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Archive-name: First/cindyt-1.txt

Archive-author: Cindy Tresslisman

Archive-title: My First Time

When I think about that first time, my emotions almost get away

from me. There is a lot of hurt and anger inside me toward him.

His name was Jeff, and I really had a thing for him.  In retrospect

a lot of this anger is directed at myself.  I was so naive as to

believe that what we were doing was alright because we were in love.

When I think of how stupid I was to fall for it, I feel betrayed,

embarrassed and cheated, not only by him, but by my own lack of


Up until this time in my life, sex had been something for girls to

discuss as if all-knowing, and it was relegated to things that really

didn't happen on a date, but did happen in a marriage, and of course,

it was the subject of a lot of jokes.  At 17, my dating history was

only a little over three years.  Most of the guys I dated came to

my home to pick me up, waited in the living room for me and after

the ballgame, party, or whatever, drop me off at my front door.

Sometimes there would be a goodnight kiss.  Then when I was a

15-year old sophomre, and a varsity cheerleader, along came Kevin.

Kevin was a year ahead of me and was captain and a forward on our

high school basketball team.  Our first date was to his Junior

Prom.  By the time he got me home that night, I was madly in love.

We didn't have any formal agreement or anything, just an unspoken

understanding that we were now an official item.  I stopped dating

anyone else, he did the same, and "that was that" as they say.

The guys I dated before Kevin didn't try to do more that a little

kissing, and sometimes cop a little feel - - but when the hands began

to rove, I just stopped it by telling them to stop.  Kevin and I

dated a lot, but didn't get so far along the heavy breathing routine

that we couldn't pull in the reins.  Sometimes he would stay a while

when he brought me home and we would sit in the living room and play

a little smacky-mouth and mash-face in the dim light.  My dad and

mom were usually upstairs in bed.  We had been dating a year before

Kevin took the initiative to place a hand over one of my breasts.

I was wearing a very bulky ski sweater.  It was the middle of March,

but very cold still and we had been at the indoor ice rink.

I could hardly believe it when I felt his palm press at me through

the material.  I had to look down to make sure it was what I thought

it was.  All I did was slide my own hand between his hand and mine,

and he made a strategic withdrawal.  For the next month or so,

our kissing got more frenzied and the petting a little bolder.

Soon I was letting his hand slide up under my blouse or whatever I

was wearing to cup my bra covered breast.  The unwritten, unspoken

rule was "no petting below the waist."  After a few of these above-

the-waist sessions, he finally found that I would permit the bra

to be unhooked so he could feel the natural me.  During all this,

we would kiss until our faces were wet with perspiration and saliva,

and just about to fall off.

Then in May, after the Senior prom, we were invited to a party for

all the basketball team-members at their coach's home.  The coach was

a real nice guy and had gone all out to do something nice for his

graduating seniors.  We played pool, ate lots of chips and sweets,

danced some more until everyone was just sitting around at 2:30 a.m.

staring at each other.  But after midnight there is only so much

partying you can do, so we got together with Woody and Beth and

headed for the bowling lane.  Surprised to find it closed because

it was a 24-hour facility, we just sat there in the car for a while

and talked.  Soon Beth and Woody were no longer in the conversation

and the souds of their kisses and breathing began to dominate.

Kevin and I looked at each other.  He shrugged his shoulders and

I did the same.  He pulled me closer to him and we played, "if you

can't beat'em, join'em."  I'll have to say that Kevin was the best

kisser I had ever known, not that I had known that many, but I was

impressed.  My gown was strapless, with a built-in underwire bra.

All he could manage at first was to work his fingers into the top

and tickle my nipples.  The ball gown zipped in the back and Kevin

found it with ease.  I let him slide the zipper down to my waist,

but squeezed his arm when he tried to take it further.  He got

the message.

I had never allowed him to unbutton anything except my bra, and

that only under my blouse.  So he always had to work his way up

from the bottom of my shirts and blouses.  I was even careful

not to wear a something like a tube top when we were dating.

A girl has to be on her guard.

As we sat ther he was able to pull the top away and get to my breasts

easier than ever before.  His lips left mine and trailed down my

neck to where my shoulder joins it, a maneuver her had accomplished

with skill many times.  But when he lifted his mouth from my neck,

instead of going back up, he went down.  Holding one of my tits,

he pulled at it and met it with his descending mouth. I had never

felt anything so sensual in my whole life as him there sucling on

my tender breast.

Holding my right breast with his left hand, he let his head

bob and twist as he paid homage to my left nipple.  Then, still

squeezing with his left hand, he shifted his head to taste the

other one.  I squirmed and let my hands move over his neck and

ran my fingers through his hair.  The only sound I was making was

, "MMmmmmmmmmmmm..."  I would have been embarrassed if Beth and

Woody had known what was going on.  All I could hear coming from

the backseat was the smacking and slurping of a multitude of sloppy,

wet kisses.

As Kevin's mouth displaced his left hand, his left hand dropped to my

lap and began to rub my right thigh through the dress stroking from

my knee to just a few inched hips.  Then on one stroke to the knee,

his hand went beyond  the material at the hem of the short dress

and touched my bare knee (bare because I had doffed my pantyhose at

the coach's house because they were to hot.)  His left hand on my

right knee didn't trouble me too much, but on the return stroke,

his hand was running up my thigh under my dress.  I didn't know

how to react, so I didn't.  His hand just rubbed and stroked the

thigh up and down, moving a little high on about every third trip,

his hand ran out of a place to go.  The hand was now touching the

silky material of my panties.

I didn't want to call Beth and Woody's attention to this, so

I just laid my head on his right shoulder and let him continue.

Soon his huge palm was gripping my upper thigh, his four fingers to

the ouside and his thumb resting against the crotch of my panties.

Then he began to rub his finger up and down the cloth that covered

my pussy.  It felt so good that I let out a little, "Ahhhh," and

let my thighs drift apart.  Taking this as a sign of surrender,

Kevin's hand forsook my thigh and pressed to my vee. In reaction,

I squeezed my thighs tight to stop his progress, but the tips of

his fingers were still able to slip up and down, and back and forth,

until he managed to work the crotch of my panties to one side enough

to cause my pubic hair to be pulled with each stroke.

I got my mouth next to his ear and whispered so very quietly, "Kevin,

please don't.  We shouldn't."  I drew in a deep breath and let it

out in a sigh, adding, "I love you."

He pulled back his head and looked at me and said, "I love you

too, Cindy."

And with that, and the knowledge that we couldn't DO IT here in

the front seat with Woody and Beth in the backseat, I opened my

legs for the guy who "loved" me.  Kevin tried to get a hand to

the waist of my panties, but I just whispered a firm, "No," at

the same time, pressing my cloth covered crotch against his hand.

Using a couple of fingers to pull the crotch of my undies out of

his way, I finally felt him probe at my opening with his finger.

He evidently did not know much about female anatomy because he could

never find the way through the labia.  In his quest, however, he

succeeded in stimulating my clitoris just enough to make me want

to take a flash light, put his face under my dress and show him

where the sensitive spot was.

"WHAP!!!  Get off me!" I heard Beth scream.  This brough both of

us back to the present and when we looked in the back seat, there

was Beth with her panties hanging off one ankle and Woody with the

imprint of her hand was still lit on his reddened cheek.

"Gosh, Beth, I'm sorry."

Then both of them became aware of us staring at them.  We didn't

know what it was all about, but we knew the date was over.  Kevin

started up the car and we dropped Beth off.  She just jumped out

and told Woody that she knew the way to the front door.  Next we

let Woody out, then drove to my home in almost complete silence.

Kevin walked me to the door and I remembered that I was unzipped.

We both giggled as he pulled the zipper up for me.  I was almost

4:00a.m., so I didn't invite him in, but I tiptoed and he bent down

for our goodnight kiss.

I found out the next day what happened in the back seat.  Woody had

brought a pack of rubbers and wanted to make it with Beth.  She told

Woody that he could go down on her and she on him, but that she

didn't do the real thing yet.  But when her panties were down and

his fly opened, he tried to do the "real thing" that she doesn't

do yet.  I told her I was sorry because I knew she liked him a lot.

She told me not to worry because he'd be back.  Before she hung

up the phone she said, "See, he's at the front door now."  I'm not

sure what it was, but something about her really turned me off.

I didn't hear from Kevin on either Saturday or Sunday.  On Monday

he told me how much he liked me and how he didn't want to tie me

down when he went away to Wake Forest, he didn't want me to feel

trapped by our relationship.  I swallowed what he had to say, smiled

brightly and agreed that he was just thinking of my interests in the

whole matter.  He drove me home and I went upstairs to my bedroom,

fell face down on my bed and cried my eyes out.

I was still in shock when Jeff, a teammate of Kevin's asked me

out for the next weekend.  I turned him down with no explanation

three weeks in a row. Then I finally agreed to go out with him.

He was the only guy who ever came back after I said no to a date.

The real reasoin I said yes was that I hoped  to make Kevin jealous.

So in reality, I was ready to be psyched, and although I don't like

to admit it, that's exactly what happened.

So Jeff and I began seeing each other on a regular basis after

school was out for the summer, dating usually two nights a week.

In July, Jeff called and invited me to go to the lake with him and

two other couples from school.  Jeff drove his car and one couple

rode in the back.  The other couple who turned out to be Beth and

Woody were in another car.  I could never see what Woody, who was

a pretty decent guy for a geek, saw in that girl.

The day started early and we were at the lake at 10:00A.M. We had

planned to water ski, cook out, swim and just have a grand time.

When  we arrived at the lake, we were pleased to see that almost all

of the wooded man-made islands were vacant.  Usually, you have to have

reservations well in advance but we had no trouble getting one for the

rest of the day.  The park ranger just told us that if it got crowded

around here, we would probably have company before the day was over.

But Tuesday is a slow day at the lake and we had not heard the weather

report.  Each of the dozen or so islands was equipped with picnic tables

and grills.  Some had covered pavillions, but the ranger wouldn't let a

party of six take any of those.  So we got the rental boat from the dock,

loaded our picnic gear and went to the island to stake our claim.

On the island, the guys opened the cooler and handed out the beer.  I

declined and opted for a coke.  In all my dates with Jeff and I had

never seen him drink anything but sodas, and I suppose I was just a

little disappointed.  Kevin had been,like me, a tea-totaler.

Well, we did some water skiing and then came back and laid on

the shore on a blanket.  Bobby and Diane did the same thing.

Beth and Woody went to the other side of the island out of our

sight.  When we first lay on the blanket, the sun  was shining,

but a small shower came up and we had no cover except trees.

Instead of running for the trees, Bobby and Diane, the couple who

rode with us, pulled the blanket over themselves, so I didn't object

when Jeff did the same for us.  This gave us an area of blanket

under us about the size of a twin bed, so we were pretty close.

I was inside the folded side, by the way.

So there we were all cuddled up against the rain and we could hear

Diane giggling.  I said, "I wonder what they're doing?"

"This," Jeff said and he rolled over and kissed me.  I had allowed him

kisses on our previous dates, but nothing else.  There was no objection

from me because I enjoyed it, and I returned his kiss.  When he rolled

over, it put the blanket in a bind so that I was pressed really close

to him.  I honestly couldn't tell if his forearm was sneaking a feel of

my tits or not.  So I pretended he wasn't and let his arm stay between us.

I figured that it was alright as long as there were no hands involved.

Jeff was dressed in a loose-fitting bathing suit that came about half

way down his thighs, but I was wearing the skimpiest bikini that my

mom had ever allowed me to buy.  It tied at the sides of my hips and

the top tied in back and also had a neckstrap.  By today's standards,

it was conservative for  a bikini.  Still, it showed the tops of my

34B's and I had to keep pulling  at the bottoms to make sure my ass

didn't hang out too much.  The neckstrap hung down in front.

"Hey, what are you two doing over there?" Diane called.

I just giggled and Jeff said, "We'll never tell."

"Bobby! Give that back!" she squealed and giggled again.  I looked out

from under the blanket and saw Bobby's hand holding Diane's bikini

top straight up in the air, and her hands were trying to grab it.

As I watched, the struggle stopped.  The bikini top fell to the ground

outside their blanket.  All I could see was their forms squirming under

the blanket.  It was then I realized he was removing her bottom also.

This made me really uncomfortable and I know I blushed as I ducked

under the blanket again.  There was Jeff, kissing me again, and

me liking it.  When his hand finally cupped one of my breasts, I

reached to pull it away, but as my hand touched his, he whispered,

"Just let me hold you for a minute."  So I did.  He wasn't touching

my skin, only my bikini.  After all, I had let Kevin do as much.

When his fingers hooked over the top, I  started to say something,

but before I could, I heard Diane squeal and giggle again.  As I

echoed her laugh, before I knew what eff was doing, my right tit was

hanging out and He was pecking it lightly with kissed.  I tried to

rationalize that this was o.k., because I was not going all the way.

I had let Kevin feel my bare tits and suck on them.

I was breathing hard and was feeling funny down between my legs.  I

squeezed my thighs tight to hopefully stop the feeling.  The thought of

Kevin's hand between my thighs flashed in my mind.  By now Jeff had me

locked in his arms and my top was completely untied and laying across

my belly.  His hands and mouth were setting me on fire.  I kept thinking,

"I'm not going all the way."  I thought of Diane, not 10 yards away

with Bobby.  I wondered if both og them were naked under the blanket.

I could imagine that I I looked out there, that I would see him on top of

her, moving up and down.  The thought sent a wave of heat through my body.

Suddenly, there was a loud clap of thunder and the rain really poured

down.  We could hear Diane screaming and laughing and saying, "Let's run

for it."  I refused because of my state of unress - - at least that's

the excuse my mind made.  As soon as they were gone, Jeff's hand was on

my ass.  Again I was thinking that since he was only touching my bathing

suit, it was o.k.

With that thought not yet erased, he slipped his hand under the

soft material so that he was feeling and squeezing my bare bottom.

I reached a hand down to pull his away, but he was still ahead

of me.  He removed the hand from my ass before I could make him.

Then I knew why he did not object to me wanting his hand moved.

The side tie of my bottom was open and his hand was on my belly

between my navel and my sex.

"Please don't, Jeff," I said in as pitiful a voice as I could muster.

"I promise all I'm going to do is just touch you, Cin," he whispered,

letting his hand leave that area and begin stroking my thigh.  Jeff must

have rubbed ALL the unforbidden areas of my body after that.  He touched

my hands, my face, my hair, my arms, but he did keep on kissing my lips

and my breasts since that was territory already claimed.  Occasionally,

he would suck very hard on a nipple, sending me soaring with the

erogenous effect.

I could feel his cock through his bathing suit and I could tell it

was erect as he was rubbing it against my upper leg.  He was sort of

laying half on and half off me.  When I became uncomfortable, I tried

to shift and this caused one of his legs to sort of "innocently"

drop between my thighs.  At first the leg was covered by the fabric

of his bathing suit and it moved and pressed against my pubic mound.

Jeff's soon had the leg of his swimsuit pushed up so that his bare

thigh was now pressing there.

Then came his hand just as I knew it would.  My thighs had been

separated by his right leg, and the hand that rested on top of my

thigh just seemingly slid to the vee made by my thighs.  Although he

had never mentioned love, I think I wanted to assume it because

it would make all this that was happening O.K.  To my surprise,

and what I later realized to be a very sly maneuver on his part,

his hand left my pubic area.  Instead, it came to rest on the breast

which was currently not occupied by his mouth.

I had always had some notion of what someone meant when they talked

about getting "hot."   I remembered how it had been with Kevin,

especially on Prom night and that was what fit my notion of "hot."

My notion was wrong, for I discovered exactly what they meant when

Jeff did what he did next.  The thigh that was interposed between my

thighs began to press and move against my crotch.  As his leg bent,

his knee pressed hard at my pubic bone.  It was like he was going

to put his knee inside me.  But what he did do was to furiously

massage my pussy with his kneecap.  I had never heard any of my

girlfriends talk about this, but it started to really turn me on.

He did not seem about to stop and I could feel myself climbing to

some peak way up there, closer now, but still out of reach.  All my

protestations were melted in this feeling of being "hot."  The hands

left my tits, but his lips continued to worry the little peaks.

Up to this time, in spite of "hot", in spite of passion, in spite

of what others were doing, I had no intention of going further than

this very  heavy (understatement) petting.

And I almost resolved to stop everything in its tracks when he did

what he did next.  I don't know how he managed so quickly and deftly,

but the next thing I knew, the safety of his bathing suit between

was gone.  I was shocked into a near panic when I discerned that

it was not just his hairy thigh against me, but his abundant pubic

hair pressing against my right outer thigh trapping his manhood

against my flesh.

Gathering what little of that resolve I had left, I said, "Jeff,

we better stop."

He raised up a little and I could see his face looking down at

me even under the blanket, "O.K.  I don't want to do anything you

don't want to do."  Then he said, "God, Cin, you're beautiful."

I couldn't believe that I had waited until now to actually blush.

But he was looking down at my body, holding the blanket up so he

could see me, an expression of awe on his face.  I don't think I

had ever felt more important or appreciated by anyone other than

my family in my life.  This was the first time I had ever let any

boy see me naked.  "I just want to hold you for a minute," he said.

Jeff laid his head down on my breasts with one ear covering a

nipple.  He slid his left arm under me and his right arm was draped

over my waist.  I brought up one hand and began to rub his head.

The rain had stopped, but we soaked inside the blanket, our body

heat causing a tepid warmth that was actually very pleasant.

As I rubbed his head, his right hand began to stroke my right side.

I said, "Don't, that tickles."  He moved his hand from my side and

down to my left leg.  He began rubbing it very lightly and I enjoyed

the feeling.  His head twisted and he kissed the ear-warmed nipple

and suckled it lightly.  I felt my emotions stir again.

Holding my left leg with his right hand, Jeff rolled off me, onto

his side, pulling me with him, and draping my left leg over his

right leg.  Then he was kissing my lips again, and I pressed my

tongue into his mouth.  The hand on my leg lifted it at the knee,

and then slid to my pussy very quickly.  This time, his fingers began

to massage and stroke the hairs and the top of my mound.  It felt

so good.  Then I could feel a finger stroking along the line of my

slit...up and down, over and over until, the labia opened for him.

His fingers inside my quim suddenly felt foreign and I could have

stopped it there.  This is further than Kevin was able to go and I

was becoming frightened.  Jeff pulled out his finger and inserted

his thumb in the still open gash.  This inverted digit was pressing

its second knuckle against my clitoris and I melted.

He pushed and pulled in and out of me with his thumb for a couple of

dozen strokes I imagine, and then he rolls over on top of me.  I am

in a daze and want to say no.  I am even aware that all I have to do

is say no and he will stop or it would be rape.  Well it wasn't rape.

I did not resist in any way.  It was as if I were willing this to

be so.  I did not know what to do with my hands, so I put my arms

around his neck and pressed my nody up against his.  I will probably

never know how much encouragement he felt from that one move.

His thumb moved in a circle a few times and then pulled out of me.

He put his hand on his dick and placed it at where he thought

my opening should be.  He jutted forward and it bounced off my

butt hole.  At least he had found it with his fingers.  Even Kevin

couldn't do that.  Jeff reached between us to find my pussy again,

and guided himself to the opening, but just wasn't able to put

it in.  Acting as if I knew what I were doing, I put one hand down

there to help him and when I had it aligned, he shot into me like

a pile driver.  No, I didn't scream and squeal like the ones you

read about in the other books, but it did hurt like hell.

Suddenly, it wasn't love or even sex.  It was just an unwanted

intruder invading my body.  It was as if there was pressure inside

me about to burst my eardrums, causing tremendous discomfort.

I groaned with the pain somewhat, but now I know that Jeff did

not understand it as pain.  He thought it was a moan of passion.

In answer to his perception of my response, Jeff immediately began

rapid in and out thrusts.  Every time his groin smaked mine, it

made an audible "slap" and my breath would exit in a "whoosh."

I don't know how many times he pounded me like this, maybe twenty

or thirty times, but he went rigid and I could feel him grunt out

his climax.  Then he just collapsed on me.

After a few moments of no movement from him, I pushed his chest

and he rolled off of me.  His wet limpness dragging a trail of his

ejaculant over my thigh.  I did not understand what was happening.

He was no longer trying to touch me.  He just lay there looking

up at the blanket over his face, breathing deeply.  I felt cheap

and betrayed.

I felt a drop of water running into my ass crack, when I suddenly

realized it wasn't water after all.  It was his semen.  Fear and

realization shot through me as I asked "Did you use anything?"


"I don't want to get pregnant.  Did you use anything."

"No.  You mean you're not on the pill?"

"Jeff," I said trying to make my fear sound like exasperation,

"Why would I be on the pill?  I don't make this a common practice.

This is my first time."

He looked surprised, "No shit?  Damn.. Uh, I didn't know."

The surprise turned to concern, "Did I hurt you?  Are you bleeding

or anything?"

I broke down and began to cry in earnest now.  "Yes it hurt."

"God, Cin, I'm sorry."

"I'll be O.K.," I sobbed.  Shutting him out of my mind, I began to

count. I knew then that I probably had nothing to worry about this

time because my period is supposed to start tomorrow or Thursday.

The rhythm method sure worked for mom - - only my brother and I.

Whether I was lying to myself or not, I didn't care right then.

I just needed to feel better about it.  With resolve, I promised

to never let something this stupid happen again.

Fool that I was, I let him start petting me and rubbing my back.

I suppose it was because I thought we could make it go away,

so in just a few minutes he was laboring over my breasts again,

a finger probing deeply into my box.  My new found resolve melted

into counting days just to be sure, and then with hands on each

side of his face, I pulled him up until we could kiss.

My knees were raised making a perfect cradle for his body as it lay

on mine.  The head of his wet cock was trapped between our bellies.

This time as he slide his body downward to find my opening, he

probed, once...twice...and then sank easily into my cum drenched

pussy.  Jeff just lay there for a few minutes not even moving

his lower body.  He just kept kissing my face, my eyes, my neck,

my lips and his hands burned trails over my torso and legs.

I'm sure it was I who finally made the first move.  I raised my

feet and hooked them behind his muscular thighs and levered myself

up against him.  This movement drove him even deeper, making him

moan with the pleasure.  Then I alternately clenched and unclenched

my strong cheerleader's thighs around him until I felt him make

his first movement of withdrawal.  He went so slow and easy that

I wondered if this was a different guy than the first one, but I

realized that Jeff was just trying not to hurt me again.

I had never had a male induced orgasm.  My only releases had been

rarely with my own hand (I couldn't seem to get the hang of it)

and the only other times were with an Oster vibrator and another toy

or two that my mom keeps hidden under her bed.  But my opportunity

to share her toys were fairly limited.  She didn't know I knew

about them.

Then Jeff was moving a little more.  He began taking longer strokes,

in and out of me, but the juices inside kept the friction to a

minimum and I was not building to a peak like I knew I should.

Then he surprised me by what he said.

"Oh, fuck, Cin...fuck!...Yes, you're so good,"

he began as he continued the insertion and withdrawal.  "Oh sweet,

Cin... your pussy is so tight and sweet....unhgh.. Ahhh.. Yes Cin."

And he just went on and on with stuff like that.

I found that his words were a real turn on and I decided that if I

wanted to get more out of this, I'd have to do my part.  So I began

to answer his thrusts with bumps and grinds of my belly against his.

He held himself off me by one outstretched arm and carressed me

wherever he could reach with his other hand.  Letting my hand

slide flat on my stomach down past my navel and into the area

where we were joined, my thumb and forefinger circled his cock.

I was delighted to feel my pussy lips climbing up it when he would

withdraw only to be pressed back in as he pushed forward.

Releasing him, I let my hand lay flat on my lower belly with fingers

pointed at the juncture of our bodies.  Edging the fingertips

forward, I was able to use a fingertip to poke and prod my clitoris.

This was just the impetus I had needed.  Jeff caught on to what I

was doing and he pulled his knees under him, careful not to loose the

blanket covering us.  This put a great deal more pressure on my newly

broken-in twat, like a pry bar pulling up on it from the inside.

The light that came throught the blanket let him look down and see

his cock in me.

Pulling my bottom up on his lap, he pushed further into me.

Then he put his thumb into the space between his entry way and my

love button.  This position left his fingers to scratch my navel

and bellyt.  I thought he was going to rub the clitoris with the

thumb, but instead he very slowly pushed his thumb as far as it

would go into my cunt along the top of his penis.  Pressing his hand

away from his body hard against the apex of my opening, he began

to glide the thumb back out and then in again.  I could hear the

blood begin to rush in my ears as my long-awaited orgasm hit me.

It came on like a flood and I could feel my whole body giving way

before it.  All the times with my own hand...all the vibrators,

could never match what he had done to me.

Before my throes of orgasm had passed, Jeff withdrew his thumb and

began to pump me with his wonderful tool.  His hands were on my hips,

but he let that magical thumb tip make its print on my clitoris.

He didn't know that it was hurting me, but I was so grateful that

I began bucking with him, trying to help out in the very awkward


Jeff stopped the pumping for just a moment, stretched out

his legs again and was fucking me again.  And it went on

and on.  The next orgasm was unexpected and as he pounded

me, I was chanting my response in time to his movement,


Mmmyph... Jeff... Ungh..aaaahahhha..  hoooo,,, eEeeeaaaaiaii... I-I..

mmmmm.. ohgod...ohgod...hungh..," and then I felt it take me and I let

out my release in a low guttural moan reminiscent of a rutting beast,

"UuuuummmmnnnnnnHHhaa- Aaaaiiiiiieeeeeeee.mmmmmmmmmmmmggngngn."

As suddenly as the release came, Jeff jerked out of my pussy and

moved to straddle my chest.  Unprepared for this turn of events,

my mouth opened in surprise and he fed me the end of his dick.

I tried to push it out with my tongue, and then I even bit down.

"Oh God, Don't Bite!  Cin, Don't Bite!"

I was appalled and disgusted to think that he would even think of me

doing something like putting his penis in my mouth.  The girls that

did that sort of thing were the ones the others whispered about.

I pulled him out of my mouth and said, "Get off of me!" through

clenched teeth.  I was furious with him.  Of course I was really

just an ignorant young girl who had already gone too far.

Jeff salvaged the moment however, because my hand holding onto

his cock was all it took to send him over the edge.  He took my

wrist and pumped my fist along the length of his cock.  In just a

few strokes cum was flying all over my tits and face.  I was in

a state of shock as he collapsed beside me.  He put one hand on

my chest and began to rub the jism into my tits.  It felt good,

but I just lay there stunned.

I liked him a lot and I didn't want to loose the guy who got my

cherry.  So, naive as I was, I blurted out, "I love you, Jeff."

I said it as much to apologize for getting mad as anything, but I

really meant it and wanted to tell him so.

His reaction was totally unexpected, "Cin,  I - I like you..uh..

a lot, but, well, you know...this was just for...ahhh.. fun.

Tammy's in Europe for the summer and... well.. we ....Gosh, Cin,

I don't know what to say."

I exploded.  "You god damned bastard.  You've been dating me for

almost two months and never one time did you mention that stuck up

little bitch!"  I began to slap and hit at him.  "You fucked me!

You fucked me!  Damn you!"  I screamed as my fists flailed at him.

He tried to get hold of my wrists, but I started pushing myself

out from under him with my feet.  "Get away from me!  Let GO!"

My head was now out from under the blanket and then the most

satisfying thing that could have happened. My right foot trying to

push me further from him slipped and landed solidly in his crotch.

Jeff dropped into a fetal position grabbing his privates I suppose.

Then I was out of the blanket, standing there in the raw.

Jerking the blanket off his groaning form, I retrieved my bikini

and put it back on.  When I felt his juices running from my pussy

and on my breasts, I burst into tears and ran down to the water and

jumped in.  Swimming out a ways, I pulled the bikini off and used

my hands to try to clean myself, even trying to pull the sticky

strings of semen from my vagina.  I rinsed the bathing suit, put

it on and swam for shore.  I walked to where Jeff was kneeling

still holding his crotch.  I almost gagged when I saw the puddle

where he had vomited.  I just said, "Bastard!  I hope I ruined it"

and walked away.

Diane and Bobby, and Beth and Woody were on the other side of the

island grilling hot dogs.  Their knowing look did not escape me as

I tried to look nonchalant.  Beth, who was not one of my favorite

people in the world said, "Tammy is sure going to be pissed at you

when she gets back."

"Shut up, dick breath." I shot back.  Shocked wasn't the word for

her look.

So that's the way it happened for me.  I didn't speak to Jeff again

that day.  On the way home I rode in the back with Diane and made

Bobby sit up front.  Dick Breath did shut up.  You better believe

Tammy was pissed when she got back.  She kicked him in the nuts

too.  Jeff went on to make a name for himself at a SEC university,

and I never spoke to him again.  Last I heard he had knocked up a

cheerleader and her father made all the wedding arrangements. The pro

scouts finally quit looking at him after he ruined a knee.  Kevin,

died of Leukemia just last year.  It never went into remission.

Oh yeah, Tammy.  Well we became very good friends throughout my senior

year of high school.  We both went to the University of Maryland,

but she tossed in the towel when a local restaurant owner promised to

love, honor and cherish her, as well as shower her with anything she

wants.  She told me recently on a visit that although he is 15 years

her senior, they have a good marriage, and that she fucks his brains

out on a regular basis.  And their twin girls are just precious.



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