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Archive-name: First/attheinn.txt


Archive-title: At the Inn

     Jeanine was a pretty young girl from a very good family in a New

England port town.  She learned as much from her tutor as was taught

to girls in those days, but was not interested in needlepoint, and

knew well enough how to treat the servants in order to keep the house

running well.  Beaux came from many miles away to court her, on fine

horses or in sleek buggies.  They were all stuffy in her eyes, these

men in their suits, gloves, and top hats who escorted her to plays and

poetry readings, and tried with their flowery language to win her

hand.  She had read every book in her home, had gone to New York to

visit her aunt, who had brought her shopping for fine clothes which

suited her flowing white-gold hair and pale complexion.  This did not

please her, either; she saw it as a waste of money.  Even riding her

horse, a pastime she had enjoyed despite (or, perhaps, because of) the

fact that her mother was horrified at it, was boring to her.  She had

galloped down all the paths for miles around, had thoroughly explored

everyplace within a day's ride.

     In short, Jeanine was bored.

     This boredom became so suffocating that one day she decided to go

to the place where she had been repeatedly told _not_ to go - the

docks.  If she had been told a lady might not go there, she felt,

there _must_ be something interesting at the docks.  So she put on a

very simple blue dress, pinned her hair up, put on a hat, and strolled

to the port.

     The streets were crowded. Jeanine was shoved from all sides by

men carrying sacks and boxes, garishly painted women who went from one

man to the next, untill one escorted them away to a nearby inn, and

men just looking at the seedy shops that lined the boulevard.

Suddenly, her arm was taken, and she heard a voice say, "A lady like

you shouldn't walk alone around here."  She looked up and saw the

face of a young man with brown eyes, a gentle smile, and reddish-brown

curls pulled back into a ponytail.  He guided her into a nearby inn.

The innkeeper showed them a table, and the young man ordered wine for

himself and Jeanine.

     He introduced himself as Daniel and they began to talk.  He had

led a very exciting life on board various ships, and he told her of

battles with pirates and ports far away where the people had dark

skins and almond-shaped eyes. She in turn told Daniel of her society

life, and explained her purpose in coming to the docks - she was

searching for a way to alleviate the tedium of her days.  After a few

very pleasant hours, Jeanine realised that she had to go before she

was missed at home.  Daniel suggested they meet again the next day at

the same inn.  She agreed, and went home.

     That night, Jeanine dreamed of Daniel.  In her dream, he kissed

her and held her in his arms, her face buried in his white ruffled

shirt.  He caressed her body.  She awoke early and, thinking of her

dreams, began to caress herself. She ran her hands over her full

breasts and down her body, feeling the moisture between her legs. Her

hand massaged her clitoris as her body tensed.  With fingers moving

faster and faster on the little nodule, she shut her eyes and pictured

Daniel, his mouth on her mouth, kissing her neck as his hand toyed

with her breast...

     Waves of pleasure rolled over her, and she felt as if she were

floating on the sea that Daniel lived his life upon.

     That afternoon, Jeanine, in her plain white dress, entered the

inn, where the innkeeper led her to a room.  He told her that Daniel

would join her presently. She sat down on the edge of the bed,

wondering why Daniel had chosen this place for their rendevous. "Maybe

he wants to..." she thought, blushing at her dream of the previous

night.  He couldn't want that from _her_!  The thought made her thighs

moist and gave her a fluttery feeling in her stomach.

     Daniel entered, and she rose to greet him.  Instead of a kiss on

the hand, which was what she expected, he grabbed her and kissed her

roughly.  After a moment of shock, Jeanine responded, wrapping her

arms around him.  She was surprised when he flicked his tongue into

her mouth, but had read enough books to know what was expected in

return and let her tongue dance around his, sliding it inside his

mouth and tickling throof of his mouth with it.  She heard a moan as

he lowered her onto the bed, sliding his hands from her face to her

breasts. The pulse and moisture between her thighs increased as he

slid his mouth on her throat.  Then she realised that he had

unbuttoned her dress and slipped his hand inside her bodice to caress

one taut breast.

     "Stop...don't do that, Daniel!" she said sharply.

     "Why?" he whispered in her ear. "Don't you like it?"

     Jeanine couldn't be dishonest. "I do like it.  But we shouldn't

     be doing this."

     Daniel seemed angry.  "You knew what you were getting into when

you decided to meet me here.  Why are you trying to stop now?"

     "I didn't know what you wanted!" Jeanine cried, deciding she

hadn't really known, no matter what her thoughts had been when he

entered.  "Besides, my father is a prominent man - he'll punish you

for this."

     Daniel chuckled.  "I don't think he will, young lady." He said

the word 'lady' sarcastically, as if she was one no longer.  "You are

the one who came to the docks, against your parents' wishes.  You are

the one who will receive the punishment, not I, if you tell our

secret.  I wouldn't be surprised if they disowned you for this."

     "You're right," she whispered. "I can't tell them."

     He flicked his tongue on her throat again, feeding the fire in

her clitoris. "Then I suggest you stop resisting. Perhaps you'll enjoy


     Suddenly all the buttons of her dress were undone, and she found

herself in only her chemise and undergarments.  His shirt, too, was

off, and she saw the dusting of hair on his chest, narrowing down to a

line that led into his pants.  She traced it with her finger.

     "Would you like to find out where that leads to?" he asked.  She

nodded her assent.  He slid his pants and underpants off and stood

before her naked, a hardened shaft looking too wide for her fingers

and thumb to encircle pointing at her mouth.

     "Kiss it," he said, drawing her face to his cock.

     She moistened her lips, and he slid it into her mouth.  He taught

her what to do.  She sucked on it, bobbing her head up and down,

flicking her tongue on the head and shaft, circling the head with

strokes of her tongue.  As she did this, she felt moisture secreting

from her empty cunt.

     Suddenly, Daniel withdrew his penis from her mouth and quickly

stripped her of the rest of her clothes.  He told her to lie back and

began to lick first her throat, then her nipples.  His tongue flicked

over her hard nipples, then encircled them.  His mouth slowly took in

more and more of her large breast, and she gasped in pleasure as he

sucked hard on it.

     His mouth slowly glided down her body, leaving wet kisses on her

soft ivory stomach.  He kissed the top of her mound and she moaned.

He slid fully between her legs and tasted the moisture of her

throbbing cunt.

     As his tongue worked her, she struggled to sit up.  She couldn't

let him do this!

     He looked up at her. Her blonde hair had fallen out of its neat

pins, and was tangled on her shoulders.  Her face was flushed, her

lips were moist, and her full breasts were heaving as she stared at


     "Lie back," he commanded, a mixture of saliva and her juices

staining his lips and dripping from one corner of his mouth, "or I

can't eat your pussy."

     Jeanine let her body rest on the bed, admitting to herself that

she didn't want him to stop. His tongue flicked on her clit a few more

times, then he drew back.

     "Kneel on the bed," he ordered.  She rose onto her hands and

knees. He knelt behind her and slid his fingers into her moist cunt.

"Now," he said to her, "I'm going to slip my cock inside you."

     Jeanine felt an instant of pain as he entered her, followed by a

thrill shooting from her clit to her nipples.  She moaned as he thrust

again, sending streaks of fire to her breasts.  Pleasure coursed over

her as he stroked her breasts and whispered, "There's nothing I like

better than a little virgin with a tight pussy and big tits."  Again

and again he thrusted, and she met him with every thrust.  Just as the

last thrill of exploding pleasure dissipated, she felt him come, his

cock pulsing inside her.

     They slept for a few hours, and, when they awoke, planned to meet

at the same inn the next afternoon. Finally, Jeanine found something

to alleviate her boredom.



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