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Archive-name: First/goody02.txt


Archive-title: Goody Goodie Girls - 2

          By the time Julie had stalked out of the locker room, Mike's

     hardon had softened considerably and was arcing comfortably over his

     plump testicles. He gave the thick piece of meat a few easy strokes,

     then stepped back underneath the shower to rinse the suds from his well

     muscled body.

          Maggie had three of her fingers embedded in Karen's snatch and her

     thumb stroking the blonde's swollen clit. Her friend may not have cum,

     but by the way she was humping her ass around in the cramped locker, she

     was pretty damned close. "Quiet, or Mike will hear us," Maggie cautioned

     not exactly cooled off herself.

          The shower ceased and the basketball captain paraded his naked

     frame out into the dressing room, looking as good with his cock dangling

     loosely over his swaying balls as he had when he was plowing the red-

     head's snatch. He took his time dressing, making the duration of the

     wait almost unbearable for the two girls hiding in the equipment locker.

     But presently, he had stashed his gear and was gone.

          The male sanctuary was as silent as before, the only thing left

     behind was the thinning clouds of steam and the lingering odors of

     freshly scrubbed genitals.

          Carefully, Maggie opened the door of the equipment locker and

     stepped out into the large room. She felt a gust of warm, humid air hit

     her bare flesh the moment she was out of the compartment. Having nothing

     on but her short blue blouse and her socks and shoes, the petite teen-

     ager felt lusty and wanton. She was naked from her navel to her knees,

     her ample, dark brown bush totally drenched with her heavy flow of fuck


          "The coast is clear," she said, turning and peering back at her


          The pretty blond was thrust into the far corner of the large locker

     stripped bare assed like her friend and panting heavily. Resenting the

     absence of her girlfriend's attentions to her cunt, she had the index

     finger of each hand shoved up her dripping twat, ramming them in as fast

     as she could. "I'm so hot, Maggie!" she moaned, "I can't stand it!"

     Keeping her fingers wedged in her small quim, she waddled out and

     plopped her bare ass on the nearest bench.

          "So am I," Maggie agreed, feeling the teasing itch in her soggy box

     as she watched what her friend was doing. "We went to all this trouble

     and that bitch Julie's the one who got fucked." She let a stray finger

     feather through her bush, parting the outer, lily-like petals of her

     cunt as she squatted in front of her girlfriend.

          "Did you hear the things Mike made Julie promise she would do to

     him?" Karen asked in a heated hush as she finger fucked herself.

          "Yeah," Maggie answered, probing her finger between her own spread


          "Suck his cock," Karen tittered.

          "And his balls," Maggie responded.

          "And his pubes."

          "And eat out his ass."

          "I'd do all those things for him and more if he were to ask me,"

     Karen volunteered in a throaty whisper, plunging her fingers in and out

     so fast her whole body shook. Two of her buttons came unhooked and her

     bra was pushing through the opening, the large cleavage of her creamy

     breasts exposed.

          "Yeah, but would you go as far as to fuck Norman?"

          They both giggled.

          "I'd even fuck Norman now," Karen admitted after a moment or two

     of silence interrupted only by the sounds of their busy fingers master-

     bating. "Any cock up my cunt would feel better than playing with my-


          At the sound of a sudden movement in back of Karen, both girls

     jerked their heads around, alarm spreading over their faces. Then Maggie

     put her finger to her lips and nodded to the blonde as she climbed onto

     the bench and grabbed the handle of one of the lockers. Both of them had

     forgotten about the footsteps padding back into the dressing room before

     Julie showed up. With a quick flick of her wrist, Maggie snapped the

     door open.

          Both of the girls' eyes bugged out and their mouths dropped open

     when they saw Norman.

          His short body was squashed into the narrow compartment, his tan

     slacks and his dark brown briefs roped around his knobby knees. His

     striped pullover had been rolled up above his pale nipples and his huge

     hard cock protruded from his fist which was pumping a mile a minute.

     Difficult as it was to believe, the skinny little team manager's erect

     pecker was even larger than Mike's whopper. "Oh, shit!" he cried when he

     realized his hiding place had been discovered.

          "Well, look what Norman Green's got between his legs," Maggie

     gushed, her eyes glued to the huge purple knob. A steady drool of lube

     was dripping from the wide piss slit in the tip of the spongy glans and

     was smearing the surrounding surface with it's slick fluid. She felt her

     pussy twitch in response to Norm's meaty pecker and caught herself

     licking her lips.

          "I'm looking; I'm looking," Karen said, her face consumed by a

     lusty smile. She had pulled her fingers out of her snatch when her

     friend had discovered the youth's hiding place and discreetly sat with

     her legs crossed while she stared at the large erect cock jutting from

     the team manager's groin and the egg-sized testicles dangling below.

          Norman was easily a year older than either one of the girls but

     because of his size and pimply complexion, he looked more like a snotty-

     nosed freshman than a senior... except in the cock department. That was

     one part of his anatomy which had definitely grown up.

          "What are you two doing here?" Norman asked angrily, his fingers

     stalled on his swollen fuck pole. He had reasoned if he stopped beating

     his meat and pulled his hand away, he would only end up exposing more of

     his hard peter. If he kept pumping on his prick, he would more than

     likely cum all over the three of them. So instead, he just held his

     hardon in front of his flat belly, wishing his ball juice would stop

     seeping out and dripping on his fingers.

          "Doing the same thing you were doing, Norman, watching all the

     naked boys shower," Maggie said cattily.

          Norman blushed and shook his head. "I was watching Mike fuck


          "Before that."

          "Well, I have a right; this is the boys locker room," Norm said in

     his own defense. "Girls have no business in here."

          "Neither do you, not doing what you're doing."

          "A lot of guys beat off in here," the team manager stammered,

     giving his rigid pecker a squeeze. He wished for the life of him he

     could make his hardon go down. But that wasn't likely with the two

     pretty girls next to him stripped from the waist down. "Sometimes they

     even have circle jerks."

          "I'll bet you love that, Norm; all those nude studs playing with

     themselves while you watch them and play with yourself." Maggie was get-

     ting more than a small thrill out of teasing the embarrassed youth.

          "That's not any different than what the two of you were doing."

          "What do you mean?"

          "Why else would you be running around half dressed with your

     pussies all wet?" he asked, staring at first the brunette's sticky bush

     and then over Karen's shoulder at her tangled thatch.

          Maggie had been so engrossed in Norman's huge cock and in ribbing

     the youth. she had forgotten she was strutting around bare assed. She

     dropped her hands to the V of her legs and immediately sat down opposite

     her friend.

          "You were fingering your cunts while you watched that parade of

     naked cock meat, weren't you?" Norm said, finally feeling like he had

     the upper hand on the pretty brunette.

          Kicking off his shoes, he squirmed out of his slacks and shorts and

     stepped out of the locker onto the bench, standing brazenly naked from

     his jersey down. He leaned next to Karen with his tremendous boner

     almost in her pretty face.

          "Where were you hiding so no one would find you? You don't know

     whose locker is whose." Turning, he spotted the open door of the new

     storage compartment. "Of course, in there." He gave his cock a couple of

     long, slow strokes and grinned at Maggie. "Well, here's what you came to

     see. You want to feel it up? Go ahead, I don't mind."

          With the tables turned, Maggie lost most of her spunk and was

     almost speechless. "Yes," she answered softly, getting to her feet and

     reaching for the knob of Norman's big ram.

          "Not so fast," the skinny boy said playfully, shoving her hand out

     of the way and leaping off the bench. "You get to feel mine only if you

     promise that I can feel yours."

          Maggie glanced at her friend who only shrugged and returned her

     gaze to Norman's hindend. Karen was staring right into the team mana-

     ger's ass crack, and it was all she could do to keep her own hands off

     the youth.

          "Well, how about it?" Norman asked again, flagging the dark-haired

     girl with his leaking dick. "You let me touch yours and I'll let you

     touch mine."

          Reluctantly, Maggie dropped her bare ass back down on the bench.

     "Okay, you can touch it...but that's all."

          Norman squatted down in front of Maggie and slid his hand over her

     knees which were clenched tightly together. "Spread your legs."

          Slowly, Maggie opened her thighs.


          Taking a deep breath, she splayed her legs as far apart as she

     could. When she did, the lips of her quim parted, giving Norm an unob-

     structed shot of the fleshy folds of her tiny box.

          The youth crawled between her legs and lowered his face to the

     brunette's tight snatch, using his finger to trace the velvety smooth

     perimeter and easing the soggy pubes out of the way. "You've got a

     lovely pussy, Maggie," he said in a lust-filled voice, his face almost

     in her large muff. His finger slipped inside, then worked up to her

     swollen clit.

          Maggie squirmed around on the bench, scissoring her legs about the

     boy's neck and panting hard.

          "You like that, huh?" Norm said with a teasing grin, rubbing the

     shiny red rosebud and watching the reaction on Maggie's face.

          "Uh-hu," she whimpered.

          He brought his face closer and squirmed his tongue across the tip

     of her cunt, sucking the bloated clitoris between his lips. He loved the

     heat and smell of the sticky fuck hole, his rod getting harder and

     spitting out more lube as he ate the girl.

          "Oh, shit, that's wonderful!" Maggie cried. "You've eaten pussy


          Norm shook his head, keeping her clit in his mouth and talking into

     her hot juicy cunt. "Not true, but I've watched Mike eat pussy."

          "You're a natural," Maggie cooed, trying to force more of her

     snatch into Norm's face. She had forgotten that she had made him promise

     that all he would do was touch.

          Suddenly, he pulled his head back and stood up. "Now, you do me,"

     he said, wiping her cunt lubricants from his face, then licking his


          Maggie took the large hard pecker between her fingers and stroked

     it gently up and down. She loved the feel of the throbbing piece of meat

     even more than she thought she was going to. It was smooth and firm,

     like a fleshy bat and as hot as her own quim.

          "You can handle it rougher than that," Norm said. "It won't break."

          Maggie started pumping in earnest, thrilling to the feel of the hot

     meat gliding through her fist.

          "Do you want to taste it?"

          Maggie's eyes trailed self-consciously back to Karen who was finger

     fucking herself again and hungrily watching both of them. "Should I?"

          "Do you want to?" Karen whispered, once again ogling Norm's ass.

          "Of course she wants to; don't you, Maggie? See the way her mouth

     is watering to get her lips wrapped around my hard fuck pole."

          "Yes," she said to her girlfriend, trying to ignore what Norm was


          "Then, kiss my cock," the team manager encouraged in a husky voice.

     "Stick my dick in your sweet little mouth."

          Without another moment of deliberation, Maggie let Norm's huge

     pecker glide across her tongue. In seconds he was face fucking her for

     all he was worth, and she was loving every stroke. Her hands sailed up

     to his bare ass and her fingers probed for his crack while she felt his

     large balls bang into her chin.

          "You're a damn good cocksucker for a goody-goody girl, Maggie,"

     Norman hissed, really humping his joint into the brunette's mouth while

     he held the back of her head. "You're so fucking good, you're going to

     make me cum."

          As she felt his body tense and the lips of his glans spasm, Maggie

     tried to back away, but she only managed to pin herself against the

     lockers. By the time she could shake her head and mumble a few indistin-

     guishable syllables around the thick hose of flesh lodged in her craw,

     Norm was gushing out his load. Volley after volley of gooey ball cream

     spurted over her slick tongue and down her throat.

          When Norm pulled his cock out of Maggie's mouth he had a sheepish

     grin stamped to his face. "I'm sorry. I was just too damn close to


          "You pig!" Maggie stammered, wiping her hand across her lips to

     remove a smear of his cum. "You fucking dork!" She scrambled to her feet

     and rushed to the equipment locker. Yanking Karen's skirt out and

     flinging it at her, she found her own and slipped it on. "You came in my

     mouth, you turd!"

          "I told you I was sorry," Norm said lamely, covering his softening

     cock with one hand while he reached into the locker he had been hiding

     in and pulled out his shorts.

          "You're nothing but a fucking fag, just like Julie said."

          "I am not. You're just pissed because you had to swallow my cum

     load. What were you sneaking around the boys dressing room for if you

     didn't want to get a taste of cock?"

          "I didn't want anyone to squirt down my throat."

          Norman shrugged, turned his back on Maggie and Karen and yanked on

     his shorts. When he glanced over his shoulder, they were both gone.

     "Girls!" he breathed in a disgusting tone, then reached for his slacks.

     To be continued.....



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