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Archive-name: First/angie.txt


Archive-title: Angie

At thirteen, Angie was not very different from all the other eighth

graders.  The other girls were approaching sexual maturity, some

faster than others.  Certainly they were all sex conscious, with

budding breasts, spreading hips, a new growth of pretty pubic

curls.  A few of the girls were already full-busted, though these

few were at a distinct disadvantage- their thrusting titties gave

the look of being fully sexually aware, and mostly, they were by

no means ready for any kind of mature behavior.  The boys of the

same age were a couple of years behind the girls in development.

That summer, after school was through, Angie was sent to Wisconsin

to visit her aunt.  This was more or less an annual affair, having

happened at least twice before.  Those summers, Angie's mother had

been overseas on business, and auntie's house was a convenient

place to park her where she would not get into any trouble.  Well,

not much anyway.

Aunt Millie was a new divorcee.  She had a new boyfriend that she

was trying to catch, so she frankly had not much time to think

about a niece- who she did not really want around, anyway.  She was

out most evenings, leaving Angie to "play" with the other kids on

the street.  The kids were a couple of years older, but Angie's

nicely developing figure gave her the look of a 15 year old, and

certainly she did know what it was all about even if she had not

really done anything yet.

The girl next door, Sally McIvers, was a year older than Angie. 

She too knew what it was all about, and had some experience at wild

petting parties.  Usually she was the youngest one at the party. 

One of the boys on the street suggested that Angie be invited to

the next party, and Sally thought this was a good idea.  Angie was

invited, was excited at the prospect of being with the older kids. 

Sally told her that there would be plenty of smooching and some

petting, but nothing too strong.


Angie had been kissed a few times and once, her cousin had sneaked

up behind her and took each of her breasts in his hands, nicely

squeezing them as she squealed.  Later, a day or two later, while

kissing her, he had forced his hand down the back of her slacks,

inside her panties, and there squeezed each of those delicious

rounds.  He did not try to get a finger into her pussy- though

later that evening, while alone in bed, she thought about the

episode with great excitement, ran her hands across her naked

mound.  But now afraid, she stopped.

The night of the party, at a house down the block, the two girls

joined half a dozen others.  The girls were all there and as the

boys showed up, they just more or less naturally paired off, with

Angie being picked by a Sophomore- a good looking 16 year old who

had heard the Angie was already 15 and liked her looks.Early in

this party the group was down in the basement recreation room,

playing loud rock music and dancing wildly.  This lasted for an

hour or so, until the parents of the boy whose house this was could

not stand the noise- they left to go to the movies, leaving the

kids on their own.

Quickly the music switched to quiet stuff and the wild rock dancing

changed to clutch stuff, with petting all over the dance floor. 

Angie's date put his arms round her, put one hand on each cheek of

her behind, and as he kissed her, squeezed her pretty ass.  She was

already excited, opened her mouth to his tongue, offered no

resistance as his hands moved up under her sweater, across her

back, and suddenly, unhooked her bra.  Now his hands moved around

the front, between them, and touched first and then held both of

her bare breasts, his palms gently massaging her nipples, bringing

them to instantaneous erection. 

Knowing that he now could go further, he led her off the dance

floor and plunked down on the couch in a fairly dark corner of the

room.  She did not resist him when he pulled up the sweater, baring

her luscious little titties to his eyes.  She was perhaps a bit

shocked when he bent his head and kissed first one nipple and then

the other.But she was not at all shocked when his hand dipped

beneath the short skirt she wore, and followed up beneath her

slightly spread thighs.  He had only the least little bit of a

problem getting his hand under her panties.  When his fingers

tested her creamy crotch, he found her fully wet, fully excited. 

She did not hold back.  She did spread her legs for him, though she

did have her panties on.  If he had tried to remove them she would

not have resisted.  When he took her hand and placed it on his leg,

and then on his throbbing erection, she did what he wanted.  If he

had thought to unzip and take it out for her to hold, she certainly

would have done so.  But he didn't- at least not that evening.

The party went on until about 11:30 PM.  At that time, the boy who

lived in the house expected his parents back from the movies at any

moment, so he called a halt to the proceedings.  He made everybody

help clean up, and then go home.  When his parents got back home

a few minutes later, they found only this boy and his buddy who

lived next door- sitting in the living room watching the late show

on TV.  Everything was clean, orderly, perfect- with no sign of the

more or less wild petting that was happening only half an hour


Angie went home- that is, to her aunt's house, showered, and went

to bed.  But she was still excited.  She could not help thinking

of how nice it did feel, how warm, how thrilling as he had played

with her nipples, and then EVEN KISSED THEM!!  Her hands passed

over her bubbies, her palms gently rubbing her now-again-erect

nipples.  Her hands moved down cross her tummy, a hand brushing

lightly across her pubic mound, and she almost jumped out of bed

as the fingers found her clit.  Now she had never before really

masturbated.  But she had never had a finger in that love-spot

before, she had never had her titties out and kissed before, she

had practically never had a tongue thrust into her mouth before,

and she had certainly never felt a hard, throbbing cock in her hand

before.  And her own fingers in there DID really feel so good, so

nice, so thrilling, as they massaged her clit and dipped into that

honey-pot.  No, she had never felt sensations before like those she

had felt at the party.  And she had never felt anything like the

feeling her own hands were giving her own sweet parts. And

suddenly, almost without her knowing what was happening, she heaved

upwards, her thighs spread as wide part as they would go, her

fingers pressing as deeply into pussy as they could, and she went

into a violent, almost earth-shaking cumm, magnified ten-thousand

fold because it was so totally unexpected.



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