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Archive-name: First/kathy.txt

Archive-author: RICHH

Archive-title: Kathy

     When I was a sophomore in college, I was in love with a girl

from a neighboring dorm.  She was near flat-chested, had a kind of

funny body, actually, but I liked her attitude and the way she

looked in her denim skirts.  We sat together in class and she'd

come over and get high, snort coke, whatever, but as for a romantic

interest...hardly.  She was seeing this beautiful Puerto Rican boy

with a tongue that could conduct an orchestra.


     One weekend she was gone somewhere.  She'd told me and my

roommates that her sister(a sophomore in high school) was going to

be visiting for the weekend and would we please see she wasn't




     I had the closing shift in the computer room in Uris library. 

Just before the library shut down for the night, in walked my two

roommates with this girl between them.  They were all pretty drunk.

     "Rich," said Keith, "Come on.  Take care of Kathy, will ya? 

Nick and I have to--"

     "Yeah yeah yeah whatever whatever."  I got up.  "You okay to

drive, Keith?"  He clearly wasn't, so he drove us all back to our

apartment on State Street, left me and Kathy there, and headed over

to West campus.

     Kathy and I settled on the couch in the living room.  She

reeked of beer.  I took a closer look at her.  She was an athlete,

that was clear, very fair-skinned, short red hair.  She was wearing

a green sleeveless blouse and you could see the freckles that

covered her shoulders and upper arms.  Jeans.  

     "How much did you drink, Kath?"

     "Not much."  She pulled off a stubborn sandal and ended up

firing it across the living room into Nick's room, where we both

heard something break.

     Twenty minutes later, after she'd stopped laughing and had

wiped her eyes, I said, "Define not much.  And give me your other


     She complied and I carefully un-strapped the sandal and tossed

it into Nick's room, where we heard some more things fall to the


     "Just beer.  It was just beer."

     "Ever had any before."


     She was tired.  I could tell because she said, "I'm sleepy. 

But I don't wanna sleep."     

     "And you ree--well, follow me."  I brought her into the bathroom

and she washed off her face and brushed her teeth.  She washed down

a handful of No-Doz with some Pepsi and wolfed down a box of

chocolate donuts.

     Back on the couch.  Soon, her head was in my lap, my fingers

in her hair.

     "Crackly.  Dippy-do?"

     "Uh-huh.  Oooh, that's nice.  Don't stop."  I was playing with

a nipple through her blouse.  Her breasts weren't huge but high and

she wore no bra.

     "Sit up."  She did.

     "Lift up your arms."  As before.  Tossed the shirt into Nick's


     "Won't Nick and Keith be back soon?"

     "I expect so, yeah.  Shy?"


     "Head into my room."  I pointed to it.  "I'll grab your

sandals and shirt and meetcha there."


     I had only a single bed.  I went into my room, shut the door,

dropped her things on my desk, and pulled the mattress and

comforter onto the floor.

     "Wow.  Should I call [the sorority she was staying at--her

sister's] and tell them where I am?"

     "They know you're with me and Keith and Nick.  They trust us."

     "Maybe two minutes later, the sorority called.

     "Yeah, yeah, she's asleep.  On the couch.  Pretty drunk. 

Doubt I could wake her if I wanted to.  Yeah, in the morning, yeah.

I'll drop her off.  Bye, Alison."

     "Well, you're free.

     "Wow."  She was standing.  I lay down on the bed.  She kept

moving her hands from her pockets to her hips to her waist to just

hanging by her sides...It was very Annie Hall tennis racket scene.

     "Rich, what would you do if you got a girl pregnant?"

     "You Catholic girls...I swear to God..."

     "What's that supposed to mean?  What's wrong with--"

     "Nothing, nothing.  I'm quite fond of Catholic girls,

actually.  Just takes you so long before you learn how to relax and

enjoy yourselves..."

     "Yeah, well..."

     "You don't look comfortable, like that, with no shirt."

     "You noticed?  Well, you aren't helping..."

     "No.  I'm not.  Take off your pants.  Leave your panties on."

     "Rich, I--"

     "I know.  Relax."

     "You know what?"

     "That you're a virgin.  C'mon...pants."

     "Pretty obvious, huh?  All right, my pants.  It's not gonna

help me feel more comfortable."  She took them off and leaned

against my far wall, under a Bosch reproduction."

     "Wow.  Nice legs.  I hear you're Miss Jock..."

     "Varsity basketball since ninth grade.  Field hockey...track..."

     "I lit a joint a took a drag.  Ever smoke any?"

     "Sure."  She took the joint and inhaled.  "With my sister." 

     "Turn around."  She did.  "Yum."

     "I feel very strange, Rich.  I have to tell you that."  She

put the roach into an ashtray on the edge of my desk.  "Good pot."

     "Thank Keith for that.  He started dealing... C'mere, sit

down, relax."

     "Relax, ha.  The pot's helped some..."

     I sat up, my back against my box spring, kissed her neck and

she leaned back against me.  I reached around and cupped her

breasts and played with her nipples.  I placed her left hand onto

the crotch of my jeans.  


     "Now you *can't* tell me you've never touched a cock


     "I gave my first real blowjob last week."

     "Real, eh?  You mean he came in your mouth?"

     "Yeah, that.  Wow."

     "Wow, eh?  No argument."  I unzipped my fly and directed her

hand inside.  Her fingers were small and slender."

     "Ooh, suck."  She did so, with no hesitation.  Her eager

compliance to my near-barked-out orders made me wonder if she had

any other...proclivities, maybe just under the surface.

     "Kath," I said.

     She looked up--expectant and more than a little scared.  

     "Have you ever thought about..."

     "What?  What??"

     "Being tied up?"

     She gasped.  "Rich...I'm scared."

     "I know."  I pulled her up and leaned her back against me, my

fingers inside her panties, lightly parting and stroking her.  "I

can see the guilt thing going on..."

     "Guilt thing?"

     "The better something feels, the more 'wrong' it must

be...I've seen it lots--"

     "What was that you were saying?  About being tied up?"

     "Yeah," I said, standing and heading to the closet.  I found

four lengths of rope, four ratty bandannas and I said, "Here's the

thing:  I'm gonna tie you up, spread-eagled, put tape over your


     She gasped.

     "And do..."



     "But what if--"

     "If anything hurts *unbearably* and you really want me to

stop," I said, while tying her left wrist to a leg of the desk,

"just blink your eyes four times in a row, fast.  Ok?"  I wrapped

the rope around the doubled-over bandannas so she wouldn't scrape

herself raw.

     "I *know* this isn't how most girls lose their virginity." 

She laughed.  It was genuine.  Not nervous or forced.  "I guess I'm


     "Yeah.  Special," I said, tying the other wrist to a leg of

the bed.  Then I slipped off her panties and spread her legs wide. 

She was very flexible.  I tied one ankle to another leg of the

desk, and the other to the thing that controls the louvers on the

window.  "This'll help you get over the 'guilt thing'.  You were

bound and gagged.  What could you do?"

     Her eyes widened once the thought hit home.


     "Oh yeah."

     "Now remember," I said, tearing off a short length of duct

tape, "what do you do if you really want to stop?"

     "Don't stop."

     "Ha.  Well, you know what to do.  Now breathe through your

nose a few times."

     She did.  I listened.

     "Fine," I said, then taped her mouth closed.  I stood up and

looked her over.  "Wow, you look great!"

     I took off my shirt and kneeled between her legs.  I kissed up

along the inside of her right thigh, over her mons, then down the

other thigh.  I wet a forefinger and gently probed inside.  I

kissed just over her clit and moved my thumb over it.  She arched

slightly and took in my whole finger.  "You masturbate..."

     She nodded vigorously.

     "Every day?"

     Again the nodding.

     "That's great," I said.  "I expect that may increase in the

near future.  Keep at it.  You do it in school?"


     I slid my tongue in to join my finger.  Her pubic hair was

auburn and I liked how it glistened.  I licked and sucked on her

clit with more intensity and she arched and squirmed.  I licked

from her anus to her clit and she looked up and nodded some more. 

Soon, she leaned her head back and arched, pumping up onto my

tongue.  I could hear noises coming from her throat as I cupped

both cheeks of her ass, pulled her up hard, and she came.  

     "Yum," I said, standing, unbuttoning my jeans.  Soon, I was

naked.  I rolled on a condom, some lube, then dried my hands on a

towel.  I kneeled between her thighs and lowered my head to a

breast, sucking, coaxing.  I could feel the head poking at her lips

below.  I whispered, "Showtime, love."

     I entered very slowly, and she winced.  "Relax.  S  t  r  e 

t  c  h."  Some more.  A tear appeared at the corner of one of her

eyes.  I kissed it away.  I could hear her try to say something

through the tape.  Sounded like "Mmmm,  mumm it."

     "Just do it?"

     She nodded.

     "Remember, Kath, pain is not cumulative.  You only feel what

hurts the most."  I lifted up a corner of the duct tape over her

mouth and peeled it up until an edge of about an inch was free. 

Then, just as I sank into her fully I pulled off the tape in one



     "Can I move now?" I asked.

     She nodded and I started pumping, slowly at first.  Her mouth

was sticky from the tape and I kissed her just below her ear and

down her jaw.


     "Just a little.  Don't stop."

     "Ok."  She was still very tight.  I pulled out and straddled

her chest.  I squeezed some more lube between her breasts, wiped my

hands dry, and squeezed her breasts together as far as they would


     She looked down as I started moving.

     "Oooh, Rich?"


     "Don't stop.  Could you of my hands?...


     "Sure."  The knots weren't that tight and I reached over and

freed the one that was attached to the desk--her right wrist.  It

disappeared behind me and I slid a sleep pillow and a throw pillow

behind her head.  "Open your mouth.  Suck and lick...the head... each 


     "Oooh," she said, and I could feel her hips arching behind me,

"what's *this* called?"

     "Fucking your tits?"

     "Ha.  There's no name...?"

     "French fuck, tit fuck, who knows?  Open your mouth."

     She did.  I untied her other hand and it disappeared behind me

also and soon she was coming again.

     "It hurts inside, but my clit's really jumping."

     I groaned and came in her mouth.  She looked up and some ran

out the corner of her mouth.  She pushed it back in with a wet

finger and visibly gulped.  I untied her ankles and leaned back. 

She put her head under my arm and curled her thigh up over mine.

     Agter a few minutes I kissed the top of her head and said, "How 

do you feel, Kath?  You've just been raped, you know?"

     That word.  She looked up at me.  "Huh?"

     "You're a minor. What?  15?  Maybe 16?  Still a minor.  And

I'm over 18.  Statutory rape, I think."

     "I've heard of that."  She lay her head back down.  "I won't

press charges," she said, and was soon asleep.




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