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Archive-name: First/goody01.txt


Archive-title: Goody Goodie Girls - 1


          Maggie Peters was starting her senior year in Blasedalte High as

     sexually unsated as she had ended the previous semester. She was so

     horny, every time she took a step she could feel her panties dampen

     more and suck up into the rubbery slit of her hot little pussy. After

     a lonely summer at her grandparent's farm in Nebraska, she had

     returned to Rochester, New York, no more hopeful than when she had


          She was a delicate looking eighteen year old with dark hair and a

     petite figure. Her breasts, like the rest of the women in her family,

     were unusually large, making her waist appear even tinier than it was

     in her pale blue blouse. She wore a pleated skirt, knee high socks and

     saddle shoes. Her soft brown eyes scanned the corridor until she

     located her best friend, Karen Sheen.

          Karen, a fetching blonde with the same big-breasted problem as

     her friend, waved when she spotted Maggie. "Hi," she gushed, excited

     to see her friend. "Boy, did I miss you. How was the farm?"

          "A farm," Maggie answered without any enthusiasm. "Are these our


          "That's yours and this is mine," Karen said, patting a door

     separated by another locker.

          "Couldn't we get them side by side?"

          "I tried, but this is what they gave me."

          "Wonder what kind of dork the put between us?"

          "Hey, don't be so down. We're seniors. One more year of this

     prison and we're free for good."

          Maggie forced a grin. "That's the first encouraging thing I've

     heard since I got back."

          "Didn't you meet any boys or anything while you were out there?"

          Maggie hung her sweater in her locker and shut the door. "I don't

     think they have boys in Nebraska," she said above the din of

     youngsters racing to their classes.

          "Then you didn't lose it?" Karen asked shyly.

          "Lose what?"

          "You know," Karen said, shifting her weight from side to side and

     lowering her eyes. "Your cherry."

          The two girls had made a pact at the end of the last term that

     this summer would be the season of their deflowering.

          "Hardly," Maggie said as she turned and followed the pretty

     blonde down the hall to their homeroom. "My cherry's so in tact I'm

     surprised I haven't started attracting fruit flies."

          "I know the feeling."

          "I thought you were going to rape one of the guys on the

     basketball team or something."

          Karen giggled. "The closest I got to a jockstrap this summer was

     when I washed my brother's swim trunks."

          "We've got to do something about our virginity," Maggie said,

     stopping abruptly. "It's almost embarrassing."

          Her friend turned around to face her. "Yeah, but what?"

          "I don't know," Maggie answered wistfully, "but if I don't get a

     hard peter up my quim pretty soon I'm going to explode. I'm sick and

     tired of just playing with myself. I want someone else to stick some-

     thing up there."

          "You're awful," Karen laughed in a whisper.

          "You know I'm not awful. I'm just trying to be honest. You want

     to get fucked as bad as I do."

          "Yeah, but we're the goody-goody girls of Blasedalte High," Karen

     said, thinking if anyone heard how she and her friend were talking now

     they would soon change their minds.

          Maggie knew what Karen said was true. Since childhood they had

     been prim and proper little girls, and no matter how attractive they

     had gotten, or how large their tits had gotten, the prudishness of

     their upbringing had stayed with them. The two good looking eighteen

     year olds were strictly hands off. "Well, we've got to do something

     about changing our reputations, and we've got to do it fast."

          "What do you suggest, march naked into the locker room when the

     boys are showering after practice? My goodness, we'd start a full

     scale gang-bang."

          "I don't care what we start as long as my box gets filled with a

     nice stiff prick." Maggie's eyes suddenly lit up. "You know, that's

     not such a bad idea."

          "Getting gang-banged by the basketball team?"

          "No, marching into the boys locker room."

          "Get serious."

          "No, listen. They were installing a new locker for the equipment

     when I came to school. It's four times the size of a regular locker.

     We could hide in there until there's just two guys in the shower and

     maybe we could get something besides our fingers in our pussies."

          "You just happened to be going by the boys locker room this

     morning?" Karen kidded.

          "Daydreaming about hard dicks, if you want to know the truth,"

     Maggie admitted in a soft blush. "I overheard the assistant coach say

     the new equipment won't be in till Wednesday, so the empty locker will

     make a perfect hiding place."

          "When do we pull off this grand sexcapade?"

          "This afternoon."

          "Well, I'm game if you are," Karen said with a wink as the bell

     sounded and a bunch of kids rushed past them to get to their seats in



          When the two sex starved teenagers snuck into the boys locker

     room at three-thirty, it was totally empty and the sounds of their

     footfalls echoed eerily through the spartan room. The lockers were

     back to back, creating two narrow rows fronted with benches. The place

     was stagnant with the sweet ballsy odor of sweaty jockstraps. The

     huge, new locker was facing the wide arch of the shower room where

     most of the faucets were easily visible.

          Trying to suppress her giggles, Maggie climbed into the large

     metal compartment and waited for her friend to join her. They closed

     the door and peered out the slits in the top as they eagerly

     anticipated the end of basketball practice.

          "Should we take our clothes off?" Karen asked in a low whisper,

     feeling her heart pounding wildly beneath her large breasts and a warm

     glow kindling the fire in her snatch.

          "How about just our skirts?" Maggie suggested as she unbuttoned

     her waistband and let her pleated skirt fall to her ankles. Her heart

     was beating rapidly too, and her small erect nipples were straining

     painfully inside the lacy cups of her bra.

           Karen unfastened her skirt and it fell to the floor of the metal

     compartment like her friend's. When she reached for Maggie's crotch,

     her hand was immediately greeted with the wiry feel of the other

     girl's shaggy bush. "You don't have any panties on," she gushed out

     loud, then lowered her voice as she petted the abundant growth of cunt

     hairs and trailed her fingertips between the moist lips. "Did you come

     to school like that?"

          "I took them off after lunch," Maggie answered in a heavy breath

     while Karen's fingers found her clit and began massaging it. "My pussy

     got them so wet I couldn't wear them." Using both of her hands, she

     shoved the blonde's undies over her luscious ass and down to her

     ankles, then eagerly began exploring Karen's quim. The other girl's

     bush wasn't nearly as dense as Maggie's. "You're already soggy."

          The blonde nodded in the darkness of the closed locker as she

     worked her underpants off her feet, finding it difficult to move around

     in the cramped quarters and not wanting to stray too far from her girl-

     friends probing fingers. "So are you."

          When the locker room door suddenly swung open and banged against

     the wall, they both ceased speaking but kept their fingers squirming

     around in each other's juicy cunt.

          Much to their disappointment, with the exception of the team's

     captain and star player, Mike Foster, and the team manager, Norman Green,

     they couldn't see any of the boys disrobe. But they could smell the ripe

     cock odors and hear the sounds of shorts and tops wet with perspiration

     being yanked off along with damp jockstraps.

          Mike stood in the center of the arch and hauled his jersey up over

     his brawny chest. The hair in his armpits was as dark and shaggy as the

     hair on his head. "Come on, you cocksuckers, let's get showered and out

     of here. Move your asses." He stripped off his shorts, and in just his

     athletic supporter, turned and bent over to untie his sneakers. When he

     did, his firm asscheeks parted and he gave the two girls hiding in the

     new equipment locker an unobstructed shot of his almost hairless asshole.

          Maggie felt Karen's finger suck deeper into her hairy cunt and she

     let her's do the same in the other girl's small soggy quim.

          "Who you calling a cocksucker?" one of his teammates quipped,

     running bare assed into the showers and turning the faucets on one after

     the other. He was soon joined by sixteen other balls-naked youths, the

     cheeks of their hind ends dimpling as their long-legged strides carried

     them into the tiled room. Soon the shower was filled with the sounds of

     running water and the shouts and laughter which accompanies nude young

     men involved in horseplay.

          After yanking down his supporter, Mike turned to inspect the locker

     room to make sure the rest of the team was under the sprays. His long

     cut cock dangled over his large balls as he absently combed his fingers

     through his pubic thatch. He was a tall lanky teenager with well-

     developed muscles and a rugged face. His fingers went lower, and as he

     pulled on his expanding meat, the large head of his purple flange began

     to inflate.

          Maggie raised her fingers to her mouth, wetting the tips and

     tasting her girlfriend's spicy juices before returning her hand to the

     blonde's snatch. "Ah, look at Mike's big beautiful cock. Is he ever

     hung!" she said in a soft, lust-filled tone, never taking her eyes from

     the slits in the metal door.

          "What I wouldn't give to see that pecker hard," Karen whispered

     back, totally mesmerized by Mike's meat.

          Norman, the only one in the room who hadn't bothered to shed his

     clothes, was wearing a pair of tan slacks and a striped pullover. He was

     a slender youth with thin limbs and a small butt who barely came up to

     Mike's shoulder. His face was pimply but cute.

          "I guess that's everyone, Norm."

          "Yeah," the shorter youth answered, leering at the naked team cap-


          "Why don't you get us some towels and maybe we can hustle everyone

     out of here."

          "Got  a hot date, huh, Mike?"

          The good looking captain grinned and openly stroked his hardening

     cock in front of the skinny boy. "Something like that," he answered as

     he turned and walked into the showers, his heavy balls swinging between

     his thighs as he moved.

          While everyone was busy soaping up their cocks and balls and asses,

     Norman, stood in profile and stared into the shower room. Unconsciously,

     his hand slid down to his crotch, gently rubbing the mound beneath his

     zipper. The more he rubbed, the larger the mound grew. When one of the

     naked young men under the jets of rushing water turned and looked out,

     the manager abruptly twisted away, hurrying out of view.

          "Looks like there's no sense in trying to get Norm to fuck us,"

     Maggie whispered, trying not to titter.

          "What do you mean?" Karen replied in a distant tone. She had been

     too busy ogling all the wet, gleaming bodies and naked swinging meat to

     have taken any notice of Norman.

          "I think he's got a thing for boys."

          "What makes you say that?"

          "He was playing with himself while he was watching what we're


          "To each his own," Karen said disinterestedly, humping her hips to

     get more of Maggie's finger up her snatch.

          As if on cue, all the showers turned off but one and the two girls

     got an eyeful of bare peckers and balls as the teenage squad came racing

     out of the steamy room. There were cocks of every shape, size and

     description, some long, some short, some with foreskin, most cut and

     banded with circumcision scars; there were also large puffy scrotums as

     well as small ball sacs that barely showed beneath the soft tubes of

     flesh in the front and a variety of slender-hipped, long-limbed bodies

     to match. In minutes the room quieted down and Mike was the only one

     left with his shower still going. The door banged against the wall

     repeatedly as the basketball players departed, dressed in their street


          Norman came to the archway again and stood for several moments

     eyeing the good looking brunette sudsing up his broad back and humpy

     asscheeks. The skinny youth had his hands deep in his pockets, and the

     girls could see his fingers moving rapidly beneath his zipper. "The

     last of them are gone," he finally called to the team captain. "It's

     all yours. I left your towel on the bench."

          "Okay, Norm," Mike answered without turning. "See you tomorrow."

          When Norman disappeared from view, the girls heard the door squeak

     on its hinges, then footsteps pad softly back into the room. One of the

     lockers imitated the sounds of the door, then except for Mike's shower

     and the water gurgling in the drain, the room was quiet again.

          Maggie had worked two fingers up Karen's quim and was trying for a

     third when they heard the door open once more. Julie Pratt came strut-

     ting into the boys room as big as life in her red and white cheerleader

     uniform, her pretty legs bare from mid-thigh to her ankles. "You by

     yourself, Mike?" she yelled as her gaze swept around the dressing room.

          He turned to her under the spray, grinning and humping his hips in

     her direction. "What do you think?" he asked in a lusty voice. His cock

     was bone hard and stood far out from his gleaming wet crotch. He let his

     hand ease over his throbbing pecker and worked it down to his large, low

     hanging balls.

          "By the size of your hardon, I'd say if you're not alone then that

     pervert, Norman Green, must be in there on his knees," she giggled,

     stripping off her short skirt and yanking her letter sweater up over her

     head. In seconds she had her tennis shoes, bra and panties heaped in a

     pile on the floor with her other clothes. Her tits, though not large,

     were firm and molded to perfection, her nipples looking like two mini-

     ature hardons.

          "Norm's okay," Mike said good-naturedly as he continued to play with

     himself and his grin widened.

          "He's a fag," the redhead said flatly as she padded bare assed into

     the shower and wrapped her arms around the team captain. Her full breasts

     squashed against the teenager's lower rib cage while she rubbed her small

     pussy over his lower thigh, careful not to get her hair wet.

          "I don't know that and neither do you. He likes to pull his pud

     while the team showers, but that doesn't make him queer. I'll bet we're

     the only naked flesh he's ever seen. He probably doesn't even know what

     a cunt looks like."

          "I think he's queer."

          "How do know I'm not queer?" Mike asked as he bent his knees lower

     and let Julie get a firm grip on his huge boner.

          She steered the meaty head of his hard dick to the junction of her

     lovely legs and let it stab into her waiting cunt. "Queers don't fuck

     like you do."

          "Oh, yeah?" Mike said, giving his pelvis a shove and spearing his

     pecker into Julie's quim. Soon his long thick shaft was in up to his

     massive balls. "How many queers have you fucked lately?"

          "You know no one but you gets to ball me," the pretty little redhead

     answered in a breathless gasp. She straddled her legs far apart to give

     his strong thighs more room.

          "So you don't know whether I fuck like a fag or not," Mike teased,

     pumping his cock slowly in and out of his girlfriend's hot box. With each

     thrust, his spongy testicles whipped up and slapped the redhead in the


          "All I know is I like the way you fuck," Julie moaned. "Oh, Mike,

     your cock feels so good shoved up inside me! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me


          "You love my cock, don't you?"

          "Yes, Mike. I love your big, fat cock. You know I do."

          The team captain sped up the pistoning action of his hips. "You'd do

     anything for that cock wouldn't you, Julie? No matter what I asked?"

          "Anything," Julie answered as she clutched his muscular physique

     tightly to her small full breasts and dug her nails into his shoulders

     until they left white trails on his skin.

          "You'd eat that cock for me, wouldn't you? You'd slide it deep in

     your throat and work it until my hot cum drenched your tonsils?"

          "I'll eat it now, if you want," she panted, "but just don't stop

     fucking me!"

          "You'd lick my balls and suck them into your mouth?"

          "Yes, Mike! Oh, yes!"

          "Chew on my pubes and lick my armpits?"

          "Yes! Yes!"

          "Shove your sweet little tongue up my shithole?"

          "Yes, Mike! Anything!"

          "And let Norm Green stick his cock up your cunt if I told you to?"

          Julie's mouth gapped open and she lifted her head from the team

     captain's chest, but the bare cheeks of her well-shaped ass didn't stop

     jiggling for a second as she continued to ride Mike's pecker. "Yes," she

     finally answered in a soft tone. "I'd even fuck that pervert if you told

     me to."

          Both Maggie and Karen turned to each other in the dark interior of

     the locker and exchanged a shocked expression. Their fingers fucked with

     all the more gusto as they heard Julie's declaration. Julie was one of

     the most popular girls in high school, and though everyone suspected she

     was intimate with Mike, no one would have guessed the power the good

     looking basketball captain had over the head cheerleader.

          "Shove your finger up my asshole, Julie," Mike commanded. "Work it

     way up inside. You know what I like."

          The pretty redhead reached around the boy's shiny wet hindend,

     traced along his smooth crack  until she was near his balls, found the

     tiny opening at the base of his cockroot and poked her finger through the

     rim until she had it in past the second knuckle.

          "Pull it out," Mike's husky voice ordered after a few moments when

     he felt himself approaching that point-of-no-return. His hips had started

     ramming at lightening speed the moment he felt her finger pierce his


          Julie did as she was told, making a popping noise which was audible

     over the shower when she uncorked her finger.

          "Now, stick it in you mouth."

          Maggie and Karen watched in amazement as the cheerleader eased the

     finger coated with Mike's asshole juices between her lips.

          Suddenly, Mike's pelvis froze with his hard pecker deep in Julie's

     cunt. While she squirmed around on his rod, completely impaled on his

     hard flesh, his body spasmed and gush after gush of hot manseed shot up

     the cheerleader's sweet little quim.

          "You're cumming, Mike!" she squealed as she felt his scalding load

     erupt inside her. "You're filling my cunt full of your love juice! Oh,

     Mike, I'm cumming too!" She held him even tighter as wave after wave of

     heated ecstasy ebbed through her small frame.

          "Did you see that?" Karen hissed softly, twisting her fingers around

     in Maggie's snatch.

          "I wish I could feel it."

          "Are you close to cumming?"

          "Not a chance."

          "Me neither."

          When Julie's body settled down, Mike pulled his still hard cock out

     and gave it a gentle shake. He took a bar of soap and lovingly washed the

     girl's small pretty tits, her full ass and her cum-soaked pussy. "You


          The redhead nodded, taking the soap from him and lathering up his

     cock and balls.

          "You like it when I talk dirty like that, don't you?"

          "Just like you like my finger shoved up your ass when you cum," she

     purred, tugging gently on his testicles and working more suds into the

     concave of his groin.

          "You really get hot."

          "Just looking at you makes my pussy all soggy inside."

          "You want to try all those things I said I'd make you do?"

          "Sure," Julie answered without flinching.

          A devilish gleam crept into Mike's playful gaze. "Which means if I

     were to find Norm, you'd prove what you said earlier?"

          A look of rage flared in Julie's gaze while the color drained from

     her face. In the heat of her anger, she flung the bar of soap at the bare

     assed boy and stalked out of the shower. "Fuck him yourself," she

     screamed, grabbing up her clothes and rushing naked into the hall.

     To be continued.....



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