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Archive-name: Miscell/tracy.txt

Archive-author: Russ Perry Jr.

Archive-title: Tracy Lords "appearance" list

Here is the Traci Lords list.  If you want it, save it; if you 

don't, hit n now.  This is also a request for info.  If you know 

about something not on the list, let me know about it.

Please pardon me for posting this -- my alias file got trashed when 

they installed a new mail here; besides, I had a lot of bad 

addresses anyway.


List by Russ Perry Jr with outside help.  Feel free to copy -- and 

don't even worry about attributing it to me because I don't care!

If you have any corrections or additions, please e-mail them to:


If you can't e-mail (or if you want to donate things ;-)

        Russ Perry Jr, 5970 Scott St, Omro WI 54963

Please, if you have anything to add to the list, mail me! Question 

marks are uncertainties -- help me eliminate them!

Wanted: magazine appearances: not ads, but pictorials or interviews;

        star vs cameo: I haven't seen many, maybe you have;

        bio info: at least until the book comes out;

        reviews and articles: Not your reviews! Please give sources. 



Nora Louise Kuzma  (Traci Elizabeth Lords) 

Born ?/?/68 in West Virginia??

Ran away to California?

Attended Redondo Beach high school?

Porn movies  


(list from American Video Monthly Oct/86)


Beverly Hills Copulator (may be illegal)   Traci Lords Company          ( )

I Love You Traci                           Traci Lords Company       87 (s)


1  Adult 45 Vol. 1                         Dreamland Home Video         ( )

2  Adventures of Tracy Dick                Western Visuals              (s)

3  Alex DeRenzy's Wild Things              Cal Vista/Caballero          ( )

4  Another Roll in the Hay                 Standard Video               ( )

5  Aroused                                 Vista Video                  ( )

6  Bad Girls III                           Gourmet Video                ( )

7  Battle of the Stars                     Now Showing               85 (s)

8  Best of Diamond Collection #1           CDI Home Video               ( )

9  Black Throat                            VCA                          ( ) 1

10 Breaking It                             Collector's Video            ( )

11 California Star Pony Girls #1           California Star              ( )

12 California Star Pony Girls #2           California Star              ( )

13 Country Girl                            AVC                       84?(s)

14 Deep Inside Traci                       CDI Home Video            85 (s) 3

15 Diamond Collection #69                  CDI Home Video               ( )

16 Diamond Collection #73                  CDI Home Video               ( )

17 Diamond Collection #75                  CDI Home Video               ( )

18 Diamond Collection #76                  CDI Home Video               ( )

19 Diamond Preview Tape                    CDI Home Video               ( )

20 Dirty Pictures                          Superior Video               ( )

21 Dream Lover                             CDI Home Video               ( )

22 Educating Mandy                         CDI Home Video               ( )

23 Electric Blue-Beverly Hills Wives       Caballero Home Video         ( )

24 Erotic Gold #1                          Ventura Video                ( )

25 Erotic Zones #1                         Caballero                    ( )

26 Fantasy Club #59                        Western Visuals              ( )

27 First Annual XROC Awards                AVC                          ( )

28 Future Voyeur                           Superstar Video              ( )

29 Gourmet Premier Quickies                Gourmet Video                ( )

30 Gourmet Quickies                        Gourmet Video                ( )

31 Grafenberg Spot                         Mitchell Bros.               (c) 1

32 Harlequin Affairs                       Cinematrex                   ( )

33 Holly Does Hollywood                    Video Exclusive              ( )

34 Hollywood Heartbreakers                 Video Exclusive              ( )     

35 Hot Pink                                VCR                          ( )

36 Hot Shorts                              VCR                          ( )

37 Hot Shorts with Raven                   VCR                          ( )

38 Huge Bras #3                            Western Visuals              ( )

39 It's My Body                            CDI Home Video               ( )

40 Jean Genie                              Caballero                    ( )

41 Joys of Erotica Vo. 110                 VCR                          ( )

42 Joys of Erotica Vo. 114                 VCR                          ( ) 

43 Jubilee of Eroticism                    Collectors                   ( )

44 Just Another Pretty Face                AVC                          ( )

45 Keyhole Productions #102                Video Exclusives             ( )

46 Keyhole Productions #104                Video Exclusives             ( )

47 Kinky Business                          Dreamland                    ( )

48 Ladies in Lace                          Masterpiece                  ( )

49 Love Bites                              Caballero                    ( )

50 Lust in the Fast Lane                   Paradise Visuals             ( )

51 Lust on Main Street                     Gourmet Video                ( )

52 Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #5   Creative Image/Caballero     ( )

53 Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #6   Creative Image/Caballero     ( )

54 Miss Passion                            Vidco                        ( )

55 More Than a Handful #1                  L.A. Video                   ( )

56 New Wave Hookers                        VCA                       85 (c) 1

57 Night of Loving Dangerously             Paradise Visuals             ( )

58 Nympherotica                            Collector's Video            ( )

59 One Hot Night of Passion                Collector's Video            ( )

60 Open Up Tracy                           Vidco                        ( )

61 Passion Pit                             Essex                        ( )

62 Peek-A-Boo Gang                         Collector's Video            ( )

63 Perfect Fit                             Dreamland                    ( )

64 Physical II                             Superior                     ( )

65 Pleasure Party                          Gourmet Video                ( )

66 Pleasure Productions #9                 VCR                          ( )

67 Pleasure Productions #10                VCR                          ( )

68 Porn in the USA                         Ventura Video                ( )

69 Portrait of Lust                        Coast to Coast               ( )

70 Raven                                   VCR                          ( )

71 Reincarnation of Don Juan               Superior Video               ( )

72 Screaming Desires                       VCR                          ( )

73 Sex 5th Avenue                          Western Visuals              ( )

74 Sex Goddess                             Gourmet Video                ( )

75 Sex Shoot                               Atom Home Video              ( )

76 Sex Waves                               Excalibur                    ( )

77 Sister Dearest                          Dreamland                 84 (s)

78 Sizzling Suburbia                       CDI Home Video            84?(c)

79 Splashing                               Video Classics Phase II      ( )

80 Superstars and Superstuds I             Video Classics Phase II      ( )

81 Suzie Superstar II                      Cal Vista/Caballero          ( )

82 Swedish Erotica #56                     Caballero                    ( )

83 Swedish Erotica #57                     Caballero                    ( )

84 Swedish Erotica #60                     Caballero                    ( )

85 Sweet Little Things                     Collector's Video            ( )

86 Tailhouse Rock                          Western Visuals              ( )

87 Talk Dirty to Me, Pt. III               Dreamland                 84 (s) 2?

88 Those Young Girls                       Paradise Visuals             ( )

89 Those Young Nurses                      Western Visual               ( )

90 Traci Lords                             Cinema Tech                  (s)

91 Traci Lords Quickie                     Vidco                        (s)

92 Traci Takes Tokyo                       Traci Lords Company          (s)

93 Traci's Fantasies                       Caballero                    (s)

94 Tracy in Heaven                         Paradise Visuals             (s?) 2?

95 Two-Timing Tracie                       Video 2000/Masterpiece       (s)

96 We Like to Please                       Vidco                        ( )

97 We Love to Please                       Vidco                        ( )

98 What Gets Me Hot                        Intropics Home Video         ( )

99 Young Girls Do                          Collector's Video            ( )

s-starring role, c-cameo (single scene appearance)

1-scene(s) removed for rereleased movie

2-scene(s) reshot with Taija Rae (?)

3-film reshot with Tracey Adams

Regular movies


Not Of This Earth                       MGM/UA

Fast Food


Wiseguys         ?/?/88         "Date with an Angel"                    CBS

MTV Video Awards ?/?/88         accepted award for Guns 'N Roses        MTV

Late Night (Fox)        4/18?/88  re: former career

A Current Affair (Fox)  10?/?/88 re: former career

CNN/CBN?                ?/?/88  re: porn stars in straight movies w/Ginger Lynn

Entertainment Tonight   6/10?/88



New York Post           ?/?/88  re: Not Of This Earth



Penthouse               Sept/84         Pet of the Month (age listed as 22)

Harvey                  ?/?             pictorial

Hustler                 July?/88        Asshole of the Month

Cheri                   Sept/85         article about #7 (age listed as 22)

Muscle and Fitness      Mar/88          cover (modeled under real name)

Club International?     Nov?/88         cover (article?)



The Ultimate Fantasy/Phone Sex from Traci Lords/(213)828-8591           1985

Warm Up With Traci Lords          [exercise videotape, 88?]

Choreographed by Tanya Everett of the Presidential Council of 

Physical Fitness

The first and only completely Non-impact "Jazzthetics" exercise 

system (The Cellulite Burner)

reputed to have a book to be published

rumored to have an album in the works

Specific information


Coming out on video tape from MGM/UA is NOT OF THIS EARTH, rated R.

As the promo sez:  "The notorious Traci Lords stars in her first major

feature!  Based on the Roger Corman classic of the '50s, this sci-fi

send-up is fast, fun and frightening.  Nadine (Lords) suspects her new

boss is a little strange, but when she discovers he is actually a blood-

sucking alien, she must fight to save Earth from certain destruction.

Combining humor and suspense in one outrageous movie, sci-fi buffs and

Traci-in-the buff buffs will invade your store in `astro-nomical' numbers!"

starring:  Traci Lords / Arthur Roberts / Lenny Juliano / Rebecca Perle

Producer:  Jim Wynorski and Murray Miller

Director:  Jim Wynorski

Screenplay: Jim Wynorski and R.J. Robertson

Feb 89 Premiere -- Premiere's 1988 Wrap Party

Best Career Move -- Traci Lords

"As far as waking up in the morning a teeny bit sore, you can tell 

you're really doing something for yourself."  Thank God she's only 

talking about her new exercise video, 'Warm Up With Traci Lords'.  

The former high priestess of underage porn says she started doing 

"jazzthetics" a year ago, between classes at the Lee Stasberg 

Theatre Institute.  "I couldn't believe the change in my body right 

away.  I started really getting into fitness right around the time 

my life ... shook a little.  I traded in my drugs and partying all 

night."  She just finished Fast Food: "It's really funny, and it's 

a PG movie.  Isn't that wonderful?"  Well -- yes, it is.

4/18/88 Late Show

Host: So Traci, at age 18 you decided you had had enough of the business?

Traci: No, no, no, it was when I was 17.

(Re NotE nudity): You can see my backside and some other parts of me

(also admitted to contemplating suicide at one point)

Feb 89 National Lampoon -- Letters [not real]


     I want to be a legitimate actress, but I'm confused.  Is there such a

thing as a "method" blowjob?

                                                Traci Lords

                                                Hollywood, California

Jun 87 National Lampoon -- How to talk to famous people

Famous person: Traci Lords

Good opener: Is that your copy of Reader's Digest over there?

Bad opener: Can I shake your hand or would I be violating about fifteen

     federal laws  OR  Anyone who calls it child pornography has never

     seen you in action.

Feb 87 National Lampoon -- Streams of consciousness of the stars

Traci: Okay ... if we get this three-way scene over with quickly and then I

     run right to my blowjob on John Holmes, I should be able to get to my

     locker before Home Ec class ... Geez, I hope they don't get a whiff

     of the jism on my breath in Driver's Ed ...

Sep 84 Penthouse -- Slip Slidin' Away

        September Pet of the Month Tracy Lords has spent her 22 

formative years in a series of sunny locales: Nevada, Florida, 

South Carolina, and now Redondo Beach, California.  But despite the 

constantly shifting itinerary, her final destination stays the 


        "I've studied interior design at El Camino College, but I 

intend to study acting at UCLA.  I want to do high-fashion modeling 

in New York and set designs for movies -- maybe perform in some, 


        Meanwhile, other modeling jobs keep her in the swim of 

things --literally.  Tracy does runway and print work for a 

swimwear manufacturer. Clearly her pretty pout and leggy 36-23-36 

inch slimness auger well for her future with the firm.

        Actually, swimming bores her.  "I prefer skating, jogging 

and dancing -- sociable sports.  Exercise is okay, but I'd rather 

have a partner to flirt with."  Having been a virgin until 19, 

Tracy loves doing the latter.  Her attention span, however, is 


        "My theme song is 'Slip Slidin' Away'.  I've never once 

gone steady, and though several guys have asked me to live with 

them, I can't stand the idea of being domestic -- doing cooking, 

errands, and housework.  I want to be a mistress, not a housewife."

        "Now that sex is so easy to get, I think men find it a 

bigger challenge to get you into their kitchens than into their 

bedrooms."  Her rule is never to fix men anything but breakfast -- 

preferably Instant Breakfast.

        But Tracy's biggest thrill to date was riding her dirt bike 

on Catalina Island half looped.

        She hears that falling in love is an even bigger thrill.  

"But," she reasons, "I'll still have to feel it to believe it!"



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