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Archive-name: Miscell/pure-100.400


Archive-title: Purity Test - 100 Question

                          The Purity Test

    Answer YES or NO to the following 100 questions.  At the end of the test,

total up the number of NO answers.  This is your score.  The higher the score,

the 'purer' you are.


    All questions pertain to men and women not related to you, unless otherwise





    Have you ever:


  1. Had a cigarette?

  2. Had alcohol?

  3. Tried pot or hash?

  4. Tried stronger drugs (coke, acid, shrooms, etc)?

  5. Thrown up from alcohol?

  6. Kissed a woman?

  7. Kissed a man?

  8  French kissed a man?

  9. French kissed a woman?

 10. Put your tongue in someone's ear?

 11. Had someone put their tongue in your ear?

 12. Fondled a woman's breast, or had your breast fondled?

 13. Put your mouth on a woman's breast, or had it done to you?

 14. Seen a nude man?

 15. Seen a nude woman?

 16. Had telephone sex?

 17. Undressed a man sexually?

 18. Undressed a woman sexually?

 19. Been sexually undressed?

 20. Fondled a man's genitals?

 21. Fondled a woman's genitals?

 22. Had an orgasm?

 23. Climaxed from a partner's fondling?

 24. Brought a partner to climax thru fondling?

 25. Performed fellatio?

 26. Performed cunnilingus?

 27. Climaxed from oral sex?

 28. Brought a partner to climax thru oral sex?

 29. "Finger-fucked"?

 30. "Dry fucked" (with all your clothes on)?

 31. Bathed or showered with a man?

 32. Bathed or showered with a woman?

 33. Drawn blood while making out?

 34. Bled while making out?

 35. Spent the night in a man's bed?

 36. Spent the night in a woman's bed?

 37. Been caught during sexual activity by parents (yours or your partner's)?

 38. Falsely promised something for sexual purposes?

 39. Gotten someone drunk for sexual purposes?

 40. Been propositioned by a man?

 41. Accepted?

 42. Been propositioned by a woman?

 43. Accepted?

 44. Watched an X-rated movie?

 45. Watched other people having sex?

 46. Had sex?

 47. Given/gotten cunnilingus during the woman's period?

 48. Had sex during the woman's period?

 49. Had anal sex?

 50. Picked someone up only for sexual purposes?

 51. Used the phrase "I love you" falsely to entice someone to bed?

 52. Acted or dressed differently than usual to seduce someone?

 53. Bought birth control?

 54. Put a condom on someone else?

 55. Put a diaphram or other contraceptive in someone else?




     Have you:


 56. Had sex while drunk or high?

 57. Had sex with more than 1 person since you began having sex?

 58. Had sex with more than 10 people since you began having sex?

 59. Had sex with more than 1 person at a time?

 60. Had sex with more than 1 person in a 24 hour period?

 61. Had sex with a virgin?

 62. Had sex with someone younger than 15?

 63. Had sex with someone older than 25?

 64. Had sex with someone whose last name you didn't know?

 65. Had sex with other people in the house/area (dorms included)?

 66. Had sex with other people watching?

 67. Had sex in anything other than the missionary position?

 68. Had sex more than 3 times in one night/day?

 69. 'd?

 70. Had a man come in your mouth?

 71. Had sex in a car?

 72. Had sex in an airplane?

 73. Had sex in an elevator?

 74. Had sex in your own house?

 75. Had sex in a public place?

 76. Had sex under 3 feet of water?

 77. Had sex on the first date?

 78. Had sex with most of your clothes on?

 79. Had sex without birth control? (you dumbfuck!)

 80. Had sex to get something (a job, drugs, etc)?

 81. Had sex while tied down? (The Amy Baxter ACK! Contest Winning Question)

 82. Hired someone for sex?

 83. Forced someone to have sex?

 84. Been forced to have sex?

 85. Participated in S & M?

 86. Engaged in transvesticism?

 87. Engaged in "Golden Showers"?

 88. Thought you or your partner was pregnant?

 89. Had an abortion (or has your partner)?

 90. Gotten VD?




     Have you ever performed sexual acts:


 91. While being filmed or photographed?

 92. With someone more than 5 years younger than you?

 93. With someone more than 10 years older than you?

 94. With someone of your own sex?

 95. With a relative?

 96. With an animal?

 97. With an inanimate object?

 98. With a human vegetable?

 99. With a retarded person?

100. With a dead person? (Anyone answering YES to this question deserves an

  automatic ZERO for their score.)



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