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Archive-name: First/hischool.txt


Archive-title: High School

My name is Phil Wheeler. I'm a sales rep. The events in this story

took place a couple weeks ago. I debated writing them down in my

computer journal. But I figure nobody else will ever find this

file, so why not?

I was only in town for two nights. I had morning meetings and the

rest of the days I had to myself. Even though it was the first time

I had been in Atlanta and I definitely was not into being a


It was two in the afternoon and I was horny. Unfortunately the

middle of the day isn't the best time to find companionship, unless

you're willing to pay for it. I wasn't.

Lying in bed in the hotel, I debated masturbating and thought to

myself, "what am I going to? I don't want to sit around this room

until the bars get busy in only," I looked at my watch and rolled

my eyes, "seven hours."

I decided to take a long walk around Atlanta's downtown. After

almost an hour of window-shopping and girl-watching I found myself

across the street from St. Bart's High School for girls. It was

three and I heard a bell ring. The doors swung open and a horde of

hot high school girls poured out onto the sidewalk. They were

dressed identically--short plaid skirts, white shirts and knee

socks. I felt my rod twitch. My palms were moist as I watched the

girls start off in separate directions. A group of three crossed

the street and walked by me. I couldn't tell but it seemed like one

of them smiled at me. But she couldn't be more than fifteen. She

had long blond hair and chest was small but promising. Her eyes

sparkled blue and I couldn't take my eyes off her. When she was

about ten feet away she dropped a notebook. As she bent from the

waist to pick it up I saw her thighs and caught a glimpse of white


My penis was hard as a rock. I contemplated following her and

thought about the penalties for sex with a minor. But it didn't

matter. All I could think about was her smile and the thought of

pulling down those chaste white panties. I was compelled to follow

her. I guess being in a strange city, not having anyone to be

accountable to made the decision easier. The bottom line is my dick

was doing all my thinking because the next thing I knew I had been

following the three girls for close to twenty minutes.

As I walked behind the girls, keeping a good distance, I wondered

what the fuck I was doing. I mean, here are three incredibly cute

young of them was black. She could of passed for Lisa

Bonet except she was better developed. The second one had beautiful

red hair. She was tall, almost five-ten, and flat as a board.

Then there was the smiler. I kept picturing her lying on a bed with

her legs over my shoulders as I tasted her virginal pussy.

They stopped. They were standing a discrete distance away from a

liquor store. There was a dry-cleaner and bank on the same block

but something told me the liquor store was their destination. They

were looking around, trying to act bored. I suddenly realized they

needed someone to buy some booze for them. I wanted to run up and

offer but knew I had to keep my cool. So I sauntered up to them,

trying to look disinterested as I neared. When I was a few feet

from the door I heard someone say, "Excuse me, mister." Turning I

saw the blond. She was smiling sheepishly. "How would you like to

buy us a six-pack of beer. We don't have any I.D. and we'd really

appreciate it.

"My pleasure." She started to open up her purse. "Forget it." I

said, "this was my treat."

I thought my dick was going to rip through my zipper as I looked at

her full lips glistening as she ran her tongue over them.

"What kind of beer would you like?"

The red-head quickly said "Heiniken."

My eyebrows raised at her expensive taste. A moment later she

added, "please." Not that she had too.

The black girl said, "well, if you're paying for the beer, can I

give you a couple of dollars for some wine."

"Don't worry about it," I said.

When I came out I didn't see the girls anywhere. There was a police

car at the curb but it was empty. I wondered if they were just

playing a practical joke on me, seeing if they could get some

sucker to waste a few bucks on booze. I was bummed until I saw the

blond in dry-cleaner. I realized they were waiting for the cop to

leave. I started walking down the street slowly. I didn't want to

look behind me because I got the feeling there was a car following

me. My heart started to race. Was the cop going to bust me? The car

pulled up and it was a cab.

"Hop in!" It was the blond and she was smiling. As I got in, she

slid across the back seat to make room and I got another glimpse of

her white underpants. God I wanted to touch her pussy so badly.

So I'm riding in the back of a big checker cab with three nubile

young high school girls. "What are your names?" I asked. The blond

was Julie, the black girl was Alex, the red-head, Colleen.

"Where are we going?"

"Where do you want to go?" Alex, the black girl asked.

"Where ever you want to take me." I replied trying to sound cool

and not blow this opportunity. We ended up going to Julie's parents

townhouse. Both her parents worked and we could drink undisturbed.

When we got to the house I paid the cab. Julie's parents were both

doctors and the house was gorgeous. We're talking major bucks. We

went down to the t.v. room and Julie turned on the stereo. I picked

out a Talking Heads disc and we drank a toast to new friends.

I was sitting on the couch and Julie was sitting across from me on

this leather recliner. She had her knees up and every once in a

while she shifted to reach her drink and I saw the white of her

panties. My dick started twitching again.

I realized she was watching me looking at her. And that she was

smiling, ever-so-slyly.

I suggested that we add a little punch to the beers. In addition to

the beer and wine I had bought a bottle of pure grain alcohol. The

girls thought it was a great addition and I poured it in their

beers. Julie was drinking wine.

Not surprising the conversation came around to sex. Alex told me

that she had once seen her brother masturbate. I tried to hide my

hard-on as I looked into her deep brown eyes and said there was

nothing abnormal about jerking off. Julie didn't say a word but

finished her beer very quickly. Taking another, she poured it in a

big glass and added a big slug of alcohol.

At that point Alex excused herself and left with her backpack. When

she returned she had changed out of her school uniform. She was

wearing jeans and a loose sleeveless t-shirt that I knew would let

me see her firm tits when she leaned over for her wine.

Alex asked me what it was like the first time I had sex. I told

them I was fourteen when I lost my virginity. My partner was

seventeen and a friend of my older sister. Her name was Claire and

she had blue eyes and long black hair that went down to her waist.

She was very well developed and a cheerleader.

The night I lost my cherry she had been sleeping over our house and

in the middle of the night had gotten up to go to the bathroom.

When she was done she walked right into my room instead of my

sister's who was the next door down. I was reading Penthouse with

one hand. I was stroking my dick when she walked in.

As I told the girls this I watched their reactions. Alex just

stared at me while Colleen blushed.  Julie, very subtly, squeezed

her knees together.

Anyway, my sister's friend was probably more embarrassed than I was

and as she stammered an apology she started to leave. I don't know

what came over me but I said "wait a minute."

She stopped. I said, "close the door."

She did. I said, "its my turn."

She looked puzzled. "Its only fair. You saw mine, now I see yours.

That way we're even."

She saw the logic in what I said and slowly pulled down her panties

beneath her night gown. I stared and slowly stroked my dick under

the cover as the panties slid down her legs and she stepped out of

them. She hesitated for a moment. I'll never forget how she

looked...scared and excited, standing in my room, wearing a thin

cotton nightgown. Her large firm tits straining against the

material, her nipples clearly defined as they stood straight out.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked, getting impatient, getting

hot, not quite believing what was happening.

Slowly, watching my face, she pulled her night gown up over her

knees, over her thighs. Up it went and then I saw it, the dark

triangle, the first real pussy I had ever seen.

I was about to come when she said "wait, don't waste that on your


She took her nightgown completely off. She was standing there

proudly, with her compact little ass, her firm tits erect and her

pussy, just a few feet away from my waiting dick.

"So, how do I compare to your magazine models?" She asked as she

walked over to the bed. As she pulled the sheets away from me,

revealing my hard dick, she smiled. "I guess I have my answer."

She bent over and started to lick my dick from the base to the tip,

until it was glistening in a sea of her saliva. Then she took my

dick in her hand and started to stroke it. Real slowly at first. I

reached out and started to pinch her nipples. She stroked harder

and faster. I pinched her nipples harder and harder. With her other

hand she started playing with herself. She was rubbing her clit and

stroking my dick as I pulled on her tits. Just as I was about to

come she took my dick into her mouth and stuck her index finger

into my anus. I felt my entire crotch contract and I shot the

biggest load I have ever shot. The biggest until the next load I

shot as I got laid for the first time.

I looked at the girls. Colleen looked a little glassy-eyed. Alex

looked excited. Her nipples were denting her t-shirt. Julie said,

"let's play poker."

I smiled to myself. Colleen didn't want to but the girls talked her

into it. Alex came back with a deck of cards.

"What are we betting with?" I asked.

"How about clothes?" Julie said giggling. "The lowest hand has to

remove one article of clothing."

"Forget it." Colleen said. The girls couldn't convince her to play

for clothes but she would play for answers. The rules were, if you

don't want to remove an article of clothing you have to answer any

question asked, if you don't answer then you have to do whatever

the group decides. By now my dick was dying for attention and I

hoped I could make this game go quickly.

Alex dealt the cards and Colleen lost the hand. "Okay tell us about

the first time you ever touched a guy's wang." Julie demanded.

"No way!" She yelled taking a big slug off her third beer. "Then

french kiss Phil," Alex yelled.

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. She came over to where I was

sitting and started to kiss me, tentatively at first. "With your

tongue!" Julie yelled. She opened her mouth and I opened mine. I

felt her tongue dart into my mouth and I shivered involuntarily at

the feel  of her young tongue as it danced in my mouth. Then she

wrapped it around my tongue as if she was giving it a blow job.

After she stopped, Julie said "Well, how was it?"

I just smiled.

I lost the next hand and took off my shirt. Julie lost and took off

her shoes. Then Colleen lost again and took off her shoes.

I was sitting across from three fifteen-year old girls who were

getting pretty drunk I wanted to fuck them so badly it was driving

me mad.

Alex, who wasn't wearing much to begin with, lost the next hand. We

were all silent, waiting to see what she'd do when she quickly

pulled her t-shirt off over her head.

Her tits were standing straight out. They were light brown with

small thick nipples. She sat, silent, proud of her body, and I

didn't blame her.

Colleen eyes had a funny look to them and when she lost the next

hand I decided to take a chance. She didn't want to take off any

more of her clothes and opted for a question.

"Colleen, are you turned on by the sight of Alex's tits?" I asked.

She looked at me and smiled. "What's my task?"

"French kiss Alex." I said. Collen's eye's widened. Alex just sat

there and had a hit of pure grain alcohol. Colleen leaned over and

started to kiss Alex. I looked at Julie. Her face was flushed, her

breath was shallow and rapid. I leaned over and kissed her. She

opened her mouth to receive my thrusting tongue.

When we all finished kissing Alex suggested we retire to Julie's

room which was really the garage apartment was available. We put

our clothes back on and went out the back door. The garage which

was unattached had a one-bedroom apartment. When we all got settled

in, we decided to forgo the card game and just play truth or dare.

I asked Julie if she was a virgin. She refused to say so Alex and

Colleen thought of a dare for her to take.

"Deep throat the wine bottle." She looked at them surprised and

said no way. They said she was breaking the rules of the game and

had to take the double dare. "Do whatever Phil says for twenty


Julie said okay, as long as I kept my clothes on. They said fine.

But they also said they didn't want to watch so they'd leave for

twenty minutes and then come back. Alex set the alarm clock and the

two girls left with big smiles.

Julie looked beautiful, but a little nervous. She kept rearranging

her skirt trying to cover more of her legs as she changed positions

on the couch. Her eyes were bright and her face was hot with


"Take off your blouse."

She looked scared. "No, I don't do that kind of thing." She stood

up and crossed her arms, shielding her small tits.

"Take it off."

"No. Look this was just supposed to be an innocent game. Besides

I'm a virgin and plan to keep it that way until I get married."

She started edging toward the door. I moved over so I was between

her and the door. I started moving toward her. We were inches

apart. My dick was screaming.

I softened my approach. "How about a kiss then?"

She looked like she didn't trust me but said okay. We started

kissing and as she relaxed a little and let her arms drop to her

sides, I thrust my hand under her plaid skirt and felt her pussy

thru her damp underpants.

She started to yell but I kept my mouth over hers preventing any

sound from escaping. We fell backwards onto the couch together with

my one hand rubbing her pussy as I kept kissing her. Finally I

stopped rubbing and I felt her relax again. When I stopped kissing

her she didn't scream or say anything. I kissed her gently and

started unbuttoning her blouse. She didn't fight me, but she didn't

help either. After her blouse was off I looked at her. Her skin was

so white and soft...her nipples were straining against the plain

white bra which I removed. I took off my shirt as she watched

without saying a word. When I started to remove my pants she got

scared again.

"Wait a minute. I just wanted to fool around. That's it. Okay?"

I kissed Julie softly and said "okay."

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and placed her on

the big brass bed. "We'll be more comfortable here. But don't

worry, I won't do anything you don't want me to."

She smiled as I went into the bathroom. I opened a second door in

the bathroom which went into a big walk-in closet. I found a bunch

of silk handkerchiefs which I brought out with me.

"What are you going to do with those?" She asked.

"Shhhh, I said as quickly wrapped one around her mouth as a gag.

Tying her arms down took seconds since she was so much smaller than

I. Before I tied her legs down I unzipped her skirt and pulled it

down over her cute little butt. Her eyes were wide as she looked at

my face as I pulled down her damp white underpants.

Her pussy was small with a few wisps of downy blond hair. The lips

were thick, and when I touched her clit a shiver ran up and down

her body.

When I stuck a finger into her vagina she thrashed, trying to break

free but the knots were too well-tied.

"You like to tease boys don't you?" I asked.

She nodded.

"You like to see how hot you can get them before you go home and

play with yourself I bet."

She nodded again.

"What do you use when you're all alone up here?" I went over to her

dresser and started opening drawers. In the back of her underwear

drawer there was a vibrator, around six inches long. I took her gag


"That's not mine. I'm just keeping it for somebody." She protested.

I turned on the vibrator and felt it move in my hand. I rubbed the

vibrator all over her athletic little body, working my way slowly

down to her pussy.

"Please don't. Please stop. Come on, enough's enough. My parents

could come up here any moment." She tried reasoning with me.

"Shhh, this is what happens to teases," I told her. "Now lick the



I bit her nipple.

"Owww!" She immediately started licking the vibrator. There was

something kinky about watching her lick this rod which she had

rammed into her tiny cunt so many times.

After it was glistening with her saliva I took the vibrator and put

it against the tip of her asshole.

"No, come on, don't do that. That's gross. Please don't."

I slowly worked the tip into her backdoor and she squirmed wildly

trying to escape. Slowly, I pushed the humming plastic penis until

all six inches were filling her chocolate expressway.

"Oh god, stop, please." She begged.

I started licking her tiny tits, biting the little nipples just

hard enough to see her jump from the pain and excitement. I worked

my way down to her pussy and outlined the lips with my tongue. Then

I took her clit in my teeth and started to pull on it. She was

getting excited. Her pussy was getting wet and tasted like honey.

"Fuck me, fuck me. Stick your dick in my pussy. I want to feel you

fill me with cum."  I decided to follow her directions. I took off

my pants and quickly put a condom on.

"No you're too big, let me give you a blow job, please?" I ignored

her, knowing a tease when I hear one.

With one hard thrust filled her with eight inches of meat.

She yelled as her whole body tensed. Then she relaxed. After a few

moments she started to match my thrusts. Our rhythm was perfect as

I pumped with a bigger dick than I have ever known. Just as I was

about to cum I turned the vibrator on high asshole and felt her

pussy muscles contract around my dick. She was pumping with her

legs, with her stomach and with her pussy.

I felt the cum heating up in my balls. I knew I couldn't last much

longer and with a final thrust I orgasmed, pumping out what felt

like a gallon of cum.

Julie hadn't orgasmed yet. She was lying there with a vibrator

humming in her butt, thrashing and begging me to get her off. I

took off the condom and put it in front of her young face. She

licked it savagely, like an animal in heat.

I put a finger in her pussy and started to rub her clit.

"More, I need more."

I slid two fingers into her love canal. Then three, then four.

"More, more, go for it."

I couldn't believe this tiny pussy could take my whole fist but she

did. I could feel her muscles grab my hand with each thrust until

she started to scream as she came.

My dick was already hard again and I started jerking off with my

dick inches from her face. I came again, spraying her pretty little

face with my jism. She smiled and licked as much of it as she


When I untied her hands and feet she climbed in my lap and gave me

a passionate kiss. I felt her hot little butt in my crotch and

started to get hard again.

Sitting there I wondered if I could plan all my business trips

around Catholic High Schools for girls.



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