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Archive-name: First/fantasy.023


Archive-title: My First Experience

I grew up with two girls in my neighborhood, who, during the 

earlier years were Tomboys. We played football and basketball 

together during warm weather and Monopoly when it was cold.


Although we were all the same age, they achieved puberty 

earlier than I and they used to taunt me about having the 

ability to have an orgasm through masturbation while I was 

still on the dry side of life. They were always asking me if I 

had a wet dream, and teasing me about my impotence.

Finally, when I was 13, I had my first nocturnal emission!

Excitedly, I rushed to my two friends and told them that I had 

finally "made it". They got animated and wanted to know all 

about it and told me that they wanted to see a live cock that 

could really come!


Now they had never see a cock before - even though we had 

previously had numerous conversations about sex. 

We went out to a small shed on our property and undressed. Both

the girls were just beginning to get their tits and their pussy

hair was still sparse.


The girls, Alta Faye and Zula, fondled my prick while it got 

harder and harder. After a little while, Zula bend down and 

kissed its head and I shot off into her face!

We all laughed and continued. (At that age, I could get hard 

immediately after coming and do it again repeatedly! [Oh how 

I would love to regain my youth!]).


I examined their beautiful pussies to my heart's content.

I really got to know what a pussy looks like because the girls 

were not bashful and were willing to tell me what felt good to 

them and what didn't.  (That experience helped me in my

relationships with women in all of the subsequent years, and is 

still helping me to be a better lover!)


After extensive mutual examination, we decided to do something 

which I have never been able to repeat - (although I would love 

to be able to do it again!).  We started taking turns dancing. 

I would insert my stiff cock into one of their pussies and we 

would dance slowly around the room. I came three more times 

before it finally wilted and would not come back to life.

I massaged Alta Faye's clit until she came and then kissed 

Zula's love lips until she came also.


The amazing thing about all of this is that neither of the 

girls got pregnant from our first fucks during this episode.

While the three of us talked about our lovemaking for the rest 

of the time we shared the neighborhood, we never fucked again 

for fear of the consequences.



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