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Archive-name: First/goody03.txt


Archive-title: Goody Goodie Girls - 3

          "What are you so upset about?" Karen asked as she rushed to catch

     up with Maggie who was storming down the corridor toward the front

     entrance of the high school.

          "That little rat bastard came in my mouth!" Maggie hissed, wiping

     her lips with the back of her hand for the tenth time. It didn't do any

     good. The ripe flavor of fresh semen still lingered on her tongue, as if

     Norman's thick cream had permanently saturated her flesh.

          "We went there to get laid," Karen reminded her friend.

          "I don't care what we went there for, I never had any intentions of

     letting that pimply little runt shoot off in my mouth. I feel like

     nothing more than a human condom."

          "I doubt that you're the first girl who's ever swallowed a load of

     cum without being warned in advance."

          "I don't care if I'm the first or the last. I don't like the idea

     of a boy thinking he can stick his dick in my mouth and let loose with

     all that nasty ball juice."

          "I don't know what you're so upset about," Karen mused. "By the way

     you were sucking his cock, I got the impression you were enjoying it. I

     kind of wished it had been me."

          "So do I," Maggie said with a scowl, then suddenly heard herself

     talking and broke into a laugh. "I guess it is silly, isn't it? I just

     didn't expect him to squirt down my throat."

          "Well, we know something Julie doesn't know."

          "What's that?"

          "That Norman Green is anything but queer. Did you see the way he

     went after eating your pussy? He really got a charge out of that."

          "He got a charge?" Maggie said with a grin. "I was the one on the

     other end of his tongue, remember? Now that was a charge, believe me!"

          "What did it feel like?"

          "Like heaven," the brunette purred, pressing her legs firmly

     together to soak up some of her overflow still streaming from her


          "And what was it like when you sucked him off?"

          "Like wrapping my lips around a big fat sausage," Maggie said in a

     whisper, "and I could smell and taste that delightful male flavor of

     his. You know something?" Her eyes grew suddenly very sober. "If he

     hadn't cum in my mouth, I would have let him stick his cock up my pussy.

     I really wanted him to fuck me. I think that's the reason I was so

     pissed when he cut loose."

          Karen made a face. "I was hoping he would fuck both of us. And you

     know what else?"


          "When he started cumming in your mouth, I was wishing it were me

     swallowing that hot cream. My monkey got all gooey and warm inside."

          Maggie knew that even if Karen didn't mean it, she was trying to

     make them both feel better about Norman's surprise conquest in the

     locker room. "That's nice Karen." Her eyes suddenly bolted to the front

     door. "Oh terrific!" she cried as she spotted Mrs. Peters.

          "What's wrong?"

          "I forgot Mom was picking me up after school to do some shopping."

     She broke away from her friend in a brisk walk. "Would you get my Lit.

     book out of my locker and take it home with you?"


          "I'll see you at seven."

          "You're place or mine?"

          "Call me."

          Maggie and her mother were already outside by the time Karen

     started down the hall to collect her and her friend's text books. As she

     walked along, she felt the autumn breeze from an open window ply at the

     folds of her skirt and rush up between her legs.

          The tingling softness of the fresh air currents had just kissed the

     outer recesses of her snatch when she stopped abruptly, suddenly aware

     that she was missing one of her garments. "My panties!" she gasped out

     loud, then flashed her eyes about the empty hall to make sure no one had

     heard her.

          She knew only too well she had left them in the equipment locker.

     Maggie hadn't bothered to hand them to her with her skirt. Because of

     summer camp, all of her underwear had her name stamped inside. The only

     thing to do was to go back and retrieve them before someone else found

     the tiny bikinis.

          Sullenly, she marched back to the dressing room and carefully

     pushed the door open. The place was as silent and still as the first

     time she'd entered it. Norman Green had obviously left, and no one else

     appeared to be around.

          The attractive blonde tiptoed down the row of lockers and leaned

     over the bench. Just as her hand connected with the metal handle, she

     heard a voice sing out over her shoulder and her heart skipped a beat.

          "Can I help you with something?"

          Karen turned to find herself staring into the deep green eyes of

     Jerry Marshall, the new assistant coach. Jerry, twenty-two years old and

     fresh out of college, was a husky redhead with a powerful physique. His

     thick shag of curls was cut short around his handsome features. His

     square jaw and sturdy mouth were locked in a small grim smile as his

     leer raked over the pretty blonde teenager. She tried to keep her timid

     gaze on his face, afraid to look anywhere else. Out of her peripheral

     vision all she could see was male flesh, rippling contours of naked,

     bulging muscles. "I, ah, forgot something," she stammered.

          "You forgot something in here?" he asked, finding her explanation

     anything but plausible.

          "Well, I didn't exactly forget it. I had something stolen by some-

     one and it's in here."

          "What was stolen?" Jerry asked, taking a step closer to the girl.

          When Karen braced herself against the locker, the bench bumped into

     the back of her knees and that was her undoing. The moment she felt the

     edge of the bench against her calves, her legs went weak and flew out

     from under her. She sat down with a thud, finding herself staring into

     the redhead's swollen jockstrap.

          Mr. Marshall wasn't wearing anything other than his thin athletic

     supporter. The tiny garment rode low on his strong waist and barely

     covered his spongy jewels. A fringe of wiry hairs curled along the sides

     of his jock and feathered the pair of freckled pillars which were his

     legs. Another fringe of red pubes crawled up his flat abdomen in a

     slender triangle terminating at his navel.

          His well defined limbs and torso were covered with a thin coat of

     gleaming sweat. He smelled much the way Norman had smelled when the

     skinny team manager was bucking his hips into Maggie's face, manly and

     hot and anointed all over with the unmistakable aroma of cock odor.

          "I'd rather not say," Karen answered in a small timid voice.

          Jerry's brow furrowed. "Well, was it your wallet, your purse, a


          "No," she answered, scooting her feet up to the bench. When she

     did, her full cotton skirt, which had fluttered up to her thighs when

     she sat down so abruptly, crawled further up her bare legs.

          Jerry's eyes darted to the shiny, naked cunt between the girl's

     spread feet. She was sitting with her knees together, her skirt halfway

     up her thighs and her quim on view for no more than the looking. "How

     about your panties?" he said with a broad grin.

          Karen blushed and nodded, caught so off guard by his naked magne-

     tism that she didn't think to question how he had guessed correctly.

          "Where are they?"

          She turned slightly and rapped the locker behind her. "In here."

          "Let's take a look and see."

          Karen slid out of the way while Jerry opened the locker door. On

     the floor of the compartment was the tiny pair of bikinis. He raised

     them up with his forefinger and thumb and held them out in front of him.

     "Are these what you were looking for?"

          She nodded and blushed again, embarrassed to see the grown man

     openly displaying her undergarment.

          "How do I know they're yours?"

          "My name's inside."

          He stretched the band and peered into the brief pair of undies.

     "Karen Sheen. Is that you?"

          "Yes," she answered.

          "How can I be sure that's really your name?"

          It was Karen's turn to frown. "Because I am."

          "Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. Maybe you just want to steal

     these," Jerry said, amused at the teenager's dilemma.

          "But I am Karen Sheen," Karen insisted, panic cloaking her

     expression. The assistant coach was right; she had nothing on her to

     prove her identity.

          "I would presume if you're the rightful owner of these panties, it

     would mean you don't have any on."

          The blonde dropped her eyes for a moment. "I don't."

          "I think you're going to have to prove that," the redhead said in a

     deep, suggestive voice.

          Karen shot Mr. Marshall a dubious glance. "You mean, you want me to

     show you that I'm naked under my skirt?"

          The man nodded with his gaze fixed on her hem.

          Reluctantly, the girl lowered her legs and slowly hiked her skirt

     up to her waist.

          As the blonde's small cunt came into view, Jerry caught his breath

     and his cock snaked up to the waistband of his jockstrap. Being a

     stranger who knew no one in the small town, it had been weeks since he

     had gotten his rocks off, and he was hornier than hell. That coupled

     with the pretty girl's hot pussy was more than enough to make him throw

     a sizeable rod.

          "See?" Karen said, raising her eyes again as she continued to hold

     her skirt up. "I don't have any panties on." Her words were coming in

     abrupt halts because she had spotted the huge boner behind the assistant

     coach's jockstrap. She had meant to demonstrate that the garment was

     hers then lower her skirt, but the redhead's hardon -- after the young

     lady had watch her friend suck off Norman -- was too damn appealing to

     pass up.

          "I see," Jerry said, bringing the skimpy undies to his face. "But

     there's only one way to be really sure." He rubbed his nose in the

     crotch of the undies, inhaling the faint sweet smell of pussy without

     taking his eyes off Karen, then dropped to a squat in front of the girl.

     "Let me see if the smell in the panties is the same as yours." His voice

     was a harsh whisper.

          Karen widened the spread of her knees as the redhead's face drew

     nearer. She could feel his warm breath on the insides of her thighs and

     was overcome by the potent odor of his maleness.

          Jerry's face leaned in between the girl's legs until his nose was

     grazing against her sparse pubic bush. His nostrils flared as he sniffed

     up and down the pretty little cunt, his eyes fixed on the soft pink

     interior and the swollen clit at the top.

          "Is the smell the same?"

          "Yes," he answered heavily, panting like a man who had just run the

     hundred yard dash. "Would you mind if I ..." His tongue shot out and

     stabbed gently into her almost hairless snatch.

          "Oh, Mr. Marshall!" Karen moaned as she felt his tongue squirm

     between the lips of her juicy quim.

          "Jerry," he corrected before he sucked her tiny box into his mouth,

     eating every hidden, tasty recess his tongue could reach.

          "Jerry," she purred, splaying her legs farther and wiggling around

     on the bench.

          He raised up and hunched over her as he undid her blouse and un-

     hooked the clasp of her bra between the lacy little cups. Her large,

     creamy white breasts bounced into view, her tiny nipples as hard as

     pointed pebbles. "Your tits are lovely, Karen," he said. licking the

     flat of his tongue across each one and leaving a trail of saliva. He

     stood between her legs with his knees pressing into her thighs. "Take my

     jockstrap off."

          The blonde didn't have to be told twice. Her hands raced to the

     knit waistband and shoved the supporter down to the assistant coach's

     ankles. His hard meaty cock snapped out and vibrated against her tits.

     Mr. Marshall may not have been as large as Norman, but his erect peter

     certainly rivalled the size of Mike's pecker. The knob was a deep

     purple, the shaft, thick and etched with veins that webbed down into a

     dense orange bush and a pair of large cum swollen balls.

          "Kiss my cock, Karen."

          She pressed her lips against the fleshy glans already wet with his

     pre-cum, then took the head into her mouth. She had suctioned the ring

     of her lips halfway down the wide shaft and was toying with his huge

     balls when he suddenly pulled his pelvis back, cheating her of any

     further oral homage.

          "I can't take much more of your hot cock sucking or I'll shoot off

     in your lovely throat."

          Karen thrust her face against Jerry's throbbing dick, pressing the

     hard pecker against his belly while she showered the dorsal side with

     kisses. "I love your cock," she purred, knowing she didn't dare tongue

     it too much or he would cum.

          "Karen," he said, stepping out of the jockstrap roping his ankles

     and laying her back on the bench, "I want to fuck you."

          "Oh, yes!" she moaned, parting her legs for him and pulling his

     trim waist into the spread of her thighs. "Fuck me, Jerry. Shove your

     hard cock up my hot pussy, please!" She could hear the pleading whine of

     her voice echo in the boys dressing room as he positioned her legs

     around his muscular thighs so her ankles locked on the firm pillow of

     his naked ass.

          Jerry stabbed the bloated head of his rod into the tight, juicy

     quim, then froze, his eyes puzzling as he looked into Karen's heated

     face. "Are you a virgin?" He had felt the thin membrane start to tear

     with his initial thrust.

          "Yes," she said warmly, "but it doesn't matter. I want you to take

     my cherry. Fuck me, Jerry! Please, fuck me!"

          He withdrew until just the tip of his dick was kissing her cunt,

     then stabbed as hard as he could. Her membrane shattered in an instant.

     His shaft sailed up her snatch until his heavy balls were snugged

     against her asshole. Both of them were panting hard and sweating. "Are

     you okay?"

          "Oh, yes!" she answered, so hot from finally getting a man's hardon

     in her pussy that she barely noticed the destruction of her cherry.

     Assured that the blonde girl was in no discomfort, Jerry began pistoning

     his fat ram in and out of the freshly deflowered quim, bucking his ass

     high on the out strokes and dropping his hips down to plunge even deeper

     with each additional thrust. In no time at all, Karen was hunching her

     hips up to meet his onslaught as they both got closer and closer to

     their climaxes.

          "I'm cumming!" she finally cried, feeling the heated spiral well up

     inside her.

          "Feel that?" he asked, as he halted with his cock buried deep in

     her snatch. His dick spasmed wildly as his balls shrunk into his groin.


          "I'm filling your little cunt with my cum, Karen."

          "It's fantastic," she purred.

          After a few moments of his swollen knob spitting out its hot load

     up inside of her, he pulled out. His peter had started to wilt by the

     time he reached for her panties. "Do you want to clean up before putting

     these on?"

          "No," she said, slipping the undies on and snapping her bra. "I

     want to take you juices with me."

          "I know what you mean," Jerry said, yanking his jockstrap up over

     his hips. "I'm going to beat off thinking about you later tonight and

     smelling your twat on my hand."

          "I wish you'd fuck me again."

          "I don't know, Karen. It's pretty dangerous for me, being my first

     year here and all. If anyone caught me balling one of the students, it'd

     be my job for sure."

          "I won't tell anyone, I promise." She stood to her feet, smoothed

     out her skirt and brought her lips up to his mouth.

          His tongue met hers outside their faces, then he sucked it inside

     as her hands slid down to the bare cheeks of his humpy ass.

          "You kiss as good as you fuck," she laughed as he pulled away.

          "You'd better get out of here before we get caught."

          She nodded and took a last look at the sexy redhead dressed in only

     his skimpy jockstrap, the pouch wet with what she knew was partly her

     own juices. "When will I see you again?"

          "We'll figure out something," he promised, steering her toward the


     To be continued.....



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