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Archive-name: First/hotnghbr.txt

Archive-author: Mark

Archive-title: Me and Mrs. Miller 

     This is an account of my earliest, and most vivid, sexual experience. 

Although intercourse never occurred, it was, for a just-13 year old boy,

very sexually exciting.  I can remember it as if it happened yesterday,

because of how it affected me.  As I mentioned before, this happened twenty

years ago when I was thirteen.   

     I was an only child and I had been to a few `make-out' parties, but

the only sexual contact I had had with girls was the usual kissing and

maybe a feel of little budding breasts through a t-shirt.  Of course, I'd

learned to masturbate and did so all the time.  It's hard to remember

exactly what I fantasized over, but I vaguely remember thoughts about a

certain eighth grade teacher of mine.   

     Anyway, just after my thirteenth birthday, my father won a sales

contest at his company, so my parents were going away for a long weekend

and my mom had made arrangements for me to stay with our nextdoor neighbor,

Mrs. Ann Miller.  Mrs. Miller and her husband had lived next door to us all

my life and were good friends of my parents, but, unfortunately, Mr. Miller

had been killed in a car accident about 16 months before that weekend. 

They had no kids and Ann lived home alone.  I thought Ann looked pretty

good for her age.  Thinking back, she must have been all of thirty-five. 

She was short, about 5'2", and 105 lbs.  I remember that she had enormous


     My parents left right after work on Thursday, saying they would be

home sometime Sunday evening.     

     After school on Thursday, Ann fixed us dinner and we ate in front of

the TV.  We were watching the tube and Ann was reclining in an easy chair. 

I was on the couch across the room.   

     At one point, I looked over at Ann and noticed that her skirt was

riding high on her thigh and, combined with the tight white blouse she was

wearing, it was giving my little penis convulsions.  She appeared to be

sleeping so I grew bolder.  I moved down to the floor and leaned on the

coffee table in front of her out-stretched legs.  I pretended to be reading

something but was stealing peeks under her skirt.  Ann's legs parted a

little more, until it was easily enough to see above the top of her

stockings and the crotch of her panties.  This was a sight I had only

dreamed about and became so preoccupied with it I didn't notice her wake


     She caught me!   

     She pulled down her skirt right away, but didn't seem all that angry. 

She told me that what I was doing was wrong and that I should be spanked. 

      "Spanked," I thought, "she's a neighbor, not one of my parents.  She 

couldn't be serious."   

     But she was.  "Stand up and take down your pants, Mark," she said.   

     I was hesitant but did what she said after her tone became more stern. 

     "The underpants, too."  I slowly pulled them down, keeping one hand

over my little hard-on. 

     Ann sat forward in her chair and patted her knees, indicating my next

position.  I moved closer to her and quickly bent over her knees.  Ann 

jostled me around until it was comfortable for her and I felt very

humiliated in this position.  My feet were off the ground and my penis was

pushed right against her thigh.  My bottom was high in the air and gave her

a good target.  She gave me about ten good smacks with her hand.   

     I still remember the whole ordeal turned me on; the spanking as much

as the nudity.  I hadn't had a bare bottom spanking in I couldn't remember

how long.  When it was over and I was putting my pants back on, I noticed

Ann staring at my penis.  I guess it wasn't that small and it did have a

few hairs surrounding it.  I didn't know it at the time, but the scene must

have turned her on as well. 

     Things seemed back to normal for the rest of the night until about 

10:30.  I was in having my nightly bath, when the door flew open an in

walked Ann.  She said she wasn't looking and leaned into the sink to brush

her teeth.  Maybe she wasn't looking but I sure was.  Ann was wearing a

little blue baby-doll negligee set, with matching panties.  To me, the

thing looked totally see-through.  When she leaned into the sink, the top

rode up and the panties stretched across her bottom.  What was this woman

doing to me? 

     "Would you like me to wash your back?," she asked as she finished 


     I stammered a quick "No thanks," but she insisted and was already 

soaping a washcloth.  The view of her front was even better.  The thin 

material did nothing to cover her large, round breasts.  Her nipples were 

dark and wrinkled and looked hard, and it began to dawn on me that she knew

exactly what she was doing to me. 

     "Lean forward," she said as the cloth went up and down my back.  The 

tension in the room was building.  "OK, stand up, I want to get the rest." 

     I knew this wasn't right but, at thirteen, other feelings were

starting to take over.  Even though I was very aroused, I still remained

very shy.  I stood but faced slightly away from her.  My hardened penis was

the last thing I wanted her to see. 

     Ann soaped down my back, over my rear, down the backs of my legs and 

back again.  It gave me quite a start when her fingers slipped between my 

buttocks and washed there.  Her hands moved around the front and were

gently turning me around.  I kept both hands covering myself.  Ann kept

encouraging me, telling me everything was alright.  I was beginning to feel

more relaxed I guess, because I dropped my hands as her hands approached my


     This was not just a friend washing my back, now.  It was very sexual

and not only on my part.  She sat on the edge of the tub. One hand soaped

up and down my shaft while the other held my butt.  I knew the feelings

that were starting to build and so did Ann.  She stopped soaping me, took

my right hand, and placed it on her barely-covered breast; her hand moving

mine as a guide.  The soap was drying on the rest of my body and Ann

stopped and told me to rinse off.  I moaned as she stopped jerking/soaping

me and rinsed off. 

     Ann had a towel waiting when I stood up.  I thought that was the end

of our encounter but she started to masturbate me after I was dry.   

     Then, she did something I'd only read and heard about.  She got down

on her knees in front of me and was planting little kisses on my scrotum

and penis before taking it all in her mouth.  She fellated me, sucking and 

licking my cock until I had an orgasm.  It didn't take long!  She swallowed

everything I shot into her hot mouth and smiled up at me.  She seemed

pleased with herself in some way.   

     It was getting late and Ann suggested that it was time for bed.  She 

told me she needed company and asked me to sleep in her bed for the night. 

I'd gone this far, so I gladly did as she asked. 

     We climbed into bed and I had thoughts of losing my virginity that 

night, but as I mentioned before, intercourse didn't happen.  Instead, we 

held each other for awhile.   

     Soon, Ann snuggled close and dropped the shoulder of her nightie to 

expose her breast.  She asked me to suck on it like a baby would.  Of

course I didn't pass up the chance and moved a little lower in the bed. 

After about ten minutes of sucking and feeling both of her wonderful tits,

Ann shook with an orgasm.  She had been masturbating under the blankets the

whole time.   We both drifted off to sleep, and I awoke the next morning to

Ann sucking me to hardness and to orgasm, again.  She told me I could stay

home from school if I wanted, and she would `teach' me things.  Of course I


     For the rest of that day and the weekend, Ann and I spent the entire 

time naked and close to each other.  I sucked on her tits and nipples for 

hours, squeezing the hard nipples until Ann moaned in orgasm.  She spread

her legs and showed me her clit and hairy cunt, stretching her pussylips

wide open while I explored her with my fingers and tongue.  I begged to

fuck her, but Ann refused, always blowing me or jerking me off, instead.   

     Sadly, Sunday night arrived, and so did my parents.  Before they 

arrived, Ann told me that what had happened was our little secret and could

never happen again.  I cried, and as she comforted me, her hand slipped

down to my crotch and my cock hardened, immediately.  She opened my zipper

and took me into her mouth, again.  She was swallowing my cum for the last

time, when we saw my parents' headlights pull into the driveway. 

     I never told anyone, especially my parents (who knows what they would

have done?) and they still don't know, today.  I went over Mrs. Miller's as

much as I could and regardless of what she said that Sunday night, she

never disappointed me.  She always gave me a wonderful blow-job, and would

let me play with her tits and pussy until we would get tired, but we never

had intercourse.  Even when she began to date, and eventually got engaged,

she never told me `no' when I stopped over her house for sex.  

     We moved away two years later and I never saw Mrs. Miller again. 

     Looking back now, the whole thing seemed sweet, almost innocent.  It

was definitely not molestation or abuse.  Ann was someone I trusted and I

knew she wouldn't harm me.  I imagine she was just lonely and this might

have been the first sexual contact she'd had since the death of her


     Most importantly, we both enjoyed it.  I went on to grow up a healthy,

normal person, with no ill affects from that night (except I still love 

large-breasted women!). 



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