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Archive-name: First/hotrider.txt

Archive-author: Sleazy Liz

Archive-title: Riding Bareback

     I'm in my mid 20's, now, and my wedding is planned for this

September and I'm very excited about it.  Kevin, my fiance, is

the love of my life -- the most wonderful man in the world -- and

I could not love or want him more than I do.  We've known each

other for more than three years and we've known each other

intimately for almost a year.  We are not virgins with each


     My life and my mind are so filled with Kevin, I hardly have

room to remember Brad -- but I still do, all the time...  It's

hard to believe, but I had my first sexual experience with Brad

about a month before my 12th birthday.  My birthday is in June,

so it was probably in May, and I was still 11!  Young enough to

think the ONLY love in my life would be a horse.

     I fell in love with horses so long ago, I can't even

remember when it happened.  Novels and picture books, photos and

paint-by-numbers, stuffed and carved -- my room and my mind were

full of horses!

     My family didn't have horses, but the family living down the

road had a small horse ranch.  Their youngest son was Brad and he

was a senior in high school at the time.  I was still in

elementary school, but we rode the same bus to the huge district

school complex and I walked past their house on the way to the

bus stop.  Sometimes, since we were the only two kids at that bus

stop, Brad would let me walk with him, but he never talked very

much and he'd never stop to let me visit with the horses along

the fence.  I'd given names to several of them and they would

come when I called.  Finally, it must have dawned on him that I

really did like horses.

     It was the last month of school for the year and the weather

was much warmer than usual.  One day, after the bus dropped the

two of us off, Brad asked me if I'd ever ridden a horse.  I told

him that I had been on the horse ride at the carnival.  He

laughed and asked me if I'd like to ride a `real' horse.  

     Of course, I screamed "Yes!"  

     I loved that first time so much, it became a habit, right

away.  On the way home from the bus stop, we'd stop at Brad's

house and he would give me a ride home on one of their big


     We always rode bareback and I felt like a queen sitting

behind him.  I'd wrap my arms around him real tight and hang on

for dear life.  He was so strong and gentle, and soon, he even

seemed to actually like me.  I think Brad liked anyone who liked

horses.  He was the star football player, an ace student, and all

the older girls went nuts over him (especially my older sister!).

And I knew he dated a girl, Susanne, but she didn't like horses. 

But, he liked me!  I didn't realize it then, but what I had was a

very big crush.  

     Sometimes we wouldn't go straight to my house.  We'd ride

for maybe an hour or so, and then he'd take me home.  One really

hot day, we stopped by the creek, far back on his parents'

property, near where the forest began.  

     We were hot and sweating when we dismounted, and I kicked

off my shoes and socks and ran, splashing, into the creek.  Brad

stood there, watching me and laughing.  While I was standing

bare-footed in the creek, Brad smiled and asked me what I wanted

to do next.  

     "I want to ride nude!" I said.  "Both of us!"  I almost

shouted it.  I don't know why I said it, but I knew I didn't want

anything between me and the horse (or maybe me and Brad!).

     Brad yelped in surprise and he didn't believe me at first,

but I kept insisting that I did.  Finally, I shrugged

indifference and told him that he would not be the first naked

man I'd seen.  I'm sure he assumed that I'd seen my father, but

the truth was -- I'd never seen a live naked man in my life!

     I pretended not to watch him as he undressed, but I did.  He

obviously wasn't interested in watching me, and that made me more

than a little unhappy.  But as I watched him, I quickly got over

it.  His body was gorgeous!  

     He looked almost as strong as his horse and I'm still not

sure which expectation excited me more -- riding naked or being

naked with him.  As soon as I put my arms around him, I was no

longer in doubt.  The feel of both hard bodies against my bare

skin was just too much, and as we rode, I let one hand drop


     Today, when I masturbate, I still think about that first

afternoon and his wonderful mouth.  My understanding of sexual

matters, at the time, was almost nothing.  I didn't even know

what a human male's erection looked like.  I barely had some

genital hair and I knew adults had much more.  The only true

sexual thoughts I'd had -- until that afternoon -- were thoughts

about when I'd have breasts, like my older sister.

     When I let that one hand drop, I had no idea what I'd find

and I still wonder what gave me the courage.  He was soft and

firm and warm and like nothing else I'd ever felt in my hand


     He pushed my hand away...several times.  And then what i was

feeling felt even bigger and harder, and he did not push my hand

away.  The harder he got, the faster we rode, and the harder I

held on to him...until he exploded warm goo and everything slowed


     Yes, I was frightened.  I was sure I'd hurt him, his warm

stuff was on my fingers, on his shoulders and in his hair.

     I was afraid to say anything.  I was positive I'd done

something very wrong, and he'd yell at me if I even opened my

mouth.  He stopped at the creek, again, and told me to wash my

hand.  I was afraid to look at him, I knew he was washing his

face and chest.

     Just as I was reaching for my clothes, I heard his voice. 

He told me not to worry.  I was almost crying and he helped me

sit down in the grass.  

     I'm in his arms, and I move closer, tighter into him, still

scared.  An instant later, his long kiss sends my mind swimming

down the creek.  I feel the cool grass on my back, and then his

face moved away from my lips and I felt his mouth kissing me,

moving down my body, until he was kissing me deeply where I'd

never been opened before, and I knew then that I'd never be

afraid of him again.

     That was the very best summer of my life.  Mom and Dad gave

me my very own horse on my 12th birthday, so Brad and I would

ride almost every day, and we'd always stop by the creek.  We

never rode nude again.  

     At first, beside the noisy creek, I'd use my hand on him and

then I'd embrace his face with my thighs until I was done.  But,

quickly, our loving matured.  Always afterwards, I'd hide myself

in his arms, and sometimes we would sleep.

     It wasn't long before Brad let me kiss his massive erection,

and I soon loved how his stuff would fill my mouth and make me

swallow and swallow.  What I was doing for him made me so proud

of myself.

     By the end of June, we were having intercourse.  The first

time, he held me over his body and lowered me down onto and

around his hard flesh.  I was slippery-wet and hungry for him and

it hurt only a tiny bit and then the pleasure flooded through my

body, and I wanted to never stop what we were doing.  

     We were both always ready for more.  I could always make him

hard and he would always have me wet and tingly in anticipation. 

Every day, at least once, sometimes three or four times a day we

would love each other!

     He went away to college in September.  We didn't talk about

love or anything like that.  I was smart enough to know that I

wasn't really in love with him, although I loved doing it to him

and I loved what he did to me.  

     I had several boyfriends in high school, but we never had

any kind of sex other than kissing and a few feels.  I always

waited for Brad's return from college.  We were always there for

each other whenever he came home -- somedays it seemed like we

made love continuously, from dawn till after dark.  But, after

Brad graduated from college, when he was 22 and I was just 16, he

got a job too far away to visit, and I missed him so much -- so

very, very much.  We wrote, but...

     I met Kevin over three years ago, and I haven't thought as

much about Brad since.  Brad introduced me to, and gave me, the

most wonderful pleasures... but I never saw myself as his equal. 

He was always an adult, a teacher, never a lover.  But he is

still my sweetest and dearest friend, and he has my eternal


     His legs were like trees, he had almost no hindquarters.  He

would carry me over the creek as easily as he could carry

himself.  He picked me up like I was nothing.  His arms could

cover me, and hide all of me.  His hands could cover my whole

face.  His chest seemed bigger than my bed.  I could sit in his

hands -- were they so big and strong, or was my butt so small?  I

wish he would carry me again today.

     No hair -- I had no hair that first Summer and he made fun

of me and told me I had no hair.  But I did!  Yes, I had some...

I had a few, I did!  He never made fun of my breasts, though, the

ones I didn't have when he first knew me.  He watched them grow

that summer, he helped me grow, he loved me growing.  His mouth,

his tongue, his sharp teeth so pure and white...he could make my

nipples so hard.  He told me loving them the way he did would

make them grow.  And his hard loving and sucking did.

     Can anyone begin to imagine how much I loved watching Brad? 

Can anyone begin to imagine how much I loved watching how huge he

would grow in my small hands?  His massive balls were as heavy as

those of his horse.  And his cock!  How I loved his cock, his

HUGE HARD COCK was life itself!  

     There are no words big enough, or strong enough, or hard

enough, or long enough, or thick and fat enough to describe the

massiveness of him that I pumped with my hands...or the first

time I tried to capture some of his eruption in my mouth.  It was

so pure, so much, so real, so warm, so new.  No pain,

no fear, no damage, no heartache... no death except that most

wonderful death of dying from his mouth and darting tongue... the

first time he put one finger in, deep... and most of all -- the

very first time I knew and took him in fully.  He was always in

me so DEEP!

     For years, I would close my eyes and see Brad so big and

strong and hard.  I've often wished I had some pictures of Brad,

a film of the two of us by the creek would be even more precious

-- he was so good and so big, both my hands weren't even enough. 

I wish I had something so big and strong to hang onto this

evening and all night long.

     It is such a shame that the wonderful beauty and the most

intense pleasure of those times were not recorded in living color

and real sound...the creek, his voice, his gasps, his surrender

and the raging roar of his bull release.  Kevin's, I will have

and hold and hear for the rest of my life, but Brad was the first

and his were the first, and they will always be important for


     Sometimes I wish I could be 12 again.  Things were so

perfect then, no worries.  Sometimes I am afraid of the future -

- marriage is forever.  I want Kevin forever, but I know things

will not always be perfect.  First times are always the best and

most intense.  Brad will never die in my mind, he will always be

the biggest... maybe only because I was so small and it was all

so new, maybe that is why he was the best.  No one can ever take

him away from me.  If only I could see him one more time.  If

only he could hold me one more time, If only I could be 12 again

and have him like I had him then.

-- Sleazy Liz, 3/92



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