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Archive-name: First/juliann2.txt


Archive-title: Juliann - 2

                            CHAPTER 3

     In the week after the dance and the session at Lovers' Lane, 

Juliann did a lot of thinking.  While she knew that she was not ready 

to "go all the way", even with Mike, she could not deny the arousal 

the she had experienced.  Just thinking about it could cause her 

breath to pant and her nipples to swell.  To intensify the rush of 

feeling, she took to wearing no bra, so that her breasts and nipples 

were always in contact with the fabric.  Whenever she moved,the fric-

tion caused her nipples to harden.  This was almost always followed by 

a slowly spreading dampness in her crotch.

     Juliann found that she was able to maintain a constant low level 

state of arousal simply by walking or moving about.  In class or in 

the library when she crossed her legs, the jerking of her thighs and 

spreading of feeling from her crotch outward almost caused her to cry 

out.  Only by exercising discipline was she able to concentrate on any-

thing other than her body and the intense feelings of rapture that it 

was capable of producing.

     On the other hand, Juliann didn't want to go further than she had 

so far.  She was able to attain the release of climax just fine, and 

she was truly frightened by the thought of "going all the way"  

     While the memory of Mike's cock jerking and spewing its

juices caused a reaction in her still, she was not ready to 

allow the invasion of her body by anyone or anything.  The

size and hardness of his organ, Juliann was sure, would probably

hurt her more she cared to think about.  If she allowed Mike

to invade her body (aside from the concern about pregnancy)

she was too uncertain of how it would feel and how she would

react.  She was a virgin who had never placed so much as a

tampon within herself, and she fully intended to maintain

this present state.

     On subsequent dates with Mike, Juliann had allowed him to remove 

her bra and fondle and suckle her breasts.  The "dry humping" she had 

not allowed to happen again.  While she was fascinated by the climax-

ing action, she was still frightened by the sight of his hard organ.  

The one time that Mike had tried to get her to touch it, she had 

pulled her hand away as if she had touched something hot. While she 

was not unaware of Mike's frustration in not attaining release, she 

was too frightened to do anything about it.  Everything was kind of in 

a holding pattern,and Juliann was content until the walk in the woods 

that she took with Mike one Saturday.

     They had packed a small lunch, and after hiking for two or three 

hours, they stopped at the edge of a meadow to rest and eat.  After 

eating and cleaning up, they sat back together to enjoy the day and 

the scenery.

     Juliann was leaning back against Mike, and his arms were around 

her and resting in her lap. Mike was kissing her hair and murmuring 

his love for her.  Sighing with contentment, Juliann closed her eyes 

and rested her head on his chest.  She hardly noticed when his hands 

moved upward and gripped each breast.  Slowly kneading them through 

the fabric of her shirt, he could feel the hardening of her nipples 

under his hands.

~    Juliann moaned with pleasure and allowed him to continue.  The 

thrill was spreading downward for her, and she decided that

all she wanted was for this to continue forever.  As Mike 

began to unbutton her shirt, she murmured in protest, but

did nothing further to stop him.  Slipping his hand into her

shirt he gripped the nipples more firmly and began to pinch

and tweak them.

"Oh Mike, please.  That feels so wonderful." she sighed.

     As he continued this manipulation, Juliann became more and more 

excited.  She didn't notice that his other hand was resting 

between her legs until it began a slow and urgent kneading

of her crotch.  The feelings that this caused in her were 

very much like what she felt when she crossed her legs and 

squeezed - but they were much more intense.  Matching the

movement of her hips to the rhythm that he had started caused her

to to experience a flash of climax.  

     Gasping as she lay against him, she was only partially aware that 

he was removing her shirt and had reached around her back to unfasten 

her bra.  With a start, she sat up and pulled away from him.

"No Mike, we mustn't.  Please don't take my clothes off.  I'm

not ready for that and I'm scared.  Please try to understand."

     Delivered in a slightly breathless gasp, Juliann was less than 

fully convincing.  Mike had managed to remove her shirt from all but 

one arm, and her bra was laying loose - exposing her breasts com-

pletely.  One look at the look of yearning and hurt in Mike's eyes, 

and she realized that she was being silly.  Shrugging her shoulders so 

that the bra fell away completely, she laid back once more against 

Mike and guided his hand to her breast. As he continued to tease and 

tweak her nipples, Juliann's thighs closed around his hand, and began 

their jerking motion anew.

     She was once again climbing the peak to climax, but for some

reason things weren't working right.  Her breasts were fully

aroused and each time that Mike manipulated her nipples, she

was shot through with a surge of passion.  The grip that he

had on her crotch was likewise very thrilling.  It was so much

more arousing to move against something.  But she was still

unable to go the final step to climax.

"Oh . .  please . . . please.  I . . need . . . oh . . Mike . . . I . 

. need . . you.  Please . . . don't stop . . doing . .  that. OH . . . 

OH . . . OH . . . yes.  I'm . . . not . . . there. Oh . please . . . 

Mike, . . . help . . . me."

     Reaching down with her hands to help Mike press his hand

onto her harder, Juliann caught a thumb in the snap of her

jeans.  The movement of her thighs on the loosened material

caused the zipper to spread, and before she was aware of what

was happening, she was pushing Mike's hand down into her jeans

to grip her pussy with only the silkiness of her panties as

a barrier.  

     The closeness of the contact, and the cool dryness

of his hand on the hot moistness of her pussy caused a new

surge of feeling in her.  Her mind was aware that this was

further than they had ever gone before, and further than she

had intended to go - but the feelings were so incredible that

she blanked out her thoughts and concentrated on her enjoyment.

"Mike . . Mike. . . Mike. . . Closer . . .  Oh . . yes. Mmmmmm . . . 

that's so wonderful.  Hold me tighter. Oh . . . tighter . . . Y-y-e-e-

e-s-s-s. Uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . please now . . .  hold me."  

     With a thrust of her hips, Juliann climaxed as never before.  

There was a panting and driving aspect to this one that the others 

that had gone before didn't have.  And as she floated down, she also, 

for the first time, felt a dissatisfaction that had never been there 


     She had climaxed, but there was something missing. Her pussy, 

with Mike's hand still resting on it, was still moving in its spas-

modic way.  But it was her tunnel that was really not satisfied.  All 

during her climax, it had been stretching and pulling - as if to draw 

Mike's hand inside.  When it was still unfilled, Juliann sensed a dis-

appointment and a longing that was strong enough to make her cry.

     She didn't know exactly why she was crying, except that she was 

feeling cheated and unfulfilled for the first time since they had 

begun their loving.  She was unsure what she had to do to feel better, 

but she knew that until the sense of loss and longing was satisfied, 

she would be unable to fully share in the loving with Mike again.

                            CHAPTER 4

     Laying together on the ground, they embraced and kissed.  Juliann 

was in turmoil.  She was still aroused and disappointed.  Turning to 

Mike she tried to explain herself to him.

     "Mike, I love you so very much.  What you are able to do to me is 

so wonderful and sweet.  I'm sorry that I cried, it was nothing that 

you did.  It's just that I feel so empty.  I long for I don't know 

what.  But I'm frightened.  Please be patient, and kind; but help me. 


     Mike understood and told Juliann that if she would trust him then 

he would make things right for her.  Looking into his eyes she asked 

what he meant.  He explained that he understood her fear to "go all 

the way."  He promised her that he would be gentle and if she truly 

wanted to stop at any time then he would.  They would not do anything 

that didn't feel good for her, and that all she had to remember was to 

do exactly as he said.

     Fearful of what he had in mind, but more frightened of losing 

him, Juliann agreed.  So long as they did not "go all the way": "I'm 

really not ready for that yet, Mike.  Please, love me, but not that. 

Not yet."  Mike was agreeable because he knew that with patience every-

thing would come to him.

     Taking her in his arms, Mike began to kiss her softly on the 

lips.  With slowly increasing urgency he kissed her, and finally

pushed his tongue into her mouth.  Juliann welcomed this familiar

action, and began to relax.  She was still frightened of the

unknown, but she loved and trusted Mike.  She vowed that she

would not be a baby, and would allow him to lead her and teach

her about loving.

     Her breasts were crushed against his chest, and the nipples were 

being aroused by the friction with his shirt.  Wondering what his 

chest was like, she boldly began to unbutton his shirt.  As she pushed 

it open and pushed her breasts forward to touch him, a mini-surge of 

passion shot through her as her sensitive skin came into contact with 

his for the first time.  Thrusting her tongue into his mouth, she 

ground her breasts against him and felt her arousal grow.

     Placing his hand in hers, her said:  "This is your hand now,

Juliann, put it where you want it to be."  At first she didn't

understand, but then she realized that Mike was simply being con-

siderate of her - not forcing her to do more than she really

wanted to do.  She took his hand and placed it on her breast.

Placing her hand over his, she squeezed it until he would have

no doubt about what it was she wanted him to do.

     "Here, Mike, " she said, " put it here and make me feel good. 

Love me, oh love me ."

     As his hand began to massage and knead her tender young breast, 

Juliann pushed her torso forward so as to increase the level of con-

tact.  Feeling her acquiescence, Mike began to massage with more pur-

pose, and once he felt her nipple harden under his palm, he started to 

tweak and tease it until he heard her begin to moan softly in arousal.


~    "What now, Juliann," he asked. "What do you want me to do next.  

You have to tell me so that I don't hurt you."

     Shaking with passion and a small amount of fear at the reaction 

his touch was able to set off in her, Juliann moaned deep in her 

throat.  Taking his head in her hands, she drew it down until his lips 

were by the excited nipple.

     "Kiss me !!  Suck me and Kiss me.  Oh please, don't stop loving

me.  Kiss me, Mike, kiss me here."

     As his mouth closed over her breast and his tongue began a slow 

teasing of her nipple, Juliann felt the stirrings of arousal deep in 

her belly.  Her hips had started a jerking motion that she knew was 

the harbinger of climax.  She felt her breath begin to pant in an ever 

quickening tempo.  She arched her whole body, so that the contact be-

tween them could be increased, and the rush of feeling that she was 

experiencing could be intensified.

     Mike moved one hand downward until it was resting on her crotch. 

Once there he began a slow massage of her pussy.  As she pushed her 

hips upward, be became bolder, and slipped his hand lower until it was 

well settled between her thighs, and he could feel the dampness and 

heat from her pussy.  Finding that her jeans were inhibiting his 

ability to really do very much, he moved his hand and started to push 

her jeans lower on her thighs. 

     Juliann wanted to protest, but the feel of his mouth on her 

breast was more important, so she lifted her hips, and allowed Mike to 

push he jeans down until they were all the way off her legs, and she 

was laying with her torso fully exposed, and the lower part of her 

body only covered by her panties.  As he moved his hand aimlessly over 

her torso, and lower over her legs, she began to move and pant in ear-

nest.  She felt Mike place his hand over her pussy and begin a slow, 

rhythmic massage.  

     Frightened at this new liberty he was taking, she clamped her 

thighs together and protested.

"No, Mike.  Not there, please.  I'm scared.  Oh . . . it feels . it . 

. feels . . . so-o-o-o good.  Oh . . . oh . . .  oh . . . 

please . . . stop."

     The spreading dampness and the grasping of her pussy told her 

that she really didn't want him to stop.  Mike was able to insinuate a 

finger so that it was massaging her crack, and as he pushed against 

her clit with his finger, a mini-orgasm flashed through her, and in 

reaction she spread her thighs apart.

     Mike was now able to massage the length of her crack, from the 

clit all the way down to her virgin hole.  As he moved his finger be-

tween the lips of her pussy, Juliann began a slow pumping of her hips 

in rhythm.  Her breath was now escaping in panting grunts as she felt 

herself being taken higher and higher towards the release of orgasm.

     Suddenly Mike ceased his massage and moved his hand up to massage 

her belly.  With each touch, her belly gave a spasmodic jerk, and her 

pussy clamped tight on itself as if her whole lower body was inviting 

him to enter.

     Juliann was close to sensory overload.  All of her senses were 

tuned to every little nuance, and she was aware that everything was 

adding to her arousal.  The sound of her panting moans and Mike's mur-

murs of love, the feel of his mouth and lips on her breast, the deli-

cious massaging of his hand on her crotch, and finally the musky smell 

that was emanating upward from her pussy all served to excite her 


     Raising her head and looking down at her body, she was frightened 

by the almost involuntary reactions that she saw.  Her nipples were so 

erect that they seemed to be almost bigger than her breasts.  The jerk-

ing motion of her hips and belly seemed to be the most stimulating 

sight she had ever seen.  Each upward movement was accompanied by a 

stretch and opening of her virgin hole.  Each downward movement was 

accompanied by a closing and grasping.  Together they made her cry out 

with longing and passion.

     Mike moved his hand to the elastic band of her panties, and

very gently started to move under them.  Juliann was shocked out

of her passion by this impending invasion, and she grabbed his

wrist with both hands.  She didn't say anything, but just looked

at him imploringly.  Mike moved his fingers at the top of her

crack, and was able to just barely touch the nub of passion.

     Massaging and teasing it caused Juliann's hips to jerk and move 

uncontrollably.  Although she really didn't want him to go further, 

the jerking and dancing of her body that his touch caused was too in-

sistent.  Without really being aware of what it was she was doing, 

Juliann pushed his hand further into her panties and placing her hand 

over his, held it there.

     Pumping her hips madly and clutching Mike's hand to her aroused 

pussy, Juliann crashed towards climax.  Her pussy was pumping, and the 

opening and closing of her hole as if it was trying to draw something 

inside was the final push that she need to climax.

"Mike . . .  love me, . . . oh . . . oh . . . .  oh . . . . .  ah-h-h-

h. . . . Yessss . . . . that's right . . . .  yes . . . 

please . . . love me. Oh, . . .  what are you doing to me ? Oh, oh, . 

. .  please. . . . I  . .can't . . breathe . . .   Oh, . . .  yes . .  

Mike, now.  Hold me, . . . oh . . .  harder. . . .  There . . now, . . 

. please . . .  now .  Uh . . . . uh . . . . uh . . . . oh-h-h-h . . . 


                            CHAPTER 5

     As Juliann lay with her eyes closed waiting for her breathing to 

return to normal, Mike removed his own shirt and trousers.  He somehow 

realized that Juliann was not ready to take the final step of complete 

nakedness, thus he left his shorts on; as he had left her panties on.  

Laying down next to her once again, he laid his head on her chest so 

as to be able to kiss her breasts and nipples.  

     One hand he laid on her pussy, but inside her panties, where it 

had been when she had climaxed.  He kept it still, but made sure to 

place the tip of a finger against her clit.  Mike didn't want her to 

come down completely from her climax, but rather to stay in a state of 

continuous arousal.

     He didn't want to frighten her, but at the same time he didn't 

want to have to cover ground that had already been won.

     Juliann opened her eyes and looked at Mike laying on her.  The 

weight of his head on her chest was as comforting as the feel of his 

hand in her panties was frightening.  Remembering how she had reacted 

to his touch caused her to blush and she reached down and tried to 

move his hand away.

     As she touched his hand, a finger gave a teasing dig to her clit 

that caused her to jerk in reaction.  Instead of removing his hand, 

Juliann placed her hand over his while at the same time moving his 

head so that his lips could close around her nipple.  Her arousal 

began almost immediately, but with the experience gained, she was able 

to slow it and keep it in some control.  Thus, instead of a rapid 

climb to climax, she was able to experience a more gradual arousal.  

This allowed her to be able to analyze and enjoy more than she ever 

had before.

"Oh, Mike you wonderful man.  You know I love you.  Please,

we should stop before we can't.  Oh . . yes, . . . that feels  so-o-o-

o nice. . . .  Suck it Mike, . . . suck it.  Oh, . . .  no.  Don't 

touch me there. . . I . . . can't . . .  uh . . . 

. . . uh . . . uh . . . control . . . it. Oh, Mike . . . stop."

     Mike had to let his growing and stiffening cock out.  The pain 

that was being caused by the constricting of his shorts was becoming a 

distraction.  Keeping his hand on Juliann's pussy, and massaging her 

clit all the while, he raised himself onto his knees and pulled his 

cock out through the opening in his shorts.

     The engorged organ was right at eye level for Juliann and she was 

able only to stare at it with passion glazed eyes.  With each touch of 

Mike's finger on her clit, and each passage of the same finger down 

the length of her crack, Juliann was becoming more and more conscious 

of the fact that she was again losing control of the situation.

     The sight of his maleness, rather than causing the normal instinc-

tive reaction of fear; this time caused Juliann to view it with fas-

cination and (though she would not admit it) a longing deep within 


     As she gazed at it, she felt a deep stretching and grasping 

within her virgin tunnel that was almost unbearable in its intensity.  

As if in a trance, Juliann reached up and touched it.

     Warm to the touch, Juliann thought that it felt like fine marble.  

It was hard and so thick that she was barely able to close her fist 

around it.  The head was a purplish color, with a little hole at the 

end which was opening and closing, as if winking at her.  Moving her 

hand lightly on it caused it to jerk in her hand.

     Seeing this, Juliann decided that if Mike could make her jerk in 

passion, that she should do the same for him.  Moving her hand rhythmi-

cally up and down the shaft, caused it to jerk in her hand as if she 

was giving it electrical shocks.  Each jerk seemed to answered by her 

own body with a spasm deep in her tunnel.

     Becoming aroused by the sight and feel of his organ as well as by 

Mike's ministrations to her pussy, Juliann became concerned only when 

a clear fluid began to leak from the hole at the tip.

     At the same time that Mike's cock was causing Juliann to be con-

cerned and to question the advisability of what she was doing, Mike's 

exploratory massage of her crack had caused his fingers to contact the 

opening of her hole.  The opening actually grasped the tip of his 

finger, and tried to draw them in.  Each time he moved his fingers 

close to the opening, it grasped at them.  

     When he allowed them to enter just a little, the grasped and 

tried to draw him in further.  He kept them moving however, not

wanting to scare Juliann by going too fast.

~    Juliann's reaction when she felt Mike's fingers start to enter 

her was one of fright.  Realizing that she was enjoying the sight and 

feel of his cock too much, she let go of it and raised herself to see 

what Mike was doing to her.  His hands inside her panties were moving 

up and down on her pussy; teasing the clit on the up stroke and 

slightly entering her hole on the downstroke.

     Her hips were raising to meet each downstroke, and she could feel

her hole grasping and drawing on his fingers each time that the con-

tact was started.  She felt his fingers moving downward once again, 

and consciously this time, she pushed her hips upward.

     The unexpected thrust caught Mike by surprise, and his fingers 

entered her further than he had planned.  In fact, he felt the tip hit 

against her virgin barrier.  The walls of the tunnel grasped his 

fingers like a fist; and then Juliann clamped her thighs together and 

imprisoned his fingers within her.

"Mike, . .  oh . . . stop.  You can't . . . do that . . . to . . me. . 

. It's . . . not right. . .  Oh . . . yes. . . .  That hurt, . .  oh . 

.  why did . . . it hurt ? . . . Mike, . . . it's not right . . . to 

do . . this.  Oh, . . . you promised. . . .  Make . . me . .  stop, . 

. .  I don't . . . know what . . . to do. . .  I feel . . . you . . . 

filling . . . me  . . . and . . . it's . . . good. . . . So-o-o-o . . 

. gooood. . . . Yes, . . . now . . . now . . .  It's . . . coming, . . 

.  oh . . .  now . . I'm  . . . co-o-om-m-m-m-mingggg."

     Thrusting her hips and grasping his fingers in her pussy, Juliann 

was doing all the work.  But it was finally too much for Mike.  As 

Juliann thrashed about under him, Mike decided that he could wait no 

longer.  Quickly spreading her thighs and removing his hand, he pulled 

and twisted her panties until they were in tatters on her hips, but at 

last her pussy was fully exposed to his gaze and whatever else.  

Quickly positioning himself between her opened thighs, Mike lowered 

himself and started to insert his cock into her hole.

~    Juliann was on the very brink of orgasm when Mike removed his 

hand and fingers from her trusting and grasping pussy.  It took her 

only a few seconds to realize that something was not going as she was 

expecting.  Opening her eyes, she saw Mike poised over her body.  Look-

ing down she saw her upraised pussy laying spread and (she wouldn't 

admit it) ready.   

     As she felt the tip of his cock touch her hole, she felt it begin 

to stretch itself in welcome. There was a deep longing within her that 

she knew could only be satisfied by his cock.  She would have given in 

and allowed him to take her, except that a final fear of pain (his 

cock was so large that she feared that she would be torn apart by it) 

and the fact that neither of them had thought of birth control.

"Oh . . . no Mike. . . We can't. . . . Stop, . .  you promised.  It . 

. . hurts, . . . oh no . . . don't . . put it in. . .  You're hurting. 

. . Oh . . . what is . . . it . . . doing . . . to me. . . I want . . 

. it and . . . need you . . so . . bad . . but . . no Mike.  . . . 

Stop ! . . . Oh . . . yes, . . . a . . . little . . . deeper . . . Yes 

. . . move it. . . .  Oh . . .  what . . . was that ? . . .  It hurts 

. . . oh . . . hurts . .  Take . .  it . . out, . . . please."

     The grasping and pulling of her virgin hole as the organ entered 

her was uncontrollable.  Each movement of his cock caused her to try 

to pull him in further.  She had almost forgotten her fear  and reluc-

tance when he hit against her maidenhead. The stretching was so sharp 

that all thoughts of passion fled her.  

     Pushing him and drawing her knees up, she was able to expel him 

from her hole.  As he withdrew, however, her pussy grasped and pulled 

at him one final time.  This grasping caused him to climax and spew 

his juice all over her belly and breasts.

     Juliann, watching his come spatter out became truly frightened.  

She harshly pushed him away, and turned onto her stomach so that he 

could do nothing further to her.  She was sorry that she had allowed 

things to go so far.  At the same time, the reflexive but diminishing 

grasping and pumping of her hips caused an unexpected feeling of 


     Frustrated because she had not reached her climax, and angry that 

Mike had tried to go too far, and angry that she had stopped and been 

a baby - Juliann's feelings were in turmoil.  Speaking to Mike, 

without looking at him, she said that she wasn't yet ready "to go all 

the way" but that she still loved him and if he would be patient with 

her all little longer then he would not be sorry.



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