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Archive-name: First/fantasy.026


Archive-title: The Virgin John

Young horny John is 18 and still a virgin. His summer job is

cleaning out the lockers of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders ! 

The only cheerleader that matters to johnny is Slippery Susie, 

the cheerleader everyone wants to bop. Everyday seems like the 

same old thing but today is John's lucky day.

For it was the last game of the season and everybody had

left except to Johnny surprise, Susie ! While Susie was 

showering, she didn't see John watching her ... She also 

didn't see him drool and get stiff as a tree while she 

lathered her breasts and cunt ...  But after turning

the water of the shower off, she was feeling a little erotic

herself ... She turned around to find john whacking off behind 

the lockers ... Dropping the towel she was wearing, she said, 

"Let me do THAT for YOU !". As she eagerly started to pull his 

root, she said, "OH ! I've got to have it in me !"  So, 

spreading her wet, wild, love lips, she sank herself down on 

his 9 1/2 inches of manhood. She began to tease his lustful 

passion, and then began to pump greedily on his  pulsating 

prick, screams of delight and moans of ecstasy filled the room. 

All the while he was fingering her asshole, as his mouth worked

her pink, paramount nipples until they were standing 

like 10 ft. spikes. 

Then finally in the last heated and passionate throbs of their

heated fucking, they creamed together. She wanted more, Oh, 

so much more .... With the heated passion of a wild beast, 

her lips engulfed his "pride and joy "(his love rod, I hope 

...) John said, "Please .. give me a chance ..". He moved to 

another pleasing position, and started working his lightening 

speed tongue into her dripping love canal, making so much 

satisfying friction. "Gee that feels weird", he said as he felt

a pulling sensation. It was her hand pulling his face into

her snatch. John was smothered in Susies fantastic cunt ! 

She then went for John's renewed cock. She again wrapped her mouth

around his delicious organ. She swallowed him and couldn't get 

enough of it ! He started to shoot & she swallowed it 

happily. "I love it !" he retorted. she wanted him to come all 

the more and more.  Their cries of love went on into the late, 

late night .....  



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