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Archive-name: First/campx1.txt

Archive-author: Storyteller

Archive-title: Experience at Camp, An

It was my first time away at camp, and being 16 at the time, was a little

old to be homesick. None the less, I wished I was home! I didn't make

friends easily and all that 'arts and crafts' crap was getting stale!

It was a co-ed camp, but the girls were kept pretty much seperate from

us. They had their cabins across the lake from us and we only saw the 

female campers during the day. Ocassionally, a couple would arrange to

meet half way around the lake, but either the girl or the boy would be

missed during bed check and be found out.

One of the daily activities we had with the female campers was horseback

riding. That was the only redeeming feature of camp for me. It was a

Thursday, and I had just come back to the stable from riding. Most other

riders were either still out, or were grooming their horse. At camp, you

shared a horse with a number of other campers and Thursday was my day to

do the grooming. As I was grooming my horse, a heard a noise behind me

and turned around. A girl with long blonde hair came up and started to

pat Chestnut's neck. "He's a nice looking horse, isn't he?", she asked.

I replied that he was, and that horseback riding was the only good thing

at camp. She replied that she felt the same way. "I wish he was mine", 

she said. "Why do you say that", I replied, wondering why she didn't

feel the same way about her horse. A gleam twinkled in her eye as she

told me that it was because my horse "was so well hung"! I didn't know

what to say! Talk about embarassment!

I stammered some (being shy) and am sure that I turned red. Cathy kept

rubbing the horse while she looked at me. Her hand was gliding along

the side of the horse and she turned and looked at Chestnut's "equipment",

which was hanging pretty long. 

Figuring that I had nothing to loose, I stammered, "He is pretty well, ah,

hung, isn't he"? I guess that you can call a horse "hung", you know,

"Hung like a horse". Cathy said, "I wonder if you are as hung as your horse"?

Now I really didn't know what to say. Gathering some courage, I suggested

that she would have to compare us sometime. "How about tonight?" was her

reply. Not being able to think up a good reason not to, I agreeed. I guess

that since I didn't like camp that much, if I got into trouble for sneaking

out at night, at least I would have a good story to tell, back home.

We agreed to meet that night at one am at the stable. It was pretty close

to both sides of the lake and a somewhat central point. I had no end of

trouble making it through the day. Just thinking about my first time with

a girl and whether I would be nervous and make a fool of myself. It was

also hard to keep from getting aroused! I kept having to turn away from

people to hide the bulge in my jeans.

Finally, it was time to leave. I snuck out of the cabin and made my way

to the stables. I waited for Cathy to show, and more than once decided

that she had made a fool of me and was laughing to her friends about the

guy waiting in vein!

All of a sudden, I turned and she was there! "Your time has come", she


I could hear a few horses snorting in the background, but other than that,

all was quiet. Cathy took me by the hand and we walked down to Chestnut's

stall. He was awake and moving around. Cathy and I talked about horses

and how the males were really hung. She told me about how the males would

mount the female and have sex. She told me that it excited her, no end.

I was pretty excited also. My eyes were getting accustomed to the darkness,

and I could see her rubbing her crotch as she watched the horse. Later,

we laid down in the pile of hay and began kissing. Cathy's long hair

glistened in the moonlight. I began carressing her shoulders and she

started running her hands up and down on my back. We soon were undressing

and I was getting pretty anxious at this point. My heart was beating so

hard, that I thought that it would explode!

My hands shook as I un-buttoned her blouse. She had pulled my shirt up

out of my pants and was running her hand over my stomach. She then opened

up my shirt. It was kind of ackward as we both fumbled with each others

clothes. I tried not to move too fast, because I was afraid that she

would get turned off. I didn't realize how wrong I was.

Soon it came time for me to take her pants off. I un-buttoned her pants

and slowly pulled the zipper down. We were kissing at the time and she

had her tounge in my mouth. My first French Kiss! All Right!!

We both had our tops off and I slowly massaged her breasts. They were

quite soft, with very pointed nipples. Her fingernails were lightly

scratching my chest. I was in ecstacy! I couldn't wait to get down to


We stopped kissing, I removed Cathy's pants and slowly pulled down her

panties. So that is what it looks like! Beautiful! The soft moonlight

glistened on her legs. Her cunt hairs were soft and fine. They looked

like silk. She had been wispering things in my ear, the whole time we

were undressing each other. "Are you hung?", "Are you hung like a 

horse?", "I want to feel your cock inside me!", "I want you to ride

me to ecstacy!". 

I started to finger her cunt, but she whispered that she wanted to see

me naked. I started to loosen my belt, but her hand stopped me. She

took off my belt and started un-doing the buttons on my jeans. My dick

was straining to get out of those pants. She kept rubbing my crotch as

she un-did more buttons. When the last one was open, she reached her hand

into my pants. It took her a minute or two to figure out how jockey shorts

work, but finally found my dick. She caressed it for a moment, then ran her

hand along its length, stopping to give it a squeeze every once in a while.

Cathy finally released it from the shorts and pulled them down. She was

still rubbing it and whispered in my ear that it was the longest that

she had ever seen. That made me feel good, because, I wasn't sure how I

stacked up against other guys.

Cathy got a clean horse blanket and draped it over the side of the pile

of hay. We laid down and she started stroking my dick. We kissed and

I moved my hands over her soft back. She was lying on top of me and

her breasts were rubbing on my chest. I felt like I was going to explode!

We rolled around for quite a while, fondling and rubbing each other.

Unexpectedly, she kneeled and put her head by my crotch. Opening her

mouth, she lowered her head and guided my dick into her warm mouth.

She started sucking on me. My hands surrounded her head, her soft

hair was tantilizing. I don't know if my hands were guiding her head

as it started going up and down, or if I was more of a spectator, but

she was sucking and sucking on my swollen dick and my hands were rubbing

the back of hair. Up and down she went, sucking and pulling on it. I

was wanting to shoot, but she suddenly she stopped. "It's your turn",

she said as she laid back on the blanket. 

I moved my head over to her pussy. My mouth closed in and my tounge

slowly entered her slit. She was wet. Her juices were flowing and she 

was wet inside. I curled my tounge and stuck it in as far as I could,

flicking it against anything I could find. I sucked and gulped as I

pushed my face further in. Cathy started to wiggle around and it was

hard to keep my tounge moving. Just as I was starting to really get into

it, she said "Put your cock in me", "I want your long cock in me"!

I took my tounge out of her and licked my hand. This mixture of her pussy

juices and my saliva were rubbed on my dick before I climbed onto her.

My dick was the longest I can ever remember it. "Put it in me, put it ALL 

into me", she whispered. I guided it to the slit and slowly started pushing 

it in. She was really warm and was starting to moan. Her eyes were closed

but I could see that her eyes were moving beneath the lids. I pushed my

dick into her as far as I could while she kept moaning for me to put it

all into her. I started to move my hips up and down, up and down. We

kissed again, long kisses, our tounges sliding against each other as

we sucked at each others mouths.

I kept lifting my pelvis and thrusting my dick into her as far as I could.

Up and down, up and down I went. "Hey Stud, ride me!" She wimpered. "Ride

me". A thought flashed through my mind. I withdrew and rolled off of her.

"I need to take a break", I said. She opened her eyes and looked into my

face. "You really like horses, don't you?" I asked her. "I have a thing

about them, if that is what you mean", she said with a twinkle in her

eye. I looked into her face for a minute or two and then stood up. She

started rubbing her pussy with her hand. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'll be right back", I told her, as I walked over to the stall.

I got Chestnut's saddle, the horse blanket and a set of reins that were

hanging on the hook and took them back to the where cathy was lying.

A smile started to curl on her mouth. I layed the saddle next to me, 

draped the blanket over us and hung the reins over my shoulders. The

blanket itched somewhat, but at that point, I didn't care. I fondled

her pussy and my dick got hard again. As I entered her again, she

started playing with the saddle, rubbing it. I started humping her 

again and we kissed some more. I pushed in and out, faster and faster.

Cathy was fondling the saddle with one hand and had her other hand on

my pubic hair. Occasionally she would slide her fingers along my dick

as it slid in and out of her. She was moaning louder now and I was

afraid that someone would catch us here. A few of the horses were 

getting edgy and started to snort and move around. That seemed to make

Cathy even more excited! She was Frenching away with a passion, moaning

and bucking.

Her free hand was now moving between the saddle and the reins over my

shoulder, and I could feel a tingling inside my dick. I was getting ready

to cumm and I could feel Cathy's pussy squeezing my cock as it slid

in and out. Her eyes were closed and she was really getting in to it.

"Fuck me with your horse dick", "Touch me with your nuts", she was saying.

Her hands were now at my back, her nails scatching me back, faster and


The horses were now snorting louder as we fucked faster and faster. Cathy

was in another world. I could tell. I was getting ready to cumm. I could

feel it starting to cumm as I pushed into her pussy. Her hands were moving

to my ass and she was scratching it with her nails. I could feel goose

bumps all over my body and her body was starting to shake. She was moving

with me, we were becoming one person, moving to the sounds of lovemaking.

I was ready to cumm. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming". "Give it to me", "Shoot

your sperm in me, Stud!", "Let me feel it!"

I came in a great wave. I could feel it enter her in big shots. Her mouth

found mine again and we kissed and licked for quite a while, moving our

bodies in time with each other. My heart was pounding, or was it hers?

We collapsed in each others arms, her breasts, pressed against my chest.

I left that stable a man! I know that she may have had something else on

her mind while we made love, I will never forget that experience! I was

no longer a virgin and had gained a confidence around women that I thought

that I would never have had. We almost became one during that encounter!

She wanted a stud and for her, I became one! We each have our little

fantasies and I helped her with hers. I was her well hung horse for the

night. What she didn't realize, was that for that night, she was my

little Filley!

Good Night.

The Storyteller



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