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Archive-name: First/aylin.txt

Archive-author: R. Daneel Olivaw

Archive-title: Aylin

I waited by the library for Aylin.  Aylin was a senior in high school, as I

was.  She was about five-feet, eight-inches tall, and a luscious girl.  She

was an exotic maiden with long, curly raven-black hair, and deep, penetrating

ebony eyes, which burned like wildfire when she was in the mood.  She was very

trim and healthy, she had an ivory smile that would light up a room, and the

most perfect breasts I had seen, and I judged them to be about as firm as they

were large.

Midterms marked her eighteenth birthday, and the age of her consent. We held

hands lovingly as we walked to my car.  I took her home to meet her later for

a night out.  I had dressed in my best suit, and had made plans to go to a

nice dancing hall for dinner.

When I picked her up at eight, she was wearing a stunning red dress that

flowed about her lovely athletic body like a glove.  Ruffles trailed from the

shoulder to the hem, and she looked fine.  Her hair was done up in an

exquisite bun, with intentional locks of her curly hair trailing down to her

shoulders.  Her slender, shapely legs were sheathed in black silk pantyhose.

We opened our mouths as we kissed passionately.  I opened the car door for

her, and her perfume began to drive me wild as she whispered seductive words

in my ear.  I started up the car and drove.  Our conversation was slightly

risque as we drove to the dance hall.  Once there, we danced slowly, her head

on my shoulders, and I caressed her smooth back as we swayed to the music. Her

nipples began to harden under the fabric of her dress. After dinner, we went

back to my house at her request.  I poured some wine for us, and we sat on the

couch in each others lap sipping quietly and talking.  Soon, Aylin placed her

glass on the table and took my face in her warm, smooth hands and placed a

long, passionate kiss on my eager lips.  It was time, I thought, and I had

better get moving.  I stood up with her still in my arms, and I carried her to

my room as we kissed passionately.

I set her down upon the bed, and, sitting next to her, I held her face gently

as I kissed her again.  She was very responsive, meeting my tongue with her

own, and we kept kissing.  My hands slowly trailed form her face to her bosom.

Her nipples were hard as pebbles, and she was breathing heavily.  As I circled

her breasts gently with my hands, she began to stroke my crotch in a pleasing

rhythmic motion.

"Take it off," she said, gesturing to the back of her dress.

Still fondling her left breast, I reached around he back and slowly, care-

fully, pulled the zipper down to the small of her back.

She stood up before me, kicked off her pumps, and removed her dress, revealing

her beautiful breasts clad in a black strapless bra.  She was also wearing a

pair of scant black panties, and a black, frilly garter-belt.  She raised her

leg and placed her small foot between my legs.

I eyed the garter she was wearing and, stroking her thigh, I slowly pulled the

garter down her leg, and off of her foot.  I stood up and removed my jacket.

Placing it on my nightstand, I slowly removed the remaining clothing from my

yearning body.

I looked deeply into her burning coal eyes, and I kissed her passionately, our

tongues fighting for space, as I reached around and gingerly unhooked the

clasp of her bra.  I took it to my nose and gently inhaled the sweet perfume

of her breast.  Her beautiful boobs were a sight to behold, firm and round,

topped with soft brown nipples, and her flushed areola was firm and hard.

As I caressed her smooth breasts, she reached to my ass and gave me a good

squeeze as she removed my underwear.  Her eyes opened in awe as my already

stiff penis popped free, all seven inches.  I was not exactly monstrous, but

my erect phallus was an inch and half wide.

She planted a soft kiss on the head of my cock as I reached for the pin in her

hair.  She stood up and removed it, and her long, curly black hair fell down

over her shoulders, and between her lovely breasts.

I gently pulled her panties down her lithe, sexy legs, and she stepped out of

them.  We embraced, our lips locked in a sexy, tonguing kiss. As we slowly

rocked to and fro, my dick between us, we slowly caressed each other.  She

spent a lot of time squeezing my butt, as I gently rubbed her asscheeks.

We kissed long and hard, and we both got very aroused.  Soon, we broke and she

gave my dick a gentle tug.  I lifted her in my arms, and I placed a finger in

her vagina.  It was nice and wet, and she moaned as I played with the folds of

her pussy.

I lay her down on the bed, and she parted her legs.  I held my dick in my

hand, but she said, "Not yet...  Eat me."

As she pulled her supple body to the end of the bed, I knelt between her legs.

I took my hands and rubbed her legs all over, and she squirmed in excitement.

I slowly caressed her breasts, and moved slowly down her body, rubbing her

flat stomach.  As I got to her pussy, I slowly massaged around it, kneading

her mound, which was covered with a thin patch of dark, soft hair.  She

smelled wonderful, the blend of her sweat and her juices.

As I massaged her pubic area, I made my way to her labia, and slowly teased it

with soft strokes of my fingers.  Her lips parted like a budding rose, and she

was panting with desire.  I placed my fingertip at the opening of her pussy,

and slowly inserted a finger.  Pulling it out, I slowly touched the nub of her

clitoris, and she jerked in pleasure as her breasts heaved with every breath

she made.

I placed my hands around her thighs as I slowly lowered my head between her

legs.  I softly kissed her pussy, and I inserted my tongue in her open vagina.

I lapped up and down her slick pussy lips, again and again, tasting her sweet

honey, as she mumbled incoherent breaths. Gently, I flicked her swollen clit

with my tongue, slick with her cum, and rolled it around, gently biting it.

Her breathing became faster as I increased my licking, and soon enough, her

hips bucked against my face as her body rocked with orgasm.  As slowly as

before, I worked her up to a frenzy, and she came again, coating my face with

her sweet juice.

She motioned me to her, and she took my face and kissed me again, and our

saliva mixed with her cum.  She loved it.  She took my hard cock in her hands

as I lay back on the bed.  She placed her hands between her legs and used her

juice to lubricate my swollen penis.

She slowly pumped on my dick as my body shook with waves of pleasure. As she

bent down, I felt the warm, soft feeling as her mouth engulfed my dick.  She

playfully tooled with the head of my cock, gently biting on the base of it as

I had her clitoris.  She slowly lapped up the sides of my penis, as my

pleasure grew.  She slipped the head into her mouth and lovingly sucked on it,

sending shocks throughout my body as I lay back and caress my chest.  She

lowered her lips down my organ, and slowly withdrew.  She went down again, and


Slowly, she worked her way to the base of my cock, my shimmering pubic curls

tickling her nose.  Coated with saliva, Aylin slowly worked up and down on my

dick, getting faster and faster until I was writhing with pleasure.  She

looked at me with those eyes of hers, and I told her I was about ready to cum.

Undaunted, she increased her strokes, alternating between her hand and her


Soon, she felt my hips begin to shake, and she kept stroking my dick. She held

my dick to her chest as I came.  Rocking with the waves of orgasm, I shot a

load of semen onto her breasts.  She licked the excess from my declining rod,

and raised her boobs to her mouth and began to lick of my cum.

She asked me to help, and I gently massaged her breasts, as she moaned with

pleasure.  I tweaked her nipples, and they hardened in my fingers. I rubbed

her front again, from her breasts, I rubbed her hips and her waist.  I grabbed

her firm ass and gave it a good squeeze as she kissed me again.  I lay down on

the bed as she straddled my chest playfully. I could feel her trembling pussy

on my nipples as I reached up and fondled her breasts again.  She rocked back

and forth, rubbing her vagina on my chest as I gently massaged her tits.

My dick began to harden again.  I told her to jerk off over my face. Will-

fully, she complied by rubbing her vagina.  She held her pubis over my face as

she slowly inserted one, then two fingers in her aching pussy.  She got wetter

as she increased her strokes, and I began to rub her waist and ass as she

rocked to and fro.

She took her fingers out of her pussy and she sat on my face, and told me to

make her cum again, which I gladly did.  Gently lapping at her clitoris, I

rubbed her labia with my lubricated fingers as she moaned in ecstasy.

Soon, she slumped over me as her body was rocked with the throes of orgasm,

and she kissed me, hard and long, almost violently.  I knew she was ready.  I

held her by the waist and turned her over onto her back. She moaned and told

me to go slow.

Stroking my cock, I brought it to a full erection while Aylin stroked her clit

and licked her nipples.  Soon, my dick had achieved its full seven inches,

and, reaching into her pussy, I lubricated my member.

I slowly brought my dick to her pussy, rubbing her lips with the head, and she

begged me to make love to her.  I stroked her clitoris with my dick and

slowly, gently, inserted my penis.  Her vagina was warm and wet from our

foreplay, and her muscles clenched my tool with a virgin's fervor.

I slowly stroked in and out for a few minutes, only penetrating a few inches

at best, but she pleaded for me to go deeper, to break her maidenhead.

I steadied myself and plunged into her.  Not all at first, but when I met with

resistance, it slowly fell away, and she shrieked as her hymen broke against

my hard cock.  To the hilt, I plunged, our pubic hairs tangling together mixed

with our juices.  I plunged in and out with long, slow, rhythmic strokes, as

we both hummed to the pounding of my rod.  Her orgasm was violent and loud as

she squeezed and milked my penis with her vaginal muscles.

I took a break to kiss her again.  We kissed open mouthed, our tongues rolling

around and around, and I broke to kiss her breasts, rolling her nipple around

in my mouth, and she told me to continue.  So I slowly stroked in and out.

Her hips began to meet my rod halfway, rocking to and fro, and she began to

gyrate in a very pleasant way.  Soon, her moans began to get louder, as she

bucked harder and harder.  She cried out in orgasm, and I could feel her pussy

tightening on my dick.  Her vaginal muscles grabbing my erect penis, her

bucking and gyrating, was all too much for me.

I told her I was about to shoot my load, and she pushed my dick out and took

it in her mouth.  She smiled as she tasted her juices on my slippery penis.  I

moaned in pleasure as she stroked my dick with her loving lips.  I could feel

my head rub against the back of her throat, and her warm lips pumping away at

my penis.  I told her it was time, but she continued.  She had not completed

two strokes when orgasm electrocuted my body.

I reeled as the electricity shocked my entire body, and I closed my eyes as

Aylin swallowed load after load of my semen.  I fell to the floor, and lay

there as she climbed onto me and lay there.  She played with my now limp and

hardening cock, and we kissed again.

We both got into bed, and played with each other for a long time, our hands

stroking every inch of the others' body.  I spent a lot of time with her firm,

luscious tits, and I could not help but kiss them from time to time.

Slowly, we wandered to arousal again, and as I lay back, she mounted my erect

rod.  Slowly, she started up and down, up and down.  I rubbed her ass as she

bobbed up and down on my dick, moaning with pleasure.  She put her hands

through her hair and closed her eyes in the intense shock of orgasm after

orgasm.  I was in heaven as her vaginal muscles grabbed and stroked my aching

dick.  She started gyrating again, and I told her how good it felt.  She

nodded and continued, her boobs bouncing up and down as she pumped on my penis.

The cerebral fireworks began as I entered the arena of orgasm.  I pushed her

off of me, but she slapped my hand away as she mounted me again.  Harder and

harder she pounded until I came in a mind-blowing orgasm so intense that I

almost blacked out.  She screamed in orgasm as her pussy milked my dick for

all it was worth, as I shot my load deep into her vagina.  We lay there for a

while, embraced, in the afterglow of our love.



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