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Archive-name: First/goody04.txt


Archive-title: Goody Goodie Girls - 4

          After Maggie got home from studying with Karen, she couldn't

     believe how horny she had gotten just thinking about the first time she

     and Karen had fingerfucked each other during one of their sleep-overs.

     That coupled with remembering how she had let Norm eat out her box today

     and she had reciprocated by taking his huge ram between her lips, then

     swallowing his cum load, made her pussy as wet as it had been when she

     was half naked in the boys locker room. The dark blotch soaking through

     her panties was more than testimony of her feverish excitement.

          She straddled her feet a good yard apart, watching her reflection

     in her mirror do same and seeing her naked breasts jiggle in the soft

     shadows of her room. Slowly, she eased her fingertips over the enticing

     mound of her vagina, tracing the well defined, outer lips of her snatch

     through the sheer fabric and feeling the cushion of her cunt hairs under

     the tiny swatch of fabric.

          She jumped when she heard the firm but gentle rap at her window.

     Angry at the sudden intrusion, she marched across her room, resting her

     hands on the sill and peering outside, forgetting for the moment that

     she was naked except for the abbreviated panties. "Who's out there?" Her

     large pliable tits swung out and touched the cool wire mesh of the

     screen when she leaned forward, but she didn't seem to notice.

          "It's me," came a low masculine voice.

          Still not knowing who it was, she said softly, "I can't see you."

          A pale pimply face raised up from the hedge outside her window and

     pressed into the screen. "Me."

          "Norman Green!" she cried in a hushed whisper. "What are you doing

     here? You are some kind of fucking pervert."

          "I thought maybe after the way you went down on me today you'd want

     to see me again," he grinned, staring at her magnificent titties.

          "Well, you thought wrong," she said in a curt tone, although she

     was more than aware of the contradictory feelings ebbing through her

     loins. It took only the sight of his cute, pimply face to remind her of

     the immense cock he had packed between his legs.

          "Let me come in for just a minute," he pleaded, his mouth watering

     as he ogled her bare breasts.

          "I wouldn't dare. My parents are sleeping, and their room's just

     down the hall."

          "Just for a minute," he said again, all but begging. "I'll let you

     play with my pecker again," he added in a tantalizing voice.

          Reluctantly, Maggie removed the screen and raised her window.

          In seconds the skinny team manager had hoisted his small sturdy

     body up and crawled through the narrow space.

          When Norman's bare feet dropped soundlessly onto her bedroom floor,

     Maggie saw that the short youth was wearing only a pair of thin running

     shorts and a brief tank top. "You're going to freeze your balls off

     running around like that at night," she said, noticing the spongy head

     of his cock poking out of one of the loose legs of his shorts. "Summer's

     over, you know?"

          "I've got more on than you do," he observed, letting his eyes wash

     over her bare breasts and down to the damp spot where her panties were

     being sucked into her cunt. He could see every contour of her snatch and

     even the web of pussy hairs through the wet fabric.

          Maggie instantly crossed her arms over her breasts and humped her

     ass back as if that would do anything to hide her nakedness. "I knew I

     shouldn't have let you in."

          "You let me in because you couldn't help yourself," Norm teased,

     dropping his hand to his crotch, then letting it go lower until he was

     fingering the swelling head of his hardening cock. "Once you got a taste

     of my pecker, you had to have more. I'll bet you're going out of your

     mind to get more of my hot meat in your mouth."

          "That's stupid," Maggie muttered, watching as his organ filled with

     blood, raising the leg of his shorts like a fleshy crowbar levering out

     the thin material. "I'm still pissed because you shot off in my mouth."

          "You don't look too pissed," Norm observed, hauling his shorts down

     and letting his boner jut out in front of his narrow hips. He watched

     her soft brown eyes lock on his throbbing ram, a trace of saliva wetting

     her puffy lips. He gave his fuck tool a couple of easy strokes and took

     a step towards the pretty brunette. "Let me see your titties."

          Maggie strapped her arms tighter across her naked breasts. "Why

     should I?"

          "Because you want to. Because if you let me see them, I'll let you

     suck on my cock again."

          "What makes you think I want to suck on your cock again?" Her voice

     had lost all of its severity, and a queasiness was filling her insides.

     She knew as well as Norman that she couldn't resist that pulsating shaft

     of flesh at the junction of his legs or that low-hanging sac of balls

     anymore than he could resist stealing into her bedroom tonight.

          "Because you're a natural cocksucker, just like I'm a natural pussy

     eater. And you know if you suck my cock, I'll work my hot tongue up your

     hairy little snatch again. Come on. Let me see your titties."

          Carefully, Maggie lowered her arms, letting her full, melon-like

     breasts come into view for the short teenager.

          "They're as lovely as your cunt," Norm muttered, unable to take his

     eyes off her erect nipples. "Take your panties off."

          "What about my parents?" Maggie asked, shooting a cautious glance

     at her door. "What if they hear us and come in?"

          "Don't worry. I promise you we won't make any noise."

          "I don't know."

          Lewdly, Norm shook his cock at the small bare-breasted girl, making

     his large balls dance around and took another step closer. "You want to

     get your lips wrapped around this big fat dong of mine again, don't


          Resigning herself to her out-of-control lusts, the brunette

     carefully eased her panties down and kicked them to one side. She stood

     there totally bare-assed in front of the teenaged youth, deliberately

     spreading her legs so he could get a good look at her cunt.

          "Your pussy's already soaking wet," Norm said, seeing the dark,

     gleaming hairs bending into the shiny slash and curling along the

     insides of her thighs. "Were you playing with yourself before I showed


          Maggie nodded as she backed toward her bed and sat on the edge of

     the mattress.

          "Were you thinking about me and my big hard ram while you fingered

     your snatch?"

          Maggie nodded again, not at all ashamed to admit that she had been

     lusting for the skinny teenager's cock in his absence.

          "I was playing with myself too, and thinking about you. I loved

     having my tongue up your juicy pussy, just as much as I loved cumming in

     your mouth. I skipped dinner just so your cunt taste would stay in my


          "Then, I said to myself, why should I waste my time pulling my pud

     when all I have to do is go over to her house and wait for her to go to

     bed." With his large rigid pecker wagging in front of him, he followed

     her to the bed and laid down with his head on the pillow. "Come on and

     get your lovely ass up here next to me."

          Maggie stretched out her petite frame beside the small youth,

     rolling onto her side and facing him. When she did, he took her hand and

     gently wrapped it around his meaty pecker. Then, he nuzzled his face

     into her breasts, sucking one of her nipples between his lips and

     twirling his tongue around the hard nub.

          "You've got the nicest tits in school," he said, switching to her

     other breast. "I've never seen anything like them, even under a blouse.

     And they're even sexier naked."

          "They're the same size as Karen's," Maggie said, sliding her hand

     down his long, thick shaft and easing her fingertips into his balls.

          "Yours are nicer. I've always thought so."

          Not able to wait any longer, Maggie pulled away and lowered her

     head to Norman's lap. In seconds she had his cockhead between her lips

     and her tongue squirming into his wet, wide piss slit. Smelling his

     ballsy odor and tasting the heady flavor of his thick meat was like

     coming home. There was something about his smell and the feel of his

     enormous sausage between her lips that made her feel complete and


          Norman knew it too. He could sense it just by the way she mouthed

     him. "You like sucking on my dick, don't you, Maggie?"

          She nodded, giving his pecker a new thrill as her lips quivered and

     mumbled something indistinguishable around the swollen stem.

          "I knew it when you blew me today that you had the hots for my big

     cock. I'll bet you'd do just about anything for me, the same way Julie

     would do anything for Mike. Try licking my balls."

          She uncorked his cock and lapped around his almost hairless

     testicles, taking first one and then the other into her mouth. "They

     taste as good as your peter," she murmured, darting her nose behind his

     scrotum and liking the base of his cockroot.

          "French my asshole," Norm ordered, raising his knees to his chest

     and parting his asscheeks with his hands.

          "You want me to kiss your ass?" Maggie gasped, seeing his tiny

     pinkish-brown anus puckering close to her face. The rim was expanding

     and contracting like a circular mouth.

          "Sure, kiss my hot little hole," the youth hissed between gritting

     teeth while he strengthened his armlock on the backs of his knees.

     "Don't be afraid to stick your tongue up my shitter. I'll do the same

     for you."

          She lowered her face to his smooth crack and cautiously stabbed her

     tongue out. The rim tasted satiny smooth and clean, like licking the

     interior of someone's mouth. Gaining her courage, she probed into his

     shitter and pursed her lips against the tiny rim, feeling the spasming

     ring of flesh kissing her back.

          "That's the ticket. Boy, can you ever suck asshole! What a great

     fucking chick!" While she kept her warm face pressed between his sweaty

     asscheeks and her slick tongue up his hot bung, he maneuvered her body

     around until she had her knees on either side of his long neck. Pulling

     her down by the waist, he ran his tongue along her small inner cunt

     lips, circling them several times before kissing the short stretch of

     skin between her quim and her ass crack, then he began rimming her


          "Norm, that feels divine," Maggie cooed, surprised that his oral

     attentions on her bung felt as good as rimming him. While she spoke, her

     tongue continued to attack his anus. "I thought kissing ass would be


          "Like sucking cock?" he asked before letting his own tongue squirm

     into her cherry shitter.

          "I never thought cocksucking was demeaning for a girl," she

     corrected him quickly.

          "You didn't act none to thrilled when my balls unloaded in your

     mouth today in front of your friend."

          "I just wasn't expecting to swallow your cum. When you climaxed it

     caught me totally off guard."

          "I wasn't expecting you to swallow my cum either," Norm admitted,

     pulling his head out from under Maggie's body and removing her face from

     the smooth crack of his ass. "I just got so carried away I lost


          "What are you doing?" she asked, watching him rearrange their naked

     bodies on her bed.

          "Lay on your back. I want to try something else."

          Maggie laid with her head on the pillow while Norm climbed over her

     and straddled her rib cage with his freckled thighs. He positioned his

     large pulsing cock in the deep cleavage of her breasts and began sawing

     his pecker slowly back and forth.

          "That feels good too," she purred, feeling his hardon tunnel into

     the spongy softness of her tits.

          "It feels a whole lot better than good," Norm muttered as he fucked

     her breasts.

          Maggie watched his huge cockhead pop in and out of the spherical

     pillows of her tits, the eye in the center of his huge helmeted knob

     dripping with pre-cum and beginning to pulse. She could feel his balls

     and his ass grazing against her tummy, sending a barrage of electrifying

     thrills rushing through her body. "Don't do that too much," she

     whispered. "I want you to fuck me."

          But by the time Maggie issued her warning, it was already much too

     late. The wide wet lips of the boy's glans had begun to quiver and

     seconds later his syrupy hot spunk was gushing out and splattering on

     her neck and face. They both watched until the last squirt dribbled out

     and trickled into the crease of her cleavage.

          "You did it again," Maggie whined. "You cheated me out of another

     fuck, you moron."

          "I'm sorry," Norm said, gripping his still hard cock and aiming it

     at her mouth. "You want to lick up the rest of my cum?" he offered,

     thinking eating him would make up for not fucking her.

          "Lick it up yourself!" Maggie spat angrily, her eyes moist and

     large. "And get your sweaty ass off me!"

          The youth climbed off the bed and found his shorts. When he had

     them pulled up over his groin, his wilting cock stuck a good two inches

     out of the leg, the bulbous head streaked with traces of his cum. "I

     could still fuck you, if you want," he said. "It'll only take a few

     minutes before I have another hardon. If you'd suck on it, I'm sure it

     would help."

          "Just get out of here," Maggie whimpered, the sexual high she had

     been feeling completely vanished.

          "Well, maybe next time," Norm said as he crawled out her open

     window, thrusting his bare legs through the opening first, then dropping

     to the ground.

          "There won't be a next time," Maggie whispered, feeling the boy's

     cum trickling down her cheeks and over her neck. "I never want to see

     you again, Norman Green!"

     To be continued.....



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