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Archive-name: Miscell/heraclea.txt


Archive-title: Book: Heraclea - A Legend of Warrior Women

Book Review: "Heraclea : A Legend of Warrior Women" by Bernard Evslin

         Copyright 1978 ( out of print , but I can tell you how to 

         find it ... )

Book Rating : PG18

 Bernard Evslin is an expert on Greek and Roman mythology , and some

of his academic works and fictional novels are still in print.

"Heraclea" is a retelling of the legend of Hercules , with a mighty

heroine in the role of Hercules.

 Of both divine and mortal ancestry , the frail yet feisty teenage

girl Palaemona is transformed into the powerful , 9 ft. giantess

Heraclea. During her Herculian labors , she fights enemies both human

and monstrous. 

 Another Greek myth retold by Evslin is the origin and fate of the 

Centaurs - retold in a way that is sure to appeal to fans of amazons!

 The illustrator is Lucy Martin Bitzer , who has duplicated the white

on black look of old Grecian pottery. Her line is minimal and fluid ,

and her naturalistic, pre-steroid sense of anatomical porportion is a

refreshing alternative to the "L.H. Art/Eric Stanton" types of

amazon women. ( Variety is the spice of life ... )

 This is a little charmer of a book , especially for fans of tall, 

strong women. There's no explicit sex , but if you use your

imagination , this book is full of subtley suggestive passages. In

fact , there's more sensuality and romance in Evslin's text than there

is in a lot of the x-rated amazon fiction I've read. ( Also, I notice

that the x-rated stuff is more impact intensive ... ).

How To Find It?

 I found my copy in a remainder stack at a local bookstore. Used 

bookstores file it in their Mythology section. However - you can read

it for free ! I've seen "Heraclea" in my local library - in the Young 

Adults section! So, if you think you can borrow it with a straight

face , do it , and enjoy!



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