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Archive-name: First/frsttime.ff

Archive-author: Gyrfalcon

Archive-title: First Time, The (fantasy)


    My first experience with another woman was when I was eighteen.


    My family had gone to a big party at my uncle's house. There I

met my aunt's sister who shared with me a love for horses. She was

about twenty-seven, single and very well off. She lived by herself in

her house California. I had April week's vacation coming up and she

invited me to visit her for the week. I jumped at the chance and my

parents agreed. 

    Judy met me late Sunday night at the airport. She was dressed to

kill, but for whom I had no idea at the time. She wore shore white

boots at one end of her shapely legs and a mid-thigh length white

leather skirt at the other. A pretty red blouse was open just enough

to give anyone who cared to look flashes of her breasts. Her blonde

hair was styled to frame her pretty face and her makeup and jewelry

were impeccable. I had worn jeans and a plain blouse, but still she

said that I looked good.

    We got my bags and she let me drive her rag-top to her home. She

owned an acre and a half with a beautiful two story house on it. We

got in very late and I was very tired, having crossed three time

zones. Judy promised me that we'd go riding in the morning. She helped

me bring my bags to my room, helped unpack and said good night. I took

a shower and, feeling a freedom I didn't often get at home, slipped

into bed nude.

    When I woke up in the morning, there was a package on the dresser

with a note on top. "Kathy," the note read, "I thought that you'd look

good in these. The sizes should be right, I checked with your mother.

Love, Judy." I tore open the package and to my delight, found a

complete new riding outfit. I slipped on some cotton panties, and

quickly washed and put on my makeup before trying the outfit on. When

I was dressed, I turned to admire myself in the mirror.

    On my head, my long strawberry hair was topped by a black riding

cap. On the bottom, I had knee high black leather boots, which were

beautiful. My legs and ass were covered by extremely tight white denim

riding pants. My small breasts bounced freely under a white turtleneck

blouse. And over that I had a bright red riding jacket. I thought I

looked good! Like some english country lady about to got out for a fox

hunt. I put on a pair of crystal ear rings that set off my green eyes

and went downstairs. 

    In the kitchen I found Judy looking every bit as good as I did.

She was dressed in an identical outfit except he blazer was green. We

had a quick yogurt breakfast, packed a picnic and headed out for the

stables where she had reserved the horses.

    Judy had rented us two beautiful mares that day at a large farm

in the mountains to the east of where she lived. It was a lovely day

for a ride and we toured the park all morning. At lunch, we stopped at

a private spot and had bread and a lot of wine. As I got up after

eating, my leg cramped up on me. 


    "Here, let me get that for you." Judy offered.


    "Oh, please." I said. "I guess that I haven't used those muscles

in a while."


    "Lie back down," she said and I did. She began rubbing the cramp

in my leg expertly.


    "God, that feels good Judy," I said. "I seem to have a lot of

muscles that are aching now. My ass is killing me too!"

    "Well, why don't you take off your pants and I'll give you a

better rub down."


    "Here?" I exclaimed, looking around. "Won't someone see."


    Judy laughed, "Don't worry about it. This is California. Besides,

no one is around during the day on a Monday."

    I agreed and took off my jacket, boots, and pants. Soon I sat

there in my blouse and panties. Judy gave me a good look once over.

I'm sure she noticed that my crotch was wet. Horse riding always makes

me horny. 

    "Don't just sit there looking pretty," she said, "Lie down and



    She started on my back and moved on down. The wine I had drunk

had gone to my head, but I was kind of thinking that something strange

was going on. So I wasn't surprised when she reached my ass and

started rubbing it like she was trying to turn me on.

    A million thoughts went through my head. What should I do? I'm

not a lesbian! But she is pretty, and she seems to think I am. But

this is weird. I wonder what it would be like. Imagine what your

friends would say. God that feels good! The boys will avoid you. But

they have never been that good anyway. She is pretty!

    I moaned.


    That was all the encouragement she needed. She stopped pretending

and slid her hand between by legs. No boy had ever made it feel this

good. She knew how and where and when to rub me. The pressure was

building in me and then, suddenly, she stopped.

    "Kathy," she whispered, "Roll over."


    I did and looked up into her brown eyes. She leaned over and

kissed me a long sensuous, open mouth, tongue on tongue kiss. And I

kissed back. It felt good. Her lips were soft and full. "Your very

pretty." she said when the kiss was over.

    "Maybe," I said, mostly out of breath. "But your beautiful! I

wish I could look like you. I wish I knew how to dress and wear things

like you do." 

    "We'll work on that with a few other things...." And she kissed

me again. Then she moved down my body, kissing me through my shirt,

and then oh yes! through my panties.

    "You smell good too, Kathy." She said, then as she started to

pull off my panties she stopped and looked at me. I realized that we

had reached another turning point. I could stop now and go back. But

as I looked at her kneeling, still fully dressed, between my legs,

looking at me that way, I knew that I could refuse her nothing.

    She seemed to read my approval and pulled my panties off. She

smiled, then murmuring something about loving natural redheads, she

brought that smile down to my pussy.

    It was like she knew me. She brought me off immediately, and then

again in another minute. I was writhing around moaning and calling,

"No!" and "Yes!" over and over. The boys I had dated had never made me

come, they lost interest after they came. I had often taken care of

myself after the dates, bringing myself off with my hand at home in

bed, but that was minor compared with this. Judy made me come like I

had never come before. She came back up to my face and I kissed her.

She tasted like me, like my hand tasted when I masturbated. 

    "Let's go back to my house, love. If you keep screaming like that

we will attract attention."

    "But I want to do something for you." I protested.


    She laughed. "Don't worry about that now. Just get dressed.

Here." and she handed me my pants. But she put my panties in her

saddle bag. "A souvenir," she smiled and said as I looked at her


    We got the horses from their tie up and hurried back to the

stables. I couldn't wait to get home. I wanted so badly to do for her

what she had done for me.

    The drive home seemed endless. I didn't know what she had in

store for me at home, but I knew it would be good. Judy kept making

small talk, asking me if I wanted to go shopping, what I liked for

dinner, what kinds of cars I liked. I kept up my end ok, but I kept

wondering what she looked like without her clothes. I had never really

thought that about a woman before. 

    I found out soon after we got home. As soon as we got in the

door, Judy grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close to give me

a long, slow kiss. When she let up, I was out of breath. That started

her giggling. "C'mon love. Let's go up to my room." she said before I

could catch my breath. And, with both of us laughing, she led me by

the hand upstairs and toward her bedroom. 

    Judy's bedroom was good size and had a king size bed in the

middle of it. The wall length closet was covered with mirrors, and

that made the room look twice as large. Judy stopped in front of her

bed and kissed me. 

    Then she quickly took off my boots, shirt and pants, leaving me

naked. She pushed me down on the bed then stood above me and took off

her clothes, all except for her small red panties. "If you want what's

in here, you'll have to take these off yourself," she said. Then she

lay down on the bed next to me and I rolled on top of her.

    I started kissing her. Her tits pressed into mine, rubbing our

nipples back and forth. I was still turned on from before and getting

more so all the time. I had to feel her body and do for her what she

had done for me at the park. I moved away from her mouth, down her

perfect neck, to her nipples. "Oh, they're cute," I said as I started

to suck on them and play with them. She moaned, "yes, yes." I flicked

her nipples back and forth with my tongue and nibbled at them. Her

moaning grew deeper. 

    I got the impression that she would like me to do this for hours,

but I wanted to get to her pussy, and taste her! I left her tits and

moved down her, past her belly button to her crotch. She smelled of

the leather saddle, but that didn't mask the other odor she was

putting out. I had sometimes wondered how another woman would taste,

why men seemed to like it. Now I was about to find out!

    Little blonde hairs stuck out from her panties as I rubbed her

pussy through them. "It's so soft and smooth," I mummered, "not like

the boys!" 

    "Much better," she replied.


    I pulled her panties down as she gently raised her hips so I

could get them off. I remembered the times I had done that so the boys

could get my panties off. Her blonde pussy was wet with her juice. It

was fascinating. This was the first time I had been so close to

another woman's pussy, or had paid any attention to one at all. The

pink lips of her slit were plainly visible through the light hair. The

smell was enticing. I wanted to explore it fully. 

    I wasted no more time. With a smile of delight on my face, I

dived for her opening. It was delicious. Far better than I imagined. I

licked around her whole pussy, wanting the taste of all of it. Judy

was squirming under me. "Oh Kathy, Kathy, yes, Kathy" she kept saying.

I experimented with using my tongue and my lips. I rubbed with my

fingers. I sucked and I licked. Then she grabbed my head and pulled me

closer to her pussy and held me there. She screamed in delight and her

muscles tensed and relaxed quickly over and over. I was glad that I

could make her come. 

    "Come up here, and let me kiss you," she said, when the

contractions were through. I slid my way slowly up her body, rubbing

my tits against what ever I could. "Yes, Kathy, we are going to have

fun this week!" and she kissed me. And kissed me again, and again. She

licked around my mouth, tasting herself on my face. Then she rolled me

over, and we quickly tangled into a sixty-nine, with Judy on top of

me. I reached up and played with her ass, and we both quickly came


    We hugged, and kissed, and petted for a while longer and I was

completely entranced. I would do almost anything to keep this feeling

going all week. Judy finally said, "You seem to be enjoying yourself.

I thought that you would. This is only the beginning you know. I can

teach you a lot about loving women. Would you like me to?"

    "If it all feels this good, you bet I do!"


    "Do you trust me enough to do what I tell you and go along with

things even when your not sure of what's going on. I promise that you

won't be sorry." 

    I looked into her eyes, and saw enough to say, "Yes, whatever you



    She kissed me. "Good. We are going to have a fun week. We may

even get in some more horse back riding. But first, a shower, and then

some shopping. Then I'm taking you out for an evening you won't





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