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Archive-name: First/juliann3.txt


Archive-title: Juliann - 3

                            CHAPTER 6

     Juliann did not see Mike for several days.  She knew that Mike 

was angry with her.  He was very frustrated at her actions, and she 

had to admit to herself that she had acted as something of a tease.  

She hadn't meant to tease him.  They had agreed that when she wanted 

to stop, they would.  At the same time, she realized that she had been 

unfair to Mike, and that the next step was up to her.  She would 

either have to decide to "go all the way" or she would have to stop 

getting into loving situations with Mike.

     To continue the kissing and the petting without any hope of going 

further was unfair to him; and, she suspected, was not doing her a lot 

of good either.  She was frustrated, and no matter how much she tried, 

she was unable to satisfy the ache of longing that she felt deep in-

side everytime that she thought of Mike and how they had acted there 

in the woods.

     Juliann had even tried masturbation.  While it had solved some of 

her problem, the climaxes that it gave her were much less than those 

she had experienced with Mike, and each succeeding one left her less 

and less satisfied.  She finally decided that she must allow herself 

to let go, and to have Mike make her a woman.  

     After visiting a friendly doctor, and starting to take her birth 

control, she called Mike and invited him over to her house for a swim.

     Mike was wary of Juliann and allowing her to frustrate him more 

than he already was.  He truly cared for her, and didn't want to hurt 

her, but enough was enough.  He decided on the way to her house that 

they would either end their relationship now or they would stop acting 

like kids and make love like adults.  He had a speech all prepared for 

her, but it flew right out of his head when he had his first glimpse 

of her as she opened the door.

     Standing dressed in only a brief and revealing bikini, she opened 

the door wide,and invited him into the house.  Closing the door behind 

him, she took him in her arms and kissed him lightly but teasingly - 

allowing her tongue to flint lightly across his lips.

     "Mike darling, how have you been ?" she asked.  "Come on in and 

relax.  I know that things have been rough for you, but I hope that 

today we can solve all of those problems.  No, don't say anything yet, 

lover.  I have to say this now or I won't get it out.  I truly love 

you, and I think that I want you.  Please be patient and gentle.  I 

want it as much as you, and I'm scared. Go slow, and we'll see what 

happens.  Please, Mike, love me and don't hurt me.  I want it to be 

good. "

     She turned, ran to a chair and fell into it.  Covering her face 

with her hands she began to sob from embarrassment and fear. Mike went 

to her and gently stroked her hair.  Murmuring his love, he told her 

that he would take care of her and that she should not be afraid.  Sob-

bing, she turned and pulled him to her and buried her head in his 

chest.  Begging him to be gentle, she sobbed:

"oh, Mike.  I want you so bad.  That time in the woods when you were 

inside of me frightened me so, and it hurt.  But even then I knew that 

I wanted you.  Not now, but later, will you make a woman of me, 

Please?  I am so full of longing for you that I think I will die if 

you don't."

     Mike pulled her to her feet and turned her until they were facing 

each other.  Placing his hands on her shoulders, he pulled her close, 

until their bodies were touching.  Initiating a kiss, he allowed her 

to take the lead by putting her tongue into his mouth.  Increasing the 

pressure of his kiss, he held her molded to his body until he began to 

feel her stiffening nipples begin to press against his chest.  Step-

ping back, he began to strip to his swimming trunks.

     Juliann watched through half closed eyes.  As he stood erect, her 

gaze dropped to his crotch and the growing bulge between his legs.  A 

mental picture of what that bulge meant flashed through her mind, and 

she was fascinated to see that this caused a tight feeling in her 

belly that spread slowly down wards.

     Placing his hands on her waist, Mike drew her to him and they 

once again began to kiss.  Their hips were touching and Juliann felt a 

stirring and growing stiffness against her crotch.  In a return of 

fear, she tried to draw away, but Mike's hands on her waist pulled her 

and held her close, as his hips began a light grinding motion into 


     Taking one hand from her waist, Mike moved it between their 

bodies until it cupped around one of her breasts.  Slowing squeezing 

and massaging it caused the nipple to press into his palm through the 

flimsy material of her bathing suit.

     When Juliann felt his hand on her breast, she began to pant and 

jerk with a growing and all encompassing passion.  Mike's hand on her 

breast, and the the movement of his hips against her was becoming too 


"Mike, oh Mike. . . .Yess, . . .  that's it . . . my darling.  Go 

slow, but don't stop. . . . Oh, . . . that . . . feels . . . so nice . 

.  Mike, . . . oh . . . please."

     Reaching behind her back, she untied the string that held up the 

top of her bikini and allowed it too fall away.  Her now exposed 

breasts, and their aroused nipples were laid bare to his gaze.  A 

sharp intake of breath on his part showed that he approved of them.  

Juliann grasped his head in her hands and drew his mouth to one of 

them.  Pushing forward, she inserted it into his mouth and moaned deep 

in her throat as she felt him begin to suckle and kiss.

     The growing stiffness that he was rubbing between her thighs, com-

bined with his kissing of her breasts was taking Juliann towards 

climax sooner than she was ready for.  She did not want to loose con-

trol yet, but the onrush was too strong to ignore.

"Oh-h-h-h . . . Mi-i-i-k-k-k-ke . . . . not yet, . . . please not yet. 

. . I want . . . to wait . . . please.  No-o-o-o . . . . stop . . . 

please.  I want to wait for us to go together."

     She pulled away from him, and stood back panting and almost fall-

ing from the intensity of her passion.  Gazing at him, and especially 

aware of the bulge in his trunks, Juliann ran from the room, out to 

the patio and did a running dive into the pool.  She was followed 

closely by Mike, and they met at the steps at the end of the pool and 

began to kiss once more.

     Juliann laid back and allowed the water and Mike's arms to hold 

her up.  His kisses were passionate and  tender at the same time.  As 

Juliann became more aroused, but now in control of her passions, she 

allowed his hands to explore and pet her body.  She kept her thighs 

clamped firmly together, telling Mike to be patient and keep doing 

what he was doing.

     When she had finally gained a level of composure where she 

believed that she would be in control, she climbed out of the water 

and looking to be sure that Mike was following her, walked over to a 

grassy area where she had spread a towel to lie on.

     Turning to Mike, she hooked her thumbs in the top of her suit and 

slowly pulled it downward, finally exposing her whole naked self to 

his hungry gaze.  Standing before him, and feeling his eyes upon her, 

she began to blush and grow fearful once again.

     Mike approached her and she held him away and explained to him 

what she wanted them to do.

"Mike, darling, here's how we will continue.  I will lay down

here on the towel, and I want you to make love to me like we have

before.  Leave your trunks on for now, I'll take them off you

later. PLEASE, Mike, make it good for me. Please." 

     The last came out as a wail of fear and desire.  She flopped back 

onto the towel, and reasserting her modesty, she covered her breasts 

with one arm, while half turning her hips away from his gaze.

     Mike joined her on the towel, and began a gentle massage of her 

back; allowing his hands to wander lower each time.  As he felt the 

rigidness of fear leave her slowly, he gradually turned her over onto 

her back and feasted his eyes upon her body.  Never stopping the strok-

ing of her body, he paid more attention to the treasures that lay be-

tween her legs than anything else.

     She was once more beginning to breath in panting gasps, and 

finally she allowed his hands to spread her thighs so that they could 

have access to the dampening folds of her pussy.  Changing from a cir-

cular stroking motion to one that moved up and down on her pussy, Mike 

felt her begin to move under him and in rhythm to his massage.

     Stroking down her crack, Mike inserted just the tip of his finger 

on each stroke, before withdrawing it and moving upward to tease and 

stroke her clit.  Each time he moved his hand and fingers on her, he 

could feel her resistance melt a little more.  Conscious of her fear, 

he vowed to go slow, and do nothing more without a firm go ahead from 

her.  She had convinced herself of what she wanted, now all that was 

necessary was a gentle hand to lead her the final way.

     Juliann's old fear was returning.  She turned away from Mike so 

that she could take the time to think things over a little.  His strok-

ing and rubbing of her back was melting the tension that she felt and 

making her almost purr with pleasure.  As she began to relax, she real-

ized that the time for being a baby was over.

     Allowing him to turn her over onto her back, she closed her eyes 

and allowed her senses to take over.  His hand stroking downward to 

her pussy was gentle and insistent at the same time.  As he grasped 

her thighs and spread them she began to pant in anticipation and fear.

     He placed his hand on her pussy and commenced a stroking that 

touched all the most sensitive places.  Her lips were swollen and 

grasped at his finger as it moved up and down.  Each time he fondled 

her clit she gave an involuntary jerk.  Each time his finger touched 

the opening to her tunnel, it grasped and tried to pull it in.

     Shaking with mounting passion, she began to implore him:

"Oh,. . .  please . . . love me Mike . . . just love me. . . . Uh . . 

. . that's the place . . . yes . . . that's . . . so nice.  Mike. . . 

please . . . . you're driving . . . me . . . . crazy when . . . you 

touch . . . me . . . there . . . Oh . . . I'm . . getting wet . . . I 

can . . . feel it . . . Oh . . . you're . . . sliding so . . . nice . 

. . Put your . . . finger into . . . me, please . . . I want . . . to 

feel . . . your . . . finger . . . in . . . me . . . . Y-y-y-e-e-e-s-


     As his finger entered her tunnel, she shook with excitement.  She 

could feel her tunnel grasping at the invader and trying to pull it in 

deeper.  As Mike began a rhythmic insert-withdraw motion with his 

finger, she willed her hips to match his motion.  

"Yes, darling. . . . that's . . . the way . . .  Move it . . .  more . 

. . oh . . . faster. . . . faster. Uh . . . uh . . . . uh.  I feel . . 

. so hot,. . . . Mike. . . . Oh, . . . what you . . . do to . . . me.  

Oh . . . y-y-e-e-s-s . . . that's . . . . good.  Deeper . . . . put it 

. . . . in . . .  deeper . . . I . . . really . . . need you . . . to 

. . . please Mike . . . deeper."

     Mike followed her directions, and speeded up the in and out mo-

tion of his finger.  He inserted it until it was lightly striking her 

barrier.  Each time he hit it, Juliann grunted in mingled pain and 

desire.  He could feel that it was stretching with each stroke, but he 

was careful to not break it.  Juliann was rocking on the brink of 

climax, and he intended that she be the one to initiate the next move.

     Juliann was in the throes of a climax that would not end.  As 

aroused as she was, and as good as the finger that was probing her in-

sides felt, she was unable to reach the final plateau.

     Reaching down with one hand, she grasped Mike's tool through

the material of his trunks.  Reaching her hand inside, she began to 

pull and stroke him in her urgency.  Pushing his trunks out of her 

way, she grasped his balls, and began to stroke them.  Pulling him 

towards her, she moaned to him of her need.

"Please, Mike, now ! . . .   I need you . . .  oh . . .  please.  Make 

me a woman . . . Put . . . it into . . . me . . . Mike, oh please . . 

. I need . . . to feel . . . you . . . inside . . . of me . . . Ple-e-

a-a-s-s-e-e-e . . . oh please . . . Mike . . . Take me now . . . oh . 

. . ta-a-a-a-k-k-k-ke me."

     Pushing his trunks off, Mike positioned himself between her 

thighs.  Lifting her knees, he spread her thighs wide so as to have a 

clear shot at the target.  Juliann lay under him, her head tossing 

from side to side and her body jerking in passion and fear.

     Lowering himself, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance 

to her tunnel, and moved his hips forward just enough that the head of 

his cock was firmly embedded in her.

     Juliann was panting in anticipation and fear.  She could feel 

Mike kneeling between her legs, and as he moved forward, the shifting 

of his weight almost caused her to cry out.  She was ready, oh so 

ready for him, she knew.  But she was still frightened of the pain and 

the unknown.  She opened her eyes and looked down at their bodies, now 

almost joined.

"Oh Mike. . . . you're so . . . big . . I'm scared . . . of being hurt 

. . . Oh . . . no . . . I can't . . . do . . . this . . .  Yyeeesss . 

. . there . . . that's right . .. I feel . . . you now. . . . Oh . . . 

it's . . . soo-o-o . . . big . . . I'm stretching . . . It doesn't . . 

. hurt. It feels . . . . good.  Mike . . . darling . . . move it . . . 

That's right . . . in and out . . . is the . . . best . . . Deeper now 

. . .  oh . . .  that's . . . goo-o-o-od . . . What's that . . . 

You're hurting me . . . oh . . . stop . . . Faster . . . oh . . . 

faster . . .  I'm . . . coming . . . Don't . . . stop . . . faster . . 

. faster . . . .  oo-o-o-h-h-h-h."

     As he moved his hips in short fast stokes, Juliann crashed to 

climax.  Her pussy grasped at him, and almost caused him to come him-

self.  Juliann felt him jerk inside of her, and she  clamped her pussy 

tight so that he couldn't leave her.

     Once her climax was over she thought that things were done, but 

before she was able to rest, he began a slow and ever deepening strok-

ing of her pussy.  Juliann began to climb towards climax once more, 

aware that this one would be the best ever.

     Each stroke caused the tip of his cock to hit against and stretch 

her barrier.  Each time she felt it stretch a sharp pain shot through 

her.  Moaning in fear and pain, she said 

"Mike, it hurts too much . . . Oh . . . please . . .  it hurts . . .  

I don't want . . . to stop . . . but . . . it hurts . . . too . . . 

much to go on . . . Please . . . Mike . . . stop . . . Help . . . me, 

oh . . . help . . . me . . Oh . . . it hurts." 

     Feeling more pain than passion, Juliann lay under the onslaught 

of his thrusts and moaned in pain and fear as Mike continued the as-

sault on her virginity.

     Mike was not going to stop, but in a flash of inspiration, he 

reached his hand between her thighs, and when he had found her clit 

with his finger, he began to stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts into 

her pussy.

     The teasing of her clit caused Juliann's hips to jerk in 

response.  Mike's fondling was so expert, that before she was aware of 

what was happening, her hips were moving in rhythm with his and the 

probing of her pussy was growing less painful.

     As her passion mounted, she became aware that the only thing that 

was important was not the pain, but rather the filling of her pussy by 

his cock.  She knew that he was not yet filling her all the way.

     Moving her hips to meet his thrusts, she cried out in want and 


"Mike . . . take me . . . now . . . Yes . . . harder . . . deeper . . 

. Oh-h-h-h-h . . . don't stop . . . Yes . . . take me.  It hurts . . . 

oh . . . hurts . . . so bad . . . Take . . .me, take . . . me . .take 


     Mike thrust forward and down just as Juliann raised her hips off 

the blanket in mixed passion and pain.  This caused Mike's cock to 

break through and bury itself to the hilt in her pussy. 

     As Juliann cried out in pain, her pussy grasped and pulled at 

this invader.  Juliann felt as if she was being torn in half, but yet 

with each passing moment, the important thing was the feeling of being 

filled and the rising passion that she was feeling. 

     Mike's cock was buried in her so deep that she could feel his 

balls slapping against her ass as he began to thrust and withdraw.  As 

Juliann felt the onrush of her climax she once again began to babble 

of her love and joy.

"Oh Mike . . . it . . . hurts so . . . bad . . . Oh . . . I feel you . 

. . filling me and . . . I think . . . that I'll be . . .  torn . . . 

apart . . . You're . . . so-o-o-o-o . . . big . . .  Oh . . . I'm no 

longer . . . a virgin . . . anymore. . .Yes . . . move now . . . In 

and out . . . in and out . . . in . . out . . . in . . . out . . . now 

. . . in all . . . the way . . . Oh-h-h-h . . . that's good . . . 

Deeper . . . . go deeper . . .   Yes-s-s-s-s . . . that's the . . .  

place . . . Oh . . .  Mike, faster now . . . deeper . . .  and faster 

. . .  I'm coming . . . Please . . . come too . . . Shoot . . . me 

full . . . I feel . . you . . . moving . . . and jerking . . . Oh . . 

. . y-e-e-s-s-s  All the . . .  way . . .  now . . . now . . . now . . 

.   Uh . . uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . no-o-o-w-w-w Mike . . . Take me-


     With a final upward thrust of her hips, Juliann climaxed just as 

she felt Mike jerking and spraying within her.  Her tunnel grasped at 

him and pulled him deeper.  Throwing her legs around his body, she 

held him within her until she felt the last of his juices splashing 

against her inner self.

     Juliann threw her head from side to side and cried out in passion 

as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her.  Crying out his name 

again and again, she locked her legs around him as she felt his cock 

jerk and spasm within her.  Her tunnel grasped and pulled at his cosk 

as it tried to draw it even deeper inside untll she felt its tip push 

against her womb.  Even the pain of having her virginity taken was for-

gotten in her need to make the wonderful feelings she was experiencing 

last longer.

     Pushing her hips upward, Juliann attempted to increase the total 

feeling of touching and belonging as she pulled Mike's mouth to her 

swollen nipple and pleaded with him.

Uh, uh, uh, . . . Mike,  . . . oh, you lover. . . please don't stop,. 

. . keep it in me . . . deeper . . . move it . . . oh, yes

de-e-e-ep er-r-r-r . . . please . . . yes, that's it . . . now more . 

. . give me more . . . oh, please don't stop . . . uh . . . uh . . . 

uh . . .

     With each upward thrust of her hips, Juliann felt Mike push for-

ward, until the bodies crashed together.  As they raced their bodies, 

she could feel her tunnel opening to receive him, the inner flesh 

grasping and kissing against his hardness.  Each time he passed the 

area where her maidenhead had been, she gave an involuntary wince of 

pain.  Even that was bearable, for as his cock pushed forward and 

deeper, she felt the impending climax coming once again.

Oh . . . oh . . . oh . . . Mike. Please . . faster. . . uh . . .

uh . . . now. Yes. . yes . . now, de-e-e-ep-er . . oh God, now . . 

make it good, Ple-e-e-e-a-a-a-s-s-s-s.

     Juliann's body strained upward to meet Mike's thrusts, until she 

felt his rod jerk and spew its juices deep into her.  The hardness of 

his tool deep inside her made the final climax more intense than any-

thing that she had ever felt before.  Tossing her head from side to 

side and moaning, she finally got the release that she needed.

     Lying in each other's arms, the two lovers murmurred their love 

for each other, before slipping off to sleep.


As the poets have mournfully sung,

Death takes the innocent young,

The rolling in money, the screamingly funny,

And those who are very well hung.



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