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Archive-name: First/first.txt


Archive-title: First Time, The

Just about every man remembers his  first sexual experience and I am  no

exception.  I am glad  to say however that  mine was at the  hands of an

older woman, a  very nice and  experienced older woman.   Sally my first

woman was  about 32  when I  first became  involved with  her and  I had

secretly watched her as she sunbathed  in her back yard wishing I  could

have sex with her for a long  time.  Sally was a trim blond with  a nice

figure and she was married.  Sadly her marriage was not on good  footing

at the time and this combined with her husbands drinking must have  been

what precipitated our initial tryst.

On the odd occasion that Sally could not find a suitable baby sitter for

her two small children ages 3 and 4 I would go over and sit with them in

the evenings after they had been put to bed and were asleep.  I must say

that in  all the  times I  sat for  these kids  they never  gave me  any

problem and only occasionally would they wake up. Well I could tell that

things weren't going well for Sally and her husband as many nights Sally

would come home without him and  I would see someone most times  a woman

drop him off the next morning.   One night about 8:00pm Sally came  home

while I was sitting  her kids and she  looked very upset and  asked if I

would stay around a little while she took a bath because one of the kids

was still  up and  she didn't  want her  to get  scared if she found the

house empty.   I agreed  and settled  back to  watching TV  wondering if

Sally was ok because she seemed  so upset.  Sally was gone quite  a long

time and I decided  to go and look  for her, so I  quietly went upstairs

and checked  on the  kids who  were both  asleep then  went towards  the

bathroom to check on Sally.  The  bathroom door was slightly ajar and  I

could see  Sally sitting  on the  edge of  the bathtub  staring off into

space and softly crying.  Sally had  on just a thin robe which  was open

to the  waist and  I could  see her  full firm  breasts with  small pink

nipples peeking out.   The lower part  of the robe  was open across  her

legs falling further open to the sides of her firm long legs.  I felt  a

strange  mixture  of  sorrow,  excitement,  and  fear as I looked at her

sitting there obviously  alone and very  distraught.  I moved  closer to

the door  and looked  between her  legs seeing  her neatly trimmed pussy

which excited me more.   By this time I  was having a full  blown hardon

and I just stood there admiring Sally's beautiful body and wondering how

I could get to see more.

I decided on a bold  approach and with a bit  of a tremble I opened  the

door and  walked into  the bathroom.   I figured  I could  always say  I

thought one of the  children was having a  problem and thought I  should

check.  But Sally didn't look upset and made no move to cover herself as

I approached.  I asked her if there was anything I could do and what was

the matter as I looked directly into her eyes.  Sally said it was a long

story and  it really  didn't matter  as I  was not  responsible for  her

problems.  As she spoke  Sally swiveled around to  face me and her  robe

opened  further  allowing  me  to  see  both  her firm tits and her legs

splayed further  providing me  with a  full frontal  view of  her pussy.

Sally was  great looking  and I  was very  excited my  cock standing  at

attention and clearly  showing my excitement  by the bulge  in my pants.

Sally  must  have  seen  my  condition  and recognized my excitement and

confusion because she reached out and pulled me to her hugging me close.

I was the surprised one when  I realized that my right hand  had slipped

under her robe and I was cupping her firm tit in my hand.  Sally  didn't

move  and  just  kept  holding  me  as  I felt her breast with tentative

strokes  and  felt  her  nipple  harden  with  excitement.  Sally slowly

brought her hand around to my  crotch and gently rubbed my cock  thru my

jeans as  she asked  me if  I could  stay a  while and keep her company.

Even thought I was scared my excitement overpowered me and I told her  I

would stay even though I would have felt more comfortable peeking at her

thru the open door than being in her arms.  Taking me by the hand  Sally

led me to her bedroom and asked me to wait for her, her robe was open in

the front now and I  had a great view of  her full firm tits with  those

stiff pink  nipples and  that golden  triangle of  fur between  her firm


I waited as she  checked on her children  and returned to the  bedroom I

thought I would cum in my pants  as I watched her come thru the  bedroom

door her robe fluttering behind her  giving me a full view of  her naked

firm body.  Sally came to the bed where I was sitting and sat next to me

taking my hand  and placing it  on her warm  firm breast she  asked if I

wanted to  make love  with her.   I stammered  a bit  but assured  her I

wanted her badly and would do my best to please her.  Sally told me that

we could only make  love if I promised  not to tell anyone  about it and

that she  would get  in a  lot of  trouble if  I said anything to anyone

especially my friends.  I assured her I could keep our secret and that I

wanted very much to make love with her.

Sally kissed me and began to  take off my cloths starting with  my pants

which she undid with remarkable quickness and slowly pulled down rubbing

my cock with her  hand while she removed  my shoes and socks  pulling my

jeans off.  Sally pulled down my  underpants and took my rock hard  cock

in her hand stroking  it slowly and gently  squeezing my balls.  I  felt

like my cock was going to burst and told her she had to hurry or I would

come in her hand.  Sally pulled hard on my cock and then rammed my  cock

into her mouth sucking my dick for all she was worth.  This was too much

and I began to climax shooting my sperm into Sally's hot wet mouth as  I

tried to back away  afraid She would be  mad at what I  had done.  Sally

just held me closer and grabbed my ass forcing my prick deeper into  her

mouth and sucked my sperm down her throat.  Finally I stopped struggling

and let her finish me with her mouth figuring she would be  disappointed

and ask me to leave.  After Sally had drained the last drop of cum  from

my still stiff prick she pulled back and licked her lips and thanked  me

for giving her my sweet tasting cum.   I was happy I had not ruined  our

lovemaking and begged her to get on the bed.  Sally older and wiser than

I told me to relax as we had plenty of time and stroked my cock  showing

me that it  was still stiff  and we would  get to that  part of our  fun

later.   Sally  moved  me  around  and  stripped off my shirt leaving me

standing naked next to  her.  She hugged me  to her and I  felt her ripe

breasts  press  against  my  chest  as  her stiff nipples burned into my

flesh.  Sally told me to take off  her robe and I reached up taking  the

collar and pulled it back and  off her shoulders letting it fall  to the

floor as I wrapped my arms around her hot body.  Sally pressed her  body

into mine  and reached  around grabbing  my ass  and pulled  me into her

cunt.  I thought I would cum again as my cock and balls pressed  against

her  hot  cunt.   Sally  held  me  this  way  for  a  while  until I got

comfortable enough to move  my hands down to  her firm ass and  pull her

harder into  our embrace.   All the  time Sally  kissed me  exploring my

mouth with her hot wet tongue and lips which had just worked their magic

on my prick.

Slowly Sally moved us onto her bed and had me turn on all the lights  so

that I could see her hot body  clearly.  As soon as I calmed down  a bit

Sally had me move up over her and feel her tits some more and she  began

to instruct me on  how to make love.   First she had me  rub her nipples

slowly making her  moan with pleasure  and bringing her  nipples to full

hardness so that  they resembled tiny  pricks.  Next Sally  took my hand

and rubbed it up and down her hard taught belly until my hand rested  in

her blond bush.  Sally  spread her legs and  had me pull back  the outer

lips of her pussy exposing her pink wet hole so I could see what a woman

looked like.  I loved it and wanted to put my stiff prick in right away.

Sally stopped me saying first I would have to learn how to play with  it

and  she  reached  down  and  showed  me  her  erect clit telling me how

sensitive it was and gently rubbing  it with her fingers.  I could  tell

this was really getting her hot because she moaned each time her  finger

crossed the head of her stiff  little button.  Sally took my finger  wet

it in her mouth then rubbed  her clit with it moaning and  thrusting her

hips to meet my finger.  As her passion grew I rubbed her cunt lips with

my other finger and finally pushed my finger into her vagina making  her

moan even louder.   Suddenly her hands  were at her  breasts pulling and

twisting her pink stiff nipples and I was on my own.

I continued to push my  finger in and out of  her cunt and rub her  clit

until she climaxed wetting my  hand with her love juices.   Sally's legs

twitched and jerked as she came and the muscles twitched thru her entire

pelvic region each time my finger stroked her hard clit.  Sally told  me

I was great and that made me  want her even more, my cock was  throbbing

hard and ready to fuck her  but Sally had other ideas.  Sally  pulled my

head down to her  tits and had me  tongue and suck her  tits and nipples

while  I  continued  to  finger  her  hot  twitching pussy.  While I was

driving her nuts with my fingers and my mouth Sally started to stroke my

ass pushing her fingers into the  crack of my ass and massaging  my cock

and balls with  her other hand.   Sally pulled my  ass cheeks apart  and

rubbed her finger on the rim of my anus slowly circling my butt hole and

driving me  crazy.  All  of a  sudden her  finger was  in my  ass slowly

pushing in until her whole finger was up my asshole.  Taking my cue from

Sally I  rubbed her  anus and  slowly pushed  my finger  up her  pulsing

rectum until it was buried as deep in her asshole as my other finger was

in her cunt.  I began a slow stroking motion ramming my fingers into her

cunt and asshole with slow steady strokes.  Sally was moaning quite loud

now and she released her grip on my cock and pulled her finger out of my

ass grabbing my head and pushing it down her lith belly until my  tongue

was just inches from  her erect hard clit.   I knew what she  wanted and

extended my tongue  until it contacted  her hard clit  and instinctively

began to  suck and  lick her  pleasure button  making her  cry out  with

desire and pleasure.  I kept pace with my fingers in her holes and  soon

Sally was in the throes of another climax her hands had returned to  her

nipples and she was pulling them fiercely as she climaxed over and  over

again until she lay moaning her pleasure.

I was beside myself with desire and I pulled her legs up opening her hot

wet pussy and gave  her a few more  licks before I moved  in between her

wide spread thighs my hard cock sticking out like a flag.  Sally  looked

down and reached for my cock guiding me into her tight slit as I  rammed

my cock in with one deep thrust.  Sally put her legs on my shoulders and

I rammed my cock into her tight hot pussy for about five minutes  before

she and I climaxed together.  The  look of pleasure on her face  made me

feel like a king  and I continued to  pound her pussy until  my cock got

hard again.  Sally was as surprised as  I was that I could come back  so

soon  and  begged  me  to  try  another  position.   Giving  way  to her

experience I pulled out of her  cum ladened pussy and waited for  her to

get into position.  Sally got on her hands and knees facing away from me

and told me to fuck  her cunt from behind as  I moved in on her  exposed

cunt and ass she told me this  was called doggy style.  I bent down  and

licked her cunt and rubbed my  thumb over her puckered anus making  sure

to nip at her  still erect clit.  Sally  was now demanding my  cock so I

brought my hips level and close  to her ass and she reached  between her

legs grabbing my dick and forcing the head into her hot slit.  I lurched

forward burying my cock  in her dripping cunny.   Sally told me to  hold

still and let  her do some  work as she  rammed her cunt  back and forth

impaling her sweet  twat on my  stiff meat.  I  could see her  hand work

fanatically  on  her  stiff  clit  as  she  banged my cock deep into her

slippery  cunt.   Seeing  that  look  on  her face I reached forward and

grabbed her tits  and began to  twist and pull  her hard stiff  nipples.

Sally began  to climax  again as  she reamed  herself on  my prick and I

pulled and twisted her hot nipples.

Sally and I  climaxed again together  and I filled  her sweet hole  with

another load  of my  creamy sperm.   Sally was  too fucked  out to go on

right away and  she pulled me  up next to  her and held  me close as  we

recovered from our pleasure.  I a few minutes the closeness of her  body

and the musky smell of her sex had me hard again and Sally reached  down

and took my cock in her hand saying that she had never seen such a horny

young boy.  I was glad I pleased her and wanted very much for the  night

to never end.  Sally reversed her position and began to suck my cock  as

she massaged my balls and played  with my asshole.  Since I was  looking

right into her cunt I pulled he legs apart and began to tongue her  cunt

and clit and  finger fuck her  well lubricated cunt  and asshole.  Sally

said there was one other thing she  wanted to teach me tonight if I  was

still willing.  I told her I was ready for anything and Sally looked  up

and told me to fuck her in the ass.  I thought of how tight her anus was

on my fingers and  wondered if I could  force my cock into  such a tight

hole but Sally  had been right  every other time  so I thought  I should

try.  I said ok and asked what  I should do.  Sally told me to  lay back

and watch as she bent down taking my prick into her mouth and sucking me

harder than ever before.   My dick was like  iron by the time  Sally was

ready and she move up to  a squatting position over my cock  and grabbed

it rubbing the head from her clit  to her asshole and back for a  while.

Then Sally  placed the  head of  my cock  firmly at  the entrance to her

asshole  and  slowly  pushed  down  forcing  my  cock into her vise like

asshole.  Sally continued to  probe her hot anus  with my cock until  my

whole cock was buried  in her twitching rear.   Sally then took my  hand

down to her cunt and forced two  fingers deep into her hot wet slit  and

placed my thumb on her clit.   I could hardly stand the pressure  as she

began to stroke herself on my cock and fingers and I had all I could  do

to remember to rub her clit with my thumb.  Suddenly Sally cried out and

I knew she had reached orgasm  when her cunt and anus clamped  around my

fingers and cock making me shoot my load up her packed asshole.

After this Sally  and I rested  and played with  each other for  a while

before I  took a  shower and  she made  me promise  to sit  for her more

often.  I readily agreed and our  relationship kept up until I went  off

to college.  I  was very lucky  to find this  lady and our  relationship

helped her thru some  difficult times as well  as giving me a  great sex

education.  Even after her husband and her got on better footing she and

I saw each other at least once ever few weeks but more on those meetings




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