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Archive-name: First/jessica.txt


Archive-title: Jessica

'Jessica' was sixteen, I was nineteen. She was thin, blonde, about

five-three, and as 'pure as driven snow'. Being the merciless letch

that I am, I had been going out with her for over three months. Then the

night-of-reckoning came....

It was a snowy, cold night in Central New Mexico. My parents were out of

town, and we had run of the house for the weekend. All plans were made,

everything prepared, lies told, etc when she came over for the weekend.

We killed some time drinking, and talking, and drinking (you know

how virgins are), untill the hour was 'late'. A kiss, a hug, a little

slight-of-hand, and the sound of the wind outside faded into silence...

'Jessica' had small, firm breasts of the type that only seem to come on

virgin teenagers. Silky white, with a fine tracing of veins, and very

light nipples that would crinkle at the slightest touch. She began to

squirm in my arms...

... as the liquor and embraces began to warm her throughout. I loosened

some more clothing, and lowered my lips onto a pale, enticingly

smooth breast. Circling my tongue lightly around her nipple, I watched

fascinated as it hardened, growing, and rose to meet my teasing tongue.

Taking it into my mouth, I sucked as I prodded the tip with my dancing,

licking, sex-starved tongue. This continued untill she began unbuckling

my belt, and reached inside to find my swollen erection  standing tall,

waiting to be recognized.

Abandoning her beautiful tit, I rapidly undid her pants and pulled them,

slowly, over her feet. Inch by inch, her lovely legs appeared, and her

shapely hips revealed a small, nearly invisible, bush of fine, blonde,

fur. Wasting little time (I began at her knees instead of her feet)

I kissed up her thighs untill I reached my goal. Gently spreading her

thighs, I probed her gently with my tongue. Her wetness tasted sweet

with youth, and her clit leaped outward with a display of emotion.

Taking it between  my lips, I pushed my tongue into her slit, evoking

a gasp and shudder from  'Jessica'...

I continued my work, alternating sucking her clit with tongue-fucking,

untill her smooth belly humped in spasm, her juices flowed in a river,

and she screamed with orgasm.  Never one to do anything half-way, I

continued untill she had experienced several more rocking orgasms before

I stood up and finished undressing myself. She nodded approval at my

obvious plan. Slowly, ever so slowly and cautiously, I penetrated her

well-lubricated-but-still-virgin tunnel.  Gasps of (pain and pleasure)

slowed me, but never ceasing to slide deeper into her. She began to

rock her hips, and I began also, very, very gently.  She was so tight

that I had trouble holding back. We slowly fucked, and with me again

sucking her tit, she had her first-ever orgasm with a man inside of her.

Then we picked up steam. She quickly caught on to the rhythms required,

and fielded my off-synch movements, and proceeded to slide and slew

around the mattress untill her tight pussy robbed me with one of the most

intense orgasms I had ever had at the time.  Now, she was REALLY lubed,

and we continued without fear of me losing my head over Sex'..

....which is nothing to lose your head over. I pulled out, slowly, and

knelt again to caress her swelling, bulbous clit with my lips and mouth.

I flicked my tongue, almost casually, along the uppermost reaches of her

lips, from top to bottom...she lurched as I passed her bud, then sighed

as her back arched and then relaxed in a quick burst of pleasure.

My hands roamed, spirit-like, along her torso untill my right rested on

a firm breast and my left cupped her head, along the small of her back.

Her neck was soft, almost unbearably so between her shoulder blades, as

I explored every inch of 'Jessica's' (recently) virgin flesh. Trembling

pulses raced along my spine as her nipple hardened under my finger's

tremulous assault and her hips bucked into my face. She vaulted upwards,

twisting, and landed in a heap on her I crawled towards her,

carrying the second installment of a many-volume sequel....



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