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Archive-name: Miscell/ideas.txt

Archive-author: Dr. Phil

Archive-title: Story Ideas - writers wanted?

                               IDEAS FOR STORIES

  I enjoy writing Adult stories. My tastes in stories tend to the

bizarre and, as of this posting, I have written eleven of them,

including one novella-length story. Four of them have already been

uploaded to bulletin boards, the remaining seven will eventually be

uploaded and shared after proofreading and minor editing. 

  Below are outlines for six new stories I have not yet written. As

I get an idea I like to outline it so that it begins to take

substance before it is lost and becomes just another weird fantasy.

  I plan to eventually write full stories for all of the concepts

outlined below, however, I offer them as ideas to any other writers

who care to use them. This means that there may be several stories

written on the same premise by several authors. I don't think this

is bad and may even be quite interesting! Every writer has his or

her own style, along with his or her own `hot' buttons. Feel free

to change or modify some of the situations, or even the ending, to

suit your own style.

  If you do begin to write a story using one of these premises,

please upload a short text file called IDCOM1, IDCOM2, etc. and let

us know which story line you are working on. This will allow others

to decide to work on a different story line, or possibly even the

same one. A kind of contest could develop to see who can write the

most erotic story given the same premise.

                                            Dr. Phil


                    (note: leave any messages to MISTER PHIL)



  The scene is Medieval Europe. Young Lady Madeleine is the ward of

her uncle who is a Duke and her legal guardian. She is obnoxious at

court. She has created many enemies, especially the Queen.

  While travelling, her uncle is ambushed by robbers and killed.

When news reaches the castle several people see it as an

opportunity to discredit Madeleine. The Queen falsifies documents

to show that the young Lady's uncle was a traitor and a thief. All

of his lands are forfeit and poor Madeleine is left penniless. She

is made a ward of the castle and forced to become a serving maid.

The Queen exhults in humiliating her at the castle and gleefully

punishes her for any complaints from the other Ladies. Her former

rivals at court take pleasure in tormenting her. Her former suitors

now feel free to take what had once been begged for and denied. Now

it is `Maddy' who does the begging, for the pleasure of the Court.



  A young man (Mark) is in Amman, Jordan on banking business. He's

single and a rising young executive. He has the hots for a female

co-worker who's also on the trip. They've had dinner together but

no sex. In the lobby of the hotel he is kidnapped along with a

group of other American tourists, which are mainly families, and a

few of his own business associates (both male and female).

  The kidnappers are two men and two women. They put the captives

in a van and take them away. They are very fanatical and demand

release of a prominent PLO activist who is in prison in Israel.

  The kidnappers are cruel to the captives and enjoy making the

women and children cry in fear. The two women kidinappers are

especially cruel. 

  The kidnappers threaten to kill one of the hostages in 24 hours.

Israel doesn't give in. The kidnappers select a woman hostage to

kill, believing that this action will shock the world into meeting

their demands.

  As they prepare to execute the woman, Mark breaks free and

overpowers one of the female kidnappers. He punches her hard in the

face and gets her Uzi. He turns and kills one of the male

kidnappers while the others jump for cover. This wasn't well-

planned out and Mark suddenly finds himself standing in the open,

unprotected, and waiting for the shells from three Uzi's to rip

into him.

  Instead, A female voice yells at him to drop his weapon and put

his hands up. He's shocked that they're not going to kill him. He

drops his weapon and puts his hands in the air. He's visibly


  The kidnappers are enraged with him. They're not going to kill

him, they'd rather get their revenge in other ways. His macho

maleness made him react as he did so they're going to take him down

a peg or two. They make him strip in front of the other hostages.

Stark naked, he is abused in the most humiliating manner possible.

The female kidnapper that he punched is particularly vindictive.

They make him crawl around on all fours and plead for his life.

They tie him up in humiliating positions. They paddle him and laugh

as his penis gets erect. They force some of the other hostages to

participate in his punishments. Several of the young girls are

forced to spank him.

  The whole degrading scene is being videotaped and released to the

International wire services. They make him jerk himself off in

front of the other hostages and the camera, stopping him again and

again before he can cum. He is degraded in a hundred ways and the

presence of his work associates, and especially the women and

children, make his shame unbearable.

  Eventually the U.S. pressures Israel into releasing their

prisoner. The kidnappers release all of their hostages. In a

surprise move Mark recognizes his true submissive nature and asks

the mean female kidnapper if he can stay with her and continue to

be punished. She informs him that if he stays he will be constantly

punished and humiliated as she uses him to vent her anger at the

West. As an example, she makes him beg her, nude and kneeling, in

front of the other hostages as they're being prepared for release.

As he jerks himself off and pleads she grins evilly and promises

him more shame than he could ever imagine. He tearfully accepts her


  As the hostages are being loaded into a bus to be taken to a

place of release, she fastens a leash around his neck and leads him

away, naked on all fours, while his friends and the former hostages

watch through the window of the bus. She leads him around the back

of the bus, then back along the other side. She laughs cruelly as

she leads him around the front of the bus again and then up the

steps and into the bus! She slaps his ass hard and hands the leash

to one of the young girls who is warned to hold onto it until

they're released. The female kidnapper starts to laugh again and

says that making him go back now is the worst shame she can imagine

for him. She gets off the bus, the doors close, and the bus begins

to move. Mark is still crouched, his leash held by the shocked

young girl. His face and neck are as red as his ass and there are

goosebumps on his upper arms. He is shivering in shame. He looks up

and sees his co-workers looking at him and shaking their heads. The

women seem to be holding back smiles.

  Twenty-five miles away, in Amman, hundreds of reporters and

television crews from around the world await the arrival of the

hostages. The world is waiting for the first interviews...



   (note: this is really offbeat but, hell, that's why they

    call it `fantasy'!)


  Somehow nature goes wrong. A nuclear power plant has an accident

and releases radiation into the air. Since there are no major

cities nearby the company doesn't even mention the accident. One of

the employees, a young woman engineer, is on vacation and hiking in

the nearby woods. 

  The radiation has a strange effect on all of the woodland

creatures. They seem to be able to communicate and to work

together. They're very very angry at what humans have done to their

home. The girl walks on by. She's wearing a cotton shirt and

shorts. The animals, birds, and insects attack her. They swarm all

over her, managing to chew away all her clothing. Even her hiking

boots have been removed by eating through the lacings. Her wild

thashing helped to kicked them off.

  As they bite/sting her she rolls around in horror and agony. They

herd her into the proper location and position. Dozens of birds

begin bringing twine and looping it around her wrists. There is a

snake and Jody grabs onto an overhanging branch in terror.

Squirrels climb down her arms and begin biting at her armpits. She

screams and lets go, falling on her back. Her legs go up into the

air and she holds them there as the snake menaces her. The birds

use more twine and tie her wrists to her ankles. She is secured now

on her back, her crotch and ass are wide open. Then the creatures

really begin to work on her. Each has their own specialty. The

birds begin to peck at her helpless nipples. The snake slithers up

to her head and begins fluttering its probing forked tongue in her

ear. A duck waddles up and begins using its bill to snap at her

pussy, trying to get hold of her clit and pull it.  A centipede

finds her gaping asshole and pokes its way inside, then proceeds to

move in and out, over and over. It's many feet and sectioned body

scraping away at her tantalize her anus. Wasps fly down and begin

stinging the soles of her upraised feet. Others sting her upturned

asscheeks and the backs of her thighs.

  She screams and tries to squirm but she's held tight and

completely overwhelmed by the swarm of creatures venting their rage

at her. On through the long night they work on her. No humans can

hear her screams but other creatures do and come down to the

clearing to join in her torment.

  A search party finds her three days later. She's still being

worked over but her voice is long gone from the screaming and so is

her mind. Gradually the creatures begin to revert to their former

state as the effects of the radiation poisoning begins to wear off.

The woodlands are again at peace.



  A young married couple is camping in the Rocky Mountains. They

are assaulted by two brothers who are fugitives. The fugitives are

armed and very mean and depraved. They make the wife watch as they

work over her husband. They torture his genitals and make him beg.

Then they leave him tied, ass up, over a large log and take his

wife away with them. They camp on the other side of the mountain

and laugh as they hear the distant screams of the woman's husband.

He has been found by a bear. They explain to his wife that if it's

a male bear, he'll either be killed immediately, or he might be

buggered before being eaten. The intensity and duration of the

screams seem to confirm that the husband is probably being

buggered. The men laugh and tell the wife that the bear will keep

coming back to him throughout the night, as many as a dozen times.

She cries all night as she hears him screaming about every hour. By

morning the screams have stopped. The fugitives then move on,

taking the nude woman with them. They gleefully torment her at

every opportunity. They've been hiding out in the mountains for

nearly a year, occasionally sneaking into some town to buy or steal

supplies. They make it clear that the woman will become their

entertainment in the mountains. They are especially entertained by

torturing her. This could become very heavy. Bondage, branding,

bestiality. They shave her completely and torture her each evening.

They roast her on a spit, not enough to kill her, but enough to

blister her ass and tits. They constantly threaten to kill her in

some hideous way and she never knows when they will really do it.



    (note: I once left some of this premise in a message but

     nobody followed through on it. Here's a little more.)

  The scene is North America, late 21st Century. A young woman

(Natasha) is playing poker at a casino. She has been doing well.

She is spoiled and rich and spends a lot of her time at the casino.

Seated at the table, along with several other men and women, is her

longtime rival. A good-looking man who has consistently beaten her

whenever they've played. He's arrogant and gloats. She despises him

and vows to get even. She arranges with a female associate to stand

near him so she can see his cards. Very subtle movements tip her

associate off as to what her hand is, and other equally subtle

movements are relayed back if she has his hand beat. As a result

she has taken him for a lot of money and he is fuming.

  Finally the big hand comes. He gets a full house. The bidding

gets intense and soon everyone drops out except the woman and the

man. She also has a full house, Queens over Jacks. She signals her

hand to her assistant who barely suppresses a beam of surprise and

signals back that she has him beat! The bidding escalates quickly. 

  He's convinced he has her beat. At this point nearly a million

dollars are on the table. A crowd begins to gather as they watch

the two glare at each other and continually raise the pot. Finally

all their money is gone. Natasha times her suggestion well. She

suggests that they make an ultimate bet to see who is the best and

who is the born loser. He glares at her, then smiles. He's sure

he's got her beat. He asks her what she suggests. The loser becomes

the slave of the winner. The onlookers gasp. Slavery is legal but

they have never heard of a person betting their freedom on a hand

of cards. The rest of the casino gathers around now, all eyes

focused on the two players. He looks her up and down. She has a

great body, dressed in expensive clothes and jewelry. She is so

sure of herself, so arrogant, such a bitch! He agrees. The casino

owner brings forms for them both to sign. The signing is witnessed

by over a hundred people and the overhead camera records the bet.

It is very simple. All the possesions and properties of the loser

go to the winner. The loser legally forfeits his or her freedom and

becomes the absolute slave of the winner. The ownership is


  There is silence in the casino as the two players stare at each

other. Natasha says that she has been waiting a long time for this

and that she will enjoy her new NAKED slave to the fullest. The

crowd murmurs. She intends to keep him nude and leashed. He will

spend the rest of his life servicing her and her friends. She

laughs and watches his eyes as she lays her cards on the table. The

crowd gasps.

  He begins to look pale and glances left and right. She gloats and

sticks her tongue out at him. He suddenly stares right into her

eyes and slowly lays his own cards down. Also a full house ---

KINGS OVER THREES! The house explodes in applause. Natasha is

shocked. She looks up at her assistant who is still standing behind

the man. She is nodding her head and smirking at her! The man has

one hand on her knee! She realizes now she's been set up. She

shouts and protests but her opponent taps the paper and makes a

hand signal. Two of his associates grab Natasha and pull her up and

over to him. He fondles her. The crowd cheers as he strips her

naked then bends her over the card table. He removes his belt and

whips her ass. She cries. He makes her crawl up on the table and

invites everyone in the casino to feel her. They all line up. She's

pinched and spanked and fondled by all. Many of her friends are

there. Several of her enemies gloat at her defeat. She's laid on

her back and made to squirm as he fingers her cunt. The newspeople

show up to cover the story of the rich spoiled brat who has gambled

away her fortune and her freedom.

  The man arranges with the owner of the casino to keep her there,

naked, for the enjoyment of the customers. It will be good for

business and will attract people from all over who will want to see

her. Her friends will make the casino their new hangout and her

moans as she is teased and punished will be a cause of great

laughter and enjoyment.



  A dictator and his wife live in luxury as the people live in

poverty. There is a rebellion and the palace is stormed. They are

both captured and dragged out into the street. He is accused of

being a murderer and a butcher. She is accused of being the greedy

and evil woman who encouraged him. They are both in their late

40's. As the crowd cheers he is placed against a wall. A firing

squad is assembled and executes him, to the cheers of the people.

They turn their attention to her. She is proud and defiant. They

strip her. Her body is still reasonably good for her age. They

resolve to punish her for her greed and her pride.

  She is placed on an open wagon and pilloried, naked, in a low set

of stocks. Her ass is whipped as the crowd cheers. The wagon is

pulled to the center of town. She is removed from the pillory and

spreadeagled, face up, on a platform that is used for public

speeches. All can get a good view of her. Her legs are then pulled

up and her knees drawn back, spread wide, and fastened that way.

She is on complete display to the town. 

  The leader of the revolution, a handsome man with a full beard,

gets a jar from his assistant. It contains an extremely virulent

itching powder. Wearing rubber gloves, he carefully sprinkles it

all over her ass and cunt. He places more of it on the tips of her

nipples and uses a funnel to place some directly in her gaping cunt

and open asshole. He stands back to watch it go to work.

  Within minutes the dictator's wife is wriggling like a worm! She

begs for release but they just laugh. A guard is posted and she's

informed that she is to be kept like that as a symbol of the

revolution and the punishment of the greedy. She will be fed there

and will piss and shit there too. A custodian will clean her twice

a day and administer more of the itching powder.

  People come from all of the nearby villages to taunt the

dictator's wife and revel in her punishment. Busloads of children

are brought from the schools to watch and see what happens to the

greedy. A ten foot circle is drawn around her and she must say to

each person who enters the circle "I am a greedy woman. I took food

from your children's mouths." If she doesn't say it the guard whips

her with a bullwhip. The people are invited to thrash her with thin

sticks or use feathers to further aid in the torment of the itching

powder. The children gasp in horror and vow never to be greedy pigs

like this woman was. Days turn into weeks, then months. The

dictator's wife squirms and pleads on her perch, offering her

apology to anyone who comes with the circle. She is guarded night

and day to assure nobody kills her either for vengeance, or to put

her out of her misery. Life goes on in the city...



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