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Archive-name: First/1st-time.txt

Archive-author: The Unknown Wanderer

Archive-title: My First Time

        I had never gotten laid in high-school.  It was one of those

reputation and late maturity things.  This was kinda suprising, because

when I went to college I seemed to have no problems at all with getting

dates.  About ten months ago, I met a girl/woman (who's to say?) in a

computer class and eventually, we ended up going out for the rest of the

school year.  Our college (remain nameless) was in Massachusetts.  She

lived in Georgia and I am from California.  Towards the end of the

school year, we were getting kind of sad due to having to be apart for 

about three months and were arranging to come back a little early and

getting an apartment together.


        Well, 3 days ago, the most incredible experience of my life

occurred.  Cindy (her) was always very, very playful, but we never really

got past much than heavy petting.  I never really minded much because I

was still a virgin and really liked her too much to want to mess

anything up.  Well, 4 days ago we were packed (still living apart) and

arranged to meet one last time the next day in my dorm room before we

left that evening on our respective flights, and that was when it



        Now, Cindy is about 5'7" with hazel eyes and flaming, long red

hair down past her shoulders a little ways.  She had nice large D tits

which she dressed to comment on as much as possible as well as a big, but

not overly big ass.  I made sure to remember she was on birth control, 

but never thought much else of it.  Finally, in public, she was always

somewhat of a tease, which never really embarassed me, more than it made

me proud of her features.


        Not many people at all were left in the dorm, like my roommate

who was not there.  Cindy came over about 1 o'clock and was due to leave

about three.  For about an hour, we talked and I finished packing.  Cindy 

was especially attractive that day with her hair up in a high ponytail,

wearing a very nice, very snug green sweatshirt and some very tight blue

jeans.  At about 2, we were pretty much left with an hour to kill.  We

were both sitting on my bed kissing (she was wearing terribly alluring

perfume), when Cindy mentioned she had a little going away present for me.

She got up, went to the blinds and shut them, the room was still well enough

lit through the blinds.  She undid her hair, letting it fall about her

shoulders and walked over to me


        We started kissing more heavily and she gently pushed me horizontal.

She then climbed over me and while sitting up, she pulled of my T-shirt,

then kissed my chest a little.  She slid down the bed and started to work

on my jeans.  I was now starting to get real hard.  She slid off my jeans

and tossed them on the floor.  She saw my hard large cock in my briefs, and

grinning, began to rub my crotch a little making me even harder.  I pulled her

down closer to me and began to neck with her some more.  Now she was starting

to really smile.  She sat back up over me, and reached up and pulled off her

sweatshirt.  Her large D tits fell un-hindered free against her chest.  I

took them each in my hands and start to rub them.  Cindy was now starting to

groan.  I pulled her down to me and slipped a nipple in my mouth and began

to tease it with my tongue.  Cindy was now moaning and breathing very heavily.


        Now, slid her up some more to me and began to work on her jeans.

After a second, I pulled them off exposing her wide hips and fantastic ass.

She was wearing unbelieveable black high-cut bikini panties.  I start to pull

at them, but Cindy propped herself up and said, "Not so fast.  This is my

present to you."  She then leaned over to me (her large tits falling on to

me) and slid down to my briefs.  She slid those off and my large 7" erect

cock finally sprang free (her hair falling all down around my cock).  She

looked over my large cock at my face and grinned.  Cindy then began to lick

my balls, the underneath of my cock - all up and down, and my head real,

real slow.  I was getting SO hard.  Then she finally, suddenly closed her

mouth over my shaft and began to suck.  Moaning and thrashing, within

minutes I came into her mouth and chin.  When she came back up she was

grinning like crazy.


        I said, "Now its your turn."  And pulled her by her thighs,

horizontal with her head past my feet and her crotch right next to my

face.  Her pussy was bulging between her legs and her panties were

starting to show her dampness.  I slid them off over and behind me (her

red cunt hair was gorgeous), and dove into her cunt with my tongue and

pulled out just as quick, sending waves of ecstasy rippling through her

body.  I slowly licked up and down the outside of her slick pussy lips.

Finally, I plunged back into her cunt slowly licking her clit to

eventually send her an orgasm.


        Now, I was back erect and we were both reaching our peaks.  We

rested for a second, then we kissed and licked each other for a couple

minutes.  Then I motioned and pushed her into a position with her on

"all fours" leaning the headboard of my bed.  I got behind her and played

with her large dangling breasts as they stiffened a little more and she

moaned.  She then looked behind her as I started to finger her now

slick cunt.  I eventually go to working 2 fingers in her, and her head

fell limp as she moaned in pleasure.  I knew it was the time, and pulled

out my fingers and brought my cock to her pussy.  I gently seperated her

cunt's lips and slipped my head inside.  Then I slid my hands back up to

cup her breasts (her nipples now standing out very hard).  I moved just

a little my head in and out of her pussy, and she brought her head back

up looked around at me, and said, "Fuck me, now..."


        I then pulled on her breasts as I banged into her and her head

fell again.  I banged deep into her again, and I was in heaven.  I

squeezed her tits as I pulled myself into her again and again.  She

used her muscles to clench onto my dick as I went in each time, and also

slid back onto me a little to create a little more impact.  She kept

getting slicker and slicker and I worked her faster and faster.  We

were both moaning.  Eventually I grabbed her tits and pulled her back

onto me, and held her there as I came (a lot!) into her pussy, and Cindy,

in turn, had a shuddering orgasm.


        We then collapsed onto the bed and rested for about 20 minutes

when she got up, dressed and we said our good-byes.  Ahhh...Aren't first

times the best?



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