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Archive-name: Miscell/rdmember.93


Archive-title: 1993 River Dippers Membership

                    1993 RIVER DIPPERS MEMBERSHIP

Name(s)  ____________________________________________

Address  ____________________________________________

City     ____________________________________________

State    _____________      Zip         _____________

Phone:   _______________________________

May we include you in our Members Directory?  [  ] Yes   [  ] No

Interests:  _________________________________________________________

Membership Desired;

    River Dippers Only                          [   ] $ 3.00 per year

    River Dippers & The Naturist Society (TNS)  [   ] $30.00 per year

    ** Additional donations are appreciated! **

Please send me the 1992 Issues                  [   ] $ 3.00

                                          Total Enclosed:  $ _________

           TNS Membership Number (if renewing):  ______________________

                            OUR PRINCIPLES

    River Dippers believe in the wholesomeness of the human body, and

regard it as neither an object of shame nor a subject of degrading

exploitation.  Our natural state is without clothing; the choice to be

clothed or not should be the option of the individual.

    River Dippers act in a responsible manner above reproach in all

aspects of our chosen form of recreation -- accepting the

responsibility of maintaining the natural state of the environment we

use, enjoying our state of undress in such a way as to not infringe

upon the rights of others, educating others about the merits of

clothing-optional recreation, and avoiding non-constructive

confrontations with authorities or the public.

    River Dippers members come in all ages and backgrounds, and

conduct their activities for the mutual enjoyment and comfort of


                     Liability Release Agreement

    I acknowledge that there are risks of personal injury associated

with hiking, camping, canuding, and other activities, whether of not

organized by River Dippers, and do hereby assume any and all risks for

any said personal injury I and/or my family may sustain while engaging

in said activities, and do hereby release and forever discharge River

Dippers, its officers, and members from any action, suits, damages,

claims, and/or judgments that may result from any and all personal

injuries I or my family may sustain while engaging in said activities,

or in going to or from said activities.  This release is binding upon

me, my heirs, and assigns.

Signed:                 ____________________________________



               Mail to: River Dippers, P.O. Box 60562,

                         Sacramento, CA 95860



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