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Archive-name: First/hrtbkhot.txt

Archive-author: The Unknown Wanderer

Archive-title: Heartbreak Hotel

        About 2 or 3 months ago, I went to a theme park (remain

nameless) with 3 guys from my high-school.  We had all just graduated

and as a little seperating party, we went on down to this theme park for

the weekend.  I was the one driving down there the whole day and we

arrived at the hotel we were staying at at about 12 a.m. that night.

We had a little problem with the hotel being very full and the only room

available was made over that day yet, but we didn't care and asked to

take it anyways.  There were expected to be long lines to get in the next

day, so my friends went to go get our admission passes that night so we

could get in with no problem the next day.  I meanwhile was gonna take a

shower at the hotel and crash.  We took our stuff to our room (I noticed

a rather good looking maid working right down the hall), and my friends

took off.


        I mostly stripped and just went into the bathroom.  I had turned

on the water and was sitting by the edge of the tub not masturbating,

but just kinda fondling myself waiting for the darned water to heat up

when the door to the bathroom swung open and there walked in the maid

back first pulling her cart part way into the adjoining room.  She turned

around and suddenly noticed me (and where my hands were) sitting

there.  She looked very hagged and frazzeled but underneath that

incredibly sexy.  She was wearing a cute little uniform with a rather

high skirt (incredible legs) and a button down front.  She had black

hair up in a bun with (what looked like from being very tired) whisps of

black hair coming out.  She also had brown eyes and nice full lips (with

some tinge (tan-ish skin) of a Latin-American background) with make-up that

looked like it was a little messed up.  Finally, I noticed she had a

very nice large chest with 1 more button than normal on her top was

undone.  "I'm sorry, I...uh, thought one..."


        She immediately started walk out but my gaze at her cleavage

somehow made her halt.  When I noticed this I quickly looked away and

started quickly turning off the water.  I then noticed her name-tag

'Maria'.  She now slightly grinning at me said, "Here, lemme get you a

towel..."  Maria leaned over real low making sure to give me a great

view while she picked up to pick up a towel I had tossed on the floor

earlier.  She caught my gaze again, and this time I started to get a

little embarassed.   She tossed me the towel (which I promptly covered

my self with and put on my briefs again), and went and pushed close the

bathroom door.


"Umm...would you like me to come back later?..."

"I uh...uh..."

"...It's been a long, long day..."

Maria reached up and pulled something from her bun, shook her head and black

hair came tumbling down.  Now, I was starting to get hard.  She grinned

and hungrily looking me over said, "Aww...How old are you?"


"You couldn't be long out of high-school then."

"No, just graduated."

"Why, I remember high-school...Hmm...I bet you even still a virgin..."


"I had fun back in boys is the best..."

Now, I was really starting to get hard.  She then slipped out of her

shoes, and was starting to walk over to me I stood up and the towel fell

right out of my lap onto the floor.  I started to reach down but then I

felt a thin hand on the noticeable bulge in my briefs and another on my

shoulder (I was about 4-5" taller than her).

"You know, eighteen-year-olds are supposedly at their sexual peak..."

She brought up to take up one of mine which she cupped under her clothed


"But for women, it's a bit later..."

She brought her hand on my shoulder up behind my head and gently pulled

me down to her face.  We started kissing and Maria pushed my hand up a

little more on her tit.  After a minute, she pushed me back down to

sitting on the side of the tub pushed my legs spread apart and walked

closer to me.  I was about even with her breasts.


        I reached up and one by one slowly undid the buttons on her

blouse exposing her large (DD?) tits in a red lace bra.  I could clearly

see her large nipples tightly restrained through a thin layer of lace.

I pushed off her blouse, lettings it fall to the floor, and reached around

to her back.  Meanwhile she was running her hands all over my chest and

grinning like crazy.  I reached around and undid a clasp on her skirt and

unzipped it part-way down the back.  It fell to the floor and she

stepped out of it exposing her great ass and nice red lace bikini panty.

She then started moaning and saying, "MMmm...I need to unwind..."


        Maria then looked at me at said well, "Lets see what we can

do..."  She then got on her knees and pulled off my briefs exposing my

nice 7" VERY hard cock.  She kissed my head making me crazy and slid just

my large head into her mouth and slowly slowly sucked off of it.  I was

now moaning and in sheer ecstasy.  I though I was going to come right

when she pulled off.  "Not so soon..."  I almost burst with frustration.


        She stood back up and reached around to her back and undid her bra

(immediately her tits fell forward) and took my hands and put them on

her breasts.  She squeezed my hands and groaned.  Her tits were great.

She pulled away her hands and started running them through her hair,

while I kept fondling her tits.  Maria was groaning.  I started kissing

her chest all over and her tits were starting to get a little stiffer

and her nipples were now really standing out.  I pulled her down onto

the floor.


        There I tore myself away from her cleavage and brought my hands

to her hips.  Her pussy looked great through the red lace.  I slowly

started to slide off her panties and Maria looked at me and started

smiling some more.  I got them off and tossed them one the floor.  I

spread her legs and slowly fingered the outside of her cunt lips.  In

between groaning she started saying, "Yes...Yes, come'on baby..."  I

started fingering her cunt and she started moaning more.  I pulled out

and brought my cock to the outer lips of her pussy and teased Maria some

more.  "Come'on now....Now!"


        I slid into her and we both went wild.  I started pumping her

harder and faster, squeezing her thighs as I got into her.  We were both

sweating, and moaning.  She was get more and more wet and clawing at the

floor tiles.  Her head was rolling everywhere.  Eventually, I held her

waist, slammed into her, and held her there while I shot my load into

her.  We both let out more groans, and I collapsed on top of her.


        "Your a natural.  Your gonna make a lotta women real happy.

What a great end to a lousy day..."

"You were unbelieveable..."

"All first times are."

She gathered her clothes and got dressed.  She started to leave when she

turned around and said, "Oh, by the way, what's your name?"


"John...Hmph, bye John...



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