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Archive-name: First/firstorg


Archive-title: Her First Orgasm

     It was a normal saturday, I had gotten back from college the

previous day and was preparing to go out with my girlfriend

Kristen. Kristen and I have been dating for over four months now.

Although we waited a while to have sex, our sexual urges had

overwhelmed us after about 2 months of dating. We began to have

sex, but, after two months of sexual activity, something special

was about to happen...

     We started dating the first week in June. I had known Kristen

before, she went to my high school. Although she was two years

younger than me, I still didn't mind going out with the 'younger'

ones, sometimes they are the best ones. Kristen had a huge crush on

me in high school, but I never really persuaded a relationship with

her. After I had gone off to college, we lost touch of each other.

     I never forgot about Kristen while I was gone. It was nice

having a girl fall head over heels for me. Time passed and I went

through some rough relationships, never realizing that the summer

of 1991 would prove to be one to wait for.


     Spring semester was over and I had just got back from college.

The first few weeks of summer vacation were quite boring, I would

go to the bars with my friends, but never to get laid those nights.

     I'll never forget the day I saw her. It was week after high

school graduation Kristen was no longer in high school and also no

longer attached. I had just pulled into the parking lot next to

where the tennis courts were. I was waiting for a friend to stop by

so that we could play tennis. I remember looking up and seeing

Kristen approaching me. At first I didn't know if it was her, sure

enough though, it was. Two years definitely had changed Kristen,

her braces were gone, and her breasts had developed nicely. After

some small talk, I asked her out and she said yes.

     That's how it all started...

     Kristen and I dated a lot during the summer and we knew that

someday our summer would end and that we would have to go off to

college. The week before college proved to be the start of out now

sexual activity.

     I saw Kristen every weekend I came home. Although we went to

different colleges that were far apart, coming home on a friday

proved to be a good end to yet another tense week at college.

     Two months had passed since we started college. Every time we

had sex on the weekends it just seemed to get better and better.

Another friday came and went, but saturday was going to be

something special.

     I picked up Kristen at 6:00 that night. My parents had just

left for a trip so I knew that I'd have the house to myself. My

brother was gone off to a friends house so the setting was perfect.

After some screwing around at the mall, we decided to drive back to

my house. All night I had been thinking of the fun that was about

to take place. Of course all of this thinking led to a hard on that

lasted the whole drive home. I tried not to let my sexual desires

get to me, but I couldn't help it. About 10 minutes after going

home I grabbed Kristen's hand and led her upstairs to my bedroom.

     We had done it before up there, but for some reason, I new

that tonight... tonight... something special was going to happen.

I had sexual experience and so did she, but I never managed to last

long enough to make her cum. But something special was going to


     I gently laid Kristen down on my bed. I slowly began to lift

her shirt off to get a chance to touch her beautiful breasts.

Kristen had a nice set of tits, bigger than my hand but still nice

and round. Slowly but surely I remove her bra. Sometimes she would

wear bras that were a total bitch to remove. After some

frustration, I finally had a chance to see her gorgeous breasts. I

didn't want to move to fast tonight, I knew I had plenty of time to

do what every I wanted.

     I gently began to squeeze her soft tits. A light moan came out

of her mouth as I did this. Knowing that squeezing too hard would

hurt her I stopped. I then began to gently rub her nipple between

by thumb and forefinger. I watched it as it slowly began to rise.

After rubbing, I began to slowly moisten her left breast with my

tongue running round and round her nipple in nice tight circles.

Every motion across her nipple would cause a little moan to escape

her mouth, and an occasional quiver could be felt at her leg. I

knew she was wet and didn't want to wait any longer to be able to

touch her snatch which was surrounded by sandy blonde pubic hair.

Kristen was a true blonde, for sure.

     I released my hand from her breast and slowly undid the belt

that held her pants up. Kristen sure made it tough on me, three

buttons held up her pants. After another episode of frustration, I

finally got her pants down. Now all she had on was panties, I still

was fully clothed. She slowly lifted her thighs so that I could

take down her panties. Once off, I starred at the beautiful pussy

in front of me. I could see the glistening of moisture off her lips

below. The light made a nice spectacle of her wet pussy. I began to

place my head towards her love tunnel, the sweet scent of her

juices made my cock throb. I knew I had to wait though, that would

come later.

     I began to kiss her thighs and occasionally I would place my

lips on her moist labia. She was going nuts, I knew she was

enjoying every minute of it. But, this was just a start. At first

a ran my finger up and down her slit, stopping occasionally to

place my finger deep inside her, then I would take it out and rub

her love button, only a little though, I didn't want to drive her

insane right now, I had better things to come.

     My tongue began to take over where my fingers left off. I

would lick up and down her now soaking wet slit. The sweet taste of

her love juices made my shorts feel a lot smaller. Faster and

faster until I could feel her inner thighs start to press against

my head. Concentrating on her clit, I would gently press my tongue

against it, then I would stop, not wanting her to come, at least

not yet.

     I lifted my head up and Kristen said, "Why do you still have

your clothes on?". She then quickly took off my shirt and rather

viciously yanked my shorts off. I laid down on the bed next to her.

She reached over to my now hard rock penis and gently ran her

finger from the top to the bottom. She then asked me, "What's

this?". I responded with "It's my cock, shithead!". She giggled

then ran her hand down to my balls, gently squeezing them, which

sent tingles down my shaft. She knew I liked it and wasn't about to

stop doing it. 

     Occasionally she would kiss my penis, she didn't give me head

much, I didn't mind, she was doing a pretty good job with her hand.

By now precum started to literly drip out of my cock it had been

building up inside me since I started eating her out. I wanted her

bad, and I wanted her now.

     My prayers were answered. She looked up at me and said my

favorite four words, "Make love to me." I gently nodded. I sat up

and laid Kristen down again. I laid between her legs, rubbing my

rod up and down her soaked pussy lips making her groan. I knew this

drove Kristen crazy. After a minute of rubing she finally reached

down to my cock and began to place it inside her. Although Kristen

had sex before many times, she still was tight. I could feel her

vaginal walls resisting the intruder. Slowly I moved my dick in and

out of her, going deeper each time. Every time I went in her I

could feel her warmness start to reach farther down my rod. Finally

I felt her tunnel walls give free and let my cock go deep inside


     I fucked her slowly at first, making her quiver each time I

went in. Putting my dick in fast then pulling it out slowly sent

sounds of moaning out her mouth. I could feel the heat of her hole,

it was driving me crazy. Occasionally I'd look down and watch my

dick come out of her hole glistening with moisture. I soon began to

pick up the pace, for some reason I didn't have the sensation of

cumming. Usually by now, I was squirting my liquid, but not this

time, because this time was something special.

     I continued to pump in and out of her more and more quickly.

I looked at her face as I heard her breathing increasing and

becoming more horse. Her hand reached down to grab my ass as if to

put me even deeper into her or as to aid in my motions.

     I began to watch her beautiful face, her gorgeous blonde hair

was wet from the sweat of our love making. I watched as her teeth

began to tighten, and her head begin to move wildly on my bed. The

moaning turned into short loud grunts. Kristen was about to come.

Her thighs began pressing against mine, I could feel her hands

driving into my back. She could take it no longer, she let off a

small scream and I could feel her juices all around my cock. This

was too much for me to take. My cock began to tingle, I went in and

out of her like a madman. She began to cum again, the squeezing of

her pussy on my cock finally took its toll, I released a furry of

semen deep into her, I moaned wildly, my breaths were short and

loud. More pumping, more cum, when was it going to stop? Finally I

relaxed. I slowly pulled out of her, to see the cum on my dick and

her juices mixing as one. I laid next to her and held her in my

arms, caressing her beautiful body... something special did happen

that day... Kristen had her first orgasm.



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