that it would be it would

be impolite to flip her the bird and mouth the phrase "Eat shit and

die bitch!". About fifteen minutes or so after I arrived back at my

apartment the phone rang and I answered it expecting it to be for one

of my four roommates (while Kim had gone and gotten a job that paid

big bucks, I went to grad school. Big mistake). When I picked it up I

heard that oh so familiar voice, Kim.

   "Hi, Dave. When I saw you on the freeway I realized that I hadn't seen

you in a while so I thought I'd call and see how you're doing."

   "Oh, not too bad, how about you?"


   This mundane sort of drivel went on for a few minutes while I was

tried to figure out what the point of all this was. Eventually the

point became that she "kinda" missed me and would I like to go out

again. Being that I was bored and had no better prospects for that

coming Saturday I said "sure thing", and told her I would pick her up

at 7:00 and we could go out for a nice dinner. Saturday came and that

afternoon I got another phone call from Kim.

   "Would it be all right if we went to my friend's house instead of

dinner?  I haven't seen her in a long time."

   "No problem." (I was way too nice in those days).

   Now I was starting to get some bad feelings about this. As they

say, it was deja vu all over again. We went to the party and the only

thing interesting that came out of it was that when I was talking to

some of Kim's friends from college (since Kim had left me to myself

most of the night), I found out that she had seen them about as much

as she saw me. She had been a very bad girl. So far the night was a

total waste so I was hoping I could salvage something from it later on

when we got back to her apartment (her roommate was gone so I didn't

have to worry about any interruptions). When we arrived, I turned the

lights down low, put the stereo on an appropriate station and uncorked

a bottle of wine I had brought for just this sort of situation. She

poured a couple of glasses and we sat down on the couch for what I

hoped would be some serious passion. Soon my tongue was intertwined

with hers and my fingers were doing a nimble dance across her right


   "Ahh," I thought, "just like old times". 

   I managed to get her shirt untucked and started slowly sliding my

hand up the front when I felt her hand gently push mine away.

   "Arrrrrrgh," I screamed to myself, "just like old times."

   I could see that this was going nowhere fast and decided to bail

out while I still had my sanity. The whole night was a waste and now I

was pissed. I mean, I could have stayed home and watched the WWF

championship grudge match or something equally culturally

enlightening.  Anything would have would have been more fun than this.

   "My, look at the time. I think I  better get going." 

   "Wait,  why are you leaving?" 

   "You haven't changed at all and it will be just as much of a waste

of my time to go out with you now as it was the last time."

   She looked slightly puzzled. 

   "How should I change?" 

   With that statement I felt my evil twin stir inside me. I really

couldn't have cared less if I ever saw this bitch again so there was

no point in being polite about it. 

   "You can start by taking off your shirt."


   "Take off your shirt or I'm 'otta here."

   "No! What do you think I am?"

   "An anal retentive little bitch. But that's beside the point.  See

ya. Have a nice life."

   By that time I had my shoes tied and I headed for the door.


   I turned. Kim just stood there looking nervous and more that a bit

scared. I stood there, looked at her for a few seconds then raised my

eyebrows and said,


   Slowly, she raised her had to the top button of her blouse and

unbuttoning it with exquisite slowness. She did it that way because

her hands were trembling and she was unsure of what she was doing, but

it looked like a classic strip tease. My evil twin stirred again along

with my dick (they are closely related). Now things were looking up.

Maybe this evening wouldn't be a waste after all. She finished undoing

all the buttons and slipped the blouse off her shoulders. Then she

just stood there, arms at her side holding the blouse in one hand. She

had on a plain white bra (I decided I could work on her undergarment

fashion sense later. Right now we had to get a few things straight

between us.) and that along with the tight blue jeans she was wearing

and her short haircut, she looked like she belonged in a Sears catalog

(like I said, I could work on her fashion sense later). I smiled.

  "Now the bra." 

   She obeyed without question, reaching behind her back to unhook it

and sliding it off over her arms and dropping it to the floor. Her

breasts were magnificent. Firm and high, a little larger that a

grapefruit with huge nipples about the size of pencil erasers. By now

I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face and the beginnings of a huge

hardon.  I sat down on the couch so I could admire the view and she


  "Is this what you wanted?"

   She had regained some of her composure now but that vanished quickly

when I said, 

  "Yes, but we're not done yet."

  "I'm not taking off any more."

  "BULLSHIT! We're done when I say we're done. Let's get one thing

straight. If you don't do everything I tell you to I'm leaving and

never coming back. Now take off your pants."

  "No, I can't" she stammered.

  "Take them off right now you little bitch!"

   Now she looked really flustered. She looked around first as if to

check and see that no one was watching her then undid the top button

on her jeans. She put her fingers on the zipper then hesitated. I

scowled at her. She continued on, pulling down the zipper then pealing

the jeans off of her tight little ass. She was now standing about five

feet in front of me in only a pair of flower print cotton panties. I

could see the little curls of pubic hair peeking out around the edges

and over the top. By now my evil twin had completely taken over and

Mr. Nice Guy was just along for the ride.

   "Great, now the panties. I want to see your hot little pussy."

   "I ..."

   "DO IT!"

   Now she looked a little pale and her hands were shaking. This was

great, I should have thought of this months ago. She hooked her thumbs

in the waistband and bent over as she pulled them down over her

ankles. Now she stood before me stark naked. Her pussy was covered by

mound of soft curly brown hair and I could see the soft puffy lips

just beneath it. Her nipples were very erect and I was curious to see

if it was because this whole scene was arousing her or if it was just

the fact that it was chilly in the living room. I reached up to the

thermostat above the couch to take care of the latter possibility. I

was certainly getting aroused, my dick was now so hard it could have

driven nails into a two by four. 

   I stood up and walked over to where she was standing. I reached up and

cupped her face in my hands and bent over to give her a long lingering

kiss, letting my hands run through her hair and down along her back

to her tight little ass. She responded to the kiss with an amazing

passion. Her tongue seemed to go almost halfway down my throat and her

hands clutched at my ass pulling me in tighter. I had finally found

the right buttons to push, she was really enjoying being my little

slave. This was an opportunity that would not go unwasted. I broke the


  "Undress me. Start with the shirt, shoes and socks, then my


   She just stood there looking at me like she didn't know what to do

next. But I did. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her over my knee as I

sat back down. I held her wrists behind her and bent her over my knees

so her ass was high up in the air. SMACK! She gasped as my hand made

contact with her bare ass. SMACK! Now she cried out with a little


  "Stop it! Ouch! Shit, don't do that goddammit!"

   I hit her harder. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Her ass was turning a dull

cherry red. With each blow she cried out as she squirmed around on my

knees. Finally I had decided she had enough (in other words my hand

was starting to hurt). I wanted to see if this was having the desired

effect on her so I slid my hand down the crack of her ass and between

her legs to her pussy. Her juice was leaking from her and her outer

lips were covered with a thick slippery film. I slid my middle finger

up along the crack between her lips until my fingertip brushed up

against her clit. She cried out even louder than when I was spanking

her. She tried to raise her ass up higher as I started to probe the

inside of her pussy.

  "Don't stop, it feels so good." 

  "Don't stop what?" 

I stopped. 

   "What you were doing to me"

   "What was that?"

   "You know, what you were doing with your fingers."

   "I was playing with your pussy. Say it." 

Silence. SMACK!

   "If you want me to play with your pussy some more you have to ask

for it. In graphic detail."

   "Please ..."

   "Say it!"

   "Please ..., please play with my pussy"

   "Say more."

   "Put your fingers in my pussy."

   "In your cunt. Say 'Stick your fingers up my hot cunt'."

   "Stick your fingers up my hot cunt. Please, play with my little


   "Not yet, first you have to undress me." 

   She gave me a look of disappointment as I let go of her arms and

pulled her off my lap. I stood up in front of her and this time she

immediately went to work removing my clothes. She took off my shirt

then knelt at my feet to remove my shoes and socks. When she was done

with those she reached up to take off my jeans. I ran my fingers

through her soft brown hair as she fumbled with the top button. She

unzipped me and slowly pulled down my jeans and briefs at the same

time. My dick, which was now rock hard sprung out and almost hit her

in the face. I doubt that she had ever seen a hard cock before because

she backed off a little and stared at it, her mouth agape. Now Kim has

a very pretty face with a set of those nice full, pouty lips that you

see on some fashion models and there had been many a night where I had

gone back to my apartment in frustration after one of our dates and

whacked off thinking about having those lips wrapped around the head

of my cock. As she stared at my dick I knew exactly what was going to

happen next. I walked back to the couch and sat down and motioned for

her to come over. She got up and stood in front of me waiting for me

to say something. I reached over and slid one finger up into her still

sopping pussy. She closed her eyes as I gently probed her lips and

slid the finger in and out.

   "Do you like it when I do this to you Kim?" 

   "Yes", she replied in almost a whisper. 

   "Do you want me to play with your pussy some more?" 

   She groaned a reply.

   "Good. If you want me to play with your cunt some more you'll have

to do one little thing for me." 


   "Get on your knees and suck my cock." 

   Her eyes snapped open and she took a step back. 

   "You want me to do what?" 

   "Suck me. Get on your knees and put my cock in your mouth."

   "You want me to put it in my mouth? That's gross!"

   I was in no mood to argue so I reached up behind her back and

grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and pulled. She

dropped down to her knees in front of me. I could see the look of

shock on her face as I pulled her head to my crotch with one hand and

aimed my throbbing cock at her mouth with the other. I pressed the

head against her lips and growled,

   "Suck it you little slut. I don't want any more shit from you, just

suck me!" 

   I tightened my hold on her hair and pulled her head back a little

further so that her lips started to part, then shoved the head of my

cock into her mouth.

   "Lick it! Use your tongue." 

   Her tongue slid around the head as I penetrated deeper into her

mouth.  I held it right at the entrance to her throat and let her

tongue explore the shaft. I eased up and let her sit up a little

higher. She put her arms up over my legs and took my cock from my hand

and started suck on it in earnest. I leaned back, put both of my hands

on the back of her head and started to enjoy the ride. At first I

would use my hands to pull her head downward while I shoved my dick

into her mouth.  Soon however, she no longer needed any

"encouragement" from me. Her tongue was doing wonders as she slowly

slid my prick in and out of her mouth. I moaned for her to take it

deeper. She tried but was unable to get it down her throat with out

gagging. I gently pulled her head back and told her to relax. I pushed

the head of my cock on the entrance of her throat and felt it slide

in. She gagged a little but was able to take it all the way down. Once

she mastered this skill she fell into a rhythm where she would swallow

my cock all the way to the hilt, sloooowly withdraw it while running

her tongue up the underside until just the head was wrapped in her

lips. Then she would french kiss the head while she looked up at me

with her soft, brown eyes then start again.

   Each of these loving strokes was bringing me closer and closer to

the edge. She was holding me in her mouth, her tongue sliding over my

cockhead and her hand stroking my shaft when she raised up her eyes

and stared deeply into mine. That did it. As she looked up at me I

felt myself reach the point of no-return and the cum started to boil

up out of my balls. She was right at the very tip of an upstroke and I

decided that now was the time to fulfill the final part of the fantasy

that I had always had about Kim. I pulled back on her hair so her face

was upturned and about a foot away from my dick. I grabbed my cock

with my other hand, aimed it at her face and gave it one hard stroke

as the cum erupted from the head. The first blast landed in her hair

near the top of her forehead and trailed down her face across the

bridge of her nose. I corrected my aim and gave another stroke and

this time I was dead on target, splashing cum across her half open

mouth and covering her pouty little lips. Her face was still

registering a look of both shock and lust as I pulled on my cock again

and sent another blast onto her mouth and cheek. By now I was pretty

much spent.  I dropped my cock onto her lips and she began to lick off

the few remaining squirts that were still flowing out. Much to my

amazement I had to actually tell her to stop licking and sucking on my

dick once it became too sensitive to touch. She amazed me even more by

licking the cum off of her lips and from around her mouth. She had

come a long way in a few minutes from thinking that the whole idea was

"gross" to greedily licking up every drop of cum that she could reach.

   I was spent for the moment but when I looked down and saw Kim's

face smiling up at me with globs of cum decorating her face and hair I

could feel the familiar stirrings in my balls and knew that I wouldn't

be that way for long. I motioned for her to get up and told her to lay

down on the couch. She lay down with her head on a pillow at one end

and her feet in my lap. I put one leg on the floor and the other up

over the back of the couch. Her legs now spread wide before me I began

to probe her pussy once again. I did it slowly and gently pulling my

fingers out to lightly rub her swollen lips, covering them with a

slick film of pussy juice. I purposely avoided her clit since my aim

was to tease, not satisfy.

   "You've been a very good little slut so far Kim. But there are

still a few more things we are going to do tonight. Do you like being

my slut?" 


   "I'm going to treat you like the little whore that you have always

wanted to be. Do you want that? Do you want me to treat you like a



   "Yes what?"

   "Yes, treat me like a whore. Make me suck your cock. Put it in my

mouth again." 

   "Does sucking my cock make you horny? Do you want me to make you


   "Yes. Yes. Play with my pussy some more. Please, put your fingers

in my cunt"


   I withdrew my finger from her pussy and she let out a low moan of


  "Please don't stop again. I'll do what ever you say" 

  "I want you do play with yourself Kim. I want you to show me how you

rub your pussy while you think about sucking a cock. All sluts play

with themselves Kim. Rub it! Rub your pussy for me."

  She hesitated again but I grabbed her hand and pulled it down

between her legs. That was all the encouragement she needed now. She

spread her legs even wider as her hand slid up and down her pussy, her

fingers lingering at the top of every stroke to massage her clit. Her

head lay back against the arm of the couch her eyes closed as her

fingers brought her closer to orgasm. I was almost hard again and

still as horny as ever so I began to stroke myself while I watched Kim

do the same.

  "Tell me how you want to suck my cock." 

  "I want to suck it so bad Dave, please give it to me again."

  "Tell me more. Tell me everything"

  "I want you to put it in my mouth. Shove it all the way down my

throat. I want to hold it in my had as I lick it all over. I want to

lick your head when you cum and have you shoot your load in my mouth.

Unggh. Eat your cum, I want to eat your cum."

  She was starting to become incoherent as she came closer to orgasm,

her sentences punctuated by gasps and moans. I was now rock hard again

and ready for the final event of the evening. I grabbed her hand and

pulled it away from her pussy which was now literally dripping. I was

wondering how she was going to explain the big spot on the sofa to her

roommate. I wasn't sure if pussy stains were permanent but I was sure

that Kim was going to have to pull out the bucket and scrub brush

tomorrow morning. She wasn't really keen on stopping yet again and

tried to resist. I grabbed both her hands and pinned them up next to

her head on the edge of the couch and laided on top of her. I brought

my face close to her's, look deep into her eyes and said,

  "I'm going to fuck you now Kim. I'm going to fuck you good and hard.

I've wanted to fuck you ever since I met you and you've needed a good

hard screw for a long time."

  This time there was no apprehension or fear in her face, just pure

animal lust. She was in heat and needed to be satisfied. She was still

a virgin, her "born-again" morals (now long gone) had kept her from

doing it with any of the other guys that she had dated. I had felt her

hymen while my fingers were in her pussy but she was now so wet and

turned on that it wasn't going to be a problem. I let go of one of her

hands to reach down and position myself at the entrance to paradise. I

brought my face down to her's, started a long hot kiss and drove it

home. I felt her body jerk as I broke through and my cock penetrated

about half way in to her virgin pussy. I thrust again and went deeper.

And again, still deeper. I broke the kiss and and Kim began to gasp. I

thrust again and penetrated almost to the hilt. Kim's pussy was like a

vise. It's walls grasped at my cock like it had a mind of it's own.  I

picked up the rhythm, pounding my cock deep inside her. I still had

her hands pinned above her head so she couldn't move. She was moaning

loudly now and her body started to writhe beneath me. I could feel her

muscles tense up and her hips moved upward to meet my every thrust.

Her pussy clenched my cock as she began to cum. A loud scream erupted

from her lips and her back arched as I slammed my cock into her one

last time and held it there, deep inside. Again she screamed and

twisted as her orgasm raged through her body. She bucked her hips

again and again and at last began to relax, her body melting under

mine. I was glad that I had already cum once that night because under

normal circumstances I would have shot my wad a long time ago.

   I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable on the couch so I

withdrew and ordered Kim onto the floor. She was still slightly dazed

from the force of her orgasm but looked like she was ready for some

more. She rolled off the couch and lay on the floor, her legs spread

and knees up in the air waiting for me to enter.

  "No. on your knees!" 

   She looked puzzled but complied, standing on her knees in front of



  "Turn around and bend over. Get on all fours like a doggie" 

   She still seemed confused but she had always been rather naive

where sex was concerned and probably didn't even realize there was a

doggie-style position. She figured it out fast enough as I knelt

behind her and slammed my cock into pussy. She gasped as I penetrated

all the way to the hilt. While I was on top of her I was never able to

get it quite all the way in but now, taking her from behind, I was

able to embed the whole length (which is seven inches in case you are

curious).  I grabbed her hips and really started to go to town. When

my hips slapped against her ass it sounded like rifle shots. I could

feel myself building to another orgasm so I slowed down to make it

last a little longer. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her up to a kneeling

position. Her breath was again coming in gasps and low moans escaped

her throat. I slowed the tempo and grabbed roughly at her tits. My

hands pinched her nipples and kneeded those beautiful mounds of flesh

as my mouth nibbled on her earlobes and neck.

   Despite slowing down, my orgasm was rapidly approaching. I pushed

her back on all fours and again began to pound my dick deep inside

her.  Her moans became louder and suddenly she went rigid, threw her

head back and screamed as another orgasm took hold. Her knuckles went

white as she grabbed the throw rug and she thrust her ass back into my

hips.  Feeling her pussy convulsivly clasp my cock finally sent me

over the precipice. I let loose a guttural moan and gave her two more

hard strokes when I felt the cum begin to rise up through my cock. I

pulled out and stroked my cock with my hand. It began to spurt and

several shots of cum landed on Kim's back and ass. Spent, I dropped my

cock into her ass and let the final dribbles leak out into the crack.

My knees were now weak and I collapsed on top of her, pulling her to

the floor with me.

  Her breathing slowed and she spoke to me,

  "You're not going to leave me now are you?"

  This had probably been the single best sexual encounter I had ever

had and my mind was churning with the endless opportunities now

available to me. I pulled her closer and whispered,

  "No. I'll never leave you just as long as you are a good little girl

and do everything I say." 


  She sighed and we both drifted off to sleep, entwined on the carpet. 



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