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Archive-name: First/chris-1.txt


Archive-title: Chris Gets Laid


        Chris was by no means was a plain little girl.  As a matter of fact

it was hard to call her a little girl, unless you were speaking to her on

the phone.  Fact was Chris was 14 soon to be 15.

        Chris had long Brown hair that hung to her shoulders and a small

body.  She was about 5' 6" and there was not an ounce of fact on her body

that could be found.  Her hips had begun to take the shape of a young woman

leaving the girlish boylike shape to be forgotten.  The one major bitch

that Chris had about her body was that in her opinion her tits were too

small.  In fact they were about the size of two large oranges maybe two

small grapefruits but to Chris they seem to be the size of two small peas.

        Chris's family was strict, too strict.  Chris used her friends to

avoid the harassness of home, where she was little more then a slave, there

to please who ever told her to do something and if she failed do so she

was hit and beat.  This was the story Chris painted for the few people she

called friend.  In reality she was abused by her brothers, not sexually but

physically, and had been for the past few years.  Her parents knew the

situation but didn't do anything to stop it or get involved.  Living this

way had made Chris a sad and very submissive little girl.

        Chris like most girls had discovered at a young age the pleasure

that pressure between her legs in the secret spot made her feel good, but

could not get her parent to explain it to her.  She learned all she knew

about sex from the kids at school and from the boys in the back field.  At

fourteen Chris was a virgin though she had let the neighbor boys feel her

up and had been doing do since she was about 10.  There was that boy when

she was 10 but No that didn't count, at least not to her.

        Now at fourteen Chris was determined to lose that gift God gave her

she wanted to lose her virginity at all costs.  "Damn I am tired of being

the only virgin in school." Chris cussed to her mirror.  Chris was

determined to lose her cherry but had no idea how or to who.  She was not

real popular in school as she was always on the jump from group to group

trying to find friends that met her needs, but had not found any.  Now she

was about to start her Freshman year at high school and didn't even have a


        Chris stood before her mirror looking at her panty clad body she

didn't even have her bra on yet.  She slowly assayed her assets in the

mirror her tits stood perky and proudly pushed out from her chest.  "damn

you grow" she thought aloud.  Down her eyes traveled to her flat stomach

and to her hip that curved to form a nice looking hourglass figure.  Turn

slightly to the side she examine her panties-clad bottom.  "just handsize

she thought to herself.  Damn mom I am a grownup why do you instead I wear

these nasty looking GRANNY panties, I want those slinky sexy kind I saw at

the store.

        As Chris looked over her body she felt the itch grow between her

legs that had in the past few months became the sign that she was horny.

Without thinking her hand moved from her side to her young pussy.  Slowly

she rubbed the secret slit between her legs through the nylon material that

covered her.  A wet spot was beginning to form as she continued to massage

her young twat.  She felt her breath begin to quicken as her arousal

increase.  SHe was just beginning to move her hand under her panties when

her mother knocked on the door and told her to hurry up or she would be

late for school.  "Damn!" she though.  "Okay!" she yelled and moved her

hand reluctantly from her crotch and head to the bed to get her pants.

"Sorry pretty pussy but you will have to wait awhile."

        Chris spent the next few months of school as she had the past

couple of years searching out friends and people with whom she could become

fast friends with.  This year however she was also searching for a boy to

give her cherry too.  Unfortunately she was having her usual luck and and in

3 months had from no one.

        Then one day it happened.  Not what Chris had hoped for but

atleast finally Chris had found a friend.  Chris met Kathy in her choir

class.  To Chris, Kathy was the image of a good friend to Kathy, Chris was

the image of things to come.  It was not long before they were fast one

sided friends.  One-sided in that to Chris Kathy was the best and to Kathy,

Chris was a large amount of money and someone to give it to her.  Chris and

Kathy spent all their time together and Chris even told Kathy  how she

wanted to lose her cherry.  To Chris she was sharing to Kathy it was an

opportunity go get even more out of Chris.

        Kathy  took it upon herself to help Chris lose her virginity,

atleast by appearances anyway.  Kathy had some of her boyfriends date and

walk Chris home from school.  In Kathy's home the boys would sit and neck

with Chris and feel her up both above and beneath her clothes.  All the

time Kathy would set and watch.  Chris was really getting turned on by all

the attention she was getting from the boys, but Kathy made sure that none

of them fucked her even going to the extreme of fucking them herself so

that they wouldn't fuck Chris.  It wasn't long before Chris was starting to

insist that she wanted to get laid and Kathy knew that if she was going to

keep Chris under her thumb she would have to do something.

        Kathy told Chris to arrange to spend the night the next weekend

with her and she would arrange everything.  An arrange everything she did.

KAthy invited her boyfriend and another boy over to her house on friday.

It took her two days to find the other boy he had to be a shy virgin who

would chicken out when it got down to business, that way even if Chris did

not  he would and Chris would still need Kathy.

        All week long Kathy kept Chris on edge with promises.  Kathy then

got Chris to give her money for beer which she said was important.

        Finally the big day came.  Chris found it hard to think in school

all day long her young pussy itched and was wet.  Wet to the point her

panties were holding their own weight in pussy juice.  At lunch Chris had

masterbated in the girls restroom at school, something she had never done

before.  At last the final bell rang and school was out she all but ran

dragging Kathy behind her to Kathy's house.  She had only 4 hours to get

ready for the event of her lifetime.

        For the next three hours Chris rushed from the bathroom to Kathy's

bedroom trying to make sure that everything was just right.  "should I

douse?  Is my perfume right, too much to little?  Damn these Granny

Panties"  "Might Kathy has a pair I can borrow" Chris thought to herself.

Chris walked back in to Kathy's bedroom dressed only in her bra and

panties.  To ask Kathy if she had a pair of panties she could borrow.

Kathy sat looking at her self in the mirror with a evil smile on her face

knowing that what was to come would shatter her friends hopes once again.

Chris ask Kathy about the panties and Kathy told her where to find them.

Chris walked to the dress and found the bikini panties that she wanted she

walked back to the bed and removed her own panties.  As Chris's panties

crossed her thighs Chris's wet pussy catch kathy's eye.  "My you are a

horny little slut aren't you Chris?" kathy said as she eyed Chris slick wet

pussy.  "And what a nice pair of lips you got there,  pretty big."  Kathy

crossed the room and ran her fingers between CHris's legs.  Chris felt an

electrical shock surge through her as her friend felt her wet cunt.

Shocked Chris backed away and put on her panties.

        The next hour past slowly for Chris but finally the time pasted and

the boys arrived.  It was only a matter of minutes before the four where

pair up and drinking beer.  Chris was excited and nervous about what was to

come as was Tim, but her throbbing pussy urged her on.

        Chris pussy soon took over her thinking and with the help of the

beer she was becoming quite bold.  Chris placed her young hand on Tim's

crotch and rubbed in slowly up and down and planted a hard passionate kiss

on Tim's mouth.  Forcing her tounge into his mouth.  Chris felt the boys

penis being to respond to her touch and rubbed harder, trying to make his

penis grow and turn Tim on.  She was somewhat disappointed that Tim made no

effort to touch her back.

        As Chris became bolder she moved her hand and took his and placed

it on her tits and gently squeezed his fingers around it, allowing him to

feel her young breast.  SHe then moved her own hand back to its place on

the boys penis and once again began rubbing and kissing him.

        Feeling somewhat bolder and alot of the beer Tim was drinking moved

his hand down to Chris crotch and began to rub and feel her pussy through

her tight jeans.  Chris moaned and spread her legs wider to allow the boy

more room to explore. Braver still Tim unzipped Chris pants and moved his

hand inside and explored even farther.  Chris was in heaven.  Tim moved his

hand under the nylon covering and from the wet swollen treasure that lay

beneath it madly he worked to find the split that separated her and plunge

his fingers into the hole he knew was there somewhere.  Finding it he drove

his middle finger deeply inside the Chris.  Chris gasp with pleasure and

unzipped Tim's pants and moved her own hand inside his pants.  She grasp

Tim's young penis theough his underware.  Feeling Chris's bravery Shattered

Tim confidence he pulled away from her and made a mad dash for the door,

and left.

        All Chris should do was sit in amazement and wonder.  She was too

shocked and horny to cry.  She slowly stood up and went to Kathy's room and

went to sleep.  Too pissed off to even masterbate.

        The week that followed was quiet neither Chris nor Kathy spoke of

the event.  Chris spent her time at Kathy's as usual but now there was

someone new on the scene.  A friend of Kathy's dads.  Chris asked Kathy who

he was, and told Kathy that she thought he was cute.  Kathy told her that

his name was Mike and that she thought he was cute to, in fact she had had

a crash on him in the past.  Chris told Kathy just being near him made her

pussy wet.  Kathy then started encouraging Chris to go for it all the time

thinking that MIke would not go for it at all.  This time however Kathy was


        Mike had noticed Chris and he had also noticed that she was always

trying to get closer to him.  Mike even ask Kathy what was going on.  Mike

was not going to deny that he like the attention and it had been a long

time since he had gotten laid.  The days past and Mike saw alot of Chris

each day.  His own fondness and attraction to her grew as each day past.

Then came the day that shocked both of them.  Mike had spent the day

helping Kathy's dad with his truck and then they spent the night talking

and watching Moives.  Chris had spent the night with Kathy, as she had a

drill team event the next morning.  Chris slept in KAtchys room and Mike

spelt on the couch in the living room.

        Saturday morning Chris woke and dressed in her drill team uniform

and when down stair to wake Kathys dad to take her to the school but

couldn't.  She went in to the living room where MIke was sleeping and

walked over to him.  She couldn't resist the idea of looking at him and

smelling him.  Gently she pushed on his shoulder saying "Mike I need a ride

to school."  Mike opened his eyes and saw Chris in a very short skirt and

panties.  As he looked his eyes focus on the covering of Chris's pussy.

Mike raised up on his elbow and said "Sit down for a minute."  Chris sat

down closely to Mike on the couch.  Mike told her that he know that she

liked him and that he liked her too.  He told her her wanted to kiss you.

        Chris told mike he could if he wanted to so Mike rose up and kissed

Chris passionately on the lips, forcing his tounge into her mouth.  Chris

found herself resisting, trying to pull back by Mike held he tightly.

Chris felt her pussy grewing wet, wetter then even when she played with

herself all the way to climax.  Chris soon was giving into Mikes kisses,

but was in for another shock.  As Mike kissed her his right hand moved from

her back and from its way under the small cloth that covered her cunt.

Chris felt Mikes fingers rubbing the knot at the top of her cunt.  HE

rubbed her expertly and Chris felt her pussy begin to give off the cream

and tingles that meant she was about to cum.  Chris felt Mie's fingers dig

deeper in to her cunt she feel him spread her pussy lips and slide a finger

into her wet cunt, she felt him begin to move the finger in and out of her.

C hris felt the involuntary movement of her own hips as she began to

unconciuosly fuck his fingers back.  She felt herself spreading her legs to

make it easier for him to finger fuck her.  Chris moaned softly as her

pussy got wetter and wetter and then like lightening strike Chris exploded

in the hardest longest orgasm of her young life.  Mike told Chris that

later on they would finish what they had started. and got up and took chris

to school.

        Chris spent the morning in a mixture of both excitement and fear,

but knew she was finally going to get what she wanted.  What excitred her

was that Mike wanted her, but she was scared because of his age.

        MIke too spent the morning as Chris had with much the same feeling

but also he wanted this sweet young thing riding his meat.  So when Chris

returned and Kathy's dad had gone, He about exploded.  Mike gave Kathy a

five and told her to go to the store for soda and something for lunch.  As

exspected Katchy ask Chris to go but she said no she was tired, and excused

herself and went up stairs.  Kathy ask what Mike wanted and he said for her

to decide and to take her time get something good.

        Mike waited five minutes then went upstairs to Kathy's room.  The

door was shut.  Mike openned the door to find Chris sitting against the

wall with her head on her knees.  Mike walked in asking what was wrong

Chris said nothing she was just nervous.  Mike told her that there was

nothing to be nervous about, that nothing had to happen at all, but he

would like to kiss her again if she would let him.  Again she said he


        Mike kissed her gently on the lips, his hands findinding here firm

tits and he gently squeezed them.  Chris looked up and said, "I really like

you but dont want to do it right now, Ok?"  Mike agreed eith her and sat

down beside her.  Disappointed Mike decided that he would not give up he

was going to fuck this girl.  With the grace of a dancer MIke turned their

conversation to sex.  Tell Chris how he wanted to eat her tender young

pussy and drink her cum.  Chris felt her pussy getting wet and remebered

the feelings of this morning.  Chris thought to herself that atleast this

was safe and she would cum and have a new experience.  Chris looked at MIke

and said he could eaat her pussy as long as he didn't fuck her.  Mike

agreed and they both stood up.  Chris walked to the bed and turned to face

Mike.  Mike kissed her softly on the mouth and reached down and unhooked

Chris's jeans.  In one movement Mike pulled both Chris Jeans and panties

down to her ankles and she stepped out of them.

        Mike held Chris to lay down on the bed and parted her legs and

looked down at the most beautiful patch of pubic hair and sweet pussy he

had every seen.  Chris had large external lips thatprotruded beyond her

vulva.  They held the droplets of pussy juice that leaked out from the hole

they protected.

        Like a man starved for food Mike dove in to Chris wet pussy.  Her

flavour was sweeter then any other pussy he had every eating.  Her clit got

hard and engorged and erect.  As erect as Mikes Own penis was getting.

Mike sucked the lips of Chris Pussy deep into his mouth, tenderly nibble on

them as he let them fall from his lips.  Chris moved her hands through Mike

long hair holding his face tightly to her cunt, trying to drive his face

into her completely.  As Chris approached her first oral sex orgasm Mike

felt his penis swell and the desire to bury his cock into Chris tender young

cunt grew to unbearable proportions.  Mikes thought went crazy triing to

find a way to get his cock in to Chris pussy. Mike was brought back to

reality but Chris pulling harder on his head and the grab of her legs

tightening around his head.  Chris's body was exploding in orgasmic spasms.

H er pussy was sucking Mikes face and Tounge as deeply into her as it

could.  Mike greedly drink the juice of Chris orgasm into his mouth trying

hard not to mis a drop.

        As Chris's body relaxed from the pressure of the climax Mike could

no longer control the desire he felt.  In one movement he pushed Chris legs

into the  air exposing Chris wet hot cunt hold her legs in one hand he

release the monster of his manhood.  Mike pushed Chris legs ove her head

and in one quick thurst the head of his cock was in her tight cunt.  It was

tighter then any thing he had ever experience.  He pushed slightly harder

and found the tightness grow but no hymen to stop him.  MIke looked down at

Chris and said."  I sorry I need you, and this may hurt."  Chris said it

was ok just do it."  With that MIke pulled back and drove his cock deep

into the tightness of Chris's teenage pussy.  Mike Felt his balls resting

on Chris ass and knew he was fully in.  Mike stopped a second feeling the

tightness and the warmth of Chris cunt as ir surrounded his cock.  Then

Mike began to Thrust slowly in and out of the teenage cunt that held his

cock like a glove.  Unable to stop Chris moved her hips instinctively.

Rotating and pushing up to met Mike DIck as it pressed into her.  Chris

felt her pussy building to another orgasm, her thrid today and this time it

was to a real fuck.  Chris moaned wildly and kissed mikes's face anyplace

her mouth could touch.  As Chris climax MIke felt his cock swell and begin

to explode.  As he was cumming he pulled his cock from the teenage pussy

and came against the large outer lips of protection, Then coLLASPED ON TOP

OF Chris.  Minutes past and chris finally moved  she got up a big smile on

her face and said thanks, and got dress.

        As Mike got up and started to pull his pants up Chris walked over

and planted her lips on Mikes cock and kissed it.  As she walked out of the

room her turned and said to Mike,  " That was just the beginning."

        Mike pulled his pant up and started down the hall thinking to

himself she is right, it is the beginning.  Mike's ears perked up as he

heard Chris's voice saying, "Guess what we just FUCK"



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