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Archive-name: First/bend02.txt

Archive-author: R. Palme

Archive-title: Bend in the Road, A - 2

... a story of a young boy's coming of age...

Introduction Revisited

My name is Kyle Spencer and I am a twenty-year-old freshman at university.   I 

am studying language arts and my life long dream is to be a writer.  A teacher 

in my private prepatory school once told me that the world's greatest writers 

draw best from their own experiences.  So, in this first effort, I am sharing 

with you a truthful and open account of my memories of a very different coming 

of age.  You might find it strange, familiar or maybe even bizzare in parts, 

but it is a true and lengthy account.  "Truth is stranger than fiction."   

Now please enjoy ... A Bend in the Road, Part 2

Chapter Four:

A Boy's Life

Life at the school was not really as bad as I had imagined it would be.  

I was only ten, probably the shortest kid there.  A star pupil prematurely 

accelerated into a world of eleven year olds.  Having always been self-

motivated and resourceful, I knew how to loosely adhere to "rules and 

regulations" without being a "teacher's pet," so I got along ok.  The food was 

mostly tolerable and the teachers mostly stupid or blind and not too heavy on 


There was a "rich" mix of rich boys from different countries all over 

the world at our school.  In my class I counted three Japanese, two East 

Indian, six from Europe and one black from Ghiana, Timothy Mbutu, who later 

became my friend.  The rest from U.S. and Canada.  They were sons of 

diplomats, bank presidents, doctors, lawyers . . . and one local barber's son 

in the Sixth Grade who was teased endlessly; we called him "Lotto Boy" because 

his father had won the lottery and he really wasn't one of us.  

Each morning before showers we had to stand in our underwear, in front 

of our rooms during inspection.  In our uniforms, we all looked united, 

members of a group.  In our underwear we were reduced to our individual 

selves, naked, shivering and masked only by the minimal cloth we chose to 

sleep in.  "Pyjamas were for babies," we had all decided the first friday 

night at a dorm get-together.  It was the suggestion of an older floor 

monitor, who I now suspect had wanted more of an eyeful during the morning 


It was funny to see the regional difference in choice of undergarment.  

Timothy wore the thickest, cleanest white cotton underwear I have ever seen.  

They stood out smartly against his little dark-black body and I wondered if 

his parents had thought he was being shipped to Alaska to go to school.  The 

french boys, Pierre and Robert wore these loose cotton undies with a wide 

panel in front and no fly.  Gunter from Germany wore nylon bikinis in all 

different colours that looked almost like bathing suits.  Stripes seemed his 

favourite and one pair that had holes worn on the sides that let you see a bit 

more smooth pink flesh.  Christopher stood out because he was much taller than 

the rest of us and the off-white pouch of his Jockey's was a little bit 

fuller, showing early signs of puberty.

This was actually Christopher's second year at Shawnigan, he was twelve 

and still in the Fifth Grade.  The only reason he was still at Shawnigan at 

all was because of his mother, a fashion model.  Where most of the kids' 

parents had either money or influence, she must have had a bit of both.  

I shared a room with James, a fat kid who was fanatic about collecting 

hockey cards.  The wall on his side of the room was plastered with sets of the 

Vancouver Canucks, colourful because of their ever-changing uniforms.  His 

family lived in the New Hampshire and put him in Shawnigan "until he learns to 

behave like a gentleman," which is probably still a long time coming.  

Most of the kids were jealous of my home life, though they shouldn't 

really have been, except for the beach, of course.  This was because I went 

home on the bus and then a plane from the city of Victoria one weekend of 

every month.  After the first four months at Shawnigan, I settled in pretty 

much and would ask to stay there with my friends some of those weekends.  

Anything to stay away from Samuel.

By the start the new year, I was only going home on obligatory holidays 

and school breaks.

Chapter Five: 

Chris & Me

Some days, I would look at him from my desk by the windows, not really 

contemplating the work, just admiring the way Christopher teased the girls and 

gave smart answers to the math teacher and sparkled his eyes.  It never really 

occured to me that it might be considered so inappropriate to adore another 

boy so much.

Christopher was a mischeivous tough boy, often forgiven because he was 

very beautiful really.  He made us all call him "Chris," because "Christopher" 

was what his mother and the teachers called him.  His light brown hair was 

always tussled and long.  He had fair skin but was nicely tanned from the 

previous summer.  He seemed to like the sun, removing his shirt whenever he 

could.  I wondered whether he too was originally from California, or whether 

he just liked to show off his body.  He was slim and muscular for an almost-

twelve year old, not too skinny and a fast runner.  

Whereas most of us just giggled a lot when someone said "bum" or "fart" 

or "pee," Chris swore using adult words and taught the rest of us to say 

"fuck" and "cunt" and "frig" under our breaths.    He didn't really fit in 

with the old-world money crowd.  

One time I came up behind him in art class, to look at his drawings.  

While I stood over his desk, I sneaked a close look at his neck, exposed above 

a cotton school shirt.  His skin seemed so smooth and soft, covered very 

lightly by a boy's velvety fine hairs.  I started to put my hand on his 

shoulder but got scared and drew it away.  The assignment had been to draw a 

vase of flowers.  His drawing was of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with flowers 

coming our of the handles.  He drew it perfectly from memory.  Chris was a 

true rebel and I admired that too.  

I didn't think about my own appearance much in those days, but I guess I 

was a normal cute nine-and-a-half-year old with dark brown hair parted at the 

side and dark brown eyes, and ears that stuck out too far from my head.  My 

skin was smooth, with a few freckles, and I had the faintest hint of hair 

growth on my arms.  

Of course I had already begun to learn about sex and growing up through 

reading books.  I even went so far as to inspect my hairless groin daily for 

the first sign of puberty.  I was NOT looking forward to it.  I had a large 

"attitude", being rather smart for my age, and was a bit of a loner.  The 

other kids sometimes picked on me, calling me "perfessor" or "teacher's pet."  

Some teachers did take a special interest in me, as I would work quietly and 

usually finish first.  This left me lots of time for thinking, scheming and 

dreaming.  It also left me enough time to get up to other bits of boyhood 


That first fall, dreams of Chris as my "special friend" filled my head 

constantly and it got so bad that I had filled the pages of my personal scrap 

book with drawings of him and me; as best friends, walking together, building 

a tree fort, wrestling together on the grass . . . sitting on a stone fence by 

the pond fishing.  Those eyes of his.

Chapter Six:

First Awakenings

As I said, I knew a little bit about sex, but I hadn't really done much 

of anything serious.  I had just played innocent games like most children who 

are curious about sex.  

There was a time when I was eight.  A little girl from a nearby beach 

house, Susie, let me see her underwear while we played "house" on an old 

mattress stored in her parents' garage.  She lifted her pretty dress over her 

head coyly.  I still remember the soft cotton-flannel material, double-thick 

at the crotch, with pink roses in a pattern and a discreet lace-like elastic 

around the each leg and the waist.  I was allowed to get on my knees and 

inspect closer, but had to keep my hands behind my back.  The cloth covering 

her young pud was smooth and thick, steeped in a damp body warmness that 

helped carry her "sweet pea" aroma.  She wouldn't let me touch it.  I was only 

allowed to look and she giggled loudly when I tried to smell.  We didn't do it 

very long for fear that her mom might be lurking nearby.

For some reason, the details of this experience made quite an impression 

on me.  Afterwards Susie made me give her my favourite horse figure in 

payment.  I enjoyed the thrill of doing something illicit, sneaky, and erotic.  

We both knew our parents wouldn't approve.  But it was nothing serious, 

really, just child's play.   

At age eight-and-a-half I had a friend Terry, same age, who would stay 

at our house afterschool until his mother, my mother's best friend, came by on 

her way home from work.  We were left quite alone to do what we pleased since 

both my parents also worked.  I was an only child and our housekeeper, Erma, 

was usually too intent on soap operas and afternoon game shows.  From 3:30pm 

to 5:00pm, when my father returned home, we pretty much had the run of the 


Terry was quite curious about sex and nakedness and such.  He kept 

wanting to play hide and seek where the object of the person who was "it" was 

to pull down the pants of the other.  He was most often "it" and I got "de-

pantsed" regularily.  Amongst our many other nasty games and rituals, the most 

exciting was "Doctor".  The patient would be slowly stripped to his underwear 

and examined closely, one layer at a time.

Once, while playing Doctor, we found a box of my mother's sanitary 

napkins.  Terry convinced me that they were to absorb a girl's pee, and that 

they were like a more grown-up sort of diaper.  He wanted to test this theory 

out, so we discretely took two and wore them in our underpants for the 

afternoon.  We excitedly drank quantities of cold juice trying to reach the 

point where we could no longer hold our bladders.  The dry pad felt good as it 

rubbed against my little dick, but I felt oddly peculiar about what we were 

doing to my mother's private things.  

There we were, both standing in the bathroom with our pants around our 

ankles, holding up our shirts and big bulges of padding in the front of our 

briefs.  It was difficult to try peeing with my penis standing up out of 

excitement.  We tried to relax a bit and concentrate on "letting go" but 

before either of us could really pee more than a dribble, I heard my father 

pulling up in the driveway.  We quickly flushed the evidence down the toilet 

and tried very hard not to look guilty the rest of that afternoon.  

When his mother came, Terry raced out to the car.  I supposed he was 

very anxious to get home because he had not yet gone to the bathroom. For days 

I was scared my mother would discover the absence of two pads.  Either she 

didn't notice or thought the housekeeper took them.  

The exhilaration and danger of discovery plus the sharing of such 

intimate secret activities made Terry and I good friends.  In the hopes of 

pursuing our favourite activities, we decided to form the Fun Club.

Chapter Seven: 

The Fun Club

The activities of the Fun Club were fairly innocent and limited to 

showing each other our underwear and collecting pictures of girl's and women's 

lingerie from the Sears catalogue, sharing stories, and the very occasional 

flash of our privates.  On one hot August night Terry, my girl cousin Joline 

and another young friend Frank Stiller, were staying overnight.  We all got to 

talking dirty and Terry let slip about the club.  Of course Joline and Frank 

wanted to join the Fun Club too.  

My parents went out for dinner that night, leaving us alone with Erma.  

All through our dinner, hamburgers and fries, we just giggled excitedly and 

bugged each other nervously.  Erma must have thought we were crazy.  

Afterwards she went to her room and concentrated on an episode of 60 Minutes.  

We locked ourselves in the rec room, the basement of the beach house, and 

turned the tv set up to mask our true intentions.  

Terry wanted to come up with an appropriate initiation feat for everyone 

to do.  Fascinated by girls, he kept suggesting we play "post office" or "spin 

the bottle" with Joline.  She protested that it wasn't fair since she was the 

only girl.  Surprisingly, her suggestion for a game was, "Why don't we play 

strip poker."  Supposedly her older brother and some of his friends had talked 

her into playing once.  

Being a girl, Joline was like an unknown animal to me.  I was curious 

but she could be dangerous.  So I hesitated, not sure if we should go through 

with it or not.  Frank and Terry pleaded with me to play, but we didn't have 

any cards in the basement.  

Frank was nosing around in a closet when he pulled out the game Twister.  

He started spreading out that plastic cloth with the coloured circles on it 

and suggested that we invent a variation of the poker game.  By this point my 

heart was racing and I was thoroughly caught up in the anticipation of 

actually getting to see a live naked girl.  I had already begun sneaking looks 

at my father's Playboys, hidden in the back of his underwear drawer, so I had 

a good idea what it was all about, but I really wanted to compare with a girl 

around my age.    

We sat down together in a circle on top of the plastic cloth, much like 

we were having a picnic in the middle of the room.  Each of us selected our 

own personal colour; Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.  With an initial spin of 

the Twister dial, the person whose colour came up had to take off one piece of 

their clothing.  We then proceeded like stip poker.  Terry was the first to 

lose his shoe.  Joline lost both her shoes and a sock.  I lost a shoe.  It 

went like this until Frank was the first to have to pull off his pants.  

Joline giggled incessantly and we thought we'd get caught.  Once Joline was 

down to her underwear we started kidding around and going in slow motion.  

Joline was a bit mad, saying "Go, go, go!"

Terry was the first to have to undress completely.  He had lost three 

rounds in a row.  He stood up in his Superman UnderRoos and slowly inched them 

down, revealing himself directly to Joline.  She scowled and giggled.  

Beingthe loser we told him to run naked around the basement so we could all 

get a good look.  His little hairless pee-pee swung to and fro.  It was cold 

in the basement.  His little wrinkled balls were tight against his smooth 

boy's body.  Terry declared that it was unfair that he was exposed first and 

didn't get to look at everyone else, so we decided to keep playing until the 

last person was completely undressed.   The next to lose was Joline, then 

Frank and then myself until we were all naked in the circle.  

Mostly we gawked at Joline and she took her time sizing each of us up 

(or down) too.  She was ten, the oldest.  But unlike the women in my father's 

dirty magazines, Joline had no hair above her "quim" (that was the word we 

sometimes used).  She was ten years old.  I wasn't sure I liked older girls' 

hairy pussies, since they seemed dirty or something.  There was something 

about Joline that was clean and fresh.  I think she boasted that her breasts 

were beginning to grow but they didn't show that much.  

Terry and I caught each other staring at Frank who was uncircumsized.  

His parents were vegetarians and they probably thought it was more natural or 

something.  Anyways, it looked cool, but different from our own.  As we sat 

there looking, we all grew warm and uncomfortable, with Joline giggling again.

We weren't sure what to do next.  Someone suggested that we actually 

play the game of Twister in the nude.  Before we could make a move, however, 

Erma was banging on the basement door saying, "What you chill'uns up to, 


...continued in Part Three:   BEND03.ZIP


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