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Archive-name: First/cindyt01.txt


Archive-title: Cindy's First Times

     I'm sitting up in the bed, covered with perspiration, breath

coming in gasps.  A dream?  Maybe a dream inside a dream.  Rising from

the bed, I make my way to the bathroom.  Turning on the cold tap, I wet

a cloth and hold it to my face.

     As I look at my reflection in the mirror, I try to recall the

dream and the man in it.  Oh, yeah.  I remember.  It was that hunk who

just moved in down the street with three other guys.  Must be university

students.  In all honesty I must admit that his good looks had not gone

unnoticed by me.  Still, I'm surprised that he would pop up in a dream.

     Making my way back to the bed, I sit down and open the night-

stand drawer.  After the dream, I must admit that the sight of the

revolver makes me feel better, but the sight of the vibrator just makes

me feel lonely...and horney.

     Retrieving the ivory colored electronic marvel, I hold it in

my hands looking at it as if I don't know what its for.  Then I laugh

softly as my mind drifts back to the time I learned that a vibrator was

for more than just a massage.

     I was 14 then.  I had been on the athletic field with the other

cheerleaders going through our routine for the homecoming game.  We were

in the process of building a human pyramid.  Since I was the smallest,

standing only 4' 10", I was on the top tier.  Consequently, when one of

the girls in the anchor slipped, I found myself pinned between thrashing

limbs and bodies.  Unfortunately, my body fell in one direction while

my right leg was twisted almost backward as the pyramid collapsed.

     At first I seemed to be O.K., but the next morning I could

hardly move my right leg.  The doctor said I had a severly pulled muscle

in my thigh and that it was probably my excellent muscle tone that

prevented my femur from snapping.  The verdict was that I should stay off

it for the rest of the week.  I was devastated about not being able to

participate at homecoming, but my parents would hear none of my argument.

     Mom and Dad both worked, so I was left home alone for those three

days before the weekend.  On the third day, Friday, I became bored, but

was too sore to do anything but lay around.  Tired of my room, I managed

to go downstairs to my parents room.  They kept the best TV and VCR in

their room.  They also had one of those adjustable beds.  They bought

before such things were fashionable.  So, with all the proper amenities,

I was soon very comfortable watching one of thier more private movies.

It was rated "R" which I was normally not permitted to see.  It just

had the normal everyday violence, profanity and sex.  As a 14 year-

old I was rather fascinated by it.

     Furthermore, my sex life at 14 was nil.  I hadn't really dated

very much except when a bunch of us kids would get together or at some

heavily chaperoned school event.  if any guy had ever touched me I

would have knocked his head off.  Of course, my mom had had the usual

conversation with me about "things" when I began my periods, and the 9th

grade Health teacher was telling us about reproduction and the human body.

The class was taught by the girls' phys. ed. teacher and she gave us a

lot of information that we probably wouldn't have heard in a co-ed class.

     On the other hand, I had never had a fixation on sex and had never

really been interested in boys in that way.  All I really grasped was that

one day I would get married, have babies, and live happily ever- after.

No one had ever sat down and talked to me about the sex act in terms of

pleasure.  Oh, it had been intimated, but it was relegated to "something

mysterious" that I had noticed in movies and that some of us girls would

giggle about when there was a "sleepover."  Actually, I didn't think about

sex very much at all which is probably why I didn't know more than I did.

What happened to me on that day changed all of that for me forever.

     As I lay on the bed, I began to fiddle around with the bed's

control module.  When I tried to pull it out of its holder, the

cord seemed to be stuck.  Leaning over the side of the bed to see

what was wrong, I noticed

an electrical cord trailing from the wall socket to somewhere under the

bed.  Leaning over the edge, almost losing my balance, I reached down

and pulled on the cord.  Instead of freeing the control I heard some-

thing sliding across the floor.  What I retrieved really surprised me.

     It was a vibrator -- the kind that had interchangeable rubber cups,

etc.  When I flicked the switch on the handle, the resulting vibration

startled me so that I dropped it on the floor.  Then the thing began

bumping and dancing very loudly across the hardwood floor.  I grabbed it

and switched it off.  I pressed the red rubber cup which looked exactly

like a miniature toilet plunger against the palm of my hand and turned

it on again.  This time, there was only a gentle hum.

     I can still remember wondering what it was for.  As it hummed its

low-pitched tune I brought it down to my ace-bandaged thigh and pressed

it very lightly there.  The immediate feeling was marvelously pleasant

and even though my thigh was still very sore, the sensation seemed to

make it feel somewhat better.  So there I lay watching the movie on the

TV screen, rubbing the vibrator in light circles over my injury.

     Since I was home all alone, I had not bothered dressing except for

a long t-shirt and a pair of cotton panties.  So when I was lulled by the

very boring movie and the gentle vibrations into a semi-doze, I dropped

the vibrator.  It fell, still humming away, between my thighs, landing

so that it was leaning against my panty-clad crotch.  I was so startled,

that I grabbed it and turned it off.  There was an awareness that the

vibrator, even though briefly, had felt strange against my private area.

     I don't know why I did what I did next.  I suppose you could call

it "experimenting."  I flipped the on switch and put the device to my

thigh again.  This time, as I rotated it over the bandage, I let it drift

closer to my pubic area.  Pretending that I was doctoring my injury,

I let the vibrator get closer and closer to where it had been dropped

just moments before.  There was definitely a very pleasant feeling that

was generated as the device came closer to the edge of my panties at

the top of my thigh.

     Each circular motion of the vibrator found it closer and closer to

my crotch.  Emboldened by the fact that I was alone, and driven by the

brand new sensations, I Tentatively lifted the device from the surface

of my thigh and pressed the head flat against my panty covered pussy.

I wasn't sure what it felt like at first, but as I alternated applied

and released pressure, I began to feel something bruilding in my loins.

     You have to understand that I had never masturbated before.  Even at

14, I was very naive in many areas and I had never heard of self-arousal.

So I thought that I had discovered something so secret that only I knew

about it.  The more I did this, the harder I pressed the rubber cup to me.

After a while, I could tell that my panties were wet in the crotch.

I knew that I had not peed on myself, so I became frightened, thinking

I had pehaps injured myself.  Maybe I had instigated my period early,

and I was bleeding.

     Quickly pulling the vibrator away and turning it off, I sat up and

looked down at myself.  Panic subsided into relief when I saw no blood.

I pushed my hand inside my panties and felt around.  I was soaking wet

down there.  Even at 14, I had enough dark pubic hair that it lay in

damp ringlets.  I looked at my fingers and saw no blood.  Exploring with

my fingers again, I inserted one in the top of my slit.

     I jerked the hand back as if I had been burned, because when I

touched myself there, it did something that sent a jolt through me.

It had not been unpleasant.  So I felt again.  This time I began to rub

myself there.  The intensity had faded, but it still felt very good.

Asscociating what I felt with the vibrator, I turned it on again and

pressed it against my crotch once more.  This time, I had a finger on

what I later learned to be my clitoris.

     My hand had pushed the crotch of my panties aside and the vibrator

now rested directly on my pussy.  As I pulled the vibrator upward,

the finger on my clitoris was displaced.  Evidently, the finger had

exposed the little nub by pushing back its fold of skin.  This brought

the vibrator into direct contact with that extremely sensitive area.

     The feeling frightened me at first because it was so intense.  I

pulled the vibrator away for a few seconds.  When I replaced it, my

clitoris was once more covered by its hood which had slipped back in

place, so the contact, while not as electric, was nonetheless over-

poweringly wonderful.  Getting used to the vibrations, I began to

experiment by pushing and turning the vibrater this way and that.

I soon found that the most sensitive area was at the apex of my slit

beneath the fold of skin there.

     Then, totally unexpected, and without warning, I felt my pussy

begin to pulse and throb.  I wanted to take the vibrator away because I

thought something was wrong, but my hand, as if paralyzed, only pressed it

harder against me, intensifying the feeling.  I felt heat pass through

my body.  My breasts began to tingle.  Lifting one hand to one tit,

I could feel the nipple standing rigidly outward.  I couldn't help the

moaning and groaning that followed as something totally unexpected, yet

wonderful, was happening to me.  It was like nothing I had ever felt,

but wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me.  It was butterflies

in my stomach accompanied by an exhilaration that was pure delight.

Then it began to fade.  I was exhausted, but I didn't want it to end.

I pressed the vibrator harder, but the feeling was gone.  Soon, my

pussy was so sensitive that the vibrator began to cause a little pain,

so I pulled it away.

     I felt like I was in another world, a world where secrets are kept

from me.  I thought, "Oh, my gosh.  I could die from this."  I tried to

recount the experience in my mind.  It had been was as if my whole body

had begun to radiate heat from the pit of my stomach.  I had felt goose

bumps on my arms and legs, my face had seemed on fire.  Also there had

been that strange tingling sensation in my breasts as my heart pounded

as if it had wanted to leap from my chest.  The blood had throbbed

in my temples and I could hear it rush in my ears.  For a frightful

moment I had even thought I could be having some kind of heart attack.

But remember as I could, the feeling was a fleeting one and could not

be re- created in my mind.

     I was stunned by what had happened.  Not sure of just what it was,

and not knowing if I had done harm to myself, I just lay there trying

to collect my thoughts.  There was no doubt that it was rather a good

feeling, and I'm sure I would have enjoyed it even more, had I not been

so frightened.  I recall that I tried to associating it with a girl in

school in the fifth grade who had had some type of siezure and they had

to carry her from the room...but no, this had not been the same thing.

     By this time I had calmed down sufficiently to think about other food.  It was almost noon and I had not had any breakfast.

Getting up from the bed, careful with how I turned my leg, I decided

I should put the vibrator away.  Since my injury would not allow me to

bend over, supporting myself with my arms on the bed and the wall, I let

my feet slide over the waxed floor until I was seated beside the bed.

Pushing the vibrator under it, my hand ran into a box.  Curiosity,

getting the better of me, I pulled the box out and opened it.  It was

the home of the vibrator.  I could tell because the indentation in the

box matched the L-shape of the device.

     But there were other things there also--other attachments.  There

was a rubber cup, much larger than the one I found on the vibrator; a 4"

round flat rubber attachment; a scalp massager with little rubber fingers

all over it; a hard rubber piece that looked like a wheel in a wheel,

joined by spokes; and most interesting however were two white cylinders of

2" and 5" respectively.  Each was made of a soft smooth vinyl or rubber.

     In the bottom of the box was an owner's manual.  Flipping through

it, I knew that this was an "adults only" thing.  It showed how to use the

vibrator to "lessen tension," "give soothing relief," and such.  But the

pictures were of very scantily clad women with georgeous men holding the

device on certain areas (or near) of their bodies.  One picture was of the

2" white rubber attachment being applied at the top of the woman's thigh.

     Dropping the book, I took the 2 incher and put it on the metal shaft

of the vibrator in place of the red one that looked like a suction cup.

So there I was sitting on the floor between the bed and the wall, which

was about 4' away, my legs parted and outstretched toward the wall,

my head and back against the bed.

     As I contemplated the altered device, I let on hand move to my vee

and pushed the crotch of my panties to one side.  The cotton of the

panties had seemingly soaked up all my moisture because when I felt my

pussy again, it seemed to be mostly dry.  Then as I did something that

I only do when bathing, I slightly parted the lips of my pussy and

found that there was still plenty of slick moisture there.  I think

my heart actually skipped a beat when I touched my clit.  (Remember,

I was ignorant of my anatomy and did not know that this was a normal

reaction to clitoral stimulation.)

     With one hand holding the panties to one side, I used the other to

hold the vibrator which I turned on by sliding the switch with my

thumb.  It leaped to life in my hand and my breathing became labored in

anticipation.  Very carefully, I touched the white rubber appendage to the

ace bandage on my thigh.  After all, I didn't want to seem too anxious.

After a few perfunctory twirls of it there, I brought the vibrator

directly over my cunt again.  This time, however, instead of rubbing it

around on the surface, I wanted to try something else.  It occurred to me

that what I was about to do would be sort of like doing it with a boy,

but I wouldn't get pregnant (That's how they taught it in Middle School

sex ed.).

     Cautiously, I brought it closer with my right hand as my left hand

used my forefinger and middle finger to try to spread my pussy.  As I

brought it closer, I got nervous.  I bit my lip and closed my eyes so I

wouldn't have to look.  As it touched me, it was too intense and I had

to jerk it away.  I was not aware that moving it so slowly toward me,

made me get a lot more vibration than if it were dead against my flesh.

I had not known this, but what I did next taught it to me.

     I turned it off and brought it to my cunny again.  This time I was

able to insert just a fraction an inch into my pussy.  I knew about

my hymen and I didn't want it broken.  I turned the vibrator on, but

had to turn it off again right away -- still too much, I removed my

fingers and pulled my thighs tight around the vibrator and lifted my

knees slightly to "trap" it.  When I turned it on this time I was able

to cope.  It was heavenly.  I just held it there barely inserted as it

vibrated wonderfully against my clitoris.

     Somehow, I thought this would be better if I were on the bed.  Also

I was having second thoughts about whether or not I should be doing this.

In any case, I, turned it off, got up, laid down on the bed, drew my left

knee up  and spread my legs as far as my injury would allow.  It was far

enough.  Finding my opening with one hand, I pushed the extension into

myself again.  I forgot about the hymen and let the full two inched in.

I didn't get much of a charge out of the entry, but this time when I

turned it on, all I can say is that it was wonderful.  I closed my eyes

and pretended it was one of those men in the book.

     My imagination, however, was not of sexual intercourse.  All he was

doing was holding the vibrator for me just like he was doing for the woman

in the picture.  Without being consciouly aware of it, my hips had begun

a rocking motion pushing and withdrawing.  I let out a moan and a gasp

as the waves of pleasure hit me again.  My thighs closed tightly in an

involuntary reaction as I kept the vibrator tight against me, wanting

to wring every last drop of goodness from this feeling.  I don't know

how long I let it run, but it was far beyond the extent of my pulsings

and throbbings.

     After about 20 minutes, (I think I dozed again) I became aware that

my juices had dried arount the probe.  It was stuck yo my skin and was a

little painful as I pulled it away.  But in just a moment, I had a finger

in my box to see if I had done any damage.  I'm not sure, but I don't

think I even had a hymen when the day started.  I've decided over the

years I probably lost it doing such innocuous things as rinding a bicycle.

     Anyhow, not finding a barrier, I soon had my middle finger inside

me as far as it would go.  I wasn't sure what to do, but I began pulling

and pushing it out and in over and over until I was wanting to feel

something, but after a good while of this, all I had succeeded in doing

was to irritate my vagina.

     Starting to feel another urge, I got off the bed and walked to the

bathroom attached to my parent's bedroom.  I rarely ever went in

there unless we had company or the other two bathrooms were occupied.

Pulling my panties down, I sat down and let my bladder empty itself.

I patted myself dry with some tissue, stood and pulled up my panties.

Returning the bedroom, I lay back down and watched the rest of the movie.

There was now an acute awareness in my mind of every little innuendo of

sexuality on the screen.  Then in the midst of a particularly steamy

love scene where the couple are obviously nude under the sheets and

the guys chest is rubbing all over the woman's visibly naked breasts,

I began to feel aroused again.  Then a particular movement he made led

me to know that he was putting his penis inside her (whether they do

for real or not, I don't know) and I immediately associated that with

what I had done to myself with the vibrator.

     Knowing what I would find, I looked over the edge of the bed and

saw the 5" attachment just laying there in the open box.  "Why not?"

I thought.  Hanging over the edge of the bed, I retrieved it.  After ex-

amining it for a few moments while I watched the woman on the screen

having an experience that I was sure was the same thing that happened

to me, I removed the 2" piece and replaced it with the longer one.

     I began by pushing the end of it against my slit and finding no

ready opening, began to let it slide up and down the front of my pussy

until the tip penetrated the outer lips.  I closed my eyes and tried to

imagine the guy on the screen putting his thing in me, but all I could

see on my eyelids was the hunk from the book holding the vibrator for me.

As I continued to let it slide up and down my slit, I could feel my

opening being spread further apart.  Then with both hands on the device,

I pushed the full 5" into my vagina.

     As soon as I flipped the "on" switch, my vagina spasmed around the

rubber extension imbedded in my cunt.  I had noted such spasms earlier,

but this is the first time anything was inserted into my vagina that

the vaginal walls could grip.  With only a thirty second or so delay,

it happened again.  As this orgasm (I'll use the word, though I did not

know it when I was 14.  NOTE:  I had heard other girls talk about the

BIG O, but of course that had no meaning to me.  I just giggled when

they giggled, acting as if I knew all about it.  I seriously doubt if

many of them, if any, knew what it was.) almost literally grabbed me,

I began to huff and puff just like the Big Bad Wolf.  My breathing became

voiced and I made strnge sounds ranging from soft mewlings to heavy sighs

of breath growing into moans.  I though that it was never going to stop.

     And I didn't want it to stop,  but after a while, just as before

the vibrator again became more of an irritant than a stimulant and I had

to turn it off.  I knew that as good as it was, I should probably stop.

     So I finally got up and began to put the thing back like I found

it, including the box.  I suppose that nothing could surprise me now,

but as I glanced under the bed, I found a couple of other interesting

things in another box.  Reaching for it, I pulled it out.  In it I found

a large rubber replica of a man's penis.  "A teaching aid, no doubt,"

is what I really thought.  I could not think of any use for it except

to teach someone about a man's anatomy.  I thought that until I noticed

a slide switch on the base of it.

     Silly me, I had to flip the switch.  Guess what?  That's right

another vibrator.  As I write this, I'm smiling as I recollect the smile

this amazing discovery brought to my adolescent face.  Not pressing the

issue, I turned it off and went back to the box of goodies.  There was a

tube of something called "Wild Strawberry Sex Lube."  I couldn't imagine

what that was for.  I opened it, sniffed, and found that it actually

smelled like strawberries.  I think I giggled.

     Next was a book entitled, "A Woman's Sexuality" and one entitled

"Everything You Always Wanted to Know...etc."  Then there was a slick

covered magazine that offered "(something) (something) Sexual Positions."

As I thumbed through it, I felt myself getting smarter.  I couldn't

believe what those people were doing.  There were pictures of guys with

their penises in girls pussies, mouths and assholes.  I couldn't imagine

wanting to put one in my mouth (YUK!).  And no one could ever get one

of those things in my tiny little pussy, let alone, up my rear.

     Gathering up what struck my fancy, and the artificial penis of

course, I went to the kitchen and had a peanut butter and banana sanwich

(don't knock it if you haven't tried it) and a Pepsi while I continued

my education.  By the time I finished, I knew that both men and women

were able to have what is called a "climax" when they have sex.  I also

learned the "O" word, but mis-read it as "organism" at first.  There were

whole chapters devoted to "oral" sex.  At first I thought that meant

talking about it, but the graphic description of how to perform it on

a man and on a woman was given in lurid detail...and I had pictures in

the magazine that showed all the positions.

     Then my eyes fell on the most fascinating picture of all.  There

was a naked man lying on his back on a couch.  A woman, completely nude,

was lying face up on him.  One of her legs was draped toward the floor

as she straddled his middle.  Her other leg was raised to rest along

the back of the couch.  The man's left arm reached around her so that

his left hand appeared to be pinching her left nipple and his penis was

in her "back door," if you know what I mean.

     I found all this very interesting, but what I found downright

fascinating was something else.  In his right hand, he is holding the twin

of the artifical penis that I had found under the bed, and he is pushing

it, with her assistance, into her pussy.  The picture showed insertion of

only an inch or two, but my imagination could see it going all the way in.

     Imagine my surprise when I turned the page and found out that that

is exactly what he had done.  All you could see was the base of it, and it

had a little black on/off switch just like the one in my possession now.

     Oh yeah.  I also found out about lubricants.  They are recommended

even for manual stimulation of a womans sex organ to avoid "undue

irritation."  I wished I had known /about it earlier.  Also the hardback

books told about the use of vibrators.  I really had taken in a lot of

information in only a couple of hours.

     By this time it was 3:00 and my parents would not be home until

after they had gone out for dinner.  They usually did that on Friday

night, and I usually went with them, but since I was not supposed to

be up and around, and since they really look forward to Friday night, I

told them that I would be O.K. by myself.  They said they would probably

be home by 8:30 at the latest.

     I continued to look at the pictures in the book showing all the

variations in positions.  Some of the made me laugh, others made me think

that the pictures had to be some sort of hoax - - some of them, anyhow.

Still, I kept coming back to the picture of the woman laying face up on

the man, with the artificial cock in her pussy.  By now I knew from some

of the ads in the book that such a device is was called a dildo.  What a

funny name for something like that.  Still poring over the books for more

information, I cleaned off the table, washed my plate and silverware,

poured another glass of Pepsi and went back upstairs to my parents room.

     Wanting to know more about all these new discoveries, I lay down on

bed again, but not before I pulled off my panties.  Before I dropped

them on the floor I held them to my nose.  The odor was quite unlike any

that I had ever noticed on them before, not unpleasant, just different.

I presumed it to be the natural lubricant mentioned in the book.

     I had the soft rubber dildo in my hands and I was rubbing and

stroking it trying to pretend it belonged to the guy in the picture.

It was rather large like his and I wondered if all men were the same.

Examining it, I could see that it had what looked like veins running the

length of it from its base to the mushroom-cap-like head.  I flipped the

switch on its base and it began to hum, sending waves of motion through

my hand.  It had a different feel from the other one I had used earlier.

     Getting up from my prone position, I reached down and retrieved the

box from the floor.  A piece of paper that had a picture of the cock

on the front and directions about how to replace batteries.  It even

came with a one year limited warranty against defects in material and

workmanship.  Neato!  There were no directions on how to use it, only a

warning about prolonged use on sensitive tissue and membranal areas of

the body.

     I wanted to put it inside me so bad I could hardly stand it, but

there was a warning in the back of my mind that I was being bad.

Laying back down with the box now beside me, I picked up the book on

women's sexuality and held it with outstrtched arms overhead to read it.

The book sort of slipped out of my right hand and as it dropped on that

one side a pamphlet of some sort fell out.  I hadn't really looked at

this book as much as the others and didn't notice that it had anything

inside the back cover.

     "FORUM," it declared on the cover.  A woman in very skimpy lingerie

was on the front with a dreamy expression on her face.  She was in one

of those round chairs and her head was sort of thrown back exposing her

throat.  Her head was covered with a generous amount of black hair that

seemed to spread out around her head.  I could see her nipples through the

sheer white of her garment that opened in a long vee to below her waist.

There seemed to be a hint of pubic hair that could be seen at the juncture

of her thighs.  I felt my face flush hot at I stared.

     Then my eyes saw the word on the cover where the highlights of the

issue were listed.  dildoS.  I looked in the table of contents and found

that the article was on page 43.  I almost tore the cover getting there.

The article as not an article but a series of long letters.  There was a

picture of a woman holding a different kind of dildo against her pussy

but not insertewd.  This one was about six inches long and looked like

white plastic.  I think I liked this nine inch one that looked like the

real thing better.  I started to read.

     As I read, I found that I was being turned on as both women and men

talked about their experiences with dildos.  One letter was about some

guys who pushed them up their asses.  I skipped over that


     By this time, I was holding the book in one hand while the other

began to finger my private area.  The more I read, the more excited

I became.  I was now pushing my forefinger into my slit.  I was real

wet by now.

     It was as I read a letter from a girl named Kelley, that I let

myself get into the story.  She was telling how she was alone in a ski

chalet, while all the others were out skiing.  She had a broken leg.

Now I had somone I could really identify with.  I placed a sympathetic

hand on my own right thigh as I continued to read.  She went on about

how lonely and horney she was.  Horney?  What's that? Anyhow, she reached

into her overnight bag and pulled out a gag gift her roommate had given

her for Christmas.  It was a penis shaped vibrator -- a dildo -- and

she had never used it.  Oh my Go-o-od!

     She told how she held it up and looked at it and rubbed.  Then she

put it in her mouth and sucked on the tip.  Yuk!  After a while she began

to play with her cunny and rub the tip of it against the outside of it.

     I was really into the article by this time.  I picked up the dildo

in my free hand and brgan to rub it against my dark covering of

pubic mound.  As I continued to read, I tried to do everything she did.

Then she got some K-Y jelly and rubbed it all over the dildo.  I quickly

looked for the strawberry lubricant.  Carefully, I opened it and squeezed

some of it on my dildo.  In order to continue to mimic her actions, I

had to roll over on my right side and lay the book down on the bed with

me looking down on it.  I cocked my left leg at the knee and pulled my

foot up behind my other leg.  This left my crotch wide open.

     I could now use both hands to oil the dildo.  I even put the tip

in my mouth and sucked, sort of trying to catch up with Kelly.  Hmmm.

Not bad.  Just like strawberries.  I sucked on it again.  As I read on,

it was obvious that Kelly was sort of just as I was.  Her right leg was

in a cast and she was lying there with it stretched out and her other

knee drawn up.  I suppose she was on her back, however, since I don't

think she was trying to read "FORUM."

     Now with both our dildos greased, she put it at the door of her love

nest -- honest, that's what she called it -- and began to rotate it

against her pussy.  As she was introducing the head of it nto her

vagina, I began to do a little rotating of my own.  God, it was huge.

But I just kept turning and turning it until it began to sink in.  I now

understood the word, "screw."  That was literally what we were doing --

screwing it in.  When I thought I had completly shoved the dildo in,

I looked down and was disappointed to find only about an inch and a half

had made its way inside me.

     If I thought the small diameter doodads from the other vibrater

were large, this thing was humongous.  Then Kelly, in the story, put

the heel of her hand on the end of the vibrator and pressed it inward.

Copying her, I did the same thing.  The size of the thing made rough going

and there was some discomfort, if not pain.  It felt as if the walls in

my vagina actually tore, then with almost no pressure, the thing sank in

about three more inches.  I realized that I had just "broken the cherry"

that I thought I didn't have.  It was deeper than I realized, or else

it stretched considerably with any previous onslaught, whether bicycle,

horses, or vibrator.

     When my magazine heroine had it in as far as it would go, I decided

I had reached my limit.  She started to move it back out of her and then

push it back in,  I did the same, the natural upward pull of my hand,

dragging the irregularly veined surface across my clitoris.  The feeling

was one of ecstasy and my breath caught in my throat.  Then both of us

pushed our toys back in and I slowly exhaled.  There was still some pain

but I was determined to do it.

     The girl in the letter had not mentioned turning her vibrator to

the "on" position, and I had all but forgotten about it.  I had mine

planted about six inches deep and my small right hand was wrapped firmly

around the portion still outside.  My thumb rested on the base of it.

Without giving it much thought, I flipped the switch with my thumb.

There was about a half-seconds delay which was long enough to make me

think that it wasn't going to work; and then it caught.  I forgot all

about Kelley and what she was doing in her letter.

     It felt as if my insides were being flipped inside out.  Taking the

initiative, I began to pump the artificial penis in and out, still

gripping the end in my right palm.  As my excitement began to build, I

pumped faster and faster until I gave up some of the handhold, and on the

next inward thrust, I went deep enough to bump something inside.  It hurt

like hell and I stopped moving.  I was not aware that I had just banged

the mouth of my cervix.  It was not really as deep as I had been going,

but I had evidently failed to bypass it on that one particular pass.

     I recovered enough to allow myself a few shallow strokes and then as

I went deeper, I probed around until I found what I had hit.  By raising

my left leg a little more and shifting my hips, I found I was able to go

past the obstruction.  So I plied the tool a little deeper the next time.

Now I was going much slower.  The vibrations were great, but I was

enjoying the pure thrusting also.  I contemplated turning the vibrator

off, but before I could really consider it, my vagina began its explosive

contractions around the dildo as I experienced my strongest orgasm yet.

     As I lay there in the warm afterglow, I smiled as I extracted my

toy from the still pulsing cavity.  I looked down and watched my pussy

turn inside out as it clung to the soft rubber surface.  My left hand

traced the outline of my sexually stimulated nipples, adding to the

pleasure of the moment.

     My reverie was interupted by the ringing of the phone.  Flipping

over on my stomash and reaching to the nightstand, I picked up the phone,


     A strained voice on the other end asked, "Shirley?"  "No.

     It's Cindy.  Mom's with Dad."  I paused as I thought I heard

a sob.  "Is that you aunt Kathy?  Is something wrong?"  Kathy was married

to my Mom's brother Malcom.  They lived somewhere in Cincinnati, Ohio

where uncle Mal had a dental practice.

     "Oh, Cindy.  Mal's g-gone.  He had a heart attack this afternoon

and...and.. the ...the  d-d-doctors ---c --c  ouuldn't...."  She broke

down and began to sob uncontrollably.

     "You mean he ... died?" I asked incredulously.  Why, they had just

been here for Labor Day weekend.  Uncle Mal had even played softball.

I didn't need to wait for her answer.  "Oh, aunt Kathy.  I'm so sorry."

     "I know you are Cindy.  Mal thought a lot of you."  She was obvious-

ly trying to regain her composure.  I heard her take a long breath and

say, "Can you get in touch with Shirley somehow and let her know...Oh,

and ask her to call."

     "I can probably catch the right now, I we hang up right away."

     "O.K., baby.  Tell her to call me."  "I will.  I love you,

     aunt Kathy."  "I love you too, honey.  Bye."  "Bye," but she was

     already gone.  I immediately punched in my Dad's office number.

     "Good afternoon. Anderson, Billings and Marshall.  May I assist

     you."  "Mrs. Morrison?  This is Cindy.  Is my Dad still there?"

     "Why, Cindy, I haven't seen you in months.  How are you doing?  Oh,

I heard you had been hurt at school.  Are you better now?"

     "Much better, thank you," I lied.  "Is he still there."

     "He certainly is.  Your mother just went in.  Hold a sec and I put

you through."

     "Sid Marshall," my dad's deep baritone answered.  "Daddy?"  "Cindy?

     Are you O.K.?  Is anything wrong."  Swallowing, I began, "Dad,

     Aunt Kathy Called...uh...It's about

Uncle see, he had a heart attack this afternoon...and he died."

     There was stone silence from the other end.  Then I could hear my

father whispering to Mom.  "Oh, no!..." I hear her exclaim.

     "Dad?  Aunt Kathy wants Mom to call her right away."  "O.K., baby.

     We'll be on our way home as soon as she gets off the

phone.  You sure you're O.K.?"

     "I'm O.K., daddy."  "Bye, sweetheart" "Bye."  I was almost overcome

by an all-enveloping sense of loss as the

reality of the moment began to sink in.  Pappaw had died when I was only

8 years old, but I hardly remembered him.  There hadn't been a death in

our family since then.  Now, Uncle Mal was gone.  I would never see him

again...never hear his silly little jokes...never see the funny way he

ate watermelon with a spoon.  Tears began to roll down my cheeks.

     Very carefully and dutifully, I began to put my parents' room back

in order.  All the books, the newly discovered toys, the VCR tape were

all returned to their proper places.  I straightened the bed covers and

gave the room another once over.

     Then I went downstairs and tried to think of what I could do to

help but my thigh was trobbing painfully, and I knew I shouldn't be

walking around on it.  Stepping very gingerly, I made my way to my bed-

room and lay down on top on the bedspread.  My mind raced as it wrestled

with the events of the day.  I just closed my eyes.  When I opened them,

my mother was sitting on the bed beside me.  The room was dark except

for the light filtering from the hallway.

     Mom's cool hand was on my cheek.  "How's my baby?"  It wasn't so

dark that I couldn't see that she had been crying.

     "Still sore, I'm afraid.  I thought it would be better by now."

     "Now you know that Dr. Adams said that these soft tissue injuries

take their own good time in healing.  Have you stayed off it like he

told you?" she asked with mock accusation.

     "Honest, Mom.  I only got up to eat lunch...and...I went upstairs

and laid on your bed to watch TV."

     "And what's wrong with the TV in your room?"  her eyebrows were up.

     Giggling, I responded, "Yours is better.  Besides, my bed isn't

adjustable," I added.

     She laughed with me.  "Want some supper?  We stopped for Chinese."

     My stomach lurched.  "Not now.  Maybe later."  "Whatever you say,

but you know Daddy.  He thinks he has to eat anything that doesn't go on

the first pass."

     "Let him.  I don't care that much for Chinese anyway," and as an

after thought, "Are there any eggrolls?"

     "Of course."  "Well, save me just one.  That's all I want."

     Mom patted my knee, "Whatever you say."  She stood and started to

walk out of the room.  "Cindy, your father and I are going to have to

leave tonight to drive to Ohio.  Do you think you'll be alright here by

yourself if we have Bob and Edna keep an eye on you and the house?"

     I was surprised.  "You mean I can't go with you?  What will Aunt

Kathy think?"

     The overhead light in my room flipped on.  "Aunt Kathy already knows

and she understands.  She knows you loved your Uncle Mal.  We've thought

about it and feel that you would do better to stay off the leg until

you go back to the doctor.  O.K.?

     "O.K."  I tried to soud disappointed, but the truth was that even

though I dearly loved Uncle Mal, I really dreaded going to his funeral.

There was no doubt in my mind that the experience would be unbelievably


     Before she left my doorway, she said, "I'll call Bob and Edna and

make sure they'll be available if you need anything.  Then I'll bring

your eggroll.  Pepsi to drink?"

     "Sounds good," my voice following her down the hall.  I reached over

the edge of my bed and picked up my Notebook and my Algebra I text and

began to work on my makeup homework.  Sometime during this effort, Mom

brought me an eggroll and a Pepsi which I consumed as I labored over

my assignment.  I had been an A-B student all the way through school --

never making straight A's, but always above average.  It was good enough

to put me on the Honors Roll, and it seemed to please my parents.

     I had heard my mother telling one of her friends how that I had never

given my parents any trouble.  I suppose you could say that I was a

"good girl."  I had never been sent to the principal's office, never

received less than an A for deportment, never cut classes.  It made

me feel very special when she told her friend that.  I never wanted to

cause my parents unhappiness ever.

     At about 8:00 that evening, my parents came in to tell me bye.  Our

next-door neighbors, Bob and Edna had offered to let me stay at their

house, but thankfully, my parents declined the offer and told them that

they would appreciate it if they could just be available in case I needed

something or if there were some kind of emergency.  Dad gave me three

twenty dollar bills for "just in case." Then came the instructions about

the electricity and the plumbing for the umpteenth sure the

freezer door closes, and all the usual.

     "We love you, honey," came from Dad with a hug and kiss.  "We sure

do."  Mom gave me her hug and kiss.  "I love you too," I smiled.

     Just as the started out of the room, Mom turned, "Oh, Cindy.  I

forgot to tell you that Robbie will be here in the morning to do the lawn.

Didn't want him to frighten you."

     "O.K.  Bye." I answered.  Then they were gone.  I felt a strange

sense in being alone when I realized that this was the first time

that I had been away from them overnight all alone.

     I glanced at the clock.  8:15.  The game!  I forgot about the school

game.  It had already started.  I turned on the radio and tuned in

the local station that carried our games.  We were ahead in the first

quarter 7-0.  Yeahh, TEAM!  When I finally drifted off to sleep sometime

after 9:00.  The last score I remembered was 27-6.

     The next sound I heard was that of a loud thump as if something had

hit the house.  I jumped out of bed and almost fell on my face when

the pain coursed through my still tender thigh.  Limping, I made my

way to the window.  I didn't see anything but I could hear something.

It was a lawnmower.

     The sound of the mower made me glance at the clock on my radio.  It

was 8:30 in the morning.  I knew right away that it must be Robbie, the

neighborhood boy who mowed our lawn on a regular basis.  Looking out

the window, I caught a glimpse of him as he walked briskly behind the

roaring machine.  I could see that he was dressed only in swimming

trunks, t-shirt and tennis shoes.  He seemed to enjoy his work in the

warm early morning October sun.  It wasn't odd for folks in this part

of the country to have to cut grass right on up until Thanksgiving.

Indian Summer had a lot of staying power in Jackson.

     I hobbled down to my regular bathroom and took off my panties and

t-shirt.  I couldn't believe I had slept in the same outfit I had worn

all day the day before.  Then very carefully, I removed the bandage from

my thigh while I let the shower water warm up.  With a definite goal in

mind, I took a liesurely shower and washed my Dorothy Hammill haircut.

Not in any particular hurrly, I turned off the shower, closed the drain to

let the tub begin to fill.  Mom always kept some of her own bath salts,

bubble bath and oils in this bathroom because the master bath only had

a shower.  She enjoyed a long soak every now and then, herself.

     I poured a little of the best smelling bubble bath and matching bath

oil in the water under the streaming faucet.  Huge billowing bubbles began

to be formed as the water worked on the ingredients I had poured in.

The feeling as I slid into the warm bath was wonderful.  The heat felt

good on my injury and I was enjoying my idea of luxury.  As I bathed,

I imagined myself as a georgeous model doing a soap commercial.  I posed

and turned until my breasts showed above the bubbles.  I squealed as if

embarressed and slid all the way under the water.

     When my game was finished, I meticulously washed every square inch

of my body.  I felt that I must be ultra clean.  I washed my hair again

and used Mom's most expensive creme rinse, not a "conditioner," but a

real creme rinse.  The bath oil made my skin as soft as a baby's behind.

I must have been in the bathtub for at least 30 minutes.  My fingers

were all wrinkled, but I knew that would pass.

     I let the water drain, then used the shower head to wash away the

residue of soap and bubbles, cleaning the tub as I went.  Then I dried

myself on the big soft beach towel making sure I left no wet spots even

between my toes.  Standing clean, dry and naked before the mirror,

I used my blow dryer as I brushed out my hair.  When I was finished,

I appraised my reflection in the mirror.  I remarked, "Not bad."

     Limping to my bedroom, I put on some fresh undies.  Today, instead

of cotton, however, I donned my best lacey nylon bikini panties.  The bra

I picked was the one my mom called "impractical."  It was also very lacey,

low cut and it fastened in front.  I talked her into it for a formal

occassion.  We had to arrive on a compromise between a "low cut" or a

"strapless" evening gown.  Mom won on the "low cut," so I got the bra.

     In bra and panties, I sat at my vanity and began to work on my

toenails.  First I trimmed them, then using a cuticle spoon, I worked on

each toe until the little "half moon" shone at the base of each nail bed.

A rich coat of Flamingo Pink polish finished the job.  While they dried,

I did the same to my fingernails.  Mom wouldn't let my use the fake ones,

so I tried to extra careful not to break a nail.  Most of the time,  had

at least one oddball nail, but this past week on just laying around had

let me get a little growth so I could trim them, but leave a respectable

length.  Flamingo Pink was once more the finishing touch.

     The lawnmower was silent, so I assumed that Robbie had finished

that part of the chore.  Just as the thought ran though my head, I hear

the gas-powered weed eater start.  It was now 10:00a.m.  Sneaking a peek

out my window, I could see him using the weed machine as an edger as he

worked along the border of our patio.  Robbie had removed his t-shirt and

was now bare-chested.  There was a sheen of perspiration on his well-

tanned upper body.  His legs had a lot of hair on the thighs, but his

chest seemed void of any such growth.

     By the time my nails were completely dry, it was 10:30.  I heard the

banging of the garbage cans as Robbie pulled them to the backyard for the

clippings.  I had timed it just about right.  I'm not sure for what but

for some reason I wanted to be friendy (in a nice girl way) with Robbie.

     I slipped a knee length pink dress over my head.  It was nothing

special.  It had buttons running down the front to the waist and the

skirt portion was pleated all around.  Mom said it "flounced," whatever

that means.  I left the top three buttons open so that a little lace

would show.  If I had had more in the breast department, I suppose there

would have been a little cleavage too.

     Rarely do I wear make-up even at school, but I quickly used a pink

lip gloss and gave my eyelashes a swipe with some mascara.  No eye

shadow or liner.  I couldn't resist just a touch of blush, however, as

I applied the brush softly to emphsize my cheekbones.  Giving myself a

nod of approval from the mirror, I started toward the patio door.

     I had been right.  Robbie had finished the front and was now just

about through with the back.  Next week he would have to be raking leaves,

but that day the autumn colors were at their peak.  When the mower died, I

slid the patio door open.  "How about some lemonade when you're through."

     Robbie seemed startled, "Oh.  Hi, Cindy.  I thought I would get an

early start.  I wanted to get it done before the temperature got up


     "I would have come out to help leg, you know."  I offered.

     "Oh yeah.  Sue told me about it.  How's it doing?"  "I'm supposed

to stay off it for a while, but I'm getting pretty bored with it.

Want to come in?"

     "Sure.  Just give me a minute to put things away and get my shirt.

Lemonade sure sounds good."

     I turned and went to the refrigerator and frantically looked for

some lemons.  There were two very old looking ones that were a little

shriveled.  I grabbed them and the bottle of Realemon.  Reading the

instructions for lemonade on the Realemon bottle, I moved as fast as I

could...cold water...sugar...slice the

     "Now where's that lemonade."  I caught my breath as I turned,

tray with pitcher and glasses in

hand and limped to the table in the center of the dining area.  Robbie had

his t-shirt on now, but was bare-footed -- evidently so he wouldn't track

grass in the house.  He pulled out a chair and ploped down as I poured.

For the first time, I noticed how sweaty he was from his outdoor exertion.

I also noticed how cute he was.  Robbie was my best friend Sue's brother.

They had lived next door for about three years.  Sue was on the cheering

squad with me, but Robbie was 18 and a senior in high school.

     Sitting across the table from each other, we sipped our lemonades

in silence.  He sort of glanced around the room as I looked at him.

When I would look away, his eyes would be on me when I looked back;

then he would look around the room some more.

     Finally, "Sorry to hear about your uncle.  Mom and Dad told me."

     "Yeah, it was a real shock."  "My parents talked to yours last night,

so if you need anything, just let us know.

     "I really appreciate it," I sort of sighed, feeling very self-

conscious and a little uncomfortable.

     "So, how's the leg?" he asked just to make conversation.  "It's still

awfully sore and I have to wear this awful bandage," I

replied as I slid my chair around to my right to show him the bandage.

It wasn't until I had pulled my dress up to the top of my right thigh

that I remembered that I hadn't put the ace back on.  I just sat there

looking at my bare thigh and so did Robbie.  My first thought was that

I should have at least put on a pair of hose.  Color rose in my face

and I pushed the dress back down.  When I looked up, Robbie was red too.

     "Anyhow, I'm supposed to wear the stupid thing.  I-I guess I forgot

to put it back on."  Oh how I wanted to die right then and there.

It was at that thought and at that very moment, I realized that I was

thinking of Robbie as a sexual being.  I knew that I wanted to either

seduce or be seduced.  Oh, it wasn't as sophisticated as all that, but

that was the underlying motive of me getting dressed and inviting him

in even if it was only in my subconscious up until now.

     "Sue said you fell from a pyramid and that your leg was pinned back

by someone falling over you."

     "I guess that's the way it happened.  At least it seemed that way,"

I replied, trying to restore my composure.

     "I had the same thing happen to me in football last season.  That's

why I'm not playing this year.  I have to wear a bandage in basketball


     "Yeah, I wondered why you weren't on the team this year," I

commented.  "Oh, did we win last night?"

     "Nah.  They beat us 28-27 in the last quarter.  We had 'em 27-6 in

the third.  They missed an extra point in the second period.  Then in

the fourth, it all fell apart.  Rodney Gooding sprained an ankle as the

quarter opened and we were essentially without a quarterback.  Then Gus

Martin was ejected for fighting.  Next thing we knew, Central was in

the end-zone and had a two-point conversion.  Bert Beasley fumbled

the next kick-off and Central scored on the next play from scrimmage.

They faked a kick and passed for the two points.  That made the score

27-21.  We marched down the field and Beasley got into the end-zone on

a fantastic screen pass and go.  It was called back for an ineligble

man downfield.  With two minutes left, we had fourth down and three on

their 12 yard line so we attempted a "sure-fire" field goal.  The snap

was bobbled and Mike Forntney, instead of covering the ball, tried to

pass to the end-zone.  Central intercepted and ran it back 100 yards

for the touchdown.  Then their kicker who missed his first attempt in

the first quarter, put it away with an extra point 28-27.

     I didn't understand a waord he said.  I was a cheerleader, but all

I knew about football was that on team has the ball and the other team

tries to take it away before the first team scores.  But I sat there

wide-eyed, taking it all in, pretending to know what he was talking

about nodding in agreement.  When he finished, we were back to the

awkward silence that ruled only minutes before.

     Trying to change the subject, "So how is your leg getting along?"

Somehow the question wasn't worded right and I felt sort of stupid.

     "Coach gave me some good exercises for it, though.  And I went in

to the gym for some special treatments that seemed to help," he added.

     "Really?  What kind of treatments?" I asked, genuinely interested.

     "Theraputic massage mostly.  They did a few sessions for me and

then taught me how to give them to myself since it was on my thigh,"

Robbie explained.

     Caught up by the prospect of an early return to the squad, I asked,

"Do you think you could teach me?"

     "Uh...yeah, I guess so," he said haltingly.  Honest, up to this time,

until his reaction, my thoughts had been

purely therapeutic.  Only now did I feel a stirring of butterflies in

the pit of my stomach.  I know now that he was aware of the eroticism

of the moment.

     Not knowing what else to do at that point I softly asked, "Where

should we do it?"

     "The couch in the living room?"  I thought for a moment.  "No,

lets go to the couch in the rec room

downstairs."  The excuse in my mind was definitely that the rec room

would be more intimate.  How wicked I had become after just one short day.

     In the basement he suggested that I sit on the couch as he pulled

up an ottoman.  Sitting on the ottoman, he reached for my right foot as

I lifted it to lay on his left knee.  My bottom was lower than my leg,

so I had to push my dress between my thighs to keep him from seeing my

panties.  Robbie scooted the ottoman forward so that my right leg draped

over his left one, my foot now hanging toward the floor.  His movement

placed his right knee between my legs pointed directly at my crotch.

     He put both his hands on my right thigh about 3 or 4 inches above

my knee on the outside of my dress and began to squeeze gently.

I squinted my eyes with the pain.

     "Hurt?" he asked "A little," I responded.  He kept up the massaging

motion running both hands up and down my

thigh.  He would let the one on the outside of my leg move higher than

the inside hand, always stopping well below my crotch.  I could see him

swallow to hide his nervousness.  The bottom of his shirt was hanging

low enough to cover is bathing trunks, so I could not see his crotch.

     "This would work a little better on your bare skin," his voice


     "O.K."  My simple reply was followed by me carefully baring my thigh

up to the hem of my panties.  But no panty showed.  I was careful of that.

     When his hand returned to my thigh on my bare skin, I was surprised

at the heat I felt.  Not only were his hands very warm, but the warmth

sort of passed through my body as the butterflies took flight and rose

within me.  The gentle hands just kept up their ministrations to me.

As I glanced up at him, I found him looking straight into my eyes which

I quickly averted to watch his attention to my thigh again.

     "Do you have a girlfriend?" I blurted.  Oh my God, how dumb..dumb..

dumb!  Of course he has a girlfriend -- Diane, the drum majorette.

What a fool I must have looked like.

     He didn't seem phased.  "Well, sort of.  Diane Contento and I have

been dating sort of steady like.  Nothing serious I suppose.  How about


     "What?"  "Do you have a boyfriend?"  "Uh," I thought about lying,

but thought better of it, "No."  He smiled as he massaged, "You

mean a pretty girl like yourself doesn't have a boyfriend?"

     Boy, was I ever slain.  If his smile had been flame, I waould have

been butter.  "Do you really think I'm pretty?" I asked, blushing.

     What happened then startled me so bad that I almost lost it.  His

face was getting closer and closer to mine and he was standing to turn to

sit on the couch.  I tried to lean away from him, but my back was against

the arm of the sofa.  Before I knew it, his mouth was on mine and he was

kissing me.  The major problem was that as he stood and turned, I turned

with him so that I had my injured right leg behind him, between his body

and the back of the couch, and my left foot was still on the floor.

     So there I was, lip to lip with Robbie, and I didn't even know how

to kiss.  Oh, I knew how to use a dildo and a vibrator with various

at- tachments and such things as that, but I didn't know how to kiss.

I just sat there with my lips pressed against his.  Then, gentleman that

he was, he shifted so that I could turn to sit properly on the couch

with my legs together.  Both of us were breathing a little hard.

     "I'm sorry, Cindy.  I shouldn't have done that."  "Why not?"

     I asked, disappointed that it had ended so quickly.  I was

worried that I hadn't done it right.

     "For God's sake, you're just a kid."  That cut me to the quick.

     I put a hand on each hip and let him

know in no uncertain terms, "I'm almost 15, so don't call me a kid."

     "I didn't mean to offend you.  It's just that I'm...I'm... well, I'm

sorry I called you a kid."  Then he was just staring at me again.

Not my eyes, but just at me, in general.

     I let my eyes followed his gaze.  Looking down at my body, I noticed

that a fourth button had popped loose and the tops of my breasts

were now plainly visible.  My fingers came up and quickly buttoned the

guilty fastener.  "Are you sorry you kissed me...I mean really...sorry."

I searched his eyes.

     "If you mean did I like kissing you, then no, I'm not sorry.  I said

I was sorry because of the difference in our ages."

     I could feel my eyes cloud as I looked up from lowered eyelids and

restated through almost clenched teeth, "I'm not a kid."

     Robbie's expression softened as he whispered, "No, I guess you're not

a kid."  He sighed and pulled me to him again.  This time he had both

arms around me and when he kissed I just went limp.  I noticed that his

kisses were not exactly what one could callk "dry," so I surmised that

his mouth was open.  I opened mine.  When I did, his tongue went straight

between my teeth.  I was appalled, so I pushed his tongue away with mine.

The surprise was compounded when he literally sucked my tongue from

my mouth into his.  About that time I decided that it wasn't so bad

after all.

     Up until then, I wasn't sure where all this was going.  It sure was

enjoyable, but I still could feel something on the inside ringing an

alarm.  I kept seeing pictures in my mind of the people in the magazine

doing things with their bodies that intrigued me.  I had a flash of the

couple in the VCR movie.  I thought about the vibrator, the dildo and

then I could see a picture of Robbie and me naked under the sheet with

him making that move to put it in.

     What brought me back to reality was his hand pushing my bra cup off

my right breast.  Not resisting what happened in any way, I closed my eyes

and savored it, feeling my whole world go topsy-turvy.  I felt I was on

a high speed turntable and had to open my eyes to make sure we weren't

actually moving.  "This is wrong," a voice in my head spoke.  I brought

my left hand up and took hold of Robbie's wrist.  Pulling downward to

remove his hand, I discovered that his fingers were hooked over to top

of the lacy cup so that all I accomplished was the baring of one breast.

     Just as I was about to speak to tell him to stop, his hand abandoned

my breast, and  was just as quickly replaced by his open mouth.  The hot

wet feeling as he opened wide enough to take the whole of it into his

mouth was overwhelming.  I was melting all over again.  My whole frame

went suddenly limp in his arms.  Each of us knew that I was his to do

with as he pleased.  At 14, I just couldn't call up enough resolve to

fight it.  It just felt so good.

     Half expecting him to push me into a prone position, I was surprised

when Robbie shifted so that both of his feet were flat on the floor, his

left side against my right.  He slipped his right hand under my right

thigh and shifted it so it draped across his left leg.  My left foot

was flat on the floor so that in this position my knees were almost a

foot apart.  I felt his right hand slip under my dress and move up along

my injured thigh, giving it a gentle massage.  It hurt when he squeezed,

but yet, it didn't hurt.  Each time he reached the top of my thigh, he

paused and squeezed, his thumb on the outside of my thigh, his fingers

at the edge of the crotch of my panties.

     Robbie leaned into me and pressed me back against the cushioned arm

of the couch, his lips once more seeking mine.  Then both of his hands

were opening the rest of the buttons to my waist.  I heard him "Hmmmm,"

as he discovered the front clasp of my bra.  Gently opening it, he pro-

ceeded to push it away until it was sort of stuffed under my arms.

     Once again he was lip to lip with me, his tongue swapping visits

with mine, each of his hands on one of my breasts.  My nipples were

still "little-girl" tiny, but he brought them to erection, pulling and

twirling them between his thumbs and forefingers.  I had sucked in my

breath and held it there so many times that I was starting to get dizzy,

but I thought it was love.

     With his left hand on my right breast, his mouth left mine and bent

to the task of my left breast.  I brought both my hands up.  One to

press his head to my breast and the other to assist his left hand.

I was sure I knew what was coming next.  He was going to "go all the

way" with me, but I didn't know when or how Robbie would accomplish it.

I still had the very erotic picture of us naked in bed under the sheets

running through my brain.

     I was wrong, but what happeneds was so natural that it caught me

totally off guard.  My right leg was bent at the knee draped over his

left leg.  My thigh rested directly atop his.  The hair on his leg

tickled the underside of my smooth thighs.  Although I hand a generous

amount of pubic hair for a 14 year-old, my legs were covered only by

a very light downy softness that did not yet call for shaving, or any

other depilatory for that matter.

     So Robbie merely let his now free right hand lay lightly along the

inside of my right knee and he just slipped it along the smoothness

of my inner thigh until he laid his palm flat on my crotch.  I was so

startled by this turn of events that I sort of jumped.  Then he began

a gentle stroking of that area by rubbing his figers from the bottom of

my pussy to the top.

     Since I was wearing bikini briefs, he was not hindered by the waist-

line of my dress.  After about 15 or 20 strokes from bottom to top and

top to bottom, he had worked up far enough that on a return trip to

the bottom, his whole hand slid smoothly inside the waistband and his

fingers were stroking my hairy mound.  This time he stayed at the bottom,

not rising again.

     I wanted to raise my bottom off the couch and remove the panties, but

I feared that he would judge me to be some kind of "slut".  I mean,

I was ready to be screwed right then and there.  Robbie did not seem

disturbed by my panties, he just continued to stroke the hair over my

slit very lightly while his mouth claimed mine again.

     While we kissed, I felt a finger separate my pussy lips.  The attempt

at entry was very gentle and the feeling was unbelievably erotic.  I went

totally limp again and my arms felt so weak that my hands fell to my lap.

Actually, we were so close that my right hand fell in Robbie's lap.

That's when I discovered that his own sex organ was not dormant.

I started to pull away but he stopped kissing long enough to whisper,

"It's O.K.," while his left hand pressed my hand palm down over the

bulge in his swim trunks.

     I just let my hand lay there at first, but Robbie quickly returned to

his kissing and feeling.  A finger very pleasantly insinuated itself

between the folds of my pussy and began stroking the moisture that

had begun to accumulate.  At the same time that I felt the finger sink

slowly into my body until it was buried to the knuckle, Robbie sucked my

tongue into his mouth and twisted my left nipple.   I let my hand squeeze

his sex.  As the finger eased inward until it was palm deep, I began to

stroke the material of his swimsuit.  I felt it throb under my touch.

     The finger inside me began to withdraw and I hunched my hips forward

to stop its escape, but to no avail.  I thought he was stopping so that

we could get on with the "real thing."  Actually, he knew exactly what

he was doing.  I could feel something larger going in and then I felt his

thumb and forfinger feeling in the top of my slit for the little nub I had

discovered earlier.  Evidently he had two fingers in my vagina as he began

to do the same thing to my clitoris that he had done with my nipples.

     My hips began an involuntary rocking motion which, to my delight

could regulate the both the pressure on my clit and the depth of his

fingers in my vagina.  My hand also increase the pressure of its rubbing

on the ouside of his garment.  Both of us were breathing rather rapidly

and loudly by now.

     Just when I began to wish for my vibrator so that I could have

another "organism" I uttered something like, "Uuhhnngg," as my private

world exploded around me once more in a kaliedescope of color and delight.

I moaned out my newest release into his mouth and I could feel my pussy

thobbing itself around his digits.  I seemed to last much longer this

time and in comparison to the other times.  It seemed better just because

Robbie was the one doing it.

     I put both my arms around his neck and hugged him to me.  It was as

if I wanted to take his whole body into myself and become one with him.

I've never had that same feeling about anyone since that time.  I just

closed my eyes and luxuriated in the feelings that were bathing me.

     As the aura subsided, I opened my eyes and found Robbie looking at me

as if I were someone he had just seen in a different light.  "Gosh,

Cindy, you're something else."

     Not knowing what to say, innocently (if that's possible) I asked,

"Are we going to do it now?"

     Robbie looked puzzled.  "Do what" I looked for the words.

     "You know,"  quickly discarding screw and

fuck, then settling on, "go all the way."

     "My god, Cindy.  Are you crazy?  Do you want to get pregnant?"  He

seemed aghast.

     I thought he hated me.  I began to cry and tried to say, "Of course

not," but I couldn't get it out.

     "Cindy, you haven't scr...uh...gone all the way with some other guy,

have you?" Robbie asked.

     "N-no!"  I answered still crying, "and I never let anyone d-do those

o-other th-things that y-you j-just d-d-did."  I didn't think it proper

to tell him about my electronic friends.

     His arms went around me and he let me cry against him until it

finally subsided.  "Cindy, I want to make love to you, but it wouldn't

be right.  I'm afraid that what we've done here tonight could have a bad

effect on you because of your age."  He paused as he looked down into

my upturned face.  "But I'm not going to say I'm sorry, because I'm not."

     I know I smiled when he said that.  and then he kissed me again...

very softly, very slowly and much too sweetly.  When he looked at me

again he asked, "You had an orgasm, didn't you?"

     His question shocked me, "Orgasm? (hmmm...organism) Oh yes.  Yes, I

had an ... uh ... orgasm."  Not knowing what to say, I went further,

"Did you have one?"

     "Well, no.  At least not this time."  Robbie's face turned beet red.

     "Didn't I do it  right?"  I didn't know what "right" would be anyway.

     "Well, not exactly, but don't worry about it," he responded.  "No,"

     I blurted, "I want to do it right.  Show me."  I know I

sounded a little imperious, and to prove it, I reached for the waist

band of his trunks.

     His hands stopped mine, but I looked up at him and saw his resolve

(if he really had any) weaken.  "O.K., Cindy, if you're sure."

     "I'm sure.  After all, you did it for me.  It's only fair, isn't

it?"  I know I rolled my eyes at him when I said that.  Since that time

and over the years, I've been left wondering if I fell more into his

plan than he did into mine.

     That's all it took.  Robbie stood up and stripped of his bathing suit

and I just stared, mesmerized by his sex organ.  I was surprised that it

was just hanging there.  It appeared to be about 4 inches long and had

a bushy nest of pubic hair that encircled the base of it and ran down

to cover his sack.  It looked smaller than when I touched it through

his clothes.  I was not an expert on the male arousal process and didn't

know it was about to grow.  I could have sworn that it raised its head

slightly even as I looked at it.

     A churning feeling ran through my stomach as I remembered pictures in

the magazine showing women sucking on these things.  I wasn't sure what

I had gotten myself into, but I was determined that Robbie would have

an orgasm.  Besides, I'd never seen an orgasm before.

     Robbie sat down beside me and stretched his legs out on the ottoman.

Then he leaned forward and pulled his t-shirt over his head so that he

sat there totally naked beside me.

     Nervously I asked, "O.K., what do I do first?"  Robbie licked

his lips.  He was nervous too.  "Just take it in your

hand like so."  He wrapped his right palm around the length of it, then

removed his hand.  I reached over with my right hand and wrapped my

fist around it just like he showed me.  "Now, with you hand around it,

just move your fist up and down on it."

     It had grown visibly since I first laid eyes in it.  The head of it

took on a similar appearance to the one on the artificial penis, only

Robbie's was almost purple.  I knew he had been circumcised because I

had seen little babies that had been.  His penis jerked in my hand and

I looked up at him questioningly.  He just looked back at me and said,

"Like that.  Just keep going."

     I had thought that the spasm I had felt was his orgasm, but I had

been wrong.  So I continued to stroke up and down his shaft.  I noticed

that the head of his penis was getting a darker reddish purple, the

more I pumped on it. Robbie drew in a deep breath and exhaled slowly,

groaning slightly.  This caused me to slow down again, but he nodded

for me to keep going.  My arm was getting tired, so I swapped hands.

His hips began to pump just like mine had on his fingers.  Soon my other

arm was tired.

     "When do I put it in my mouth," I asked bravely.  An anguished look

came over Robbie's face and he stuttered for a few seconds and sort of

muttered, "Oh, just anytime now."

     "Is now a good time?" I asked impatiently, yet fearful of the

experience.  I knew I would throw up.  But I guess I had sort of

promised him.

     He coughed and cleared his throat, "Uh..yeah.  Now."  Bending over

his lap, I closed my eyes and guided the end of his cock into my

mouth.  Since I had never tasted anything like whatever it tasted

like, I did not know how to describe it.  It was a little salty,

but other than that I didn't know that the rest of it was a residual

taste of urine.  Well, I'd never tasted urine before.  "Lick it."

he said, or rather groaned.  So I did.  I'd never licked one before,

so I swathed this one good.

I got it it coated with lots of my saliva and soon there was not much

taste at all.  I did notice, however that the thing was much larger now.

It was only about 6 to 6 1/2 inches long, but is was as big in diameter

as my penis shaped dildo.

     "Now suck it while you use your hand," he moaned again.  So I sucked

it, and as I sucked, I let my hand continue pumping up

and down.  The reason I kept pumping was that he didn't tell me to stop.

His body seemed to flutter in the midst of all I was doing and suddenly

the penis jerked in a spasm and simultaneously I had a mouthful of liquid.

My hand also felt his penis flex accompanied by a suitable moan from

Robbie.  Before I could react, the was another distinct throb and my

mouth was even fuller so that in order not to choke, I had to swallow.

I jerked my head away, the stuff running out of my mouth onto my chest

and down to my dress when his member jerked again and a glob of the

liquid hit me in face.

     "No don't quit," Robbie said as his hand wrapped around mine and

continued to pump it up and down the length of this rod that had

suddenly taken on a life of its own as it kept on jerking and

spitting its offering at me.

     By the time it had stopped, my right hand was covered with a cloudy

looking liquid that was also all over my face, my chest and the front of

my dress, not to mention inside my mouth.  Robbie was in no condition to

help just now.  He just sort of leaned back and collapsed.  I was furious.

"What is this stuff.  Get it off!"

     Robbie looked surprised, "That's my cum," he said as if he were

surprised that I hadn't known that all along.  Then he saw my confusion

and consternation and reached behind me for a box of Kleenex on the

end table.  I started to calm down as he very meticulously began to wipe

all of it away.  First he cleaned my hands, then my face.  I don't know

what happened to the stuff in my mouth.  I suppose that some ran out and

that I swallowed the rest.  Then he wiped what he could off my dress.

By the time he was cleaning the dab that went on my chest, I was giggling

and so was Robbie.

     "So that's how boys orgasm?"  I laughed.  "That's it."  "Well it's

not fair," I said still laughing.  "What can we girls do

you guys to get back at you?"

     Robbie quit laughing, "Drive us crazy."  We looked at each other

for a few moments, aware that we had shared

in something, although forbidden us, also very special.  His arms went

around me and he held me close very tightly for a long time.

     I looked at the clock.  It was nearly 2:30.  I couldn't believe that

it had been three hours since I had invited Robbie in.  I took a kleenex

and began to clean his now deflated tool.  It was much smaller than it

was when I first saw it.

     "I better be going," he said at last.  A little apprehensive,

     I asked, "Will you be back."  "You know I'll be back."  "Why,"

     I asked, suppressing a smile.  "You're my girl.  That's why."

     "What about Diane?"  His forhead wrinkled, "Diane who?"  My laughter

fairly tinkled like little bells as I threw myself in his arms and

we kissed once more.  "Can't you stay just a little longer?  I'm all

alone here all day with nobody to even talk to."  I tried to sound

just a little pitiful.

     "O.K., but only if you feed me some lunch.  I'm starved."  "It's a

deal," I said as I stood.  I'll have to put on some other

clothes.  Are you going to wear your trunks and t-shirt."

     "I better," he laughed, "I can't go around like this."  He began to

dress as I went upstairs to find another dress.  When I came back down,

Robbie was looking in the refrigerator.  When he turned, he let out a

low whistle.

     I'm not sure why I did it, but instead of putting on something

sensible, I stood there before him wearing only a long t-shirt that

barely covered my bikini panties.  It couldn't escape his notice that

I was no longer wearing a bra either.

     Mimicing the movies,  "I thought I would slip into something a little

more comfortable," I said in my most sultry voice and then giggled.

     Robbie got a very serious look in his eyes as he walked toward me.

At first I thought he was angry, but when he kissed me I knew he had

been pushed to his limit.  I didn't know anything about "teases" and

will power.  I was just wanting to be grown up, now that I had discovered

sex.  What I didn't know was that neither of us were really "grown up."

We just thought we were.

     So right there in the middle of the kitchen, his hands were all over

me again and before I knew it, he was carrying me into my bedroom.

     "Cindy, I don't have any protection to keep you from getting

pregnant, but I'm going to show you something that my uncle told me about.

He said if he knew at my age what he knows now, he could have driven any girl

in school crazy."  Then looking my in the eyes, he added sensually,

"I'm going to try it out on you."

     I didn't know what Robbie was talking about except "going all the

way," but it sounded exciting.  He stood me beside my bed and took my

t-shirt by its bottom hem and pulled it up so that my arms raised with it

until it was gone.  Almost reflexively, I crossed my arms in front of my

breasts, then dropped them to permit his eyes to savor their pert shape.

     I felt a shiver of delight run through me when Robbie said,

"You're beautiful."  He hooked his thumbs in the waist of my panties and pulled

them down my legs to my knees.  I raised each foot, first the left,

then the right, to leave the garment in a heap at my feet.

     Robbie discarded his t-shirt, but kept his trunks on.  He pulled me

close and bent down to kiss me, then guiding me backwards laid me across

the bed.  Somehow, I felt that we shold be under a sheet, but it really

didn't seem all that important.  When Robbie stretched out on the bed

beside me, I began to feel a little scared about what was happening.

     In a little girl voice, I asked, "Robbie, what are you going to do to

me?  It won't hurt will it?"

     He smiled.  "I'm going to eat you."  My eyes widened.  "Come on.

     What are you really going to do."  "I already told you," he answered

as he came closer, "and I promise

it won't hurt, not even a little bit."  His mouth covered mine.

     My arms went around his neck as his hands began to explore my body.

Robbie's right hand was stroking up and down the outer part of my

left thigh.  I raised the knee to give him access to my pussy, but he

did not seem to notice my offer.  Instead he let his kiss trail off my

mouth until his face was buried at the base of my throat.  This was a

new sensation as he let his tongue lick and probe in the tender junction

of my neck and shoulder.

     He shifted his body so that his left hand could work on my right

breast.  His tongue began to lick wetly from my neck around to my ear

his tongue dug deeply there.  I felt goose bumps raise up on my my arms

and breasts.  These sensations were definitely new and my body began to

squirm in response.  I closed my eyes and was horrified at the picture

that came to my mind of Robbie doing this to Diane Contento.

     My body stiffened, but for just a moment as the tongue bath

continued.  I wasn't sure what he wanted when he put a hand under me and

tried to roll me over, but I relaxed and allowed my body to be turned

so that I was laying face down.  Robbie's breath was warm on the back

of my neck as he began to kiss be there, the kisses turning to playful

nips with his teeth.  He lifted me so his left hand could slide between

my body and the bed to cup my left breast.

     As his kisses and licks left my neck to continue downward to my

shoulders, his right hand began to stroke my rounded butt.  Even I knew

that I had what guys call a "nice ass."  I remember when my breasts were

an early disappoinment, that my Mom patted my bottom and said, "Honey,

I know women who would kill for a tush like yours."  I was pleased,

but even more so when I finally filled out in the chest department.

Of course, I still had a little way to go.  I would have been extremely

happy to know then that I would even increase in stature by more than

two inches, as well as, go from an A cup to a C cup.

     The hand on my ass moved downward to stroke the back of my left

thigh, then it slipped to the inside of my left knee and pulled my

legs apart.  When I had been turned over, I had allowed them to close.

Shifting my body a little, I moved my legs even further apart so there

was a little more than a foot of distance between my knees.  The hand

came back up to my ass and squeezed each cheek separately while the

mouth continued to roam over my back.

     I wouldn't have wanted Robbie to know, but this had turned into more

of a massage than any kind of so-called love-making.  That's what I

was thinking right up until the hand on my ass, made a detour to my

pubic area.  I must have been soaking wet down there because, I felt a

finger make a single backstroke along my slit and it was buried inside me.

Before I could even let out a suitable moan, It was withdrawn and replaced

by two fingers.

     The two fingers left and I could tell that his thumb was now my

slit's sole occupant.  Robbie let it stroke in and out as his kisses

began to dance lightly across my tight rounded ass.  He was not touching

my clitoris, but it was still powerfully stimulating.

     The thumb eased its way out and the two fingers went in as relief.

My body reacted next to the thumb tip placed directly at the opening

of my anus.  I felt the thumb press inward, but I tightened my hole and

whispered, "No, Robbie, not there."  The thumb was gone instantly.

     My body was set in motion again as the left hand under my left breast

lifted and caused me to turn on my back again.  Robbie tried again to

swallow one of my tits whole and as he did so, I felt the thumb at my

pussy again.  Going in from the front with his thumb brought the second

knuckle across my clitoris with each thrust.  I felt myself climbing

toward a release once more.  But it wasn't to be.  As the thumb withdrew,

I actually moaned in disappointment and uttered, "Please, Robbie."

     Robbie paid no attention to me, but rather began a trail of licks and

kisses down from my breasts to my belly.  He paused briefly to lick and

suck at my "insy" navel.  I wasn't too pleased with it because stimulation

of any kind to my navel had always caused me to feel a little nauseous...

sort of seasick, but somehow this was different and I survived.

     Next he licked a line down my belly from my nave to the top of my

pubic bush.  I was a little alarmed when he pulled at my hair with

his lips.  A great relief came over me as he bypassed that area and

began to kiss and lick my thighs.  I felt just a twinge of pain in my

right thigh as he turned my thighs so that they splayed outward and lay

flat on the bed.  The kisses here were like tiny flames and I shuddered

with pleasure at each of them.

     My wish was, however, that Robbie get back to fingering or thumbing

my pussy.  That was the best part.

     I felt my lower torso being shifted as, Robbie lay face down between

my legs.  He worked his arms under my thighs and had me lay them across

his shoulders.  What was he doing?  Then I felt his thumbs as they were

evidently working to get back in.  I sort of shifted my bottom a little

to lend some assistance to the effort.  The thumbs very plainly peeled

me open.  The next thing I knew, Robbies nose was buried in my sex hole.

      I tried to pull away, but my lkegs over his shoulders would find no

leverage for the maneuver.  I cried, "No, Robbie.  That's nasty...Ahhh..

Ooohhh...hunnnhh..Ohhhhh," and his tongue was pushing deep into my pussy.

Somehow, when he sucked my clitoris between his lips, I knew that this

was the most natural thing ever.  It was just like what I had done to him.

     Both my hands found his head and pushed his face tighter to my sex.

His tongue never stopped whipping and dancing up and down, in and out.

Then he would pause to suck at my clitoris again.  I wasn't sure how he

did what he did next, but I felt fingers entler my vagina and begin to

wiggle and thrust.  Then, I'm sure he trapped by clitoris between his

lips and began to rapidly stroke his tongue back and forth across it.

I bit back of my hand to keep from screaming.

     I realized that he had perhaps two fingers of his right hand and

the thumb of his left hand inside me.  It was extremely close quarters there

and was stretching me as much as my big dildo had.  then the thumb

was gone.  This time when it tapped at my anus, I was too occupied with

the sensations that were running through me and Robbie became a liar.

     Even though the thumb was covered by my lubricant, it hurt like hell

when he slid it past my sphincter.  But I didn't care, because at that

moment, the most intense orgasm I had felt to this point slammed into

me like a freight train.  My hips came off the bed hunching wildly at

his face.  My hands, one on the back of his head, the other at my mouth

were fluttering almost uselessly.  My eyes rolled back and my toes cured

down- ward.  I remeber saying things through my heaving breaths like,

"Yes, Oh, Robbie.  Oh yes."  and every now and then I hooted out a

,"hooooomm...mmm ...ohhhh..." and such as that.

     As the throes of release began to fade, Robbie continued to lick as

I just stroked his head.  The hand over my mouth was now in repose across

my eyes to shut out the light which seemed to have become somehow too

intense to look at.  The thumb was the first to go.  My backdoor hole

sort of assisted in expelling it.  Next he lifted his head to look up

over my body to my flushed face.  I could hear his fingers being removed

from my squishy wet vagina.

     "Like it?" Robbie asked.  "Love it." I affirmed.  Robbie crawled

across my naked body until he could lie down beside

me.  I lifted my head so he could slide his arm under it.  He was on

his back, so I turned onto my right side and began to rub his chest.

He was just staring at the ceiling.  I was amazed when his nipples stood

up as I let my fingernails trace over them.  "I didn't know that boys

did that to." I exclaimed, laughing.

     "I don't think you know much about boys at all," he answered.

     "But I'm learning, aren't I?"  Robbie just looked at me and smiled.

     After a few seconds of thought, he commented, "You're not a kid."

     "Robbie, what about you?  Do I need to do you again."  He laughed,

     "Not hardly.  But I am going to need a change of clothes."  "Why?

     What happened?"  I asked, concerned.  "It seems that in all the

excitement, my horse was in such a tight barn, that he went off all by himself."

     I had to think about it for a little while, but when I caught on, I

put both hands over my mouth to suppress my giggles, "You mean...?"

     "Yep."  When I had recovered from that round, I began to think

a little more seriously.  I was afraid to ask him, but I needed to know.

"Robbie, please promise not to get mad, but I want to know something.  If you

don't want to tell my, it'll be o.k."

     "Sure, what is it?"  I didn't know quite how to phrase it, but I

went on anyway, "How do

you know all this stuff...I mean, you know, about girls, and all...

about sex and how to do it?"  Before he could answer, I went on, "You

talked about being safe...what I did to you in the rec room...and,"

I blushed, "what you just did to me.  How do you know about all that."

     I could tell the question disturbed him, and I sort of wished that

     I hadn't asked.  It was as if I has spoiled everything.  "If I lied

to you, you would know it's a lie," he started.  "I've

done some of these things with Diane.  We've been dating since we

were sophomores.  By the time we were juniors, we were into pretty

heavy petting.  One thing just led to another until we had experimented

with just about everything there was to do.  I mean, it was mostly just

feeling and touching along with lots of kissing."  He stopped and looked

at the ceiling again.  "Everything that I did to you down in the rec

room, I've done with Diane.  What I did to you here was the very first

time I've done that.  I got it from my uncle and a book he gave me."

     I was pleased that he'd never "eaten" Diane, but was a bit jealous

of all the other.  "Did she do what I did to you in the rec room?"

     "No."  There was more but I wasn't sure.  I decided to be direct,

     "Robbie, did you and Diane ever ... ever... go.. all the way?"

     It was as if I could hear the ring of the hammer on the nail when he

turned his head to look at me.

     "Once," he replied, "just once, this past summer...just once."

     "What happened?" I asked.  "What do you mean 'what happened'?" he asked

looking puzzled.  He misunderstood my question.  Robbie thought I wanted a

blow by blow description of what they did.  "I mean, why did you break up."

     The pause again, "We didn't use anything and her period was late.

She thought she was pregnant and wrote me a note in school.  I stuffed

the note in my pocket, planning to read it later, but forgot all about it.

My Mom found the note."  He inhaled deeply, then went on, "She called Mrs.

Contento and everyone went a little crazy.  It's almost funny.  Diane got

her period that same afternoon after scholl.  We haven't dated since."

     "Do you want to?"  "No."  I was satisfied, but needed one more

reassurance, "Are you mad at me for asking."

     "I'm glad you asked.  You're the only one who knows besides Diane,

our mothers and me.  We didn't even let our fathers know."

     Kissing him on the side of the face, I sort of cuddled up against

him, "Robbie, will you go all the w... make love to me?"

     "Now?" he asked in a surprised tone.  I whispered, "Not now, but

sometime...will you?"  "I don't think there's any question about it.

     I'll make love to you...sometime."  His kiss was warm and very sweet.

     I'm not sure I ever really knew Robbie, now that I think back on

that time of my life.  Sometimes you want to believe in someone so badly

that you accept too much at face value.  Robbie never made love to me,

as in "go all the way."  For the rest of the weekend, however, until my

parents returned, it was his picture I imagined as we labored against

each other under the sheet, my faithful dildo in hand.

     I was able to use the vibrator and dildo for several weeks thereafter

when no one else was around.  Then one day, they were gone.  I searched

high and low, but never saw them again.  But I know that they were around

somewhere because I could hear her and dad at play.  The sound a vibrator

makes when it touches a  bed frame is unique.  Many was the night that

I could hear them giggle in the confines of their bedroom when the toys

would inadvertently "burp."  And they still seem to be going strong today.

After all they're only 42 and 43.  I'm glad it's like that for them.

     As to Robbie, he and I never found ouselves in a situation that could

so easily lend itself to our youthful desires.  After he graduated,

he and Diane went all the way at least one more time.  This time she

didn't get her period and they were married in an small civil ceremony

with just a few close friends and their two month-old son.

     It's amazing what a dream can do to jog your memory.



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