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Archive-name: First/frst.txt


Archive-title: First

"Can I have a sip?"


Michael sampled a few drops of the foul-tasting diet softdrink, basking

in the beauty of the cute blond freshman from whom he had bummed the sip.

He and Steve had come a few minutes late into the numerical analysis

lecture and Michael picked the two seats near the back only because of

the cute babe with the soda.

"Thanks," he said handing the can back.

"No problem," she smiled back.  She had perfect white teeth Michael

noticed.  Without the glasses she'd be a model.

Michael took out his clipboard and started copying the first two boards

of linear programming equations.  The blond glanced at the paper he was

writing on and noticed that the subject, lecture number, date, and

topic headings were pre-printed on the otherwise blank graph paper.

His handwriting was fast but neat and he used a template to draw

colorful diagrams.

"Another nerd," Karen sighed disappointedly.  "Too bad; he had the body

for it," she thought to herself.  Karen had just broken up with her

third boyfriend in as many months.  The guys up north were either drunk

frat boys or boring nerds.  The obnoxious yankee sitting next to her

was cute but didn't even have the time to notice her.

As soon as the bell sounded for the break, a pandemonium of folding

desks and babbling voices erupted, drowning out the end of the professor


"You a computer person?" Michael asked the cute blond alluringly.

"Not hardly; I'm a civil engineering major," Karen told the obnoxious

yankee.  "What about y'all?"

"Biomed," he replied gazing into her blue eyes.  The pupils weren't round;

She had weird eyes, he thought.  The pupils dilated as she looked at him and

Michael's heart skipped a beat.  He had just read in "Popular Psychology"

that pupil dilation meant physical attraction.  Here was his chance to lose

his virginity.

"Thanks for the soda.  You busy for dinner?"  he asked matter-of-factly.

"Um, er... no," she stammered.  His question took her completely by

surprise. "I live up the hill and usually take my supper at the Jenson


"Great accent," Michael thought.  "'take my supper'  Ha!"  She sounds

like a dixie bell.  I wonder if she had a debut and lives on a big

plantation at home.

"Jenson's food must be better than Leutner's on north campus.  Hows

about I pick you up for an early dinner and then we catch the movie at

the film club?  It's a gonna be a great film,"  he rambled.

"Well, I don't rightly know.  We were never introduced," she said slowly.

"Come on.  You can bring your roommates and friends.  It'll be fun," he

assured her.

"Well I suppose..."

"Great.  Where do you live?" he asked.

"Well I do declare!  I don't even know your name."

"Michael Wilson, from Philadelphia.  Pleased to meet you."  Michael offered

his hand.

"Karen Lou-anne Hammaker.  Pleased to meet you, Mr. Wilson," she said

regaining some composure.

"Please call me Michael," he said smiling broadly.  "Where should I pick you


"I live in the Morely dormitory.  I can meet you in the lounge there at

6:30.  Will that be all right?"

"That's a little late.  The film starts at 6:30.  What about 5:30?  Is that

too early?"

"No.  5:30 will be fine."

The word sounded like "fahn" when she spoke it.  Michael couldn't help

smiling broadly at her beguiling southern accent.

The film was an excellent Swedish adventure story called "Man on the Roof,"

and had short slices of Swedish life including some steamy sex.  Michael

took her hand at the begining of the film and massaged her fingers and 

palms ever-so-lightly.  By the time the film was over she was very wet.

"Come on, I'll walk you home," he said as the lights came up.

"Thank you."

They held hands during the walk and talked about school, professors and the

film.  When she unlocked the dormitory door, he came inside with her and

followed her wordlessly up the stairs to the suite she shared with four

other girls.

No one was in the common living room when they arrived and they went

into her tiny bedroom.  Karen closed the door and gestured for Michael

to sit on the tiny bed.  She sat next to him and without a word they

embraced and started necking.

Michael had problems breathing when he was kissing a girl.  Though he

had had a lot of practice petting and necking, he could never get his

breathing right.  He somehow couldn't breathe through his nose

properly, and didn't want to exhale in the girl's mouth.  It made him

nervous and he took uneven, raspy breaths.

"Relax," Karen told him.

Michael pushed her down onto the bed, kicked off his shoes and climbed

up next to her, after which they resumed the necking; he concentrated

on breathing regularly through his nose.  Soon his hand wandered down

to her blouse, roughly massaging her breasts.  Then he put his hand on

her jeans and started boisterously massaging her vagina.  Karen had no

objections and continued their hot french kissing.  His touch was quite

rough and he was applying too much pressure, but she had gone through

worse.  Sensing no resistance, Michael started to un-button her jeans.

"Do you really want to do this?" she asked him earnestly.

"Yes," he said seriously.

"No regrets?" she asked.

"Of course not."

She started undressing quickly and efficiently.  He had to hurry to catch up

with her.  Before climbing under the covers he noticed her creamy white skin

and red pubic hairs.  

Michael had never been in bed naked with a girl before and didn't

really know how to begin.  He had often fantasized about sex, of course

and was determined to try cunnulingus before mounting.  After roughly

and inadeptly massaging her erect nipples and very wet vagina, he slid

down the bed and started licking the opening of her vagina.  The taste

made him nauseous and he almost threw up his dinner.  He did not stop,

however, determined to do it right.  Every few seconds he searched for

her clitoris with his toungue but couldn't find it and went back to

licking the opening of her vagina and vulva just above it.

Smiling at his eager ineptidude, Karen finally pulled his face up to

hers and kissed him long and passionately.  She positioned his body on

top of hers and spread her legs in missionary position.  Michael had no

idea how to orient himself to enter her dripping cunt.  He lay on top

of her patiently waiting for her to get his cock inside her.  She had

to do all the maneuvering with his weight clumsily on top of her.  She

finally settled his cock into her cunt and thrust her hips up

rhythmically.  Michael picked up the rhythm after a few strokes, but

got carried away and his penis came out.  He helped her get it back in

and started pumping again.  After a few minutes of fervent rutting, his

cock came out again.  He was getting better at finding her cunt and got

it back in himself.

Soon after he put his penis back into her cunt he was again delightedly

pumping fast and hard.  Before long, Karen was moaning in orgasmic

ecstacy.  Michael hardly noticed and couldn't believe at first that she

had climaxed.  He slowed his rhythm.

"Are you through?" he asked innocently.

"Yeah," she said, grabbing his shoulders and pulling him closer.  Now

that she was concentrating solely on keeping his cock inside her,

Michael's inexperienced thrusting was easier for her to control.  In a

few minutes, he was ejaculating, grunting softly as his cock spat hot

semen deep into her vagina.

"Do you want to try again?" he asked shyly.

"I suppose," she said.  She could feel that his penis was still hard

inside her vagina and it did not feel like it was getting any softer.

She had never made love to anyone as young as Michael and wondered if

all virgins had the staying power of this one.

He started pumping again slowly, kissing and licking her lips softly.

Soon the rhythm, intensity, and pressure increased of his coital

plunges.  Karen pushed her pubic bone against him hard at each inward

thrust.  In a half hour she was moaning again.  This time Michael felt

her shudder and the realization that she was having an orgasm made him

suddenly very hot.  In ten quick, forcefull strokes he was exploding

again, amplifying Karen's pleasure and prolonging her orgasm.

Karen noticed that Michael was not sweating or even breathing hard,

another new experience for her.  Her over-sensitive vagina felt that

his penis was still hard inside her and it was a bit irritating; 

this time, however, she felt it getting softer.

"Thank God for small favors" she thought to herself.

When his penis shrank somewhat, Michael withdrew and carefully rolled off

her.  He held her close, kissed and cuddled with her a few minutes before


"Thanks," he said haltingly.  "If you couldn't tell, that was my first


"And your second, honey,"  she drawled affectionately.

They smiled and talked about grades, engineering core courses,

marriage, numerial analysis, and the human condition.  At length

Michael got bored.

"Do you want to try again?" he asked timidly.

"My my, Michael, but you are a virtuoso virgin," she teased him.

"Let's see if you're really up to it."  She reached down and started

rubbing his cock with her palm.  Her deft manipulations betrayed her

experience and Michael speculated about hand jobs she had given boys in

High School.

Michael's penis rose to the occasion and in a few minutes he was on top

of her again, driving his cock into her vagina hard and hurredly.  In fact

his rhythm and pressure were not very pleasing to Karen who basically just

lay there submissively.

"How ya doin?" he asked after a while.

She pecked a little kiss on his lips and pulled her knees up to give

him deeper penetration.  The new position and deeper penetration put

more pressure on his cock.  Each stroke brought him unconsciously

closer to ejaculation.  Unprepared for the sudden sensual

amplification, Michael suddenly realized he was about to ejaculate


"I'm going to..." he said.  His cock spurted hot semen deep into Karen's

sore cunt and he grunted ecstatically.

"Should I go?" he asked groggily a few minutes later.

"If you don't, you'll be the ninth guy to sleep here this semester," she

replied brightly.

"You mean I can stay?" he asked enthusiastically.

"Sure.  Move over and give me some covers."

He woke up the next morning with Karen in his arms and a hard, hot cock

poking at the covers.  He gently fondled Karen's breasts, blissfully

staring at her beautiful face and long sensuous hair.  Still half

asleep, Karen blindly fumbled under the covers and brushed against his

huge burning erection.  She befuddedly pulled him on top of her, and

for the fourth time in his life Michael was joyfully copulating.  In

five minutes he exploded.

"I'm sorry," he said apologetically.  "Are you close?"

She actually was starting to get aroused.  She kissed him as he

continued to pump his dick in and out.  However, in a few short

minutes, his erection subsided.

"I'm sorry," he said again forlornly.

"But I enjoyed it, Michael," she said cheerfully.

"When's your first class?" he asked, changing the subject.

"Ten o'clock.  Why?"

"I have to be at Strosacker at eight for Logic.  Come with me to breakfast?"

"No thanks.  I'd really rather get some more sleep."

Karen smiled affectionately and watched him get dressed.

"I'll call you," Michael said on his way out.

In fact, he never saw Karen again.  She avoided him in classes, and

never returned his calls.  He learned later that she dropped out of

school and went to live in New Orleans.  Eighteen, and no-longer a

virgin, Michael faced the task of finding a girl friend, or at least a

sex partner, with a new and pleasant perspective.



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