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Archive-name: Miscell/spankcin.txt

Archive-author: Bostnbob

Archive-title: Spanking in the Cinema



This is a preliminary list which I hope will be made even more complete

and accurate by your comments, additions, corrections, and suggestions.

Please direct your input -- especially reports of new "sightings" -- to

Bostnbob, either in public messages or through e-mail.


These entries vary widely in their credibility.  Those which I have seen

personally or which have been reported by sources with a long record of

reliability are marked with a "*".  Those about which I have serious

doubts are marked with a "?"; your feedback on these items would be

especially appreciated.



The following abbreviations are used in the Notes:



  T:  Talk or threat only               H:  Hand

  1:  One-whacker                      Wh:  Whip

  M:  Male spankee                      S:  Switch

  F:  Female spankee                   St:  Strap/belt

  J:  Juvenile spankee                  N:  Newspaper

 JM:  Juvenile male spankee             P: paddle /board

 JF:  Juvenile female spankee          HB:  Hairbrush

  W:  One or more witnesses            Br:  Other type of brush

  D:  Dress/skirt raised/removed       RC:  riding crop 

  B:  Bare bottom                      Sl:  Slipper

OTK:  Over-the-knee                     C:  Cane

OFF:  Off-screen

ABT:  Spanking aborted




  Title                              Notes

  -----                              -----


* Abbott and Costello: In the Navy   SEE In the Navy


* Across the Wide Missouri           Clark Gable, Maria Elena Marques:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Adam's Rib                         Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn:

                                         1, H, B


? Adrien                             ?


* Adventure                          Clark Gable, Greer Garson:

                                         1, H, ABT


* Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The      SEE Tom Sawyer (1938)


* Against All Flags                  ?, Errol Flynn: Wh, W; also,

                                         Errol Flynn, Maureen O'Hara: T


  Air Hostess                        James Murray, Evalyn Knapp


? Alice Be Good                      ?


? All-American Girl                  ?


* All by Myself                      Neil Hamilton, Rosemary Lane[?]:

                                         HB, W, OFF


* All of Me                          Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant: H


* Aloma of the South Seas            Esther Dale, Dona Drake


* Americanization of Emily, The      James Garner, Julie Andrews et al.:

                                         1, H [several]


* Amorous Adventures of Moll         Vittorio De Sica, Kim Novak: 1, C

      Flanders, The


? And So They Were Married (1936)    ?


? And So They Were Married (1944)    Simone Simon and James Ellison, JM

                                         and JF: H, OTK


* And the Angels Sing                Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Lamour;

                                         Eddie Foy Jr., Betty Hutton;

                                         Raymond Walburn, Diana Lynn and

                                         Mimi Chandler: H, OTK


* Andrea the Nympho                  David Fox, Dagmar Lassander: St, D


  Angelique and the King             ?: Wh


* Angelique and the Sultan           ?, Michele Mercier: Wh, W


? At the Sign of Scorpio             ?




* Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer,      Ray Collins, Shirley Temple: T



? Bachelor Father                    C. Aubrey Smith, Marion Davies


* Bachelor Flat                      ?, Tuesday Weld: St[?] -- in



  Bad One, The                       SEE Sorority Girl


* Bad Seed, The                      Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormick:

                                         H, OTK, JF


* Ballad of Josie, The               Peter Graves, Doris Day: T


* Bananas Boat, The                  Doug McClure, Hayley Mills: H


? Barry Lyndon                       Ryan O'Neal, JM: Wh


  Battle of the Sexes                Jean Hersholt, Sally O'Neill


* Battle of the Villa Fiorita, The   Rossano Brazzi, Olivia Hussey:

                                         H, OTK, D, JF


* Battles of Chief Pontiac           Lex Barker, Helen Westcott


  Bavarian Cream (X)                 Four scenes, all ?: H; three B


  Beat Girl                          SEE Wild for Kicks


* Beauty and the Bandit              Gilbert Roland, Ramsay Ames:

                                         two spankings, both OTK;

                                         one P, W: the other H


  Because of Him                     Charles Laughton, Deanna Durbin:



* Bedside Headmaster                 ?: H, OTK, D, W


* Behind the Mask                    Kane Richmond, Barbara Reed;

                                         George Chandler, Dorothea Kent:

                                         H, OTK


  Believers, The                     Martin Sheen, ?: JM, H


? Belle de Jour                      ?, Catherine Deneuve: Wh


  Belle of Old Mexico                Robert Rockwell, Estelita Rodriquez


* Beloved Infidel                    Gregory Peck, ?: 1, H, OTK


  Betrayed                           SEE When Strangers Marry


? Between Us Girls                   Robert Cummings, Diana Barrymore

                                         [misidentified as "What

                                         Happened, Caroline?"?]


* Beyond the Law                     ?: OFF


* Billy Rose's Jumbo                 Doris Day, Martha Raye: 1, P


* Black Narcissus                    ?, Jean Simmons: S, W


  Blame It on Rio                    Michael Caine, Michelle Johnson: T


  Bless the Beasts and Children      JM


* Blonde Crazy                       Joan Blondell, M: 1, H


* Blonde in Black Silk (X)           Eric Edwards, Arcadia


* Blondie Hits the Jackpot           Penny Singleton, Ann Carter: OFF


  Bloodsucking Freaks                ?: S


* Blue Hawaii                        Elvis Presley, Jenny Maxwell: H, OTK


? Bluebeard (1963)                   SEE Landru


* Bluebeard's Eighth Wife            Gary Cooper, Claudette Colbert: OFF


* Blue Lagoon, The                   Leo McKern, Glenn Kohan and Elva

                                         Josephson: H, OTK, JM, JF(ABT);

                                         Christopher Atkins, Brooke

                                         Shields: T


* Bob Le Flambeur                    Roger Duchesne, Isabel Corey: T


  Bordel, The                        ?


  Born Rich                          Bert Lytell, Claire Windsor


  Borsalino                          Alain Delon, ?: 1, H


  Branded                            Buck Jones, Ethel Kenyon


  Bride for Henry, A                 Warren Hull, Anne Nagel


* Bride Wasn't Willing, The          SEE Frontier Girl


  Brothers Karamazov, The            Yul Brynner, Maria Schell: T


* Bunker Bean                        Owen Davis Jr., Louise Latimer:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Bus Stop                           ?, Marilyn Monroe: 1, H




  Campus Carmen                      ?


? Campus Rhythm                      ?


* Cannibal Women in the Avocado      Karen Mistal: T

      Jungle of Death


? Captain January                    Guy Kibbee, Shirley Temple: JF


  Captain's Kid, The                 May Robson, Sybil Jason: JF


* Captain Lightfoot                  Rock Hudson, Barbara Rush:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Captain's Paradise, The            Alec Guinness, Yvonne De Carlo:

                                         1, H


? Casanova                           ?


* Cattle Annie and Little Britches   Rod Steiger, Amanda Plummer: H, W


* Cause of Divorce: Love             O. W. Fischer, Dany Robin: S, OFF


* Cave of Memories                   SEE Honeycomb


* Champagne for Caesar               Ronald Colman, Celeste Holm:

                                         HB, OFF


? Change of Heart (1943)             SEE Hit Parade of 1943


  Charge of the Light Brigade        Trevor Howard, Jill Bennett



* Che?                               SEE Diary of Forbidden Dreams


  Cheer Boys Cheer                   Peter Coke, Nova Pilbeam


* Cherry Picker, The                 ?, Lulu: H


  Cheyenne Wildcat                   Bill Elliott, Robert Blake: JM


  Children's Hour, The               James Garner, ?: 1, J


* Cincinnati Kid, The                Steve McQueen, Ann-Margret: 1, H


* Coal Miner's Daughter              Levon Helm, Sissy Spacek: S, W


  Cock of the Air                    Chester Morris, Billie Dove


  Coed Fever (X)                     Multiple spankers, spankees: P, B


? Collegians, The                    20's series


  Color Me Amber (X)                 Two scenes: ?: H, B;

                                         ?, Colleen Brennan: H, B


? Confessions of a Nymphomaniac      ?


  Confessions of a Sorority Girl     SEE Sorority Girl


* Congress Dances (1931)             ?: C, D, ABT


* Congress Dances (1955)             Raoul Retzer, Johanna Matz: C, ABT


? Count Three and Pray               Van Heflin, Joanne Woodward


* Country Music Daughter             SEE Nashville Girl


  Cowboy and the Blonde, The         George Montgomery, Mary Beth Hughes


? Crash Donovan                      Misidentified?


  Crazy Quilt                        Tom Rosqui, Ina Mela


* Cross My Heart                     Sonny Tufts, Betty Hutton: H, OTK


? Cruel Passion                      ?


* Cul-de-Sac                         Lionel Stander, Francoise Dorleac:

                                         St, D, W


* Curse of the Cat People            T


* Cutting It Short                   Jiri Schmitzer, Magda Vasaryova:

                                         Rubber Hose, D, W




  Daddy's Darling Daughters          Paul Thomas, Nikki Charm: H, B


* Dance of the Vampires              Alfie Bass, Sharon Tate: H, OTK

      [107 minute version]


* Dangerous Love                     ?: H, W


? Danish Blue (X)                    ?


* Das Haus in Montevideo             ?


* Das Lust Objekt                    ?


* Das Maedchen mit der heissen       SEE Loves of a French Pussycat



* Das schwarz-weiss-rot Himmelbett   Karl Schoenboeck, Dahlia Lavi


* Das verrueckteste Auto der Welt    ?: Bedwarmer, W


* Daughters of the Devil, The        ?


* Day at the Races, A                Harpo Marx, Esther Muir:

                                         1, Wallpaper Brush, W


* Dead Ringers                       Genevieve Bujold: T


? Deadline Guns                      Russell Hayden, Shirley Patterson


* Dean's Wife, The                   ?: B


? Dear Ruth                          ?: T


* Debbie Does Dallas (X)             Jake Teague, Merril Townsend

                                         H, OTK, B


* Decullottez-vous, Mademoiselle     ?


  Demains Nous Divorcons             Jean Desailly, Sophie Desmarets


* Der Bucklige von Soho              SEE The Hunchback of Soho


  Der keusche Josef                  Ludwig Schmitz, Elena Luber


* Der Untertan                       ?, JM: C, W


? Desert Man                         William S. Hart, ?


* Diary of Forbidden Dreams          Two scenes Marcello Mastroianni,

                                         Sydne Rome: one, S; the other,

                                         1, H; also, Sydne Rome,

                                         Marcello Mastroianni: Wh


* Die Bruchpiloten vom Koenigssee    ?, Judith Fritsch: H


* Die Einfaelle der Heiligen Klara   ?: B


* Der flesche Hubert                 SEE Fesak Hubert


* Die Halbzarte                      Carlos Thompson, Romy Schneider:

                                         H, OTK


  Die Jungfrau von 18 Karat          Niels Borksand, Anna Grete


* Die Maedchen vom Place Pigalle     ?, F: C, B; also, F, M: Wh, B, W



* Die Reitschule der Madame O        ?: H, OTK, B, W


* Die Rosel vom Schwarzwald          ?: H, W


* Dirndljagd am Woerthersee          Two scenes, each ?: H, B


  Divorce His -- Divorce Hers        Richard Burton, ?: T


* Doctor at Large                    Dirk Bogarde, Barbara Murray:

                                         H, OTK


* Doctor in Distress                 Dirk Bogarde, Mylene Demongeot:

                                         1, H


  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde            Spencer Tracy, Ingrid Bergman and

                                         Lana Turner: Wh


* Dodge City                         Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland: T


? Dollar Bottom, The                 C, JM


* Donovan's Reef                     John Wayne, Elizabeth Allen: H, OTK


  Don't                              DeWitt Jennings and Ethel Wales,

                                         Sally O'Neill: JF


? Don't Doubt Your Husband           ?


* Dos Pistolas Gemelas               Sean Flynn, Pili; Jorge Rigaud,



* Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern     ?: 1, H


  Drum                               ?, Ken Norton and Yaphet Kotto:

                                         P, W


  Dumbbells in Ermine                Robert Armstrong, Barbara Kent


* Dyden Gar Amok                     SEE Virtue Runs Wild




* El Mariachi Canta                  ?: H


? Easy Way, The                      Cary Grant, ?: JM


? Edge of Sanity                     ?, JM: C, B


? Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-       Joanne Woodward, Roberta Wallach:

      in-the-Moon Marigolds, The         JF, implied[?]


* Ein Kaefer geht aufs Ganze         ?: 1, H


* Ein Kaefer gibt Vollgas            Joachim Fuchsberger, Heidi Hansen:



  Everything in Life                 ?


  Evil Force, The                    SEE 4D Man


? Exchange of Wives, An              ?


* Expose Me Now (X)                  ?, Danielle Martin




* Fabulous Senorita, The             Robert Clarke, Estelita Rodriquez:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Falcon and the Co-eds, The         Tom Conway, ?: H, W, OFF


* Fanny and Alexander                JM


* Fantasist, The                     ?, Moira Harris: H, B


* Fearless Vampire Killers, or       SEE Dance of the Vampires

      Pardon Me, but Your Teeth

      Are in My Neck, The


* Felicia                            Toche, Rebecca Brooke


  Female Animal, The                 George Nader, Jane Powell; also

                                         Hedy Lamarr?


* Fesak Hubert                       ?: H, B, W


* Fiebre de Primavera                ?


* Fighting Chance, The               Rod Cameron, Julie London: 1, RC, W


* First Love                         Eugene Pallette, Helen Parrish[?]:

                                         HB, OFF


* Five and Ten                       ?, Marion Davies: H, OTK, W


  Flame and the Arrow, The           Burt Lancaster, Virginia Mayo: T


* Flame of Araby                     Jeff Chandler, Maureen O'Hara: RC


* Flash Gordon (1980)                Mariangela Melato[?], Ornella Muti:

                                         Wh, OFF


  Flight to Hong Kong                Rory Calhoun, Dolores Donlon:

                                         H, OTK, ABT


* Flowers in the Attic               Louise Fletcher, Victoria Tennant:

                                         St[?], OFF


* Flying Down to Rio                 Gene Raymond, Dolores Del Rio:

                                         H, OTK


  Folks at the Red Wolf Inn          SEE Terror House


  Footloose Heiress, The             Craig Reynolds, Ann Sheridan


* For Love or Money                  Leslie Parrish: T; Kirk Douglas,

                                         Gig Young: 1, H


? For Men Only                       ?


? Forever My Love                    English title of "Sissi,

                                         Imperatrice d'Autriche"[qv]?


  Forever Young, Forever Free        SEE Lollipop


* Forsaking All Others               Clark Gable, Joan Crawford:

                                         HB, W, OFF


  4D Man                             ?, Lee Meriwether: 1[?]


* Frank and I                        Christopher Pearson, Jennifer Inch:

                                         C, B


? Fraternity Row                     ?


* Freaky Friday                      ?, Jodie Foster:

                                         1, Field Hockey Stick


* From Russia with Love              Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi: 1, H


* Frontier Gal                       Rod Cameron, Yvonne De Carlo:

                                         H, OTK, W; also, Rod Cameron,

                                         Beverly Sue Simmons: JF, H, OTK


? Funny Ladies                       Contains scene from "The

                                         Collegians" (qv) [?]




  Gay Adventure, The                 SEE The Golden Arrow


* Gervaise                           Maria Schell, Rita Cadillac [body

                                         double for Suzy Delair]:

                                         B [European version], P


* Getting Gertie's Garter            Barry Sullivan, Marie McDonald:

                                         H, OTK, ABT


* Gigi                               Louis Jourdan, Leslie Caron: 1, H


* Girl Called Hatter Fox, The        Crowd, ?: H, D


* Girl Must Live, A                  Lilli Palmer, Renee Houston:

                                         Bathbrush, OFF; H


? Girl of the Plains                 William S. Hart, ?


? Girl on a Motorcycle               SEE Naked under Leather


* Girl Shy                           Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston:

                                         Sl, OTK


* Girl Who Couldn't Quite, The       Bill Owen, Elizabeth Henson:

                                         H, OTK, W; also, Elizabeth

                                         Henson, ?: 1, H, W


* Girls of Pleasure Island, The      Leo Genn, Dorothy Bromiley[?]: 1, H


* Godfather, The                     Gianni Russo, Talia Shire: St


  Golden Arrow, The                  Richard Murdoch, Paula Valenska


? Goldfinger                         Sean Connery, ?: 1, H


  Good Die Young, The                John Ireland, Gloria Grahame


* Good Time Girl                     ?, Jean Kent: OFF


  Grand Ole Opry                     ?


* Greatest Show on Earth, The        Cornel Wilde: T; ?: H, OTK, W


* Guns of Fort Petticoat, The        Audie Murphy, Kathryn

                                         Grant [Crosby]: H




* Halfway House, The                 Richard Bird, Valerie White:

                                         Bathbrush, W


* Hallelujah Freund                  ?


* Happening, The                     ?, Faye Dunaway: 1, H, W


* Happy Housewives, The              SEE The Ups and Downs of a Handyman


* Hardboiled Canary, The             SEE There's Magic in Music


  Hard to Get                        Dick Powell, Olivia de Haviland


  Harlequin Affair, A (X)            Three scenes: ?: St, B;

                                         Tamara Longley, Christy Canyon:

                                         H, OTK, B; ?: H, B


  Harold Lloyd's World of Comedy     Includes scene from "Girl Shy"[qv]


* Havana Rose                        Fortunio Bonanova, Estelita

                                         Rodriquez: OFF


? Haywire                            J


  Head of the Family                 William Russell, Virginia Corbin


  Hell's Belles                      Jeremy Slate, Jocelyn Lane: 2 x 1


? Hell in Borneo                     George Montgomery, ?: St, W


? Hello -- Goodbye                   ?


* Her Favourite Husband              Robert Beatty, Jean Kent: H


* High Lonesome                      John Barrymore Jr., Lois Butler;

                                         H, OTK, ABT


* His Majesty Bunker Bean            SEE Bunker Bean


  Histoires Extraordinaires          SEE Spirits of the Dead


  Hit Parade of 1943                 John Carroll, Susan Hayward


  Hitler's Children                  ?: Wh


* Hole in the Head, A                Frank Sinatra, Eddie Hodges:

                                         1, H, JM


* Hochzeitsnach im Paradies          SEE Wedding Night in Paradise


* Holiday for Lovers                 Gary Crosby, Carol Lynley: H, OTK


? Honey                              ?, Clio Goldsmith: T


* Honeycomb                          Per Oscarrson, Geraldine Chaplin:

                                         Ruler, OTK, D


* Honeymoon                          Franchot Tone, Shirley Temple: T


? House Is Not a Home, A             ?


? House of Madame X                  ?


* House of Whipcord                  ?: Wh, B, W


* Houseboat                          ?, Sophia Loren: 1, H


* How to Catch a Man                 Axel Strobye, Lona Hertz: H, OTK, D


* Hunchback of Soho, The             ?: 1, RC, W


? Hungry Hill                        ?




? I Sailed to Tahiti with an         Gardner McKay, ?

      All Girl Crew


* Iceland                            Crowd, John Payne and Sonja Henie:



* Im Gasthof Zu Schirfen Hirsch      ?: H, OTK, B


* Im Taumel der Erotik               ?: D


* Imaginary Sweetheart               SEE Professional Sweetheart


* Immer nur Du                       Johannes Heesters, Dora Komar


* In the Dog House                   ?: JM, 1, Yardstick [twice]


* In the Navy                        Dick Powell, Claire Dodd:

                                         H, OTK, W; also, 1, Shoe


* Intimate Lessons (X)               Paul Thomas, Kay Parker: Broom,

                                         OTK, B


* Intimate Moments                   ?


* Invisible Boy, The                 ?: JM, 1, P


* Iron Maiden, The                   Michael Craig, Anne Helm: H, OTK


* Iron Mask, The                     Jean Marais, Claudine Auger:

                                         H, OTK, D, W


* Is My Face Red?                    Two scenes, each Ricardo Cortez,

                                        ?: 1, H


* It Happened One Night              Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert:

                                         1, H


* It Started in Naples               ?, Sophia Loren: 1, H, W


? It's Your Move                     ?




* Joe                                Peter Boyle, ?: 1, H


? Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore   SEE And So They Were Married (1944)


* Josefine Mutzenbacher, Part I      ?, Karin Schubert: C, B


* June Bride                         Robert Montgomery, Betty Lynn:

                                         N, OTK


  Justine (Ital./Span.)              Akim Tamiroff, Romina Power: H, OTK


* Justine de Sade                    Several scenes: first, a mass

                                         flagellation; second, ?: Ruler,

                                         OTK, B, W; third, ?: Wh, B, W




? Keep It Up, Downstairs             ?


* Kentucky Woman                     ?, Cheryl Ladd: P, W


? King's Pirate, The                 Doug McClure, Mary Ann Mobley: 1, H


* Kiss Me Kate                       Howard Keel, Kathryn Grayson: H, W


? Kiss and Tell                      Walter Abel, Shirley Temple


* Kisses for My President            Polly Bergen, Ronnie Dapo:

                                         JM, Ruler, OFF


* Klute                              Jane Fonda: T


* Kona Coast                         Richard Boone, Gina Villines:

                                         H, ABT




* La Dolce Vita                      Marcello Mastroianni, ?: 1, H, W


* La Familia Hippie                  ?: 1, H


* La Fessee                          ?: H, B, W


* La Fessee                          SEE Tempetes Sexuelles: La Fessee


? La Figa                            ?: 1, H


  La Legge                           SEE Where the Hot Wind Blows


  La Loi                             SEE Where the Hot Wind Blows


* La Madriguera                      SEE Honeycomb


* La Matriarcha                      SEE The Libertine


* La Pension des Fesses Nues (X)     Several scenes, including ?: RC, D


? La Sculiaciata                     Antonio Salines, Sydne Rome


? Laddie                             ?, Martha O'Driscoll [?]


? Lady by Choice                     ?


* Lady Godiva Rides                  ?: Wh, M


* Lady Jane                          ?, Helena Bonham Carter: C, OFF


* Land beyond the Law                Dick Foran, Linda Perry: H, OTK


* Land of the Pharaohs               ?, Joan Collins: Wh


? Landru                             ?


* Lass jucken Kumpel, II. Teil       ?: St, B


* Lass jucken Kumpel, III. Teil      ?: 1, H


* Last of Sheila, The                James Coburn, Joan Hackett: 1, H


* Last Shot You Hear, The            ?: 1, H


  Law, The                           SEE Where the Hot Wind Blows


* Le Majordome                       ?, Genevieve Page[?]: H, ABT


  Left Handed Gun                    Paul Newman, ?: M, 1, Towel


  Lend Me Your Ear                   SEE The Living Ghost


? Les Baiseuses


* Les Bricoleurs                     ?, Elke Sommer: H, OTK, W


  Lethal Weapon                      ?[F], Danny Glover: 1, H


* Libertine, The                     Jean-Louis Trintignant, Catherine

                                         Spaak: H, OTK, D


* Liebe ist ja kein Maerchen         ?: 1, H


* Liebe mit 16                       ?: H, W


* Liebesgruesse aus der Lederhos'n   Three spankings: ?: H, OTK, B, W;

                                         ?: H, OTK, B; ?: 1, H, W


* Liebesgruesse aus Tirol            SEE Love Greetings from the Tyrol


? Lies My Father Told Me             JM?


* Like a Crow on a June Bug          SEE Sixteen


  Little Girl Who Lives Down the     Martin Sheen, Jodie Foster: 1, H

      Lane, The


  Living Ghost, The                  ?


* Liza                               Marcello Mastroianni, Catherine

                                         Deneuve: 1, Tree Branch


  Lollipop                           JM


? Lone Wolf and His Lady, The        Alan Mowbray, June Vincent


* Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne    Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith: H


* Long Gray Line, The                Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara: 1, H


* Look for the Silver Lining         Gordon McRae, June Haver: H, OTK, W


  Loudest Whisper, The               SEE The Children's Hour


* Love Goddesses, The                Includes scene from "Professional

                                         Sweetheart" (qv)


* Love Greetings from the Tyrol      Peter Weck, Gitte: H, OTK, W


* Love, Honor and Behave             Wayne Morris, Priscilla Lane


* Love Is a Four-Letter Word (X)     ?: P, B, W


? Love Market in Denmark             ?


* Love Train for S. S.               ?: H, OTK, B, W


* Loves of a French Pussycat         Two scenes, both Michael Cromer:

                                         H, OTK, W, one with Sybil

                                         Danning as spankee


  Lucky Star                         Charles Farrell, Janet Gaynor


* Lustschloss im Spessart            ?




* Mabel's Wilful Way                 Glen Cavender and Alice Davenport,

                                         Mabel Normand: H, W


* Mad Miss Manton, The               ?, Barbara Stanwyck: T


* Madame Claude 2                    SEE Intimate Moments


  Madcap                             Rod La Roque, Maxine Doyle


? Magnificent Seven, The             Charles Bronson, ?: JM


  Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, The     Burt Reynolds, Sarah Miles: 1, H


  Mandingo                           Ben Masters, ?: M, P; also,

                                         Ben Masters, ?: F, St


* Marie Salope                       ?


  Marquis de Sade: Justine           SEE Justine


* Marriage-Go-Round, The             James Mason, Julie Newmar: T


  Master of Terror, The              SEE 4D Man


  Mayfair Girl                       John Stuart, Sally Blane


? McFadden's Flat                    Walter C. Kelly, Betty Furness [?]


* McLintock!                         Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers;

                                         John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara:

                                         both Coal Shovel, OTK, W;

                                         the second, D


* Meanest Gal in Town, The           James Gleason, Pert Kelton: H, OTK


? Meet the Girls                     ?


? Melody                             ?: JM


* Menschen, Tiere, Sensationen       Harry Piel, ?


* Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event   ?: ABT


* Mexicana                           Tito Guizar, Estelita Rodriquez:

                                         Bookend, OTK, W


  Miracle of Morgan's Creek          William Demarest, Betty Hutton and

                                         Diana Lynn: T


* Misfits, The                       ?, Marilyn Monroe: 1, H


? Mr. Bride                          Charley Chase, Muriel Evans


* Mrs. Miniver                       Walter Pidgeon, Greer Garson: 1, Sl


? Molesters, The                     ?


* Mommie Dearest                     Faye Dunaway, Mara Hobel[J]:

                                         Two scenes, one H, one Wire



* Moneychangers, The [Part III]      Kirk Douglas, Susan Flannery: 1, H


* More than a Secretary              Jean Arthur, Dorothea Kent:

                                         H, OTK, W


  Move Over, Darling                 Doris Day, Polly Bergen: 1, H, B


? Murder on the Tiber                Tomas Milian, Roberta Manfredi


* My Best Girl                       Lucien Littlefield, Carmelita

                                         Geraghty: H, W


* My Brilliant Career                Judy Davis, ?: S, JM


  My Darling Clementine              ?, Linda Darnell: T


* My Favorite Spy                    Kay Kyser, Ellen Drew: 1, H


* My Life with Caroline              Katherine Leslie, Anna Lee: 1, H


* My Man Godfrey (1936)              William Powell, Gail Patrick: T


? My Son, My Son!                    ?: JM


  My Wife, the Callgirl              Guenter Pfitzmann, Senta Berger




* Nadine                             Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger: 1, H


? Naked under Leather                ?


* Nashville Girl                     ?, Monica Gayle: St


* Naughty Arlette                    SEE The Romantic Age


  Naughty Flirt, The                 Paul Page, Alice White


* Negra Consentida                   ?


  Neon Ceiling, The                  Gig Young, Denise Nickerson: JF


* New Girl in Town                   SEE Nashville Girl


* New York, New York                 Robert DeNiro, Liza Minnelli:

                                         1, H, W


* Nice Girl?                         Robert Benchley, Ann Gillis: H, OTK


? Nightmare                          ?


* Night of the Hunter                Lillian Gish, Billy Chapin:

                                         JM, H, B, W


* 9 1/2 Weeks                        Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger: T


? Nine Girls                         ?


? No Basta Ser Charro                Jorge Negrete, Lilia Michel


  No Defense                         Monte Blue, May McAvoy


* Norman Conquest                    Tom Conway, Eva Bartok: H, OTK, OFF


* Northwest Mounted Police           Lynne Overman, Paulette Goddard:

                                         H, OTK, W


? Northwest Passage                  ?


* Number One                         Charlton Heston, Jessica Walter:

                                         1, H




? Old School Tie, The                SEE We Went to College


* Oliver                             ?, Shani Wallis: 1, H, W


* On Moonlight Bay                   Gordon MacRae, Doris Day: H


* On the Beach                       Anthony Perkins, Donna Anderson:

                                         1, Towel, W; Gregory Peck, Ava

                                         Gardner: 1, P, W


  One Night in Lisbon                Fred MacMurray, Madeleine Carroll:



? Open All Hours                     Ronnie Barker, ?


* Opposite Sex, The                  Dolores Gray, Ann Miller:

                                         1, Handbag, W


* Our Wife                           Melvyn Douglas and Ruth Hussey,

                                         Ellen Drew: H, OTK


* Out of the Frying Pan              SEE Young and Willing


* Outlaws of the Desert              Brad King, Jean Phillips




* Parent Trap, The                   Maureen O'Hara, Hayley Mills: H, W


* Park Plaza 605                     SEE Norman Conquest


? Pat and Mike                       Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn:

                                         1, H


* Penelope (Pulls It Off)            George Martell, Linda Marlowe: H, B


? Performance                        ?


  Pickup                             Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels


? Places in the Heart                Sally Field, ?


  Please Don't Eat the Daisies       David Niven, Doris Day: 1, H


* Pokert und Muskau                  ?


* Postriziny                         SEE Cutting It Short


* Pretty Baby                        ?, Brooke Shields: St, OFF


  Primitive Lover, The               Kenneth Harlan, Constance Talmadge


* Prince Who Was a Thief, The        ?, Piper Laurie: Br, B, W, OFF


* Prisoner in the Iron Mask          SEE The Iron Mask


* Prisoners of the Casbah            Turhan Bey, Gloria Grahame


* Professional Sweetheart            Norman Foster, Ginger Rogers: H, OTK


* Project Moonbase                   Hayden Rorke, Donna Martell: T


* Public Deb #1                      George Murphy, Brenda Joyce:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Pulverdampf in Casa Grande         ?: Wh, W


* Punition Ausgepeitscht             ?, Karin Schubert[?]: Wh, B


  Pyjamas                            ?, Olive Bordon




* Quiet Man, The                     John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara: 1, H




  Radio Days                         ?: JM, St


  Rapture                            Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Gozzi


? Ready for Love                     ?


* Reap the Wild Wind                 Ray Milland, Paulette Goddard:

                                         H, OTK, D


? Rebel Son, The                     Harry Baur, Joan Gardner


* Red Lips, Blue Beans               SEE Rote Lippen, blaue Bohnen


* Red Sonya                          Brigitte Nielsen, Ernie Reyes Jr.:

                                         T; H, OTK, ABT


* Rektor Pa Sengekanten              SEE Bedside Headmaster


* Return of the Beverly Hillbillies  Imogene Coca, Nancy Kulp: 1, S, W


* Revenge of the Nerds II:           Two scenes, both ?, Courtney

      Nerds in Paradise                  Thorne-Smith: 1, H


* Ribald Tales of Robin Hood, The    Ralph Jenkins, ?: H, OTK, B; also,

                                         Crowd, ?: H, B


* Rider on the Rain                  Charles Bronson, Marlene Jobert: T


* Rififi                             Jean Servais, ?: St, D, OFF


  Ritzy                              James Hall, Betty Bronson


* Robin Hood and His Lusty Girls     SEE The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood


* Rocio de la Mancha                 ?: 1, H, W


  Rock Island Trail                  ?


  Roman Holiday                      ?: 1


* Romantic Age, The                  Raymond Lovell, Mai Zetterling:

                                         HB, OTK


? Room for One More                  SEE The Easy Way


* Roots of Heaven, The               Friedrich Ledebur, ?: H, OTK, D, W


  Rose-Marie (1928)                  House Peters, Joan Crawford


* Rote Lippen, blaue Bohnen          Eddie Constantine, ?: H, OTK


* Rustlers                           Tim Holt, Martha Hyer: H




* S. O. B.                           ?, Julie Andrews: 1, P


* Saddle Tramp                       Joel McCrea, Wanda Hendrix: T


* Sagebrush Troubador                Gene Autry, Barbara Pepper:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Sahara                             ?, Brooke Shields: RC, W


* Sailor's Luck                      James Dunn, Sally Eilers


? Saracen Blade, The                 ?


* Saratoga                           Clark Gable, Jean Harlow: T


? Satan's Brew                       ?


* Saturn 3                           Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett:

                                         1, H, B, OFF


* Scandal in the Family              ?: H, D


? Scavengers, The                    Vince Edwards, Carol Ohmart [?]


* Sea Devils (1937)                  Victor McLaglen, ?: H, OTK, W, OFF


* Sechs Kugeln fuer Gringo           SEE Dos Pistolas Gemelas


* Secrets of Love, The               Marc Legein, Lucienne Bruinooge;

                                         Michael Redfern, Tina Shaw:

                                         both C, B, W


* Shady Lady                         Robert Paige, Martha O'Driscoll:

                                         H, W


* She Married Her Boss               Claudette Colbert, Edith Fellows:

                                         JF, HB, OFF


* She Wrote the Book                 Kirby Grant, Joan Davis: H, OTK, W


* Ship of Fools                      Jose Ferrer, ?: 1, P


* Shoot the Moon                     Albert Finney, Dana Hill: JF


* Siegfried und das sagenhafte       Raimund Harmsdorf, ?

      Liebesleben der Nibelungen


* Sign of the Pagan                  Jeff Chandler, Rita Gam: Sword, W


  Silent Night, Deadly Night         ?: JM, St


  Silent Night, Deadly Night 2       Repeats scene from "Silent Night,

                                         Deadly Night"


? Singing Vagabond, The              Gene Autry, Barbara Pepper;

                                         confused with "Sagebrush



* Sissi, Imperatrice d'Autriche      ?


? Sitting Pretty                     ?


* Six Black Horses                   ?, Joan O'Brien: 1, H, W


* Six Bullets for Gringo             SEE Dos Pistolas Gemelas


* Sixteen                            Mercedes McCambridge, Beverly

                                         Powers: Wet Mop, W


* Smugglers, The                     ?, Carol Lynley: 1, H, ABT


* Sons of the Desert                 Stan Laurel, ?: 1, P


* Sorority Babes in the Slimeball    Robin Rochelle; Michelle McClellan

      Bowl-a-Rama                        and Brinke Stevens: P, D, W


? Sorority Girl                      Susan Cabot, ?: P


? South Sea Bubble                   ?, Annette Benson


* Spencer's Mountain                 Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara:

                                         1, H, D, W


* Special Delivery                   Cybill Shepherd, Kim Richards:

                                         JF, 1, H, W


* Spinout                            Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares: T


  Spirits of the Dead                Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot: Wh


* Spoiled Brunette                   SEE Negra Consentida


* Spring Fever                       SEE Fiebre de Primavera


* Stagecoach Kid                     Tim Holt, Jeff Donnell: H, OTK


* Stampede                           Don Castle, Gale Storm: H, W


* Starlet (X)                        ?, Shari Mann: H, B; also, Wh


* Steel Claw, The                    George Montgomery, Charito Luna:

                                         H, OTK


  Story of O, The                    ?: Wh


  Story of O, Part II; The           ?: Wh


  Strange Boarders                   Tom Walls, Renee Saint-Cyr


  Strawberry Roan (1945)             William Hartnell, Carol Raye


* Streamline Express                 Victor Jory, Evelyn Venable: Sl


  Stronger than Desire               Walter Pidgeon, Rita Johnson:

                                         H, OTK


  Summer Magic                       ?: Ruler


* Summer of '72 (X)                  Paul Thomas, Loni Sanders


* Support Your Local Sheriff!        ?, Joan Hackett: 1, H


* Swingin' Maiden, The               SEE The Iron Maiden




? Take Care of My Little Girl        ?


? Take Me, Tempt Me                  ?


* Tai-Pan                            Bryan Brown, Joycelyne Lew [double

                                         for Joan Chen]: C; also,

                                         ?, F: Wh


* Tal Para Cual                      Jorge Negrete, Maria Elena Marques;

                                         Luis Aguilar, Rosa de Castilla


* Tales of the Gold Monkey           Stephen Collins, Caitlin O'Heaney:

      [TV movie]                         T


* Tall in the Saddle                 Gabby Hayes, ?: T


? Tall Lie, The                      SEE For Men Only


* Taming of Dorothy, The             SEE Her Favorite Husband


? Taming the Wild                    SEE Madcap


* Tank                               G. D. Spradlin, Jenilee Harrison:

                                         St, B, W, OFF


? Teenage Slumber Party              ?


* Tempetes Sexuelles: La Fessee      Multiple scenes, all H, B, most

                                         OTK; all but the last scene,

                                         Antoine Fontaine, F; last scene,

                                         Rula Lenska, Antoine Fontaine;

                                         Lenska is also one of the



  Terror at Red Wolf Inn             SEE Terror House


  Terror House                       Mary Jackson, John Neilson


* Thar She Blows (X)                 ?: H, OTK, B


  That Night with You                ?, Susanna Foster


* Theodora, Slave Empress            ?, Gianna Maria Canale: H, W


* There's Magic in Music             Allan Jones and Lynne Overman,

                                         Susanna Foster: H, OTK


* There's One Born Every Minute      Tom Brown, Peggy Moran:

                                         H, OTK, OFF


? Thief of Venice                    ?


* Thin Man Goes Home, The            William Powell, Myrna Loy: N, W


* Thirteen Frightened Girls          Khigh Dhiegh, ?: T


* This Is the Life                   Donald O'Connor and crowd, Susanna

                                         Foster: P, W, OFF


* Those Magnificent Men in Their     Jean-Pierre Cassel, Irina Demick:

      Flying Machines                    1, H [several]


* 1001 Danish Delights               SEE How to Catch a Man


* Three Girls about Town             Joan Blondell, Binnie Barnes, and

                                         Robert Benchley; Janet Blair:

                                         H, OTK, W


* Three in Stress                    ?, Geraldine Chaplin: H


? Three Men and a Girl               SEE The Golden Arrow


* Three Stray Bullets                SEE Tres Balas Perdidas


* Thunder Mountain                   Tim Holt, Martha Hyer: H, OTK


* Tickle Me                          Elvis Presley, Jocelyn Lane: 1, H


* Tiger's Tale, A                    Ann-Margret, Kelly Preston: T;

                                         HB, OFF


* Timber Fury                        Laura Lee, Nicia Di Bruno: Shoe, W


* To Catch a Thief                   Jessie Royce Landis, Grace Kelly: T

                                         Cary Grant, Brigitte Auber: T


* Tom Sawyer (1938)                  ?, Tommy Kelly: JM, S, W


  Tom Sawyer                         Celeste Holm, Johnny Whitaker: JM


* Too Young to Kiss                  Van Johnson, June Allyson:

                                         Sl, OTK, W


* Toxic Avenger II                   ?: H


* Traum Nicht, Annette               ?: H, W


* Tres Balas Perdidas                Julio Aldama, Alfredo Sadel, and

                                         Javier Solis; Rosita Quintana,

                                         Maria Victoria, and Evangelina

                                         Elizondo: H, OTK


  Trouble in Badham County           ?: St


* True Grit (1969)                   Glen Campbell, Kim Darby:

                                         JF, S, W


  True Grit (1978, TV Movie)         J


* Tugboat Annie Sails Again          Ronald Reagan, Jane Wyman: H, W


* Tunes of Glory                     Alec Guiness, Kay Walsh: T


* Turning Point, The                 Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine:

                                         mutual spanking using hands

                                         and handbags


* Turkish Delight                    Rutger Hauer, Monique van deVen:

                                         H, OTK, B


* Twenty Girls and a Teacher         ?, Mascha Gonska: H, OTK


* Twilight on the Rio Grande         Gene Autry, Adele Mara:

                                         Knife, OTK, W


? Two Heroes against Troy            ?


* Two Women                          Sophia Loren, Eleanora Brown: H


  Tycoon                             John Wayne, ?: JM




* Uncle Tom's Cabin                  ?: Wh


  Under Your Spell                   Lawrence Tibbett, Wendy Barrie


  Under-Pup, The                     ?


? Unfaithful                         ?


  Union Pacific                      Joel McCrea, M: 1, Shovel; also,

                                         Joel McCrea, Barbara Stanwyck:



* Ups and Downs of a Handyman, The   Bob Todd; Olivia Syson, Sue Lloyd,

                                         Ava Cadell, Valerie Leon; H




* Vagabond King, The                 Oreste, Rita Moreno: H, W


? Vagabond Queen, The                ?


* Valley of Gwangi                   James Franciscus, Gila Golan: T


* Vanessa                            ?, Olivia Pascal: Wh, B, W


* Verfuehrung auf der Schulbank      ?: H, OTK, B


* Videodrome                         ?, Deborah Harry [et al.]: Wh


* Virtue Runs Wild                   John Hahn Petersen, Birgitte

                                         Federspiel: H, D, W


* Vos Geules les Mouettes            Six unknown spankers and spankees:



* Vous Pigez                         SEE Rote Lippen, Blaue Bohnen




* Waltz of the Toreadors             John Fraser, Dany Robin: 1, H


* Was eine Frau im Fruehling         Claus Biederstaedt, Chariklia

      trauemt                            Baxevanos: H, OTK, W


  Water Hole, The                    Jack Holt, Nancy Carroll


* Waxwork                            ?: Wh


  We Moderns                         ?, Colleen Moore


* We Went to College                 Hugh Herbert, Una Merkel: N, OTK


* Wedding Night in Paradise          Johannes Heesters, Gretl Schoerg


* Wedding Night in Paradise          Peter Alexander, Marika Roekk:

      [remake]                           H, OTK, W


* West of the Pecos (1945)           Robert Mitchum, Barbara Hale: H


* Westward the Women                 Lenore Lonergan, Hope Emerson:

                                         1, P, W; also, Robert Taylor,

                                         Denise Darcel: 1, Wh


* What?                              SEE Diary of Forbidden Dreams


  What Changed Charley Farthing?     SEE The Bananas Boat


  When Strangers Marry (1933)        Jack Holt, Lillian Bond


* Where Are the Children?            Jill Clayburgh: H


* Where Eagles Dare                  Richard Burton, Ingrid Pitt:

                                         1, H, W


? Where the Action Is                Jean Claudio, Anna Gael

      [correct title possibly

       "Heat of Midnight"?]


  Where the Hot Wind Blows           Crowd, Gina Lollobrigida


* Who Framed Roger Rabbit            Baby Herman, April Winchell: 1, H


* Wild Boys of the Road              2 x 1, H, W: one M, one F


  Wild for Kicks                     David Farrar, Gillian Hills


  World According to Ginger, The     ?: Wh, B





* X, Y and Zee                       Michael Caine, Elizabeth Taylor:

                                         1, P




* Yankee Doodle Dandy                Walter Huston, Douglas Croft:

                                         JM, H, OTK, W


* You Can't Cheat an Honest Man      W. C. Fields: 1, P


? You Made Me Love You               Stanley Lupino, Thelma Todd


  You Must Get Married               Neil Hamilton, Frances Day


* Young and Willing                  Eddie Bracken, Florence

                                         MacMichael[?]: H, W


* Young Billy Young                  Jack Kelly, Angie Dickinson: St


* Young Ideas                        Mary Astor, Susan Peters: H, OTK, W


  Young Onions                       Forrester Harvey, Dorothy Granger


  Young Tom Edison                   ?, Mickey Rooney: JM


  Yours for the Asking               George Raft, Ida Lupino




* Zum Gasthof Der Spritzigen         ?: 1, H



* Zwanzig Maedchen und der Pauker    SEE Twenty Girls and a Teacher




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