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Archive-name: First/furlouh3.txt


Archive-title: Furlough - 3


     She stood unsteadily and stepped out of her silk bottoms, then 

pulled off the top and stood there, naked. She had really small, pointy 

tits with no sag at all to them and I could count her ribs. She had a 

very flat belly and no waist. Her hips were just a nice, miniature flare 

and she had terrific legs. And her pussy was completely hairless. She 

raised her hands over her head and turned slowly for me. She had a 

great, tight little ass, high and hard and round. Her skin was flawless 

and the only mark on her was a little mole on her left buttock.

     When she turned back to me, I again stared at that lovely, bare 

pussy. It was reddened and the lips were swollen. I could see a bump at 

the top of it, sticking out a little. She ran her hands down under her 

tits, cupping them sort of, then pinched and rolled her nipples. I could 

hear a little gasp from her. She ran her hands lower, over her waist and 

hips. When she slipped a finger between her legs and probed her cunt, my 

cock started getting hard again.

     The only problem I could see was that there was no way she was 

going to get my cock into that little hole. I guess my doubts showed on 

my face -- they sure didn't interfere with my cock -- because she said, 

"I can't wait to feel that big fucker stretching me!"

     She pulled me to my feet and stripped me faster than I could have 

done it myself. Then she stepped up onto the couch, which put those 

gorgeous titties right at mouth level as soon as I turned to face her. I 

wasn't about to pass up some serious tit-sucking, not with those firm 

little treasures, so I just started licking and sucking and slobbering 

away, moving my face back and forth and running my hands up and down her 

back and squeezing that tight ass of hers. 

     Meantime, of course, my cock was back to rock-hard and almost 

horizontal (which is unusual for a dick this big). She kind of trapped 

it between her legs, about calf-high, and slowly shifted from side to 

side so she was kind of jerking it with her legs.

     I slid one hand way down and around, between her legs, from behind. 

I stuck a finger in her cunt. Wetter than a river, and tight. Then her 

cunt seemed to open up -- and then tightened again. I got another finger 

in there and then another, but that seemed to be her limit -- three 

fingers. And she was going to get my cock in there? No way, I thought, 

since my cock is maybe a quarter-inch shy of three inches thick -- and 

the base is much fatter -- when it's completely hard. And it was.

     But then she grabbed my head and said, "Come on, put that thing 

against my pussy now! Do it!"

     Who was I to refuse a (rich and pretty) lady? I used one hand to 

raise my stiff dick nearly vertical. She bent her knees a little and 

began grinding her slick little cunt around and around on it, all the 

time moaning and making these little growling noises. She'd push her 

cunt down and then move it side to side, so I could feel her heat and 

moisture on my knob, and then she'd roll her hips and push down some 

more -- like she was trying to wedge herself open. 

     She put one hand around my neck and the other between us. I felt 

her pulling her cunt open. Then she hoisted one leg and wrapped it 

around my waist. She jammed herself down and got about half my knob into 

her, which was more than I expected and almost more than I could handle.

     "Put your hands under my buns, sailor boy!" she breathed. Her voice 

was harsh and breathy. I put one hand under her ass; my other hand was 

busy keeping my cock pointed at her hungry little gash.

     She put the other arm around my neck and then the other leg was 

around my waist and she was like balancing herself on the end of my 

deck, jouncing up and down and forcing more and more of it into her 

little cunt. I could feel her opening to me, but really slow. 

     Then my glans popped all the way into her and she growled really 

loud and moaned, "It's going in! It's going in!" Then she started 

clenching inside on me and gasping, her slim hips jerking real fast. She 

was cumming as she used all of her maybe 95 pounds to jam herself down 

on my pole. The strain of holding her up and keeping my balance was 

helping me to hold off cumming again. On the other hand, she kept 

pulling herself close to me, letting me feel her lovely titties mashing 

against me as she settled slowly lower.

     Finally, I managed to stammer that I couldn't stand much longer and 

she told me to sit on the couch. I turned and she let her knees bend 

onto the couch. I sat down kind of heavily and she managed to take 

another couple of inches.

     "C'mon, sailor! Get that fucker in me!" She pulled her legs up so 

she was kind of crouched, squatting over me on the couch, with her hands 

on my shoulders for balance and her pretty tits right in front of my 

face. I leaned forward and sucked a nipple. It was hard and hot and when 

I started working my tongue on it, she moaned real loud. She put my 

hands on her skinny hipbones and said, "Ram me down on it! Fuck it in!"

     I really was afraid of hurting her. She had about seven inches in 

her and it felt like I was bottoming out. But she was impatient and put 

her hands on top of mine and pressed my hands down onto her hips real 

sharp and hard, over and over. I did my best to pull her down onto me, 

but her hips were so skinny that I couldn't get a real good grip. I slid 

my hands around and grabbed her ass. I could almost cover each butt with 

one hand, her ass was so small. I grabbed her cheeks as tight as I could 

and tried jerking her up and down over me. 

     That worked better, because I was getting a little more into her 

with each stroke. It was almost like jerking myself off, only I had her 

flesh between my hands and my dick. But she was loving it, every bit of 

it. For me, it felt like my cock was being polished smooth by her tight 


     I looked between her legs, at her bald slit. She was so stretched, 

I couldn't even see her cunt lips. When I pulled her up, I could feel 

the inside of her cunt sucking at my knob and I could see the walls of 

her twat turning inside out and coating maybe an inch of my thick dick. 

Pushing back in made her cunt like implode, dragging her clitty inside 

and against my cock, too, and she started jerking and grunting and 

cumming, a lot. I felt her tiny twat tighten still more on me and it 

began to clench down like a fist. 

     She got a good foot of my dick up inside her before I reached the 

absolute limit. She was bouncing up and down, pounding herself onto me, 

now, and I was trying to slow her down because it hurt when something 

hard -- her cervix, I guess -- slammed into my knob.

     "What's the matter, sailor? Can't you take it?" 

     That pissed me off. I squeezed her assflesh as hard as I could and 

she screamed, "Yes! Yes! Hurt me! Yes!" and came all the harder.

     Suddenly, she stopped bouncing and just kept pushing down at me, 

moving her hips in these tight little circles and panting like she was 

hyperventilating. I swear, I could feel that hard thing opening, slowly 

spreading...and then my knob popped through it.

     The crazy bitch wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself 

right up against me and screamed so loud it hurt my ear. She kept 

pushing down at me, harder and harder. She had all but that last, fat 

inch inside her cunt when she made this really strange animal sound and 

pushed down harder -- and had all of me! She'd managed to get fifteen 

full inches of cock into her and she loved it!

     "I feel so fucking STUFFED!" she yelled. And started screaming 

again. I could feel the entrance muscles to her cunt, stretched so tight 

around the fat base of my cock, flexing tighter and tighter. My balls 

were tightening, too, and my dick started swelling up even more. She 

just kept screaming and then I shot off in her.

     I guess it was because her cunt was so tight and her cervix was 

pinching my shaft, but I just came in one long shot, like my guts melted 

and were erupting her. I could feel the heat of my own cum surrounding 

my knob in that inner space. I guess I came for about twenty seconds, 

nonstop and her flat little belly actually seemed to bloat a bit. 

     The pressure must have been too much for her, because she started 

to lift her pussy up. I gasped when my knob popped back through that 

constriction, but I was still cumming some in her. I looked at her face 

and saw her eyes roll up so just the whites were showing and her eyelids 

fluttering down -- and then she went limp. She'd passed out.

     I eased her to the couch and slowly pulled my cock out of her. Even 

limp, it still seemed like it must have gone up into her stomach.  I 

could see her tummy flat as my dick withdrew. When my knob came out, a 

whole mess of my goo and her goo came bubbling out of her little cunt.

     Her eyes kind of half-opened and she smiled. "I have never felt so 

damn FUCKED!" she said enthusiastically. 

     "My pleasure, ma'am."

     She ran her hands down over her tits and tummy and down to her 

pussy, which was still oozing all over that expensive seat. "When is 

your hitch up, sailor?"

     "Three months."

     She groaned. "Damn, what am I going to do? I want to suck you and 

fuck you and have you ream my asshole, too!"

     Her asshole? She had to be kidding! She'd be disemboweled on my 


     On the other hand, I'd been wrong about her before.

     "What am I going to do until you're unhitched?" she pouted, fingers 

gouging at her cunt. "Listen, if you agree to work for me here, I'll 

give you the run of the girls -- provided you always save something for 

me. Will you let me keep you?"

     It didn't exactly sound like a fate worse than death, so I agreed, 

of course.

     "Maybe you could even do a couple of movies," she said. "With that 

cock, you could be a star!" She smiled. "A shooting star!" Then she 

turned somber again. "But until you get out -- Damn! I'm going to go 

crazy!" She was writhing and rustling on the big leather seat and my 

dick was filling up again. She saw it stiffening and whispered, "Please 

-- in my ass this time? You'll love it! I'll love it!"

     As she rolled over and reached into the drawer of the end table for 

a tube of lubricant, I stared dubiously at her tiny butt and pinpoint 

asshole. Oh, well, I decided, if she really could take me in that tight 

hole. it would be the best fuck yet. And if it was good enough, I'd tell 

her about cousin Bill. She'd like "Wild Bill," as I called him. Ever 

since we were kids, skinny-dipping down by Ten-Mile-Creek, he had a 

nickname for me, too.




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