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Archive-name: First/drivehom.txt


Archive-title: Drive Home, The

 When I was 17, I worked part-time at a retail store. There was a girl I 

worked with named Kim. Kim was sweet 16 then. Cute and innocent. We had 

been good friends at work, talked a lot on break. Kim even giggled at 

the dirty jokes I told her. The way she giggled at the punch line was a 

cross between "Oh my God, that's disgusting" and "I'll have to try that 


One night in early October, she ask if I could give her a ride home.

"Sure," I said "no problem."

When we got outside, it was about 40 degrees. Much different from the 

Indian summer temp of 70 during the day. I had thought ahead to bring a 

light jacket to work, she on the other hand, did not.

"It's cold" Kim shivered. "Do you want my jacket?" "Yes. Please"

I took off my jacket and handed it to her as we walked to my car. When 

we got to my car, she asked if I had any new jokes to tell. I had a 

couple, so I told them to her. I continued to tell jokes for perhaps 

five minutes as we were driving. I was on a roll I guess.

I knew the general area where to go. Kim had told me her parents had 

just bought one of the newly built houses at the end of town.

Kim was sitting crooked in the seat, with her back against the door 

facing me. Although Kim was laughing at the jokes, she was quieter than 


"You seem quiet." "Just horny" she said.

It was when I looked at her that I noticed where her hands were. Her 

left was cupping one of her breast and the right was in her lap. I had 

never thought of Kim as anything more than a kid sister, but between 

the jokes, her statement, and the way she was sitting got my mind 

dreaming up some very erotic thoughts.

"Keep driving. I'll do the talking now." Kim whispered.

Kim started by telling me about how the last joke I told her, something 

about blowjobs, reminded her of when she watch her sister and her 

boyfriend a couple of nights before.

"I had heard something down in the basement and went to take a look. 

Since I didn't know what it was, I decided to sneak up on it." Kim 


"As I reached the bottom of the stairs, what I saw was my sister and her 

boyfriend making out on the couch. They were in the middle of a french 

kiss. My sister had her hand down the guy's pants and was wearing only 

her bra and jeans. H e was pinching her nipples and obviously was 

enjoying the hand job."

"I had never watch a sex act before." Kim commented. "I felt embarrassed 

and knew I should leave, but it look so good."

I told her how I too would began to feel aroused watching that. VERY 

Aroused. Kim smiled and started to unbutton her blouse as she continued 

with her story.

"I watched as the guy lifted my sister's tits out of their bra and began 

to knead them with his hands. They stopped their kissing and my sister 

offered her breast to his mouth."

Kim's talking only stimulated me more as she skillfully unhooked then 

removed her blouse and bra from underneath my jacket. She slid the 

straps down her arm f rom inside the jacket, so no one could see what 

was happening. Only I could see the lovely breast of hers, anyone 

driving by would only see the jacket.

The urge to slam on the brakes and grab her was overwhelming. I started 

to reach for the pretty pink nipples and promptly was slapped on the 


"Keep you hands on the wheel and occasionally your eyes on the road" she 


Boy could she tease. If all I was going to get was a show, I thought, 

this is the one to get. Kim's musky aroma was beginning to fill my car 

and my mind.

"My nipples are very sensitive." Kim said.

Kim held up one of her breast, lick her forefinger, and began tracing 

the nipple with it.

Kim complained, "It wasn't fair watching my sister having her tits 

played with. Mine needed attention too. I decided I couldn't just walk 

in on them, so I sat down on the stairs and started to played with my 

own, just like I am now."

Kim paused her story just long enough to run her hands over both of her 


"Have you ever watch a girl play with herself?" Kim asked. "No." My 

teenaged voice cracked. "So I'm your first then." She cooed "Uh Huh" was 

all I could reply.

The scene was still vivid in Kim's mind. Obviously Kim was turned on 

just as much now, as she started to reenacted everything in my car, as 

she was that night . I nearly ran a stop sign imagining what was to 

come. I had one hand on the wheel, the other rubbing my crotch and my 

eyes on this beautiful horny sight.

"Sensitive nipples must run in the family," Kim continued, "because my 

sister could only take a minute or two of the guy's sucking and she was 

in extasy the whole time." "She got up and stood in front her 

boyfriend." "She turn her back to tease him, but from where I was 

sitting I could see everything." "I gazed at her as she removed the 

rest of her clothes." "When she had finished her strip show, she sat on 

the floor in front of her boyfriend who was stroking his cock." "She 

began massaging her tits with one hand as the other probed her pussy."

Kim was rubbing her own crotch through her skirt. I watched as she 

slowly slid her hand up her skirt and removed her panties, all the while 

not revealing anymore of her creamy thighs to my sight

"She laid down on the carpet and played with herself for about 5 to 10 

minutes. I couldn't take my eyes off her. She would stab her fingers up 

her pussy as her hips bounced up off the floor. It was obvious my sister 

loved to masturbate . Her boyfriend also loved the show because he was 

ready to cum just from watching her!" Kim exclaimed.

"Without his asking my sister suddenly sat up and jammed his whole cock 

down her throat. Her head kept bobbing up and down his cock. Faster and 

faster her mouth and hands worked. Within a minute he was shooting his 

cum and she swallowed almost all of it. The last drops she milked from 

his cock and spread about her breast. Without realizing it, my sister 

made me want to cum too!"

"I sat on the stairs, on the edge of my own orgasm, and watched as she 

rolled over onto her hands and knees. He stood and drop his pants then 

positioned himself behind her. He entered her and she cried out 'OH 

YES! FUCK ME HARD!' With every thrust I heard the slapping sound of his 

balls against my sister's ass, and watched as her tits swayed. He was 

giving her everything he had. Her body seem ed to jump forward a half 

foot with every one of his thrusts."

My attention to Kim was distracted as a truck drove by and then slowed 

down. Oh shit! There goes my luck. I thought for sure he got a look, 

but as it turn out he was only making a turn. I look back at Kim. The 

incident didn't stop her, she was too close.

"I can only imagine how it would feel to have a cock in me," "but I need 

it ..." "I want you to ..." Kim panted. "Be your first?" I said. "Oh 

PLEASE! YES! FUCK ME!" Kim cried out.

That was all she needed to hear. She leaned back her head and let out a 

few short breaths and then one long moan.

I raced the rest of the way to Kim's house. As we approached her house, 

she noticed that her parents were home and suggested we go somewhere 

private. She gave my directions that lead me down a few streets until me 

arrived at the current construction area. The house we stopped at was 

nearly complete. I found out later it was in the dry-wall stage.

"Let go in." Kim said. "Ok. I'll grab a blanket from the trunk" I said.

We met at the back of the car and I pulled her close. As we kissed, I 

could feel her nipples stiffen in the night air from anticipation. I 

ran my hands down her back and up her skirt to massaged her ass. Her 

tongue probed my mouth. She stepped back and headed for the house, I 

grabbed the blanket and was close behind.

We walked in and took a look around. I started a mock tour.

"We're here in the foyer. To are left you can see the spacious living 

room. To our right a private study." "Where do the stairs lead?" Kim 

asked. "To the bedrooms" I replied. "Good. That's where we should go."

We found our way upstairs and to the master bedroom. It was one of the 

first to be dry-walled, so it was very comfortable and private. Kim 

walked over to the window and kicked off her shoes. With the moonlight 

shining through I watch in s ilent, lustful appreciation as her 

silhouette remove the final two articles of clothing. The jacket was 

first, it fell off her easily when she push her arms back. The skirt 

took a few seconds longer. It was designed to accent a women's hips and 

thus, was fitted tight. Kim pushed it down and stepped out when the 

skirt hit the floor. She was completely naked now.

Kim strolled her way to me. My eyes adjusted and her shadowed figure 

began to show it's beautiful accents. Kim was about 5' 4", 110 lbs and 

had strawberry blo nd hair. My favorite. She was proportioned well. 32-


We embraced again. My hands roamed her body. Caressing every curve. We 

kissed passionately, deeply. I held her by the small of her back and 

pulled her close. Kim leaned her head back as I kissed her chin, neck 

and shoulder, inching my way down her body. Kim breathed deeply when my 

tongue flick her nipple. I stood up and kissed her mouth again.

"I need to get out of these clothes" I said. "While I do, why don't you 

sit down and play with yourself."

I gestured to the blanket I spread out on the floor. Kim smiled and sat 

down. I began to strip slowly, for I wanted to see her masturbate again. 

Only this time without traffic and completely visible. She leaned her 

back against the wall, licked her fingers and began, again, by tracing 

her nipples. As I stripped, my eyes were focused on her. Kim's tried to 

concentrate on my body, but as the pleasure built up she found that 

harder to do.

Kim was very near to an orgasm when I knelt down at her side. I stopped 

her hand. She look at me in shock and desperation, but smiled when I 

placed it on my cock. Her hand was coated with her juices and slid up 

and down my shaft easily. I placed my hand on her pussy and slowly began 

her reascent to release. Not forgetting her sensitive breasts, my mouth 

saw to their pleasure.

Within minutes, my efforts began to show it's effects on Kim. Her 

breathing was heavy and her sounds were incoherent. I too was 

approaching release but I need ed more than her hand on my cock. I knelt 

over her body and held my stiffened tool to her lips. Kim's eyes closed 

with a dreamy look as she swallowed my cock. Kim gagged slightly but 

licked and suck like an expert, although this was her first blowjob.

I came quickly. Pumping gobs of cum into her mouth. I pulled out when it 

began dripping out of her mouth. I again placed her hand on my cock, 

with her thumb a nd forefinger pinching it, and showed her how to 

squeeze the final drops onto her breasts.

Kim began massaging my cum into her tits. I knew she would need release 

soon. I worked my way down to her pussy. I wanted to give her the same 

oral pleasure s he gave me.

I hooked my arms under her legs. The back of her knees against my 

elbows. She had her arms at her side. I placed my hands over her wrist 

to hold them still.

"Just lay down and enjoy this" I said. "Whatever you need or want, tell 


She nodded and I began. I blew lightly over her vaginal lips. Kim 

shivered sli ghtly. I lick her navel and thighs. Inch by inch I moved 

closer to her target. I started kissing in random places and Kim 

responded by moving her hips. The heat rising from her pussy indicated 

she was ready. On her next upward movement, I j abbed my tongue in. Her 

hips retreated quickly but my tongue never left her spot .

"Oh God yes!" Kim screamed.

Being restrained slightly only increase her attention on my oral work. 

Within seconds, she started to cry out her orgasmic bliss. I stopped and 

knelt between her legs. Kim stared wide-eyed at my cock as I rubbed it 

across her clit. I released her hands and she placed my cock just 

inside her opening. Kim looked deeply into my eyes and pulled me close 

for a kiss.

I pushed in and Kim breath in sharply as my cock pierced her virgin 

resistance . I held it in her until she was ready. Gone, at that moment, 

was the teenaged lust; replaced by sexual love. Together, we found a 

slow, smooth rhythm and enjoy ed each others body. We didn't speak until 

we were ready to cum. Kim came first then myself. Our orgasms were not 

as intense as they were from the oral sex. They lack in intensity, but 

made up for in length. Afterwards, we collapased in each others arms.

It was getting late and I was drained. We got dressed and I took Kim 

home. She was tired too and rested her head on my shoulder the few 


"You were so good to me tonight" Kim said "I loved pleasing you" I said. 

"My car won't be ready until next week. Can you give my a ride home 

Friday? " Kim asked. "No problem" I said. "Anytime."



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