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Archive-name: First/firstry1.txt

Archive-author: The Masked One

Archive-title: First Try

Keywords: Pedo


I guess things all started with Paul around 2 years ago, when I was 

nine. I was standing out in front of the ice cream store by where I 

live, wishing I had some money for an ice cream. Paul was walking down 

the street, and saw me looking in. He stopped and asked me why, and 

when I told him I didn't have any money, he took me inside and bought 

me one with 2 scoops! I thought he was really nice. He wasn't very 

tall, and he had a suit on. We walked around for a little while while 

we ate our cones, talking. He asked my name (Jenny), how old I was (9), 

what grade I was in in school (third) and other stuff like that. He was 

35, and worked as a field service guy - that meant he got to travel all 

around and fix stuff. Pretty soon we came to the park. He asked if I'd 

like to sit and talk for a little while. I said OK, and told him we 

could go to my secret place by the creek that went by the park. He 

smiled and followed me there. It's a place I found in the bushes down 

by the creek where you can crawl in and there's space inside to sit up 

and stuff, but the bushes are so thick you can't see in. I wasn't sure 

if Paul wanted to go in because of his clothes, but he smiled and said 

it was OK. We sat down, and Paul put his arm around me. I liked that, 

cause since my dad died, I only get to cuddle with an older guy when 

one of my uncles sits for me. So I moved closer and put my arm around 

him. He told me what a pretty girl I was and how he was glad he met me 

because it's hard to meet people when you're traveling a lot. While we 

talked, he put his other arm around me in front, so I did it too. He 

asked me if I liked older guys. I told him yeah, cause all the guys my 

own age act real dumb. Then he looked in my eyes and said "enough to 

kiss one?", and I nodded. He leaned over and brushed my lips with his 

gently, then again, a little harder, then his lips opened and he 

started kissing me with his tongue! I never let a guy do anything to me 

before, and I wasn't real sure what to do, so I started playing with 

his tongue with mine. It was really neat. I started feeling all tingly. 

He stopped the kiss and asked me how I liked it. "Great!!!" "Think 

maybe you might like to have a boyfriend - at least when I'm in town?" 

"YESSSSSS!!!" "Then come here", he said, sitting up a little to pull me 

closer to him. When he kissed me this time it was long, slow, and real 

gentle - and I got more and more tingly. He kissed my face, my neck, my 

ears... all very softly. It kind of tickled, but it felt really good! 

When he kissed my mouth again, he reached up and gently stroked my left 

nipple through my shirt. I thought it was going to explode!!! The 

tingling got to be a LOT more!! It even started to tingle between my 

legs and I could feel myself getting kinda wet. I didn't know what it 

was yet, but it felt really great! I guess I kinda moaned, and he 

smiled and said "You really like this, don't you?" All I could do was 

nod my head. "If you take your shirt off, I'll make you feel a lot 

better", Paul said. I didn't know how he could do that, but I wanted to 

find out! I slipped my t-shirt off, but then I felt kinda embarrassed 

cause I didn't have anything on top yet. I'm just starting to now. But 

my nipples were really hard, and I didn't have much time to be 

embarassed when he leaned over and kissed my nipples - first the left, 

then the right. I never knew anything could feel that good! It was much 

better than when he rubbed them! While he kissed one he'd rub the 

other, then he'd switch, back and forth, kissing my chest and stomach, 

while I closed my eyes and felt the tingling rush over me, like 

electricity. I wanted to make him feel good too, so I started to 

unbutton his shirt. He shook his head and took my hand and put it on 

his lap. He had a boner!! It was really big (at least compared to the 

guys in my class). He took my hand and put it right on it! It was all 

hot, and it kinda twitched through his pants. "Can I take it out?" "Of 

course, sweetheart, just be as gentle as I was to you till you learn". 

I unzipped his pants and reached in through his underpants to pull it 

out. When I touched it, he jumped a little and so did it and my hand 

got a little wet. When I took out my hand to see, he said "It's just my 

man juice, honey. You really turn me on". I liked that idea a lot, and 

licked it off my hand, smiling at him, before I reached back in. It 

tasted kinda salty and kinda the way Paul smelled... and I really liked 

it. Finally I pulled his thing out of his pants. It looked kinda funny, 

really, but neat. It looked like it was wearing an army helmet! A drop 

of Paul's man juice was at the end, and I licked it off! Paul kinda 

trembled when I did it, so I asked if it was OK. He said "OK? I really 

love it, Jen. You want to make me feel really, really good?" I said yes 

really fast cause I was really excited to think I could make a grown-up 

feel good like he had done to me. He told me to play with it with my 

hands and mouth - just kind of explore. When I started, he reached 

under my gym shorts and started rubbing my butt while I explored him. I 

gave it little kisses and it jumped with every one. I licked up and 

down the shaft. It was so big I had to use both hands to hold it. Paul 

told me to move my mouth up and down over the tip and pump my hands up 

and down on the shaft, and I could have a big drink of man juice. When 

I started, he slid his hand under my panties and started running his 

fingers up and down my butthole and my private parts. It felt better 

than having my nipples kissed!I could feel myself getting really wet 

between my legs, and I heard Paul moan, so I knew I was doing OK for 

him. Suddenly his thing started twitching really hard in my mouth. Paul 

moaned again and said "Oh Jenny, yes, god, yes, It feels so good, don't 

stop, don't unnngghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" His man juice started to shoot out 

- and there was a lot of it, and it came out really hard and fast. I 

didn't want to lose any, so I swallowed and swallowed, all the time 

moving my head up and down on my new boyfriend's shaft. It was really 

neat, too, cause while I sucked and swallowed, it got less and less 

hard - kinda like I was sucking all the hardness out of it. Less and 

less came out, till finally no more, and he was all limp. I looked up 

at him and said "Did I do it right?" He smiled, then pulled me into his 

lap and kissed me for a long, long time. "I love you, Jenny. You are 

perfect. You did better than most grown-up women." "I love you, Paul. 

Nobody else has ever made me feel like you did." "Well, there's lots 

more we can do and you'll feel even better, darling." "I have to go 

home now, though. My mom gets real mad if I'm late. But could we do 

more later?" "Well, tomorrow is Saturday, can you get out?" "Yeah, I 

can get up early and tell my mom I'm going to go play. She usually 

likes me out of the house playing on Saturday". "Great! I'm at room 146 

at the Motel - it's one of the cabins in back. You can get in and out 

without anyone ever knowing you're there." "Good", I said giggling. "I 

sure don't want my mom to find out!" "Neither do I" "Don't worry, I 

would never tell her - or anyone about you. OK?" "OK. But we better get 

dressed and get you home." Paul helped me back into my t-shirt, and I 

tucked him back in his pants, then he kissed me again, lovingly. "I 

love you, Jen. See you tomorrow." "I love you, Paul, can I come real 

early?" "Come whenever you want, sweetheart. You're my girlfriend now." 

"See you tomorrow, then!!"



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