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Archive-name: First/angie3.txt


Archive-title: Angela - 3

     She shifted carefully but it was enough to wake me from my light 

doze. "I'm kind of hungry...still."

     "Oh...sure." I took a deep breath and disentangled myself from her. 

I sat up and she climbed to her knees and hugged me from behind. I could 

feel her small, hard breasts against my back. When she released me, I 

turned and gave her little kiss and slipped my arm around her for a 

light hug. "I've got to get you something to wear," I told her. I opened 

a dresser drawer and handed her a long, tank-top tee-shirt. It was a bit 

large on me; I figured it would be adequate for her.

     "I'm all gooey and sticky," she said. "Can I take a shower?"


     She scampered off the bed, gave me a peck on the lips and half-

skipped out of the bedroom, leaving me with just an impression of hard, 

dimpled little butt-cheeks and bounceless young tits. Seconds later, I 

heard the shower running.

     I pulled on my jeans and sweatshirt and padded into the kitchen. 

While she showered, I took out the salad-keeper and some cold cuts and 

bread, then took down a couple of plates and bowls. I set everything 

out, buffet style, on the butcher-block countertop I'd put in, then 

added some flatware, a jar of pickles and set out the mustard.

     The shower stopped and I heard a toothbrush in use, followed by 

gargling. She appeared just as I laid out the paper napkins. 

     I'd been right about the tank-top. The tee-shirt fell below her 

knees and the neckline was so low on her that I could almost see her 

nipples. The rest of her torso was completely hidden in the voluminous 

folds. With her freshly scrubbed face glowing and her hair pulled back 

into a cascading semi-ponytail, she managed to look about nine years 


     Had I really just fucked, licked and been sucked by this kid? I 

began to doubt my own sanity. 

     Then she came over, wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed 

herself against me. All those tight little curves moved against me and I 

felt my cock hardening. So did she. She tilted her head back and I 

looked down into that lovely young face and saw an ad for Lust, Inc.

     "Still hungry?" I asked.

     The eyes opened. The smile came on. "Yeah!"

     I turned her away from my, to face the buffet. "Help yourself."

     She surprised me with her efficiency. She managed to assemble a 

ham-and-swiss-and-salami on rye with lots of mustard in a little less 

than a minute. She took a bite and scooped out some salad. She took 

another bite and a pair of pickles appeared on the sandwich plate.

     "Soda and milk and juice in the refrigerator."

     "Um-hm." Another bite; the sandwich was half-gone. While she 

brought out the ginger ale, I quickly made a ham-and-swiss for myself 

and took some salad. By the time she'd poured the ginger ale into a 

glass, her sandwich was history. I scooted out of the way while she 

assembled a second one. We loaded up a serving tray and I was surprised 

that her sandwich survived the trip to the book-strewn living room. I 

was also surprised that my self-control survived the trip. She was still 

damp from the shower and the tee-shirt was clinging to her ripe little 

peach of an ass as she preceded me through the apartment.

     She chattered as she devoured the rest of her sandwich. About 

school, her friends, a Menudo tour. About the two dance classes she was 

taking -- three times a week at an aerobic dance studio and once a week 

at a ballet school. She was on her school's gymnastics team. She wanted 

to try out for cheerleading. And during all this, she was wiping out her 

salad and her pickles.

     I'd almost forgotten how much energy a healthy twelve-year-old can 

have. Frightening.

     She shifted on the couch so her legs were curled and hidden inside 

the tank-top. Then she shifted and sat sideways, legs stretched out on 

the cushions. Two minutes later, she was sitting forward on the edge of 

the couch. Another two minutes and she was sprawled face-down on the 


     Which again revealed the now-damp tee-shirt clinging to  her

upthrust little buns. I had just finished my salad and was leaning 

forward from my reading chair, which is at a right angle to the couch, 

to put the plate on the cocktail table.

     "Is that all you're going to eat?"

     I leaned back in my chair. "Angie, tell me a secret."

     She shrugged. "Sure."

     "Where did you put all that food? I could barely finish mine and I 

weigh almost 200 pounds. You went through twice as much food -- in half 

the time, I would note -- and you weigh...What?"

     "Seventy-one pounds." She grinned. "I guess I just burn up the 

calories!" Her eyes went to my crotch, where the sight of her sprawled 

on the couch had caused an outstanding reaction. "Hmmmm -- and I'm still 

a little hungry." She licked her lips for effect. 

     It was effective.

     "Wanna go back in the bedroom?"


     "C'mon." She started to get up off the couch. The neck of the tank-

top dipped and her nipples, hard and inviting, came into view. "C'mon, 

I'm already getting wet again."

     "I want to rinse off in the shower, first."

     She was pulling the tee-shirt over her head while she still sat on 

the couch. Of course, the shutters were wide open.

     "Angie! People will see you from across the street."

     "Guess you better hurry with that shower," she said, pinching one 

fine little nipple and rubbing her thighs together. 


     "Watch this." She rolled sideways, lay back full-length on the 

couch and then did a slow-motion sit-up. When she stopped, her forehead 

was on her knees. She parted her legs, reached between with both arms 

and grabbed her calves. Then she rolled onto her back, hooked her elbows 

behind her knees and balanced on her butt, rocking. Right below her 

pretty face was her lovely, hairless pussy, all glistening and pink. 

Below that was her tightly stretched ass cheeks and between them, the 

tiny pink pin-hole of her anus.

     "Give you any ideas?" Then she giggled.

     I was across the three feet to the couch in about three-fifths of a 

second. I bent and planted a kiss on her mouth, then a long slow lick on 

her nearby lower lips and then lightly tongued her asshole.

     "Oh, yeahhhhh...."

     "Shower." I hurried out of the room as I heard her groan. I was in 

and out of that shower in less than five minutes. I ran to the bedroom.


     "Oh, shit," I said to my own clever self. I grabbed my bathrobe and 

pulled it on as I hurried to the living room.

     Sure enough -- Angie was still in her contortionist's position, and 

her fingers were dancing all over her cunt and clit. Her eyes were 

closed and her mouth was open as she worked at her slick, shiny little 


     I stepped to the windows and closed the shutters as fast as I could 


     "C'mon, c'mon, do me," she was breathing, softly panting the words, 

as she did herself. I worked my hands under her back, grabbed her little 

ass and lifted her into my arms, with her head against my shoulder. 

Cradling her against me that way, I carried her lusty, curled-up, 

seventy-pound frame to the bedroom and lowered her to the bed. Then I 

lowered my lips to her pussy. 

     "Yes! YES!" she yelped as my tongue hit her clit. She unfolded and 

shook as she came. I was still standing at the foot of the bed, bent 

over her with my cock waving above her face as I bent to her savory 

pussy. The backs of her thighs were resting against the backs of my 

arms. I shifted to let her flop her lovely legs on the bed, spread. With 

one hand under her and bracing myself on the other, I pulled her ass up 

off the bed, keeping my mouth on her delicious little quim. She reached 

up to grab my dick and squeeze it, then arched her head back. She 

couldn't quite reach it.

     Shrugging off the robe, I crawled up on the bed. I took her narrow 

little hips in my hands and rolled onto my back, bringing her with me. 

The scream-muffling pillow from our earlier sport was against  my

shoulder. I wedged it beneath my shoulders so I could rest comfortably, 

my head partially raised. I pulled her cunt back down onto my mouth and 

resumed my dessert. I slid my hands up to her waist -- which I could 

very nearly encircle -- and then to her breasts. Firm and smooth, they 

barely filled my palms. I caught her nipples lightly in my fingers as I 

continued licking her cunt and clit and she groaned like she  was

possessed and mashed her cunt down on me. Her juices were flowing 

abundantly, again.

     I let her lower her upper body on trembling arms and felt her hair 

touch my thigh. Then I felt her gobble my cock. She had her head turned 

to one side, laying on my abdomen, and she was just sucking away like a 

nursing baby.

     I did the same to her little clit, occasionally pausing to push my 

tongue as far as I could into the tiny opening of her cunt. She was so 

hot by this point that she just lay there, sucking me at one end, and 

pulsing into an orgasm every half-minute or so at the other end.

     The flow of her juices never slowed and it gave me an  idea.

Reaching around the outsides of her thighs with both hands, I let my 

fingers do the walking over her taut, tiny ass. My fingertips lightly 

grazed in the crevice of those hard little cheeks, then continued 

farther, between her thighs. I slowly sank my right index finger into 

her cunt. She gripped it inside fiercely, then stiffened and shook 

through another orgasm, pausing in her sucking only long enough to try 

to scream around my cock. 

I withdrew the invader and then sent the index finger of my left hand 

inside her -- with the same reaction. But I kept it there, moving it in 

and out in time to my licking and lip-nibbling on her cunt and her 

prodigiously swollen clitoris. Then I moved my well-slicked right index 

finger back up to her asshole.

     She tensed slightly when she felt it pressing there, but when her 

next orgasm struck and then passed, I pushed it slowly inside, to the 

first knuckle. I could feel my other finger working in her tight cunt -- 

barely. Her ass was so tight that the circulation in my finger was being 


     I pushed it in a little more and she seemed to loosen up a bit -- 

and then she was rotating her youthful hips. I began working both 

fingers in and out of her twin openings, syncopated so that as one went 

in, the other came out. Each time, she took more and more of my finger 

into her small asshole.

     When it was in all the way to the palm, she suddenly tensed all 

over. I could feel her yowling on my cock as she came. Her asshole 

clenched spastically, in time with her cunt. I pushed the cunt reaming 

finger in all the way, too -- but without withdrawing my other finger 

from her ass.

     She came like a woman having a fit, writhing and humping and 

bucking and growling. She abruptly redoubled her sucking on my cock, 

vacuuming it as if to vent all the sensations she was feeling. Despite 

my two earlier cums, the combination of her flavors, the feeling of her 

now nearly constant orgasms on my finger and the feel of her mouth 

around my dick were threatening to set me off again.

     I pulled my fingers slowly out of her and leaned up to lick first 

her cunt, then her asshole. She shook all over. I pulled her off me and 

quickly turned her to straddle me. Her expression was crazed as I 

lowered her trembling hips over my cock. She could barely hold herself 

upright. For what I had in mind, that was okay.

     She managed to wedge her tiny, flowing cunt open against the tip of 

my cock and held my dick in place until it was lodged there. Then her 

arms hung limp as I lowered her onto my dick. 

     At first I didn't think it was going to fit. She was still spasming 

and the fearsome constrictions seemed incessant. Finally I pulled her 

hips down a little and my cockhead was going back into that velvet vise 

of hers. She groaned, a low sound from deep in her throat, and sank 

slowly onto my prick. I let her fall gently forward onto me. 

     She seemed to have no strength anywhere but inside. Her hips barely 

moved, but her cunt muscles kept fluttering on me as her head came to 

rest on my chest. I manipulated her legs till she was crouched on her 

knees on top of me. Then I grabbed her little hips and began pumping her 

up and down on my cock, using just the strength of my arms.

     She made hardly any sound at all now -- if you didn't count the 

rasp of her breath through her nose and the little grunts of pleasure 

each time she did a round-trip on my dick. But I knew she was cumming 

all the time because of the way her pussy was clenching on me.

     My arms gave out pretty quickly, but the effort had brought me back 

from the brink of ejaculation, as I'd hoped, despite the sensation of 

her pre-teen quim sucking hotly on my cock. I rolled her onto her back, 

turning with her to keep my rigid prick inside her. Her arms, limp, fell 

wide apart to either side of her.

     I looked down as I began slowly pumping her again. Her face was 

slack, except for occasional tightenings that matched the movements of 

her pussy on me. Her nipples were swollen like the tips of Hershey's 

Chocolate Kisses -- dark and sharp-pointed and perfectly defined. I 

looked lower, to where her up-tilted hips were caught in my grip. When I 

pressed into her, I could see her abdomen bulge, and watched  the

rippling of her firm muscles as she clenched down on me and came.

     My dick was soaking wet and looked monstrous sliding in and out of 

those hairless, pubescent pubes. Her cunt lips were stretched around my 

shaft and seemed to be coating my cock. Her clit was clearly visible, 

protruding above her stretched-thin cunt lips like a little beacon.

     I lifted her right leg high and turned her as if she were spitted 

on my cock. She lay limp, hips rolling gracefully, as I turned her over 

the rest of the way onto her belly. Lifting her hips with one hand, I 

stuffed the pillow under her. I lowered myself slowly, nearly covering 

her, letting my weight drive my cock into her upturned pussy until I 

felt her hard little ass against my abdomen and my knees outside of 


     Moving only my hips, I began thrusting in and out of her, long, 

slow, loving strokes that changed in angle and speed just enough to keep 

hitting her from new directions. She began to moan again, loudly, with 

each push, but she seemed only to have enough strength to press her hips 

up at me to meet me. I bent as much as I could to kiss her under her 

right ear.

     "Feel good, baby?"

     Her eyes opened just a slit. I don't think she could see me. "I 

just can't stop cumming," she whispered, barely audible. "It just 

doesn't stop..." She sounded as if she were a long way off.

     "I want to get in your ass now, okay?"

     "Anything, anything, just keep fucking me..."

     Without interrupting my rhythm, I reached to the dresser and found 

the tube of lubricant. I levered my upper body upright, pulling my knees 

up alongside and outside of her hips. I kept pumping her, slowly, as I 

broke the seal on the tube and squirted some of the gel onto my fingers. 

I reached down and pushed the tip of one finger into her ass and felt 

her cunt get crazy on my now-motionless cock.

     I worked the finger farther into her. She pushed her ass up, taking 

it slowly -- but without pause. The pressure on my cock was becoming 

unbearable. I began moving the finger in and out of her ass as I slowly 

withdrew my prick from her cunt. It came out with a loud smacking sound 

and bobbed angrily above her butt. She was still rolling her ass up and 

around on the invading finger while I squirted a big doze of  the

lubricant all over my dick. Even the coolness of the gel couldn't chill 

my lust as I took my finger from her butt.

     I looked down at her ass. It could have been an apple with a narrow 

cleft, it was so small and round and hard. I put the head of my cock 

against her tiny asshole and began pushing. Angie moaned loudly and 

pulled her arms in under her chest, her hands on her shoulders. She 

waggled her little ass slowly from side to side, arching  in  all

different angles and pushing up at me.

     I watched her asshole give grudging way, expanding little by little 

as my fat cock pried at her little bud. The sensation was like nothing 

I'd ever dealt with before. I could tell she was trying to relax her 

sphincter, because it would seem to give way, stretching -- and then 

suddenly it would flutter on my glans, which didn't seem to be more than 

a third of the way in her.

     I pulled back, grabbed the tube of lubricant and put it against her 

ass and squeezed about half the gel on, in and around her asshole. 

     "It's cold," she mumbled.

     I put my cock against her asshole again and pushed. She moaned 

again and began moving her little ass around and hunching it up at me. I 

felt the stricture moving back on my knob and rolled my  hips  at

different angles until, suddenly, her ass just seemed to suck the glans 

into her.

     "AAuuuuuuuugghhhh..." Her cry started out loud and high and trailed 

down soft and low, almost a continuous grunt. She lay there shivering 

beneath me, ass taut with the strain of holding perfectly still. Big, 

bright beads of sweat appeared all over her back and shoulders.

     I put my face close to hers and whispered, "Honey, we can stop this 

if it's hurting you too much -- "

     She managed to shake her head against the pillow. She was deeply 

flushed and her nostrils were flaring with her breathing. "Doesn't 

hurt ... Just feels -- scary? Yeah, something so big in there, pushing 

in, stretching so much. Go slow?"

     I kissed the side of her mouth. "Say the word and we stop."

     "Do me. Starting to feel kind of okay."

     I pushed slowly down into her, by cautious fractions of an inch. 

Her rectum was gripping my cock like some kind of very hot vise. Her 

sphincters continued fluttering, but less frequently as she got the hang 

of relaxing. When I was about a third of the way into her, she gave a 

little yelp and I froze.

     "E-e-easy," she half-sobbed. 

     I almost pulled out right then and there. This was obviously a 

strain for her. While I thought it over, she got impatient and moaned, 

"C'mon, fuck my ass!"

     I resumed the reaming and when I had almost five inches of cock 

throbbing in her tight anal grip, she began a low growling noise that 

rose in pitch and volume as I sank the last inch or so into her against 

a strange, increasing resistance that was like an elastic pressure. When 

my abdomen was pressed tight against her hard little ass and my pubic 

hair was flattened into the shallow crevice of her butt she started 

panting, harder and louder -- and then tensed up and came! Her asshole 

closed around the base of my cock so tightly that I thought she was 

going to pinch it off right there. She shook beneath me.

     "Ooooohhh fuuuuuu--ck!" she howled into the pillow, hips jerking.

     I tried pulling back just a little and pressing into her again. Her 

ass had loosened just enough for me to stroke -- with effort -- and that 

odd last inch of resistance was still there against my knob. She grunted 

when I twitched still deeper in her. I stroked again, a little longer 

movement -- maybe two inches -- and she was pushing her baby butt up to 

meet my plunge. I increased the length of the next stroke and slowed the 

insertion and she jerked her ass up at me to take me in faster -- and 

held her ass back against me, grinding for more.

     "Put your hands on your little puss, baby. I want you to do that 

while I do you!"

     She worked her hands down between her cunt and the pillow under the 

slender hips I was gripping and pulling a little higher. I looked down 

at her tiny butt pressed against me. I could see where my thick, rude 

dick disappeared into her fearsomely stretched little asshole and spread 

her cheeks for a better look. My hands almost covered her round young 

ass. I squeezed that sweet flesh and pulled out till only my glans was 

still trapped by her spasming sphincters, then slid slowly allllll the 

way back into her steamy depths. I hit bottom just as her fingers got 

working on her clit and she came.

     She thrashed and groaned and bucked and moaned. I pulled all the 

way back again and thrust down into her hard enough to trap her hands 

under her, against the pillow. 

     "I -- I can't take much more!" she wailed. "I can't stop cumming -- 

It's scaring me to cum like this! Please, cum -- please!"

     I held my hips down and flailed at her nymphet ass with short, 

quick strokes. Her asshole was gripping the full length of my cock, 

spasms running up and down over my dick and ripping away the last of my 


     "Cum -- in -- my -- ass! Cum -- in -- my -- ass!" she chant-grunted 

with each reaming, ass-boring thrust. "Now! NOW!" she demanded, and her 

orgasm became frightening in its totality. She contracted on me, all of 

her, every muscle taut and every part of her shaking. She was sucking in 

a long breath with a sound like heavy wool slowly tearing while her 

little asshole spasmed and milked at my cock.

     "Damn!" I breathed and began pouring my jism into her. Her asshole 

was so tight about my cock that again, my spurts were restricted and 

turned into one, long gusher of cum that drained ever-so-slowly into her 

hot, receptive little ass. 

     And she could feel it, too, because she shrieked: "It's so fucking 

hot! More!"

     It felt like I was cumming in her for hours, and then it stopped -- 

and my dick began a series of wrenching, staccato spurts into her 

rectum. I pulled back and drove into her again, sliding in my own cum, 

as well as the lubricating gel, and she screamed unintelligibly and came 

all the harder. Her scream went higher and softer into the pillow and 

then she turned all sinuous and rippling beneath me. Huge, racking 

heaves of her small form, driving her hips back and up at me so hard 

that she nearly threw me off her. Her legs began to stiffen and then 

this seventy-pound twelve-year-old began lifting me off the bed as she 

drove her ass up at my erupting cock. I slammed into her as hard as I 

could, driving her prone -- back down to the bed -- and loosed the last 

semen in my balls in her. My nuts kept jerking as if trying to force-

produce more cum for my still-jerking cock. 

     She suddenly went limp and I felt awareness drifting while my cock 

finally stuttered and stopped trying to do the impossible. I had enough 

presence of mind -- and barely enough strength -- to wrap an arm around 

her and roll her onto her side with me, cradling her spoon-style against 


     My cock was still stuffed into her little ass and hadn't lost all 

its stiffness, by a long shot; she was so tight that her asshole wasn't 

letting all the erection-producing blood escape. And it was still 

clenching occasionally. Then I realized that even unconscious, her 

fingers still moved between her legs.

     We lay like that for a long time. When my dick  had  finally

shriveled enough, I began pulling it out  of  her.  The  movement

reactivated something her and she jerked within my arms, her sphincters 

squeezing down on my limp prick. When the glans was almost out, she 

squeezed again. My dick stretched out between us like we were having a 

tug-of-war. I pushed back toward her a little. Her ass relaxed and I 

pulled my cock completely out of her. 

     My prick was a mess; it looked like it had just been in a small, 

virgin asshole. I rolled carefully off the bed and staggered softly into 

the shower to clean myself up. I came back with a warm washcloth and a 

soft towel. She murmured wordlessly at my ministrations and sighed with 

soft, sleepy pleasure, then rolled herself contentedly into my arms, 

with her head on my shoulder, and promptly did a great imitation of a 

wet washrag, draping herself limply over me.

     I lay motionless for a long time, savoring the feel of her against 

me, the wonderful warmth and closeness. My cock was a little sore, my 

balls ached and I'd rediscovered muscles during our fucking that I'd 

long since forgotten I'd had. There wee potential complications that 

terrified me about this whole episode -- and I felt good about it. For 

sheer, hedonistic pleasure, this was superb. For feeling close and warm 

and loving, this was great. For taking responsibility...

     Now, *there* was a question.

     I ran my hands over the short length of her, from her tender 

shoulders to the back of her knees, savoring every square inch in 

between. I let my fingers linger, splayed, on her little ass, covering 

both cheeks. I let my hands lightly gauge her waist -- could it be so 

tiny? I concentrated on the feel of her quickening breasts pressed 

against me -- could they really be so small and firm?

     I wrapped my arms around her, tiny lover, and held her close. She 

murmured wordlessly against the side of my neck and shifted, legs 

parting, to straddle my thigh. She sighed softly  in  her  sleep,

contented. I had made love to her and she to me. Whatever might come of 

it, we would deal with well and honestly and -- I trusted -- with 


     I was worried more about my maturity than hers. I knew it was a 

once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, or should be no more than that. But I 

wanted it to happen again. I wondered if she wanted it to happen again. 

I wondered if it should happen again. Or if she thought it should ever 

happen again. Or if anyone else thought it should happen again.



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