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Archive-name: Miscell/jboswell.inx

Archive-author: J. Boswell

Archive-title: J. Boswell Stories

Hey, folks!

     Stuck in the dreaded, sweaty doldrums of summer, I thought

I'd add a postscript to my latest effort.  

     Recuperating from a couple of broken fingers, it's been a

long time since I uploaded anything, and I just wanted to check

in and let any interested readers (if there are any of you out

there) know that I'm alive and well, out of my cast, and able to

type, again.  I enjoy writing these stories and have about eight

projects started but can't seem to finish them.  

     Recently, I was told that the "BOSWELL" stories have been

pretty widely distributed over the nation's BBSs and that tickled

me.  My problem with that is that I just sit here and stare at a

blue screen without any feedback.

     I try to do a few different things, and I was just wondering

if any of you could do me a favor and occasionally drop me a note

and let me know if you like or dislike what you've read.  Always

feel free to check in with comments, criticisms, suggestions,

questions, etc.  I would also like to hear how far away from

Baltimore my stories are showing up out there.

     If you're interested, I have a list of my stories below. 

Sometimes the titles are changed, so I've included a short

synopsis for each.  If there are any you haven't read but would

like to, just let me know.


     The national board that I call the most often is:

Rusty n Edie's  BBS


1 216-726-2620  300 / 1200 / 2400                              

1 216-726-3589  U.S.Robotics Dual Standard 14.4k V32 Compatible

1 216-726-3619  Hayes V-Series V42 9600 / 19200                

1 216-726-3584  CompuCom SpeedModem 9600 /19200                

so you can leave comments in their adult file section under a

name like "JBOS-00X.ZIP" or something similar.  If you'd like to

correspond privately, leave your handle or whatever in the

comment, and I'll get right back to you.




Stories by J. BOSWELL, as of July 21, 1992.

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ 

HOT-BOSS  My hot, young wife, Dawn, begins the fun times by

          entertaining me and my hard-assed boss early in the

          morning.  Then, at his urging, she becomes a real

          party-girl, entertaining the whole shift.  Written


HOTBRIBE  An innocent, young bride feels forced to make the

          "ultimate sacrifice" to keep her trouble-making husband

          out of jail.  And this time, she's forced to surrender

          her virtue to a group of horny college guys!  Written


HOT-COCK  My sexy, little wife finds a California surfer-dude

          with an excess of cock between his legs.  One fuck and

          she's hooked on well-hung lovers.  At least I get to

          watch, sometimes.  Written 1/92.

HOTDANCE  Her husband and friends beg her to be a strip-o-gram

          for a surprise birthday party.  The real surprise is

          that she discovers she loves stripping, dancing, and

          entertaining groups of guys more than her husband or

          their wives will ever know.  She's happy to take her

          show on the road.  Written 6/90.

HOTGROUP  By accident, a devoted husband finds out that his wife

          is addicted to group sex with strange men.  He follows

          her one night and witnesses the nasty scene for

          himself.  Written 4/90.

HOT-JAM   This nurse has put in a tough double shift.  Now, she's

          on her way home to fix dinner for hubby and the kids

          and gets stuck in a massive traffic jam.  As luck would

          have it, she spots the stud of her dreams and tries a

          little "relaxation therapy" with him.  Written 4/92.

HOT-JOB   My wife, Karen, drove all her male coworkers in the

          warehouse crazy with her big tits.  But on a hot summer

          day she couldn't keep her big chest to herself and they

          finally got to sample those tits -- and so much more! 

          Written 6/90.

HOT-LADY  Trying to surprise me, my wife opened the door nude,

          but instead of finding me alone, she turned on the

          paperboy, too!  Now, to my surprise, he and his friend

          keep coming back to collect.  Written 6/90.

HOT-LOVE  Brian's had a crush on Stacy for years.  Now, she's his

          brand new step-mother!  He's home from college for the

          summer and not about to call her "mom."  How can the

          two of them ever live under the same roof?  Written


HOT-MOM   Four Parts.

          A mother finds herself slowly moving to become more

          than just a caretaker to her injured son.  A few walls

          crumble and then all hell breaks loose.  It becomes one

          crazy summer, with her as the perfect hostess and her

          house the place for the neighborhood teens to party. 

          Written 9/90.

HOT-NB0R  A teenage boy is introduced to some of the pleasures of

          loving an older woman by his nextdoor neighbor.  She's

          the perfect babysitter!  Written 2/91.

HOT-PROF  This college professor has refined his process of

          selecting "boinkable" coeds down to a science.  He

          tells about one semester, when he was actually too good

          at what he did.  Written 8/89.

HOT-RAPE  She's attacked and violated in her own bedroom!  The

          man is masked and wields a knife.  He forces her to do

          nasty, disgusting things!  His wife has very strong

          rape fantasies and he obliges her as best he can. 

          Written 9/91.

HOT-SKIN  An old friend and co-worker comes to visit.  When my

          wife gets an eyeful (and other-things-full) of his big,

          uncircumcised cock, she can't keep her hands (and other

          things) off him.  Written 4/92.

HOT-SLUT  A successful lawyer, wife, and mother becomes the

          willing sex slave and party-slut of her young office

          mail-boy and his friends.  Written 3/89.

HOTSPOTS  An ex-topless dancer marries a nice guy and cleans up

          her act.  Life is great until her brother-in-law's

          bachelor party, when she's finally convinced that she

          can't change who or what she is.  Written 10/91.

HOTSTRIP  Just out of high school and she's found her career!  A

          few interesting episodes in the life of a pretty,

          young, Strip-o-gram girl.  Written 6/89.

HOT-TRIP  Vacationing at our mountain lodge, I find out that my

          much younger wife can really please a crowd of college

          guys as I watches.  Written 4/90.

HOTVISIT  My long-lost, macho, ex-commando cousin visits and

          wrecks havoc in my calm, suburban life.  He takes my

          wife at his pleasure, and she's a more-than-willing

          victim.  Written 2/91.

HOTWIFE   Four Parts.  

          My wife's libido goes crazy on our long vacation.  From

          the Caribbean Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands, many men

          will remember her well.  Written 2/91.

JOBWHORE  A young secretary is offered career advancement in

          exchange for her virtue.  What does she decide?  Read

          the story and find out why she never regrets her

          decision.  Written 6/89.

LANDLADY  An innocent, naive, young wife from West Virginia is

          easy prey for her boarder -- a slick and demanding

          college guy with oral talents and lots of friends. 

          Written 9/90.

LONGRIDE  A short story about how harsh the Wild West really was.

          An attempt at parody.  Written 10/91.

LOOKWIFE  Short stories from wives whose husbands like to watch

          them tease other men, and the wives discover they like

          to please other men.  Written 3/90.

PAY4IT-1  A married couple enjoys playing around as a hooker and

          her "John."  They try several variations and the wife

          soon becomes hooked on the action.  Written 9/91.

PRTYWIFE  My soccer buddies came over to party.  One guy's wife

          is a party-slut and proud of it.  Much to my surprise,

          my wife joins her in the fun and all-too-easily out-

          sluts her.  Written 11/89.

SEEWIFE   Fantasizing about my wife with another man turned me

          on, and she decided to surprise me with my fantasy for

          a birthday present.  She tried it and we both enjoyed

          it more than we ever expected, but I think she enjoys

          it more!  The first J. BOSWELL story, written 1/89.

(I'll be back.)



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