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Archive-name: First/juliann1.txt


Archive-title: Juliann - 1

                            CHAPTER 1

     The dance was over, and Juliann held Mike's hand as they walked 

across the parking lot to his car.  Opening the door for her,Mike took 

the time to admire the swell of her breasts beneath her sweater and 

the tightness of her rear as the material of her jeans stretched 

across them when she climbed into the front seat.  Walking around to 

his side of the car, he thought that tonight he was going to go for 

more than a couple of deep kisses in the car as they parked in her 

driveway.  While her kisses were thrilling, things always ended too 


     Juliann watched Mike climb into the car beside her.  Thinking 

that he was a really great looking guy, she found herself considering 

thoughts that she never thought she was capable of.  Looking at him 

she wondered if they would ever be able to do more than kiss for a few 

minutes in the driveway.  She had always kissed guys that she went out 

with, and never thought that it was a big deal. It was different with 

Mike.  She had at first resisted his tongue when he had tried to put 

it into her mouth. She had always felt that the act of letting a boy 

(man?) put his tongue into her mouth was too much like letting him put 

something else somewhere else. 

     He persevered, and finally she opened her teeth and admitted him 

into her mouth.  The movement of their lips together with the playful-

ness of his tongue as he touched her teeth and tongue made kissing 

more thrilling than it had ever been before.  As they kissed, she felt 

a shortness of breath that was only partially due to lack of air.  Her 

heart began to beat harder and she felt a weakness in the pit of her 

stomach that while not unpleasant, was a little frightening in its in-

tensity.  The longer that they kissed, the harder her heart beat and 

the more the weakness grew.

     Instinctively she knew that she would have to limit these types

of kisses - because they were too thrilling and she was truly

fearful of where they might lead.

     Driving along, each lost in their own thoughts,  neither one

suspected that they were so close in their thinking.  Mike wanted to 

to show Juliann how wonderful loving someone could be, but he somehow 

knew that she was a virgin.  Fearful of hurting her he vowed that he 

would proceed slowly.  For her part, Juliann was fearful of going too 

far; but at the same time she craved his kisses and the thrill that 

they gave her.  She even admitted to herself that she was very curious 

about the feelings his kisses caused and how they could be made nicer 

and more intense.

     As he turned the car onto her street she put her hand on his

arm and said, "It's still pretty early, Mike.  Why don't we go for a 

ride before you take me home ?"

     "Any special place you want to go," he asked.

     "No," she said.  "Just anywhere that we can be alone for a little 

while.  The dance was so crowded that I feel like I haven't really 

been with you hardly at all."

     Driving past her house, and hoping that noone there had seen them 

drive by, Mike was a little surprised when Juliann stayed sitting next 

to him as they drove. Instead of sitting close to the door she stayed 

close enough that he could feel her thigh against his own.  Figuring  

"nothing ventured, nothing gained" he took his right hand off the 

wheel and put it around her shoulders.

     While she stiffened reflexively at his touch, she forced herself 

to relax and finally laid her head on his shoulder.  She was close 

enough to smell the scent from his hair tonic and to feel the hardness 

of his chest and shoulder.  Somewhat to her surprise, the weakness in 

the pit of her stomach that she always felt when they kissed started 

up and grew as they drove.  Her heart was beginning to beat so hard 

that she was certain that he could hear it.  

     While it seemed that he was driving aimlessly, in fact Mike was 

headed for the edge of town where there was a sort of "Lovers' Lane" 

that all the kids went to after a dance.  Dimming his headlights as he 

drove up, Mike parked the car far enough from everyone else so as to 

have privacy, but close enough that there was a mutual protection 

among the occupants of the various cars.  Turning the car off, but 

leaving the radio running, Mike turned to Juliann and held her with 

both arms in a strong, but tender, embrace.

     All the way on the drive out, Juliann was - in a corner of her 

mind - analyzing the feelings that she was experiencing.  The pounding 

of her heart and the weakness that she felt were getting stronger each 

minute.  As her heart beat so fast that she thought it would burst, 

she noticed that her breath was getting really shallow and faster.  

While she wasn't panting, she was definitely breathing in something 

other than a normal manner.

     These manifestations really didn't concern her very much. After 

all, one of Mike's great kisses would start this happening.  What WAS 

a little disconcerting was first that they had not even started kiss-

ing yet !  Even more troublesome was the growing ache that she felt in 

her breasts and "down there."  

     All of a sudden, her bra felt like it was too tight, and her 

nipples were actually pressing against the fabric so hard that, look-

ing down, she could see them outlined on her sweater front.  As for 

the feeling "down there," her hips were jerking in an uncontrolled man-

ner that was somehow scary and exciting at the same time. 

     Only a part of her mind was occupied with analyzing the feelings 

that were surging through her.  The rest of her mind was only con-

cerned with a pleasurable enjoyment of what was happening to her.  She 

knew that she was impatient for Mike to begin kissing her.  She wanted 

Mike's kisses, his lips on hers, and his tongue probing her mouth more 

than she had ever wanted anything else in her life.  As he parked the 

car and took her in his arms she knew that this was making her happier 

than she had ever thought possible.

~    As Mike held her in his arms, she moved her arms aroud his neck, 

and her hands joined and began to massage this hair.  Turning her face 

towards his, she sighed with pleasure as she felt his lips touch hers.  

Opening her mouth, she felt his tongue enter and begin its sparring 

with her tongue.  Tonight something drove her to push her tongue into 

his mouth and explore with the tip all the way to the back of his 


     Sighing deep in her  throat, she felt the tension spread outward 

from he belly to her breasts and downward between her thighs.  Her  

breasts were pressed against his chest, and she found that by moving 

against him, the friction between her nipples and her bra heightened 

he feelings of excitement that she was feeling.  Her whole body 

seemed to be gripped by a deep and overpowering anticipation.  

     Part of her excitement she knew was fear of the strange feelings 

that she was experiencing.  The rest was an almost uncontrollable need 

that had taken her over and was centered in her suddenly aching 

breasts and "down there."

     Moving her thighs together, she felt a dampness between her legs.  

Squeezing her thighs together seemed to make the yearning grow.  Uncon-

sciously she squeezed her thighs together, and that caused them to 

start a rhythmic motion of their own.

     Suddenly, Juliann became frightened.  She felt that she was 

losing control, and while the pleasurable sensations could not be 

denied, they were new to her.  Breathing heavily, she broke her kiss 

and looked deeply into Mike's eyes.

"Oh . . Mike," she panted, "What's happening to me?. . .  It 

feels so good when you kiss me. . .  But I don't understand.  I 

want . . . I want more. . .  But I'm afraid. . .  Oh-h-h-h . . . 

what's happening ?"

     Her hips were now moving with a life of their own.  With each 

thrust and squeeze of her thighs, Juliann's breath exploded from her 

in a grunting sigh.  The pressure on her breasts was almost un-

bearable.  Pulling Mike's face to her, she initiated another kiss.  As 

she felt his tongue enter her mouth, she felt her hips drive upward.       

The spreading wetness between her thighs made the friction she was 

causing by her gyrations more exciting.  Pulling Mike's tongue deep 

into her throat and holding it there with a sucking motion, caused her 

tunnel "down there" to give a squeeze, as if it was being filled by 

his tongue and not her mouth.  This squeeze caused an explosion of 

feeling to spread outward until it exploded in her brain.

     Behind her closed eyelids, Juliann saw a thousand fireworks going 

off.  Her hips were pumping and she grabbed Mike closer so that her 

breasts were mashed almost flat against him.  In her desire, she broke 

the kiss and began to cry out.

"Oh yes. . . . Y-e-e-e-s-s-s-s !  Uh . . . uh . . . ple-e-a-a-s  Oh . 

.  Mike, . . what are you doing to me.  Oh . . . please  oh . . oh ... 

oh !"  

     Gasping and crying out, her hips gave a final jerk and she felt 

herself give a final squeeze of her thighs as she experienced her 

first climax.

                            CHAPTER 2

     Sitting with Mike's arms around her with her head buried in his 

shoulder, Juliann slowly returned to a more normal state.  Her breath-

ing slowed and the exciting feelings had had coursed through her body 

subsided.  The weakness in her belly, and the ache in her breasts 

stayed however, and Juliann decided that these sensations were wonder-

ful enough for now.  Holding Mike and being held filled her with a won-

derful feeling of belonging and love.

     Once her senses had settled down, she moved away from Mike and 

looked at him.  He was gazing at her with a look of intense longing 

that made her feel weak all over again.  Placing his hands on her 

shoulders, he pulled her close and began kissing her once more.  As 

his lips moved on hers, and his tongue probed her mouth, she felt his 

hands pass lightly over her sweater.

     With a gentle tug, he placed his hands under her sweater and 

moved them lightly over her belly, and upward until they each were 

laying lightly on her breasts.  The shock of feeling his hands moving 

on her flesh caused Juliann to push him away, but his hands did not 

move from their place under her sweater.  


"Mike, please," she said breathlessly, "don't.  Don't spoil things. . 

.  I'm . . . afraid. . . . Please . . don't  . . touch me . . . 


     Even in her own ears, she sounded less than convincing. His 

answer to her was to increase the pressure of his hands, and to slowly 

begin to squeeze her breasts.  With his palms pushing the nipples in-

wards, and his fingers kneading the flesh - he was sending flashes of 

sensation through her that started at her breasts and moved downward 

to the place between her thighs.

     Her hips began their spasmodic jerking again, and despite the 

very real fear that she felt, Juliann closed her eyes and moaned:

"Oh yes . . .  yes.  Mike, what are you doing to me now.  It makes . . 

. me . . feel . .  so . . good.  Oh  . . . don't, we mustn't. . . .  

Please, . . . that . .  feels . . . so-o-o-o good."

     With light pressure, Mike started to push her backward on the 

seat.  Although she knew that she really should not allow it, Juliann 

felt powerless to do anything.  Her heart was pounding, and the pet-

ting of her breasts was making her feel soooo good.

     Laying stretched out on the seat of the car, Juliann looked up

at Mike and in a gasping breath asked him to kiss her some more.  

While their lips joined and their tongues probed, Juliann was hardly 

aware that Mike was raising her sweater, and exposing her torso.  The 

cool air brushing across her belly was the first sign that she was 

laying open to his gaze.  

     Next she felt his hands working their way underneath the cups of 

her bra, and she was almost ready to push him away, when his hand 

closed on her breast and he gently trapped her nipple between his 

thumb and fingers.  Pulling and gently twisting the nipple made 

Juliann almost swoon with pleasure.  By now her hips had really begun 

to jerk around, and she could feel the wetness spreading from her tun-

nel.  By twisting, Mike was able to move the bra so that her breasts 

were no longer covered at all.  Raising up from their kiss, he gazed 

at the twin orbs and the erect nipples that seemed to be pointing 

right at him.

     Juliann tried to cover herself with her hands, but Mike quickly 

grabbed her wrists and placed her hands beside her on the seat. Murmur-

ing his love for her, her continued to pet one breast while placing 

his mouth over the other.  Kissing it and sucking the nipple caused 

such intense desire to go crashing through her, that Juliann thought 

she would die from joy.

"Oh . . .  yes, . . . yes, . . . yes !" she cried. "Oh, . . please . . 

. don't. . .   It . . feels . . . too good.  We have to . .  stop.  

OH, . . . OH, . .  OH . . . YE-E-E-S-S-S !!" 

     Juliann was on the very brink of another orgasm, but no matter 

how much Mike kissed and suckled, she was unable to reach the release 

point that she was seeking.  Pulling Mike over to her, she felt his 

full weight laying upon her body.  His mouth was still locked onto her 

breast, and she was panting and moaning in delight.  As her hips rose 

and fell she came in contact with the hardness in his pants.  The 

first time that his hardness rubbed against her crotch, an electric 

shock shot through the aching nub of flesh that was at the top of her 


     Mike began a slow grinding of his hips, and very soon was able to 

match the rhythm of Juliann's hips.  Each time that her hips touched 

his crotch he thought that he would burst.  His penis had grown so 

large that it actually hurt, trapped there within the confines of his 

trousers and jockey shorts.  By raising himself from her, he was able 

to yank his zipper down and free his cock.

     Juliann felt Mike moving his hardness against her and the only 

thought that she had was that the contact between them must not stop.  

Her "whateveritwas" was pulsing and causing surges of feeling to flash 

through her whole body; and it was best when Mike's hardness pushed 

against it.  The two young people continued to grind and rub against 

each other until Juliann felt the onrush of climax once again.  

     Looking down between their moving bodies, she was surprised to 

see Mike's cock rubbing against her through her jeans.  As she felt 

the final rush to climax begin, Mike cried out deep in his throat and 

and pushed himself against her one last time.  As Juliann watched, his 

cock began to jerk and a creamy fluid shot from the hole in the end 

upwards until it saturated her belly and breasts.

     This sight was too much for Juliann.  As he sprayed her body with 

his fluid, she felt her tunnel flexing and grasping in wanting, as if 

it needed to feel the spray deep inside.  Juliann felt her hips move 

in a manner that would have surely drawn his cock all the way in.  

     This climax that was now crashing around her was more intense 

than she thought possible.  Aroused beyond caring, she ground her hips 

into Mike's and cried out in her own release.

"Oh . . my . . god. . .  please . .  please . . please . . stop.  it's 

too much. I . . want . .  I . . . want . . . so-o-o-o much.  

Yes . .  yes . .   Good . . .  good . . . take . . . me . . now.  I 

need . . it . . . so-o-o-o much. . .   Y-y-y-e-e-e-s-s-s-s."

     Laying together on the seat, Mike and Juliann spoke of their

love as they came back from the dreamy and wonderful place that they 

had been together.  Mike felt that he had started Juliann on her way 

to understanding what loving was all about.

     Surprised, but glad, that she was as passionate as she had

shown - he vowed once again that he would not rush things with her. 

Murmuring his love for her, he continued to stroke her body until she 

fell asleep.

     Juliann lay in Mike's arms and worried that she had gone too far. 

The passion that had flooded her body was only slowly subsiding and 

each touch of his hands was a reminder to her of how wonderful she had 

felt.  She vowed, for her part, that she was still a nice girl, and 

that she was still a long way from "going all the way."  Until she 

decided that she was ready to take that step, she would enjoy petting 

and touching - but only above the waist and sitting up.  She still 

remembered with mixed fear and longing the grasping of her tunnel as 

she watched Mike's climax.  As she drifted off to sleep in his arms, 

she sighed with contentment as he gently stroked her body.



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